Paragon of Sin

Chapter 586: Recruit Prove Your Worth

After Qin Rui ’s return, the private meetings and exchanges had come to an end. Those who weren ’t called were curious about the details of the event, what went on, and what they received. Each returnee had varied expressions and notable changes in their external aura, except Su Mei, who was the representative of serenity and calm.

Long Tingyu pouted slightly, standing beside Qing Qiumu. She was always someone who wore her emotions on her sleeve, so she expressed her dissatisfaction openly. When Long Tingyu turned to see Qing Qiumu ’s enchanting countenance sullied by worry, she felt righteous indignation on her behalf. 

”Grand Sage Tuo didn ’t even call your name. I thought Wei Wuyin would at least leave you something, ” Long Tingyu remarked. She also felt angry that she wasn ’t called out to receive a letter, but she didn ’t particularly know why. Perhaps it was the feeling of exclusion or the dislike towards her consequence of choosing to leave when they had gathered together that one day. 

Qing Qiumu faintly smiled as a result. There wasn ’t a single iota of emotional discontent, frustration, or unacceptance in that smile. She noted that each person that was called were either a member of the Ascendants or Wei Wuyin ’s lover—she was neither.

She was, however, a little taken aback that he had so many gorgeous women by his side. But it was to be expected from an outstanding male like Wei Wuyun, right? Furthermore, most of them had connections with Long Chen. However, she no longer considered the now-deceased Long Chen important. After he revealed his true face, and then courted death by intending to kill Wei Wuyin, she was clear only one of them would survive.

Long Tingyu didn ’t get the vexed reply she wanted to verify her own feelings, continuing: ”Are you okay with this? ” While Long Tingyu was unaware that Wei Wuyin had left behind alchemical resources and cultivation materials for each of those called, she felt the letter was a sign of importance. 

Qing Qiumu went absentminded for a moment. A few joyous moments with Wei Wuyin flowed in her mind, and she asked herself how she felt being left out. But in the end, her beating heart that had sped up calmed relatively quickly. She felt, no, knew that Wei Wuyin would ’ve definitely left her a message if he could, so she shrugged off all the incoming negative emotions coming about due to Long Tingyu ’s question. 

”We should be focusing on what we ’ll do next, ” Qing Qiumu changed the subject. The fact they were in some strange space being couriered to some unknown stellar region to live and survive in another starfield was more important to consider.

Long Tingyu was about to say more when Xiang Ling arrived beside her, causing her curiosity to be piqued and she questioned her master about the contents of Wei Wuyin ’s letter. However, she noted a ring with Xiang Ling ’s name etched on it, and Long Tingyu couldn ’t help but realize something.

”Did Wei Wuyin leave you something? ” Her words of curiosity were hastily shut down by Xiang Ling. 

”We ’ll talk about it later. ”

The discussion as to what path to take continued, but most of these talented geniuses were already settled on the third option, attempting to join one of the established factions. Of course, not everyone would be given that choice. 

Tuo Bihan inspected the names of the remaining rings, and he couldn ’t help but glance at Qing Qiumu curiously. Did Wei Wuyin not leave her a ring? Thinking about it for a moment, he shook his head, rejecting that thought. Knowing Wei Wuyin, he might not be the only form of delivery or there was something else involved. 

The various groups throughout the trillions of inhabitants were discussing their options. Most never had the opportunity to join elite forces, being restricted due to upbringing or responsibilities. It was this neglect of geniuses that the idea of the Myriad Dao Palaces was adapted by the powerhouses of the old eras.

The opportunity to find talented cultivators across generations, unfortunate and unheard of, was something these experts weren ’t willing to lose. 

To these geniuses that went under the radar, having talent yet not the opportunities to flourish, this was their chance to change their fate. This new starfield was certainly, without a doubt, of a higher advanced state than their own. After all, the fact the starfield was wholly ignorant of a giant star-eating beast roaming the world told all. 

Moreover, their starfield was in a notable decline. Since the King of Everlore Era, the sharp decrease of Realmlords, Timelords, and Starlords was incredibly consistent, and after eight thousand years, there had only been a few dozen Sixth Stage of the Astral Core Realm experts, and two Realmlords.  It was only after Wei Wuyin ’s rise that the starfield seemed primed to elevate once again. 

Unfortunately, this catastrophe occurred before he could truly develop, truly define an era. And in this new civilization, some even questioned if Wei Wuyin would be remotely impressive. Perhaps there were hundreds like him, and they were frogs in a well pining for a single cloud amongst an entire sky.

Time passed. 

After a day or so, a few noticed that they weren ’t hungry or thirsty while staying within this strange space, baffling them. There were a few that panicked that they would starve, but after two days, there was no change in their bodies or desires. 

A total of five days came and went within the strange space, and everyone had ample time to consider what their choices would be. Without warning, the giant face that had been impassively watching all of this, unmoving and not speaking, suddenly spoke out.

”Your time of consideration is complete. I must also inform you: Your starfield is gone. ” Alongside his second sentence, screens once again flashed into existence in the starless sky, and revealed to them the Tiangou ’s arrival, consumption of the three Solar Stars, and subsequent discharge.

Watching their own starfield being blown to bits caused most of their stomachs to turn, feeling queasy. Some felt enraged, killing intent flowing through their eyes like ethereal rivers. 

Unlike the impassive viewing that evoked despair before, watching familiar planets, continents, scenes they once enjoyed and the Solar Stars they were thankful for, destroyed and shattered invoked fierce emotions. Some even swore to get revenge for this catastrophe, swearing oaths to kill or enslave that creature one day. 

While their goals were outlandish, their wills were firm and intentions righteous. 

The giant face calmly continued, ”For now, on the screens before you, write down one of these words for the option you wish to choose: Planet, for the first option; Resident, for the second option; Recruit, for the third option. If you choose the third option, attempting to join one of the forces of the Aeternal Sky Starfield, yet fail to earn a position, then you will be taking the second option. ”

Spurred by the scenes of destruction, too many impulsively wrote down ’Recruit ’ on their screens. They didn ’t have any desire to explore a new world on their own or roam about without direction. If they wanted revenge, they had to obtain strength.

Su Mei stared at her screen for a moment, and then wrote down ’Recruit ’. This was her desire, and with Wei Wuyin ’s spiritual message, she no longer had any weight on her heart to make it. 

Qing Qiumu wrote down ’Recruit ’. She, like Wei Wuyin, wanted to explore the depths of cultivation and its mysteries. But to do so, one needed strength and drive. 

The others amongst the Valkyrie and Ascendants, besides Wu Baozhai, all chose to write down ’Recruit ’. Their mentality was similar, and they were talented individuals skilled enough to fight for their place in this new starfield.

After the trillions wrote down their choice, the face ’s eyes glowed with a blinding light. It shook those on the ground as they resembled stars. They were so distracted by the eyes, they hadn ’t realized that they were no longer in the same space. 

After the radiant glow, Su Mei regained her visual perception, and tried to inspect her surroundings. She gasped as she realized that the strange space they were a part of had vanished, and she was now standing on solid ground, dirt in fact. 

When Su mei squinted her eyes, lifted her head, her eyes widened considerably as she gasped lightly. 

A familiar yet similarly shocked voice beside her shouted, ”Is that a Solar Star?! ” 

The sight above was a yellowish-red Solar Star, but the light rays were of a cooler intensity, being white rather than yellowish or reddish in color. The Solar Star was utterly massive, like a full moon, or a planet floating close on the horizon, yet the distance hadn ’t scorched them into nothing.

The most notable feature of this Solar Star was its white-colored ring, that radiant ring that seemed to be in constant motion, making it seem as if the Solar Star was rotating! Furthermore, as if a filter, it felt as if the ring itself was sending out sunlight, not the Solar Star that engulfed a vast portion of the sky. 

”Welcome! ” A voice boomed out, snatching away one ’s attention forcefully. Su Mei finally could see that she was in an extremely large spherical-shaped coliseum of sorts. From the direction of the voice, a man garbed in a beige robe was present standing at the highest platform of the coliseum, overlooking everything. Beside him were twelve other figures, six to his right and six to his left.

Su Mei ’s eyes caught the sight of thousands of standing figures on the side seats, spread about, watching with keen interest and seemingly invested in observing them.

”You have all passed the first test of our Aeternal Sky Starfield, possessing the requirements set forth by the various forces! Now, you ’ll be tested, and given choices. It ’s your time to define your future! ”

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