Paragon of Sin

Chapter 570: A World Unforgettable

ascent, he found himself in the territory of the once well-established Xin Country, south of the old Wu Country.

A decade or so ago, an incredibly tall, wide, and majestic tree was once present for the entire continent to see. It reached for the skies with all its desires. It had collapsed after losing its spirit, taking down the millions of lifeforms that selfishly used it as a home, burrowing into its body without permission despite its pain and reluctance.

”… ” Wei Wuyin felt the pulsating ripples from Eden within his Sea of Consciousness. The level of emotions he felt was indescribable. This had been Eden ’s home for so many years. It was its birthplace. Its home. Its past. 

A young man entered into the Eden Earth Sect and willingly allowed Eden ’s sentient mind to enter his own in hopes of helping it escape its predicament. While Eden intended to take over as the central consciousness, the fact Wei Wuyin ’s other self allowed it was telling that he sympathized with Eden ’s fate.

”Do you miss it? ” Wei Wuyin asked. He didn ’t know why, but he felt this question needed to be asked.

”…Yes. But I ’m living my greatest dream, my best life, with the best souls as my family. I have no regrets. ” Eden ’s words were slow, yet it contained an unfathomable steel-like firmness. It was a mere slave to others, ignored and abused, yet it still missed the days it grew without limit, basked under the sun, and the quiet of its early days. 

It was alone then, but now and until its death, it would never be. This was its greatest dream.

”Hehe. Best soul! I ’m the bestest! ” Ori chimed in with a joyous laughter. 

”Tch, ” King made its signature sound yet it came out a little strange, as if it was stifling a sniffle. 

”… ” Kratos remained silent, but the erratic beating of the heart betrayed its emotions. 

Out of all his Astral Souls, Eden was the only one that existed before him, had a set of memories that belonged solely to it. When he first formed Eden, he was suspicious that Eden might have ill-intentions, might be out of his own objectives, due to this strange individuality but after their continuous trials and tribulations, he realized his thinking was far too naive and ignorant.

Eden ’s wish was always to find its family. Even when it was just a tree, it tried to grow as tall as possible to touch the Solar Star and the Lunar Satellite in the sky, treating it as the family waiting for it. In the end, it found them. 




And himself.

Thinking about it, even before Eden became a part of him, they were kindred spirits. 

That day, he lost everything. And left with nothing, he cultivated for the sake of surviving and vengeance, nothing more. It was only after he completed his greatest goal, got his greatest desire, that he felt truly alone. Yet cultivation directed him with continued purpose, and allowed him to thrive forward for his dreams.

It took a while before he realized that his everything, through cultivation, was slowly being rebuilt. Without the engulfing despair, he fought to survive and thrive against all odds for himself, no one else. 

Now, he too had found his family. He found that cultivation had granted him the power that he lacked, the freedom that he desired, and the fact that as long as he lived, he ’d never be alone again.

He soon found himself in a city. The city that held his greatest and most impactful memories within.

Red Dove City.

Where, for him, it all began.

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