Paragon of Sin

Chapter 601: A Prophecy Spoken

After rousing the spirits of the former Myriad Monarch Sect members, not the Eternal Monarch Sect members, along with the other nearby inhabitants of New Everlore, Wu Baozhai soon ordered them to work. They still had to find a decent environment with sufficient potential and advantages to establish their headquarters.

Before she could even give out detailed orders on this matter, there were several weaker sects that had similarly chosen to develop themselves in this new planet out of caution that sought her out. They swarmed her with their intent to join the Eternal Monarch Sect, hoping to contribute.

There were even a few sect leaders at the Fifth Stage of the Astral Core Realm, the Light Reflection Phase, who revealed their intent to join. Fortunately, sects were oftentimes a force with divided power structures, so they could maintain a little bit of influence relative to their cultivation and value. And the Eternal Monarch Sect kept the same values as before, so they were accepted without much fuss.

Wu Baozhai couldn ’t help but be pleasantly surprised at these proud figures ’ willingness to abandon their pinnacle influence within their sects to integrate, lowering their status in return. 

”The Myriad Monarch Sect was similarly like this at the beginning, being forged and developed with other powers as its foundation. There were too many that wished to follow me on my rise to power, especially as I conquered the world. ” 

Wu Yu grew nostalgic as he recalled his ancient memories. There were Realmlords, Timelords, and Starlords that bowed before him, seeking to join his sect at any cost. One of the reasons behind the sect ’s name was that ideology birthed from this event, that all of those who decided to follow him were Monarchs in their own right.

There was a chance that countless others, if not every living force on the planet, might use this opportunity to join the sect if they were aware about Wu Yu ’s existence and his upcoming resurrection. If Wu Baozhai used this card, it wouldn ’t be difficult at all, yet they wouldn ’t be joining due to Wu Baozhai ’s charisma, but for Wu Yu ’s legend. 

It would probably be even more extreme if she mentioned Wei Wuyin ’s Mortal Sovereign Alchemist abilities or the copious amounts of alchemical products he left behind for her. They would fight to enter.

In the future, many forces will likely look back and experience extreme regret at their pride or unwillingness to bow before Wu Baozhai, a junior. 

”When you get your body back… ” Wu Baozhai started giving out orders to others when she communicated this to Wu Yu. There was a glint of worry in her eyes. 

”No worries. I wouldn ’t dare take your throne as Grand Monarch. I ’m certain that little silver-eyed Alchemist might hold a grudge if I did, and that ’s certainly not worth it. Just construct a respectable position for me that ’ll allow me to oversee the sect, protect it openly, with little responsibilities. My era has long since passed, so I can comfortably leave the future of our lineage to you. I ’ll just cultivate in peace, ” Wu Yu reassured. 

Wu Baozhai felt a breath of stifled weight leaving her chest. She couldn ’t contend with Wu Yu if he desired to reclaim the sect nor would she. In fact, it might be better if he did, but as an Ascended, his reign might last for a thousand years or even longer. 

The Eternal Monarch Sect ’s members were quite efficient after being roused by her speech, finding a pristine location that was at the center of a network of flowing rivers and a few lakes, containing large swathes of empty land, and they started to build. Despite the lack of materials, they were cultivators.

They located the deposits of metallic ores and swiftly forged them into building materials. They used their wood energies to nourish trees, rapidly accelerating their growth, and chopping them down. These types of wood were stronger, reinforced by wood energies, and extremely suitable for crafting building materials. 

There were some who used their water and earth energies, later using fire energies and the natural resources to construct hardened bricks. They were perfect, shapely, and durable. While these types of materials were rudimentary, with time, they ’ll have formations inscribed on them or be nourished by the environment.

Houses were built, farmland was established, and mountains were planned. The five Extreme Mountains were iconic for the Myriad Monarch Sect, but Wu Baozhai decided to change it, and make ten Everlasting Mountains. 

Each mountain would contain its own specialty, being a little more specific, and not dependent on needs. The first Everlasting Mountain was the Everlasting Imperial Mountain, the central mountain and meant for official matters, like assemblies, meetings amongst the upper-echelon, and all the things the Extreme Imperial Monarch was used for. 

The others were the Everlasting Origin, Everlasting War, Everlasting Martial, Everlasting Demonic, Everlasting Alchemic, Everlasting Life, Everlasting Forge, Everlasting World, and Everlasting Dao.

The Everlasting Origin, Everlasting War, and Everlasting Demonic Mountains were designed for the same purpose, to establish reliable training locations and residents for specific cultivators, purely for those who have specific Spirits of Cultivation. This was especially so for demons who need an area rich in demonic energies to properly cultivate and feel comfortable.

The Everlasting Martial Mountain was meant for those who decided to cultivate certain physical methods and beastmen. And while they were gone at the moment, this was meant to show their openness to their return. 

Everlasting Life Mountain was designed for nurturing and developing cultivators who simultaneously studied medicine, becoming Medical Sages. After the Lin Ziyan incident, Wu Baozhai was well aware that the medical field was severely lacking in the sect, and she wanted to elevate it to a higher level. Even Wu Yu praised her for this mountain, as most injuries were dealt with by cultivators, but extreme injuries either had pills or you could only die.

With skilled Medicinal Sages, they could provide treatment for diseases, injuries, and conditions that cultivators either accepted or ignored, especially those hidden injuries built up from battle or excessive training. 

This mountain would also serve as the base of herbal development, both for Alchemists and Medicinal Sages.

Everlasting Alchemic, Everlasting Forge, and Everlasting World Mountains were specific divisions for the Creationists, dividing the Alchemic Dao, Forging Dao, and Designer Dao into three separate, completely independant fields. This will inevitably strengthen their identities, developing Alchemists, Forgers, and Architects.

Lastly was the Everlasting Dao Mountain; the mountain established on the principles of invention rather than study. To develop and improve arts, spells, methods, formations, talisman designs, unique constructs of forging, medicines, etc. They will facilitate and focus on elevating the future, so the others can focus on strengthening the present.

The expansion of the Penta Dao Extreme Mountain concept left Wu Yu excited to see how this division will grow. Wu Baozhai was quite ingenious with her ideas, and even the location of the mountains were well calculated. 

After several weeks of planning and execution, the Eternal Monarch Sect was clearly developing on the right course, with ten budding mountains being fueled slowly with energies and growing higher as a result. Unfortunately, this world didn ’t have three sky layers.

The number of sky layers often reflected the quality of refinement, the less sky layers meant the essence was severely diluted to compensate for proper levels required to sustain life and ensure the world wasn ’t scorched. To put it simply: the lower the number of Sky Layers, the stronger the Sky Layer had to be. 

With one Sky Layer, it was impossible to abuse this feature and establish Sky Palaces with richer essence. This was one of the reasons why New Everlore barely rivaled the Myriad Monarch Main Planet.

Wu Baozhai entered her temporary residence, already having various formations established to restrain the internal auras and prevent external inspection. With a soft breath of relief, she relaxed on her wooden chair with stuffed leaves as padding.

”When will you take the Ever-Rebirth Pill? ” Wu Baozhai tiredly asked Wu Yu. She had been so busy with overseeing the sect that she had forgotten about Wu Yu ’s matter. 

”…I ’ve already taken it. ” Wu Yu answered after a brief pause, causing Wu Baozhai to lift from her chair, seemingly gaining energy from nowhere. 

”What?! When? ” Wu Baozhai expected an explosive phenomenon of some sort, a heralding omen of the return of an Ascended. 

”I took it the moment I received it. You think I ’ll wait to regain my body after thousands of years living as this thing that couldn ’t be considered alive or dead? ” Wu Yu asked with a little bit of a chuckle, clearly showing how relaxed and happy he felt. There was just great news all around. From his resurrection to his talented, highly capable descendant!

”How long will it take for you to regain your body and cultivation? ” Wu Baozhai asked, curious about seeing a Mystic Ascendant Realm Cultivator up-close for the first time. 

”… ” Wu Yu went silent for a long moment, causing Wu Baozhai to frown. Was there something wrong with the pill? But when she thought about that unearthly handsome face with its confident smile, her heart slightly sped up as she decisively shook her head in rejection. Wei Wuyin wasn ’t someone who could accept a defective product nor was he so careless.

But Wu Yu ’s next words shocked her absolutely silly. 

”I ’ve already regained my body. I left a while ago… ” The reply left her wide-eyed, touching the ring around her neck subconsciously.



”When?! ” She hastily asked as the thought came to her. She hadn ’t slept in weeks, and there wasn ’t a single moment of her noticing anything changing. Furthermore, Wu Yu was still communicating with her mentally and the unassuming black ring was still tied to her neck! 

”Calm down. You weren ’t the only one Wei Wuyin left a message for. I have to leave some insurances and protections, otherwise he might take everything back. I don ’t dare dismiss the threats of a Mortal Sovereign Alchemist. ” Despite his words, Wu Yu was joyfully laughing with amusement. After all, the miraculousness and effects of Wei Wuyin ’s Ever-Rebirth Pill was beyond anything he ’d ever imagined. He felt even better in this new body than he did in his original one!

Of course, Wu Baozhai was unaware that Wei Wuyin threatened to take everything back from Wu Yu if he didn ’t ensure those important to him were protected, especially regarding Na Xinyi. At least, protected to the best of his abilities.

Wu Baozhai was utterly astonished after learning Wu Yu hadn ’t just resurrected, but he had already left without her noticing. Was this the power of Mystic Ascendant Realm Cultivators? 


At this time, a handsome middle-aged man dressed in multi-colored imperial robes silently floated in the Dark Void. He had a healthy head of combed back black hair that had a touch of grey at the sides, accompanied by a royale beard. With that refined moustache anchored by his trimmed chin strap, it gave him a distinct charm that elevated his masculine features. 

His chiseled cheeks, sword-like eyebrows, and serenely unfathomable eyes completed the ensemble of a handsome yet refined male member of the human race. At this moment, he revealed no aura, but just the appearance of him gave off a feeling of domineering air and imperialistic authority.

Before him was a planet surrounded by a greyish ring of mist. This ring of mist exuded a thick yin aura that felt as if just looking at it could affect the bones and blood. Moreover, within it were faint mystic runes flickering within, a sign of some type of formation. But to those of the male gender, this aura was extremely alluring. As for the planet itself, it was medium-sized in relation to the starfield, roughly the same size as the Myriad Monarch Main Planet.

’With the sect in its development stage, you should focus on cultivating yourself. This world isn ’t without its talents, and achieving your goals will be a lot harder than you think, even if I ’m included. As for myself, as long as you wear that ring, its as if I never left. ’ The middle-aged man transmitted this mental message to a planet far, far away, at the outskirts of this starfield. It would almost instantly arrive in the ears of a young princess with ambition and imperial birthright.

This middle-aged man was Wu Yu!

After sending that message, he frowned slightly as his eyes regarded the planet before him. ”She joined here? Well, fortunately I ’m here. ” With a slight shaking of his head, he descended towards the planet.

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