Paragon of Sin

Chapter 564: Collateral

”A Worldly Saint Ascendant? I see, ” Wei Wuyin calmly digested this information. It aligned with his assumption of Wang Yutian ’s cultivation, being multiple stages beyond Grand Monarch Wu Yu. The interesting thing, however, was that Wang Yutian had mentioned that he had regained his ’immortality ’ after the King of Everlore saved him.

Did this mean those at the Worldly Saint Phase had an infinite lifespan or was this just an exaggeration? He didn ’t ask to clarification, because he felt that the answer wouldn ’t be properly explained. To not confuse himself with that, he avoided bringing it up.

He returned back to his original line of questioning, ”You said a Demi-Mortal Lord can move an entire starfield? ”

Wang Yutian was awaken from his memories of the glory days, when he was worshipped by trillions and had power that could be described as godly. His magnificence was endlessly brilliant, yet he had fallen to this state. It was the unfortunate result of the careless and trusting. 

”No. They can ’t move an entire starfield, but they can move an entire starfield ’s population to another starfield. ” Wang Yutian clarified. 

Wei Wuyin recalled his original question and found out that he had indeed asked about moving the population, not the starfield itself. ”Does the cultivation society that those Ascended come from have Demi-Mortal Lords? ” 

”They do. In fact, there ’s one observing you at this very moment. ” Wang Yutian pointed out casually. 

”…What?! ” Wei Wuyin was taken aback. Instinctively, his Celestial Eyes swept the world alongside his spiritual sense. Yet he discovered nothing despite engulfing the entire Four Extreme Continent in the matter of moments. 

”No worries. If he wanted to act against you, you would be dead, captured, or worse. ” Wang Yutian seemed unbothered because of this fact. Wei Wuyin was well-aware that an Ascended that exceeded Mortal Limits were not an existence he could resist. 

”Is it that gluttonous old man? ” Wei Wuyin asked. He realized that his act of transporting the entire continent to his starfield, likely even destroying the World Realm ’s Core, was already known. He just hoped it wasn ’t someone from the Golden Life Pavilion. After all, he caused the destruction of their training grounds and stole their continent. 

”The one that kept interacting with you? No. It ’s the old man that oversees the continent. It was him that ensured that Ascended didn ’t act wildly. After all, I didn ’t have that power. ” Wang Yutian ’s answer caused Wei Wuyin ’s to bitterly smile. So it likely was the purchaser of the Four Extreme Continent, the force that transformed the trial into a training ground, the Golden Life Pavilion! 

No wonder he was being observed. 

Still, this might be the saving grace of the starfield. The one thing he feared was the Solar Stars being devoured by this Tiangou creature and everything being destroyed as a result. But if his Karmic Surge represented the divided fortune of his allies and women, then he could mostly conclude that an external force was about to take action to save the inhabitants.

If the Golden Life Pavilion had a Demi-Mortal Lord, then the True Element Sect definitely had one as well. Since Lin Ming was a Chosen, they might learn of their predicament and intervene, saving the starfield ’s inhabitants and abandoning the starfield. 

He halted this line of thought for a moment, ’Is it possible that this was always going to happen? Now that I think about it, I can ’t imagine the Heavenly Daos didn ’t have an escape route for the Temporal Reincarnator or Lin Ming, especially after using so much Karmic Luck Value on making him a Chosen. Actually, the interference of an external force might ’ve been included in his own Karmic Surge. ’

The more he considered this possibility, the greater he felt it was true. Furthermore, the ruination of the starfield did not represent the death of its inhabitants. This thought caused him to try and use the Eye of Truth in the hopes of glimpsing into the worldly trend once again, but all he saw was ruin. 

”Do nothing, ” Wei Wuyin muttered to himself. He didn ’t know if this was good, but he had this distinct feeling that there was going to be a division of his forces. Its possible that, similar to Da Shan, multiple of his allies were about to experience fortuitous encounters that might benefit them. 

He didn ’t think that each of his Valkyrie or even his Main Ascendants could be best nurtured by himself. He wasn ’t able to match their powers, and there were specific alchemical products suitable that he was either unaware of or unable to concoct due to lacking materials or recipes. 

For example, there were Imperial Heaven alchemical products listed in the Imperial Heaven Qi Method, and he had concocted a few prior to his departure, but he didn ’t have specialized recipes for each of them. Moreover, there was cultivation methods, arts, spells, and teachings that he as an alchemist and a junior was unable to provide them. His Karmic Surge might allow them to elevate their combat standards and usage of their powers, so he had no intention of interfering.

With every passing moment, the greater he felt that this possibility was correct. If so, then his faction members will likely experience a segregation from the transportation and meet their own individual fortunes. This coincided with the vast and divided feeling of his Karmic Surge. In a similar way as Bai Lin finding the Golden Phoenix Fruit or Da Shan cultivating in the Elementus Cache. 

”Temporary separation… ” 

With a thought, he calculated the time left. There was only eleven days. 

”Wang Yutian, do you think the starfield that those Ascended belong to have Mortal Sovereign Alchemists? If so, how rare? ” Wei Wuyin asked this last question, formulating his final plans off this answer.

Wang Yutian wasn ’t surprised by this question. With a cheery tone, ”They definitely have Mortal Sovereign Alchemists, even Alchemists beyond the Mortal-tier. However, the exact number isn ’t easy to determine. BUT if I had to guess, perhaps in the upper hundreds, maybe lower thousands at best. Keep in mind, this is out of likely hundreds of trillions, perhaps even quadrillions of living cultivators. ”

Wei Wuyin nodded. This was roughly consistent with his own assumption. If this was true, then the relative number of Emperor Alchemists might be in the millions, far beyond the low dozens of their starfield. The difference in cultivation civilization was truly too vast.

”Then its settled, ” Wei Wuyin turned to send out a spiritual transmission to Tuo Bihan before finding a mountain. With a simple wave of his hand, he carved an exquisite cave using his astral force. He soon set up the Saber Formation designed to conceal and restrict the manifestations of alchemy from leaking to the world.

Wei Wuyin intended to concoct all the essential products in the shortest amount of time, converting all these materials obtained from the various caches into useful products to left for his Ascendants and Valkyrie. If the Heavenly Daos intended to bring them benefits, he didn ’t intend to let over a thousand Karmic Luck Value go to waste by interfering. 

As for the disaster of the starfield, he felt his theory was roughly 98% correct. Even if it wasn ’t, he had no logical plan or means to safely transport all of his Ascendants. While he could use the Voidships and place them all in, then traverse the Dark Void, that wasn ’t very favorable.

For one, the traveling time would be absolutely absurd. It might take decades, if not centuries, using these Voidships to travel across the Dark Void to some habitable starfield. Let ’s not include the dangers that might exist, such as the Star-Devourer. It was a little too risky. 

”The primary objective is to concoct my first alchemical product, ” Wei Wuyin ’s eyes brightened. His observation of Lin Ming ’s formation of a False Worldly Domain had formulated an idea for an alchemical pill. If his thoughts aligned with reality, then the pill should establish a False Worldly Domain, and maybe even a real Worldly Domain, prior to the Realm World Phase. 

Moreover, the various powers that encapsulated a False Worldly Domain should be able to help a cultivator comprehend the Soul Idol, Spatial Resonance, Light Reflection, Gravity Emission, and Realm World Phases at an accelerated rate.

His pounding excitement caused him to bring out his cauldron, filling the cave with Utmost Purity Mist!


In another location on the Four Extreme Continent, Ming Shufeng and San Yongli were calmly sitting together within a busy eatery. Despite the change of scenery, society kept moving forward. 

”When will it happen? ” San Yongli asked Ming Shufeng, sipping a cup of green tea. 

Ming Shufeng had a bright smile on her gorgeous face, clearly elated by avoiding the catastrophic end of a World Realm ’s Core detonation. ”In seven days, those beings beyond Mortal Limits will take action. ”

San Yongli ’s brows twitched a little, ’To think I ’ll be arriving far sooner than I anticipated, but that ’s fine. ’ A mysterious glint flashed beneath her hood, revealing two crimson-colored eyes. ’I ’ll make sure you don ’t get your way this time. ’

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