Paragon of Sin

Chapter 601: A Prophecy Spoken


An ancient voice quaked throughout the Voidship, ”I know. ” It was almost indistinguishable in terms of gender, carrying endless wisdom and age within it. Lin Ming felt his skin develop goosebumps just from hearing it. 

Lin Xianxei was unsurprised and unaffected on the surface, the absolute picture of calm, yet her heart was slightly racing. ”I ’ve come to seek out information; I ’m willing to purchase this information. ” 

”I know, ” the voice spoke again.

At this moment, Venerable Spiritwalker ’s representative Voidship arrived, laying anchor within the Dark Void more than a thousand miles away. On its bow, Exalted Yu ’s incantation formed. He slowly rubbed his chin and gave a faint smile. 

”…Am I unwelcomed? ” Lin Xianxei furrowed her brows slightly. She knew they had just touched the Nine Worlds Domain ’s border, and the force that stopped her was an exquisite mystic formation that protected it. However, she hadn ’t expected to be stopped or for it to be used. The Nine Worlds Domain was almost freely open, with people entering and exiting as they wished. It wasn ’t a closed off Domain, so being stopped had caught her off-guard.

”… ” There was no response from the voice. 

”I ask for an audience with the Fated Prince of the Fourth Gate! ” She could only say this, strongly amplifying her spiritual strength as she did. 

”Hm?! ” What she received in reply was a slightly angered, slightly ill-mannered response from the ancient voice that rippled out, and her flowing blood churned violently on the spot. Her breathing grew haste and her vision became blurry.

Lin Ming ’s eyes whitened, seemingly losing himself for a moment before the mark on his glabella activated, dispelling the effects of the voice. As she regained his pupils and irises, his hand, back, and forehead were drenched in cold sweat. For a moment, he felt as if his life was taken away!

Bai Yuxi, however, remained strangely untouched. 

”… ” Lin Xianxei was slightly angry in her heart, but she kept her emotions concealed as she indifferently stared directly into the Dark Void.

The ancient voice resounded once again, ”You seek out his Fateful Highness, yet when he sought you out, what was your reply? ” This time, the voice was calm but the question was clearly rhetorical.

”… ” Lin Xianxei remained silent, and Lin Ming couldn ’t help but be curious about why such a strong existence seemed resentful. But when he heard that voice, he had a feeling that the Fated Prince of the Fourth Gate is an admirer of Lin Xianxei, possibly even rejected before. This voice could belong to his senior.

There was a long silence, nearly ten minutes, yet Lin Xianxei remained unflinchingly indifferent the entire time. She waited, seemingly expecting a result. 

”…Foolish girl, ” The voice remarked. There was an inkling of helplessness, respect, and pity within its voice. ”By the grace of the Fated Prince of the Fourth Gate, I shall answer what you seek, yet the price will not be small. Do you accept it? ”

Lin Xianxei thought for a moment. She glanced at Lin Ming, Bai Yuxi, and the distant Voidship in that order, and returned her gaze back to the Dark Void. ”What is the price? ” She had to find Wei Wuyin, and along with it, the Elementus Cache. It contained the solution to all her current problems, such as Lin Ming ’s debt, Bai Yuxi ’s damaged soul, and the resources that should be used to help legitimize Lin Ming ’s status as Chosen and fight for his future. 

”… ” The voice didn ’t resound again, yet Lin Xianxei ’s expression changed minutely. The light within her eyes dimmed for a brief moment, only regaining its radiance after she calmly took a quick breath. After a short moment, she replied: ”I accept. ”

This caused both Lin Ming and Bai Yuxi to grow confused. Accept what?

”The Golden Life Pavilion. ” 

The force that halted the Voidship no longer influenced them, freeing it. 

As if realizing something, her eyes brightened. With a faint smile, she gave another respectful bow and took control of the Voidship. With a swift movement, she made a U-turn. 

However, as she did, the voice echoed out again, this time with a hint of amused mocking. ”You will not find the man you ’re looking for; he is not present in the Grand Cyclic Stellar Region. And that old man of wealth and business, he is as clueless as you. ”

Lin Xianxei breath halted, and for a moment, it seemed as if time had stopped. Her expression violently paled, and her burning rage flared. She spun around on the spot, her eyebrows knitted together tightly, and her expression reflecting her incredible anger. 

”YOU BASTARD! ” With a low growl, she pointed at the Dark Void. Yet the voice merely replied with a snort, causing her body to tremble.

”Have some respect, child! You may be a Saintess, but you are not MY Saintess. Your status is nothing here, your power: minuscule! Your influence? Do you even have any, Girl That Rejects All? Is this not why you place such importance on this sniveling child that relies on the sacrifices of others? ” The mocking was so blatant that it could be touched upon.

Lin Ming heard every word, and even his anger flared. While he didn ’t understand what those words carried in terms of significance, the ashened expression of his Senior Sister, and her trembling body was enough to ignite his own rage. With his Origin Spear, he moved in front of Lin Xianxei and pointed its tip at the Dark Void, seemingly ready to face the vast and endless expanse of darkness and anything that came from it.

”Don ’t you dare speak to her like that! ” Despite knowing his might was incomparable to this figure, knowing even that his Senior Sister Lin was stronger than himself, he was a man in his heart; so, he had to stand before her.

”The False Chosen speaks for the foolish woman, yet fails to see the truth of his purpose. Your courage and pride is as admirable as an ant ’s struggle in the sea, irrelevant. Your existence? Even more so.

”Or maybe you believe your valiant display, your vividly righteous emotions, your heartfelt actions will lead to her bearing herself before you, riding on your pathetic manhood to your satisfaction? Your ego then sated, conquering the unreachable and mysterious Senior Sister in your heart. You care not to be a tool as long as that goal is reached, no? ” 

Bai Yuxi, Lin Ming, and Lin Xianxei all had drastic changes in expressions for very different reasons.

Bai Yuxi clenched her fist, wanting to speak.

But the ancient voice intervened the moment a single syllable left her lips, ”The girl who sacrificed an innocent life, her bright future, and a portion of her very soul for the admiration of a man who knew nothing of it. The silent love; Idyllically simple in her thoughts, hopeful for a change in her unstoppable fate. You will still pay that price child, don ’t have fanciful ideas. You have no right to speak here, so stay silent. ” 

”… ” All those words she wished to say were choked into her throat, unable to come forth no matter how hard she tried. Lin Xianxei clenched her teeth, yet she couldn ’t say anything. She didn ’t dare to erupt with her true emotions at this moment.

The voice seemed to have had enough, a faint sigh echoing out. The resentment and pent-up emotions that the voice seemed to have was dispelled at this moment, replaced by a gentle and concerned tone: ”You should not want to find this man. Heed my words. He is everything you seek, foolish girl. All your dreams turned into reality, aspirations fulfilled, and even your future will be abundantly rich in happiness as long as you ’re with him; there is nothing you can ’t achieve. But… ”

Those words and the sudden, unexpected shift in tone shook Lin Xianxei, but those words quaked her core. Even Lin Ming was startled. Was this voice talking about Wei Wuyin? 

The ancient voice continued, ”But the man before you will suffer from his astonishing brilliance. And if you side with the False Chosen, your dreams will be like ash in your mouth, your aspirations will shatter in the most destructive way, and your future will be led down a bleak and uncertain path. ”

Lin Ming clenched his hands around his spear, causing his knuckles to turn white. ”You speak utter bullshit! I don ’t care who you are or how powerful you might be, but no one can determine my future or the future of those I care about! Dreams like ash? Aspirations shatter? False Chosen?! I ’ll prove you wrong, and have you eat your fucking words!!! ”

Lin Xianxei and Bai Yuxi were taken aback, moved by Lin Ming ’s unwavering confidence and belief in himself. While the words of the voice caused them to waver, feel all sorts of emotions, Lin Ming remained defiant.

”…I hope so. ” After a very long silence, the voice only said those three words.

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