Paragon of Sin

Chapter 546: The Belief In Ones Heart


Those words were accompanied by an explosive killing intent that permeated the air. This drew everyone ’s attention as they had found that almost forgotten figure standing in the distance. His clenched teeth and bloodshot eyes betrayed his raging madness. 

Long Chen! 

This so-called Grand Prince was similarly shocked by Wei Wuyin ’s arrival, taken out of his pace as Wei Wuyin subdued Huang Boqing and brought him to Xue Yifei. When he saw Xue Yifei, this outstanding beauty that even exceeded Lian Yu, only matched by the elven beauty of Qing Qiumu and pure beauty of Na Xinyi, he was fiercely shocked. 

What type of ungodly fortune must one possess to have a woman of such caliber as a concubine?! The sons of heaven would likely fight over marrying her as their first wife, yet she was relegated as a concubine! It was unfair! It was all unfair!!

His anger only propelled after he saw the glint of ambiguous light from Wu Baozhai as she stared at Wei Wuyin. That glint was something he was familiar with. It was the same desire that had emerged in the eyes of Na Xinyi, Lin Ziyan, Hong Ru, and Lian Yu before! And that was directed at him!

His thoughts of showing his greatness before her, to display what it meant to be a Grand Prince, was severed at that moment! Only the chaotic and overlapping sounds of Lian Yu ’s last words, Na Xinyi informing him of her choice, and learning about Lin Ziyan, Wu Baozhai, and Hong Ru ’s decision to leave to the side of his nemesis echoed in his mind!

It ate at his sanity as the rage in his heart filled to the brim, unable to be contained. All that rage, hatred, every last misfortune that he ’d experienced these last few years, was all directed towards a single mention image: Wei Wuyin!

Huang Boqing turned his head a little, seeing Long Chen seething with a malicious aura. Even his spine felt a chill. Wei Wuyin touched his shoulder and Huang Boqing felt a burst of power course through him, the restriction was clearly reinforced. His expression paled as he realized that even if he was given a full week, he wouldn ’t be able to undo this spell, and even then, the resulting damage to his foundation would be catastrophic.

Wei Wuyin turned to Long Chen, but before he could say anything, a voice sounded from behind him. 

”Long Chen! ” 

A figure shot out of the group and arrived between Long Chen and Wei Wuyin. While they were some distance apart, this still placed that figure between the two.

It was Wu Baozhai!

Long Chen ’s dark eyes fixed onto Wu Baozhai ’s exquisite figure, noticing the unassuming black ring that started his destiny as a talented cultivator, breaking away from the title of trash, was nestled between her breasts. This woman wasn ’t just the person that helped him obtain the qualification to cultivate Imperial Heaven Qi Method, but she was also his first time.

They had become true men and women together, so his emotions towards her were forever complex. The thought of her had always brought him warm emotions, but as he saw her, remembered that glint, remembered her choice to join the Ascendants, his hated enemy, he couldn ’t help feeling bitter and betrayed 

The image of her sexy body without a hint of clothes being pressed beneath Wei Wuyin ’s naked body, being ravaged as Wei Wuyin gave a devilish smile that seemed to be directed at him appeared in his mind. His heart roared with crushing pain. 

Perhaps it had already happened?! 


The flickering light of the unassuming black ring brought him out of his dark, gloomy, and destructive thoughts. Wu Yu was his mentor, his light at the end of a dark tunnel. He had allowed him to escape his bindings and enjoy life, striving for the peak of cultivation to grasp his own fate, to prove everyone who spat on him wrong! 

He was the figure that brought the most comfort and trust to him, but because of his uselessness, he had lost Wu Yu twice to Wei Wuyin. Both times were utterly humiliating! 

The first was at the Execution of Qing Qiumu, where he could only look on and watch as a guillotine sent its blade towards her neck.

The second was during the Grand Spirit Trials where Wu Yu was left with no choice but to leave after he offended Wei Wuyin. 

Now, the ring was with Wu Baozhai. Long Chen was comforted by this. The thought that Wu Baozhai might be using Wei Wuyin to betray him at the last moment, to protect his greatest secret, caused Long Chen ’s heart to slightly smooth over as the vile images in his thoughts vanished. Perhaps it was all an act? The glint in her eyes? A facade?

That could be it.

That could be it!

His eyes brightened as his killing intent settled. His mind was resolving at such a pace that he went through a variety of emotions in a moment. With a faint, gentle smile suffused with warmth. ”Wu Baozhai, I ’m happy you ’re doing well. ” He wanted Wei Wuyin to know that Wu Baozhai ’s intentions and thoughts might still be with him, so he can agonize over such a possibility.

But Wu Baozhai frowned at those words. She was also keen towards verbal spars and wordings with meanings within. She knew Long Chen was acting in such a way for a specific reason. 

Wu Baozhai took a deep breath and gave Long Chen a deep look. ”Long Chen, you shouldn ’t want that. ”

Taken aback, Long Chen was wondering if she was playing her part trying to save her cover. Was his actions detrimental to her? Perhaps he should be a little more careful. With a falsely stern expression, he asked: ”Why? ” 

Wu Baozhai ’s left eyelid experienced a slight twitch from this performance. But it was only for a moment when she grew serious, ”Because I, Wu Baozhai, have entered the Grand Monarch Lineage with the Will of Founding Monarch Wu Yu. Because I, Wu Baozhai, am the Grand Princess of the Myriad Monarch Sect. Because I, Wu Baozhai… ”

Every word she spoke caused Long Chen ’s eyes to widen more and more until they nearly popped out of their sockets. 

”…intend to become Grand Monarch! ”

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