Paragon of Sin

Afterword & Alternative Event

There wasn ’t an explosive sound that marked the eradication of the Imperial Dawn Starfield. It was a quiet, almost unnoticeable, surging wave of power that swept out from the Tiangou ’s body. A discharge that clashed with the entire starfield, causing the collapse of every planet, even comet, every flat continental earth that was in its vicinity.

This discharge was incredibly beautiful, like the birth of a new Solar Star, it overtook everything in its brilliance. Wei Wuyin watched the phenomenon from millions of miles away, yet he saw its entirety. Even the Tiangou ’s massive body was shrouded by the glow, unable to be seen at its greatest climax. 

Wang Yutian ’s consciousness had already left the chandelier, returning to the isolated secret realms that held the Myriad Dao Palaces and other special spaces. While the entrances of the Myriad Dao Palaces were likely all destroyed, eviscerated by the discharge of power, the secret realms remained untouched, just sealed without an entrance. 

Seeing this devastation led Wei Wuyin to feel indescribable emotions. He wondered if the Tiangou cared if living beings were present, but he realized it didn ’t seem very intelligent. When she communicated with him, it only said one word, well, more like a sound filled with the intent that can be summed up in one word: Help. 

There wasn ’t anything else to add, and it seemed to be utterly starving as it couldn ’t even offer more before turning to the Solar Stars.

He didn ’t know why she would travel so far just to reach him, or why his Celestial Eyes of Spiritual Divinity reacted in such a strong, vibrant manner, but it confirmed his theory: She had come for him. Just to say that one word, before sending him off and eating three solar stars in one gulp. 

He didn ’t even know how to help or if he should. Why him? How did she sense him? And perhaps she was searching for someone else?

Wei Wuyin couldn ’t help but think she was searching for the aura released by the Celestial Eyes of Spiritual Divinity, and not specifically him, but to those who cultivated this spiritual method. Perhaps it knew someone that had done so.

If he were to rack his two minds together, he could only think of one person…

”The King of Everlore… ” 

The name that defined an era that overturned conventions and established the Alchemic Dao. According to Wang Yutian, Mortal Sovereign Alchemist and those beyond it were far, far older than just a mere eight thousand years old. In fact, Wang Yutian was older than that. 

So could it be the King of Everlore? Or maybe someone else before the King of Everlore? Someone that also cultivated the Celestial Eyes of Spiritual Divinity?

Tuo Bihan once said that his silver eyes were characteristics that resembled the King of Everlore, and even theorized that he could be his descendant. He always felt that wasn ’t very likely, especially considering the King of Everlore ’s particular orientation that was only challenged by the Sacred Elven Queen ’s presence.

All the other cultivators that reached the Myriad Ascendant Realm with his support were notably male, and his relationship with Wu Yu might not be directly stated, but it could easily be assumed. And since he had no elven blood in him, it was unlikely he was a descendant of them both.

Then again, there was always the possibility. 

Still, the target could ’ve been an ancestor of them both, and the Tiangou was trying to locate this ancestor, but found him instead. She was asking for help, but her intelligence was clearly not well-developed, acting on instincts and primitive form of communication: Intent. She reminded him of domesticated beasts that had no outstanding bloodlines.

If they were hungry, they would act out in certain ways. If they wanted your help, they would paw at you or make muffled, soft sounds to attract your attention. It was their eyes that revealed their intent mostly, a way to overcome the barrier between non-communicative species. 

Bai Lin used to do these things a lot, and he had used spiritual spells to highlight these emotions so he could better understand her. 

After thinking of these things, he eventually realized it simply didn ’t matter. Whatever that the Tiangou needed help with, whoever it wanted to find, he didn ’t have the means to help. He was too weak. He was too insignificant to the state of the current world, for now.

This was highlighted by the lingering energy that engulfed the starfield. Just a little wisp of it could end his entire life in mere moments. Unable to reenter the starfield, he could only watch the glow slowly diminish and the resulting destruction becoming apparent.

Just like the other ravaged starfield he had seen before, there were no Solar Stars, and the planets were shattered, floating and lifeless rocks. They even seemed to have been glassed by the energy surge, giving off a faint sheen. The flat continental earths had either been completely destroyed or shattered and floating as bits and pieces.

The starfield that once carried his legacy was completely gone. 

With a soft exhale, he lifted his palm to see the last remaining remnant of his life: the Myriad Yore Continent. He slowly manifested a string of astral force, using a ring to wrap around the Void Crystal that contains the entirety of the Myriad Yore Continent, and placed it around his neck. It, alongside his Crescent Moon Necklace, was kept close.

”It is quite heavy, ” Wei Wuyin remarked. While he could seal it, the mass its contained didn ’t just vanish, and it was still as heavy as a continent. He had to be sure it didn ’t suddenly fall on someone and unexpectedly pierce through their bodies due to its weight. The astral ring he wrapped around it should offset this, so most wouldn ’t feel its weight if lifted or touched. 

Rubbing the Myriad Yore Continent ’s Void Crystal with his fingers, feeling the smoothness, he couldn ’t help but wonder if he could seal Solar Stars into Void Crystals. The Void Crystal isolates and slows down the progression of time within, so if he sealed a Solar Star in the midst of detonation, or two, or hundreds…

The radical thought caused his heart to quiver, even Kratos was excited. The thought of using exploding Solar Stars as weapons was the epitome of godly behavior, at least in the minds of mortals. 

”If I can create Solar Stars one day or capture them, I ’ll definitely do it. ” Since sealing a small-sized continent exhausted all his bloodline power, he couldn ’t think of doing so now. 

”What do we do? ” Ori asked. They were just floating in the Dark Void, watching the hazardous environment of the former starfield, and the seemingly sleeping Tiangou. It seemed to be digesting the nutrients it obtained from the Solar Stars, and according to Wang Yutian, it typically undergoes a strange hibernation for a few decades after consumption. 

Wei Wuyin glanced at the vast and boundless stars floating in the Dark Void. He had an idea where the Mystic Radiance Belt Solar Star and Aeternal Sky Starfield might be after reaching somewhere like it during his Soul Idol Astral Tribulation, so he wasn ’t without direction. 

”We wait, ” King, shockingly, said without his signature sound. Its voice was serious, yet expectant.

”… ” 

Wei Wuyin brightly smiled, looking at the starfield and its devastated existence. A chapter in his life had been closed, and he was forced to move on to the next. But there was still one person he needed before doing so…

”Just a few years. She ’ll be back soon. ” 


A few years later, in the environment of the former Imperial Dawn Starfield, a majestic clarion cry resounded throughout the world!

”KREE! ”

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