Paragon of Sin

Chapter 605: Good Intentions

”May I ask which Venerable is visiting my Dark Yin Palace? To whom do I owe this honor? ”

A soft, harmonious voice was spiritually sent through the Dark Void, from below the planet, following the appearance of two figures. They exited from the planetary ring of grey mist. The one who had spoken wasn ’t anything special in terms of cultivation to Wu Yu, merely a failed Ascended at the Mystic Star Phase, but in terms of appearance, she was breathtaking!

She had skin as white as snow, yet it wasn ’t ghastly, giving off a sense of perfection, smoothness like jade, and at certain areas, such as her cheeks, was a faint trace of enchanting pink that added to her beauty. Her figure was tall, but not too tall, with legs that were long, yet not too long. It was almost as if she was perfectly proportioned for an observer ’s eyes. 

Those eyes of hers were a soulful blue, as if she could peer into the deepest depths of one ’s existence, and with a flutter of her long, curving eyelashes, attract a person ’s most burning desires. On her face was an alluring smile, yet the smile wasn ’t bright, wasn ’t large, and yet it was absolutely attractive.

Her hip-length black hair was like night, and each strand twinkled and glistened with a subtle glow of freshness. She was barefooted, revealing her feet that had perfectly trimmed nails, painted a deep black, and it accentuated every detail of her pure white skin. Every step she took was graceful, a faint fluctuation beneath her feet, as if it was saying that the ambient mana of the world refused her to touch anything else.

But above all else was her body, that was slim in all the right areas, thick and endowed in the very best areas, and curvaceous as if sculpted by an Immortal Architect designed to be perfect. With everything being perfectly symmetrical, from her strands of eyebrow hair to her two ample and supple mountain peaks at her chest.

Even Wu Yu, a man who ’d seen all types of gorgeous individuals, both men and women, in his lifetime, was forced to shift his expression slightly from her looks. But it was only for a moment, because when he noticed her, he couldn ’t help but compare her to every existence in his mind, both men and women, and found her slightly lacking in comparison to Wei Wuyin in terms of being outrageous specimens of their gender.

Noticing that, his mind wasn ’t distracted, looking at the more important woman beside her. She was beautiful in her own right, with healthy dark grey hair, a youthful appearance that resembled a woman in her early twenties, and dressed in a black taoist robe with silver embroidery. Unfortunately, as she stood next to the other woman, she served as a sharp contrast.

Her aura wasn ’t that of a Mystic Star cultivator, but a genuine Ascended at the Second Stage, the Soul of Mysticism. As she breathed, he could see the aura of Mystic Intent exuding outwards. Only those in the Soul of Mysticism Phase could breathe in the Dark Void safely. Even the other one used her powers to actively push away the Dark Chill of the Void.

The one who spoke, the Mystic Star, was named Jun Baiyin, also referred to as Exalted Purewhite. She was the Palace Lord of the Twelve Palace Halls, the leader of the Dark Yin Palace. Clearly from her aura that was unfathomably attractive, alluring, and her exquisite features, she cultivated the legendary, yet infamous, Dark Yin Spirit Method. 

She frowned slightly as she glanced at this middle-aged man who quietly observed them. He didn ’t react much to her charm, so she reined in her confidence. Those who could do so were either exceptionally strong or terrifyingly resilient to foreign influences, especially men. 

However, she didn ’t panic. She had the entire Divine Yin Ring Array at her fingertips, alongside an honored, and perfectly well-timed, guest. She gave the dark grey-haired woman a sidelong glance before returning her attention to Wu Yu. 

”… ” Wu Yu ’s expression was unreadable. He considered a few things, analyzing the situation, and it seemed that Ascended didn ’t have a remotely similar aura, her Yin Aura not as polished or refined as those who cultivated Yin Methods. She must be a foreign guest.

Wei Wuyin wanted him to watch over Na Xinyi from the shadows, but he also wanted to keep a low profile himself. The Eternal Monarch Sect was still growing, and this was a foreign environment. He was an Ascended foreigner. There was no way the various powers would simply ignore his existence, nor should they. 

However, he couldn ’t simply retreat. It ’ll raise too many questions. Furthermore, he was Grand Monarch Wu Yu, and when had he ever retreated before anyone of his level? Even the devilishly fierce Demonic Abyss Master kneeled in defeat to him. He was unmatched by all those carefully nurtured by the King of Everlore, and in his belief, the King of Everlore nurtured the very best.

The only cultivator at his level that caused him issues was the Sacred Elven Queen, and for more than a few reasons. As for this woman? Her aura might be a match for him in terms of cultivation level, but he didn ’t feel the slightest pressure within his heart. 

”… ” He remained silent in the face of Jin Baiyin ’s questions. 

”Venerable, has my Dark Yin Palace offended you? ” Seeing him unwilling to divulge his identity, she probed for information. The existence of a Venerable whose intentions were unknown yet might be hostile was not a delightful prospect. 

She continued, ”If so, perhaps our Dark Yin Palace can compensate you in some way. ” Jun Baiyin ’s eyelashes fluttered softly, revealing her exceptional charm. Just her aura and act alone could flare the inner fire of most men in existence, and Wu Yu wasn ’t an exception, but his reaction was stable and indifferent. 

Wu Yu ’s eyes glinted with a faint light, yet his gaze never left the female Ascended.

Jun Baiyin realized that this Venerable cared little for her or her charm, and was merely not acting for another reason. That reason was right beside her.

She smilingly introduced, ”This is our Dark Yin Palace ’s honored guest, the Assistant Manager of the Third Branch ’s Golden Life Pavilion, the Venerable Ma Sujiang. ” 

Ma Sujiang wasn ’t affected by Jun Baiyin ’s forceful introduction of her, and she merely stared at Wu Yu in the vast distance. She had an amicable smile on her face, like the ideal smile of an approachable businesswoman. It made one feel a trustworthy vibe from her, as if she ’ll never lie to you.

Wu Yu had learned about the Golden Life Pavilion from that Realmlord as well, and it was one of the sixteen greatest forces, and of the two Golden-level Pavilions that served as a business to almost the entirety of the starfield. Their wealth was immeasurable, and their strength was undeniable.

While he remained indifferent outwards, he groaned inwards. This was just bad timing. But it was strange that an Ascended who handled a business would find the time to visit a Gold-tier force. It seemed excessive, unnecessary for any type of deal.

For a full minute, the situation remained at a stalemate. Neither side spoke, merely observing each other. However, Jun Baiyin started to feel an unfathomable pressure mount somewhere, and her aura was being affected. Her soulful blue eyes shrunk.

’He ’s going to attack! ’ Was her roaring thought, feeling her heart scream out in instinct. As a female cultivator of the Dark Yin Spirit Method, sounding out the feelings and intentions of men from their eyes, demeanor, expressions, and auras had become second nature. 

She hastily retreated, the ring of grey mist started to grow unusually active as it flowed like light, shrouding her gorgeous figure. 

Ma Sujiang kept her friendly smile.

Wu Yu ’s aura started to rise little by little. Clearly, he was about to launch an assault, fearless of the Golden Life Pavilion. But just as he was about to make his move, Ma Sujiang broke the silence with a few words.

”There ’s no need to cause a distraction to slip in. I ’m sure Exalted Purewhite will invite you in, without any issues. ” As she said this, she turned towards the solemn-faced Jun Baiyin who was encapsulated by grey misty light. 

Jun Baiyin was startled. Invite him in? A hostile, unknown Venerable? Have him breach through their planetary array without resistance? If he sought harm, the planet would be utterly devastated in the conflict, if not totally destroyed! 

Yet Ma Sujiang ’s words caused Wu Yu ’s aura to wane, becoming docile and harmless. He faintly grinned, and for the first time, he spoke: ”I ’d like that. ” After having his intentions discovered, he felt no need to force the issue. All he needed to do was come in contact with Na Xinyi to set up the appropriate defenses for her life.

While he was instructed to protect her from the shadows, this didn ’t mean he couldn ’t openly interact with the higher beings of the starfield to do so. 

”… ” Jun Baiyin was stunned. 

Ma Sujiang sent a transmission to Jun Baiyin, and this act couldn ’t be hidden from Wu Yu, but she had done so regardless. She said: ”He ’s not here for revenge. If he wanted to kill you, your array will definitely not protect you. He ’s strong. Outrageously so. He ’s here for something, so don ’t risk your life to find out what. ” 

Jun Baiyin ’s heart quivered. Ma Sujiang was a genuine Ascended, a cultivator nurtured by the resources of the Golden Life Pavilion, one of the richest forces in the entire starfield, yet she said he was strong? 

Ma Sujiang added: ”Don ’t ask me if I ’m a match for him. I can ’t tell, but I know he ’s more than enough to destroy your planet that lacks an Ascended to control its defensive array. ” 

”… ” Jun Baiyin gave Wu Yu a deep, unfathomable stare before exiting her protective grey mist. She smiled beautifully, and cordially offered: ”Venerable, I invite you to become our guest. It ’ll be the greatest honor of my Dark Yin Palace. ”

Wu Yu didn ’t mind their discussion, not caring about the contents of it. With a nod, aloft and swift, he stepped forward and arrived before them in an instant. ”Shall we? ” 

Jun Baiyin was started by Wu Yu ’s speed. It was as if he didn ’t even move, but just vanished and reappeared before them after traversing a hundred thousand kilometers. Was this the strength of a true Ascended? She was once again reminded of her cultivation, and despite her world-shaking beauty, she was still just an existence that had barely touched the means beyond Mortal Limits.

Yet she kept her smile, gracefully bowing. ”I ’m Exalted Purewhite, just the little Palace Master of the Dark Yin Palace. Please. ”

Ma Sujiang stood beside Jun Baiyin, keeping her spiritual sense trained on Wu Yu. It was clear she was revealing that she wouldn ’t allow Wu Yu to act against Jun Baiyin, if that was his purpose.

Wu Yu was unbothered by her stance, but as they started to descend towards the planet Immortal Yin, Ma Sujiang sent a spiritual message to Wu Yu that caused his heart to race. 

”Were you sent by Wei Wuyin, the silver-eyed alchemist? ”

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