Paragon of Sin

Chapter 544: Apology

”Imperial Heaven ’s 1st Grand Transformation, ” Xue Yifei was as shocked as everyone else, but her attention had always been divided a little since Long Chen ’s arrival, focusing on this Grand Princess that contested for the title of Grand Monarch! She clearly heard her words despite her ringing and bleeding ears.

Wu Baozhai gave Xue Yifei a sidelong glance. She frowned as she cursed herself for carelessly speaking out one of the Grand Monarch Lineage ’s greatest secrets! Similar to the Bloodforging Mystic Method that had various transformations, the Imperial Heaven Qi Method was not without its own. After all, the Bloodforge Emperor was Grand Monarch Wu Yu ’s most loyal subordinate and also a fellow Mystic Ascendant!

Xue Yifei seemed to understand something and didn ’t question her. Moreover, this wasn ’t the place to have a conversation of this nature that might concern vital secrets. After all, their spiritual sense was interconnected with everyone else ’s. There was no privacy.

Wu Baozhai looked away, her eyes filled with complex emotions as she observed Long Chen ’s awe-inspiring aura. She communicated mentally with Wu Yu, avoiding the connection by using her Sea of Consciousness and mental energies. 

”I thought the 1st Grand Transformation can only be unleashed after reaching the Seventh Stage of the Astral Core Realm? How is Long Chen doing so in the Spatial Resonance Phase? ” Knowing the Imperial Heaven Qi Method in extreme detail, she was aware of its powers and secrets. The Imperial Heaven Aura wasn ’t just a means to protect one from foreign forces and such, but it could be used to amplify one ’s combat prowess.

It was one of the core reasons why the Myriad Monarch Sect could dominate the starfield at the peak of the starfield ’s cultivation period, shortly after the King of Everlore departed. They reigned supreme even beyond the disappearance of Wu Yu after his failure to reach the Second Stage of the Mystic Ascendant Realm.

”… ” Wu Yu was well aware of the method he devised and its limitations. To unleash the 1st Grand Transformation at the Spatial Resonance Phase required an immensely powerful cultivation foundation to sustain it. If anyone could do so, maybe Wei Wuyin might with his vast foundational-type alchemical resources, but Long Chen shouldn ’t be able to.


Wu Baozhai was seeking answers, but also she received a gloomy sigh and silence. Yet this was enough. She looked at Long Chen and understood. She was left with just one word in her mind: ”Why? ”

Long Chen ’s action stupefied all those who watched. Just earlier, these attacks were devastating the world, yet a single swipe of his sword dealt with it! It was a sharp contrast.

Even Huang Boqing felt as if Long Chen might be a Timelord in disguise. He was ready to unleash all hell to fight for a chance of returning to Grandquake City, but the youthful aura that Long Chen emitted didn ’t seem fabricated, and neither did his various aspects of cultivation. He had no sign of being beyond the Spatial Resonance Phase!

Tuo Bihan had to give Long Chen another look, and then another, and another because he didn ’t believe his eyes! As he was now a Realmlord, he knew how much power every ounce of their astral force carried and it was utterly not something a Spatial Resonance Phase cultivator could resist! 

Long Chen clenched his sword and pointed its tip towards the flying Huang Boqing. This was clearly a gesture of challenge! 

Huang Boqing faintly smiled. Without hesitation, he seemed ready to fly towards Long Chen, as if to unleash his strongest attack. The gravitational force he released distorted space and light, and his astral sword quivered as the World Core at its base radiated boundless power! The ground shook intensely!

Long Chen narrowed his eyes with a deadly sharpness filled with slaughter intent. ”You dare to harm a hair on her head, so I ’ll make sure you lose yours. ” His declaration was lightly said, it caused the hearts of everyone to quiver. Long Chen seemed to exude absolute confidence! 

The sight of him facing a Realmlord fearlessly was forever marked in their memory. It was fantastic! Was this their Grand Prince? Was he always this terrifying?!

Long Chen readied a stance, his eyes brimming with a strange power that emanated the essence of the sword, of death, or slaughter, or war! The Seed of Law within him vibrated with the world! 

Even Tuo Bihan felt that Long Chen ’s confidence inspired trust. He decided to protect the Myriad Monarch Sect members and support if needed. But he didn ’t believe that he could kill or even injure Huang Boqing with his current strength and means.

Huang Boqing ’s revving powers were instigating all sorts of worldly changes. He fiercely shouted: ”Take my head?! JUNIOR, DO YOU DARE?! ” His voice was explosive and he glowed with brilliant light. The power emanating from his body, from his Astral Core, was seemingly endless, and his Worldly Domain kept converting the world ’s energies and astronomical forces to his own! 

Long Chen felt the pressure from this display. He had to face this next attack with utter seriousness, and not display even a little bit of carelessness. This was going to be his first battle after using the Imperial Heaven ’s 1st Grand Transformation! While using it had consequences, he could clearly see that Tuo Bihan was at a disadvantage.

’Come! Let me show the world the power of their future Grand Monarch! While I much rather he be the first victim to this form, you ’ll do! ’ With this, he ’ll show Wu Baozhai that he was extremely outstanding with endless potential! He was unaware that Wu Baozhai knew the truth of this newfound power and consequences of using it.

Huang Boqing lifted his shortsword, as if he was ready to bring the very heavens down upon Long Chen. And then, with a fierce swing, he pointed it towards Grandquake City!


With extreme quickness, almost blinding so, leaving an afterimage of his strange form, Huang Boqing escaped! 

Without any hesitation, he left back to the city before Tuo Bihan or Long Chen could react! He wasn ’t an idiot! Who knew where this strange boy with a strange aura was willing to do? He could be a Timelord in disguise or a Starlord from this so-called starfield they originate from. Others could have arrived sooner!

Who knew?!

But he wasn ’t dumb enough to face a confident member of the younger generation that could disperse even the most casual of his attacks with a swipe of his sword! He wasn ’t a fool! He was a long time cultivator of the Four Extreme Continent that greatly cherished his life, so he retreated back to the safety of Grandquake City, fully intending on informing the other Realmlords and Timelords! 

They can handle this!

”… ”

The afterimage of Huang Boqing vanished little by little. Everyone was just flabbergasted by it all, utterly shocked that a figure of legend, a nearly invincible Realmlord that wasn ’t losing had just retreated without hesitation. In fact, he created a huge facade of charging up his astral force and aura to unleash his full strength!

It left one utterly speechless.

”You dare hurt her? ” Another voice resounded once again, causing everyone to think to themselves: ’Again? ’

But this voice continued, ”Since you ’ve done the deed, stay. ”

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