Paragon of Sin

Chapter 553: Second Calamity Calamity of Endless Regret

”You ’re so bad! ” A coquettish laughter resounded that could cause tingling of the soul. It was accompanied by heavenly laughter of numerous women, like music to the soul. Just from their voices that were as harmonic as an orchestra led by a grand maestro, one could tell every last one of them were beauties of the ages.

”Am I? I ’ll show you how bad. ” A manly voice, proud and excited, resounded. The sound of flesh rubbing against each other and suckling of lips and other parts sounded. The man ’s moans alongside the womens and their playful, seductive laughter left one ’s imagination running wild. 

In what seemed to be a palace forged from silver and gold laid on a large bed enough to accompany thirty individuals was Wei Wuyin, plowing within a bevy of beauties without restraint. The smell of their natural fragrance was intoxicating to the senses.

With roaming hands, he felt mounds of plentiful flesh and outstanding curves. It was enough to salivate any man who understood the fascinating beauty of the woman ’s form. With a glance down, three heads fought playfully to claim their prize. When one of them finally won out, the other two would move to find other areas to take control of, reinitiating the fierce fight after a few moments.

He glanced at their gorgeous faces, blushed and filled with invigorating smiles. With a turn of his head, he saw four women to his right. Another turn, and he saw three girls to his left. A total of ten heavenly beauties!

This scene lasted for hours, days, maybe even weeks as he unleashed all of his pent-up desire on each of their exquisite forms until they would remember him even in their last moments. After weeks, maybe months, perhaps even years, he was finally satisfied as he laid on this gigantic bed with their soft bodies warming him up.

He felt a surge of endless peace overwhelm him. Memories flooded his heart as he recalled his life. After killing the Long Chen, he went on to kill Lin Ming, and found the Temporal Reincarnator. After finding that person, he snatched their piece of the Heavenly Daos and used it to seal the Tiangou that sought to eliminate the starfield.

Solving such a crisis, he relaxed as he celebrated with his women. They were all raring to go, willing and wanting his affection with the most direct manner possible. Without even asking, he was invited by all of them in a proactive fashion to this palace and bed. 

He was free to indulge. He deserved this rest. It was the best possible ending that led to solving all his issues. Even the entire starfield had become his, and the name of the starfield had changed to the Neo-Dawn Starfield. This was everything he desired, and he couldn ’t have planned it better.

…Could he?

”… ” He glanced at the exhausted beauties snuggled up to him, trying to inspect their faces yet he found his vision blurring. With a brief shake of his head, he thought: ’I guess I ’m just exhausted after sealing that Tiangou. I should rest. ’ 

He closed his eyes, enjoying the feelings of flesh and being loved. With heavy eyelids, he closed his eyes and drifted off into a sleep.


A crashing explosion occurred at the entrance of his room, scattering fragments of silver and gold metal throughout the room. Wei Wuyin was shaken awake by the alarming screams of panic and fear from his women. With an enraged snort, he lifted his head to find this disrespectful attacker seeking death!

”Who dares?! ” With authority and a powerful roar, he lifted himself half-way off the bed when an overwhelming, heart-quivering aura engulfed him. He had recognized this aura with clarity! Confusion flashed in his gaze as he saw a figure that should ’ve long since been killed!

A handsome face with dark-colored eyes, short hair and a sword that glinted with a sharp, bloody aura ready for war! It was an existence that had lost to his saber!


Shocked, confused, and filled with an array of emotions, he sought to first move and suppress when he found that the aura emitting from Long Chen ’s body exceeded anything he ’d ever seen before! 

He turned to his women who were quivering in fear. They spoke, exchanged words with Long Chen, yet Long Chen merely chuckled and laughed. For some reason, he couldn ’t hear or sense their conversation. It was as if Long Chen ’s aura had blocked off his senses!

Long Chen moved with extreme quickness, grasping Wei Wuyin ’s body and giving it a light shove! Like lightning striking the ground, Wei Wuyin ’s body explosive crashed into the walls that caused endless cracks! What power!

”How?! ” Wei Wuyin threw out this one-word question that encapsulated all his current thoughts with a raging roar, finding endless disbelief and uncertainty exploding in his heart. Before, Long Chen was not only killed by him, but his strength was incredibly weak! How could it so drastically change!

Then, he heard Long Chen ’s voice. It was deeper than before, older. ”Haha! You really thought you killed me thirteen years ago? I ’m not that easy to kill, you fool. I spent all this time diligently cultivating while you indulged in your desires, and now I ’m back to fulfill my promise: Today, I will kill you! ” Long Chen ’s cold, mocking voice sent shivers down one ’s spine.

Wei Wuyin was baffled! Thirteen years?! Had time really passed so quickly? Had he made a mistake in ensuring that Long Chen was dead? Was this because of negligence? 

”Before I do, I ’ll let you watch as I ravage each and every one of these women of yours. These pathetic traitors, disgusting whores that only know how to seek success. Do you all regret it now?! ” Long Chen laughed endlessly as he swept his gazes on the ten outstanding beauties before him.

Wei Wuyin ’s eyes went bloodshot and an explosive rage overtook him. With all of his power, he forcefully unleashed his everything! A terrifying explosion erupted that shook the entire palace, likely even the planet itself!

Long Chen sneered, ”Weak. ” With a casual swipe of his sword, five sharp lights were born that sliced into Wei Wuyin! His arms and legs were chopped off, and his manhood, a magnificent existence, was severed along with them! 

With a bulging pair of eyes, Wei Wuyin gritted his teeth yet his full power did little as the sharp light entered his bleeding stumps and crippled his meridians, devastated his dantian, and eviscerated his Astral Souls. In moments, he was crippled as a cultivator and as a man. There was no worse fate.

Long Chen gave off a malicious smile, grabbing one of these beauties with a sadistic gleam in his eyes. ”I thought about it: these women, they aren ’t worthy enough for me to even ravage. They deserve to live in a total nightmare. And you, you deserve a quick death. ”

With that, he lifted his blade. Wei Wuyin felt himself superimposed with Long Chen, as if Long Chen was mocking him, he took the same stance he had when he beheaded Long Chen! But he kept his teeth gritted and his eyes matching Long Chen ’s gaze. The blazing desire to kill had never been more prevalent in his heart than this moment.

”Goodbye, trash. ” Long Chen swung his sword! 

Wei Wuyin felt the cold steel meet his neck and pierce into it. It was as if time had frozen as he felt as if every second was stretched out to days. The triumphant face of Long Chen, the fear and quivering bodies of his lovers, and his weakness was forever branded in his heart. 

When the sword completely passed through his neck and separated his head from his body forever, he still had some lingering consciousness as Long Chen took his severed head in his grasp and waved it around before the beauties who grasped and wailed in pain and horror. He felt a sinister void-like blackness encroach the edges of his vision and slowly dilute all of his senses.

’Is this death? Is this how I die, by beheading? I guess one can ’t escape fate in the end… ’ A seed of regret formed in his heart. If he hadn ’t indulged in sensual pleasures, continued cultivating, there was no way Long Chen could rival him! No way…right? 

Unfortunately, there was no pill for regret, no second chance to change it all.

He heard the final voice of Long Chen, ”I lied to this idiot. I intend to enjoy you all before letting you enjoy all the generosity of my friends. Don ’t be scared; it ’ll be fun. I ’ll… ” 

Darkness overtook him.

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