Paragon of Sin

Chapter 561: Karmic Surge

as if this fortune isn ’t mine to have? Is it my companions? Those linked to my Karmic Fate? ” 

There was an instance where Bai Lin received fortune on his behalf, consuming a Golden Phoenix Fruit and awakening her dormant Phoenix Bloodline. Da Shan had been grasped by Wang Yutian and given a cultivation opportunity that others would die for. She elevated two entire phases in less than three years.

He was well-aware that his karmic luck would influence others, so he wasn ’t that surprised.

Yet the Heavenly Daos sent him an influential surge to do nothing in the face of the starfield ’s ruin. Furthermore, karmic luck that seemed only slightly less than Lin Ming ’s own usage of value had been used on others around him. This might not be limited to one person.

To add, the karmic surge that he felt meant that Lin Ming had used roughly the same amount of Karmic Luck Value to become a Chosen, and he now had an initial measurement of Karmic Luck Value.

”… ” 

After a long moment of silence, Wei Wuyin brought out Wang Yutian ’s consciousness that remained in the chandelier. ”I have a question. ”

Wang Yutian had been quietly watching as Wei Wuyin killed Long Chen and then left, exploding his body and obtaining the Seed of Law, likely a treasure he had no idea how to use, and then he shouted, screamed, and laughed. He seemed almost delirious with joy.

He remained amused watching this. Was that Long Chen person truly that loathsome that his death could evoke a wide-range of flamboyant emotions from Wei Wuyin? Well, he did possess a Seed of Law, so it made sense. To not rain on Wei Wuyin ’s parade, he remained silent, but seeing Wei Wuyin bring him out, he happily reacted.

”What ’s your question? ” 

”Is there some way to transport a large portion of people to other starfields? ” Wei Wuyin asked.

”How large? ”

”An entire starfield size. Is that possible? ” 

Wang Yutian didn ’t have to think long for that, ”An Ascended at the Soul of Mysticism Phase couldn ’t, but a Demi-Mortal Lord Phase could. ” 

”… ” Wei Wuyin was silent as he was confused. Soul of Mysticism Phase? Demi-Mortal Lord Phase? What? Who?

”You…don ’t know? ” Wang Yutian was taken aback by Wei Wuyin ’s notable confusion. He had assumed that Wei Wuyin was fully aware of the Mystic Ascendant Realm Stages. 

”I don ’t. Please enlighten me, ” a thirst for knowledge and expansion of his horizon emerged. Wei Wuyin had been almost entirely unaware of the Mystic Ascendant Realm, referring to them by first or second stages, but he didn ’t know about their names or how to reach it. 

Wang Yutian thought for a moment and then explained, ”The Mystic Ascendant Realm exceeds the Mortal Limits, and it is divided into seven stages, unlike the Mortal Realms which are divided into nine stages, from the Foundation Establishment, Qi Condensation, and Astral Core Realm…

Wang Yutian paused, and then clarified: ”No, that ’s not entirely true. The Mystic Ascendant Realm is divided into Nine Stages of Mysticism, but it ’s hard to count the Initial Stage and the Pinnacle Stage. ”

”Oh? ” Wei Wuyin was confused by this explanation, but thoroughly intrigued. He had been so drawn by this topic that he forgot about his original question, only wanting to learn more about the realm that might contain the Realm of Sages!

”Mhm. The first stage is referred to as the Mystic Star Phase, but in most cultivation societies, its considered the Tenth Stage of the Astral Core Realm, not the First Stage of the Mystic Ascendant Realm. ” 

”Tenth Stage? Why? ” 

”The Mystic Star Phase, the so-called First Stage of the Mystic Ascendant Realm or Tenth Stage of the Astral Core Realm, is the result of failure. A failure to ascend. ” Wang Yutian revealed with a wisp of disdain that he couldn ’t contain.

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