Paragon of Sin

Chapter 528: The Core Skyfall

The words of warning from Wang Yutian were not ignored by Wei Wuyin. He had already studied World Realms and Secret Realms long ago when he had first learned about them. He had even asked Wu Yu regarding their innate protections and the typical result of their destruction. According to him, it was similar to a Starlord, a cultivator at the peak of the Astral Core Realm, the Star Core Realm, was to detonate themselves in a violent fashion.

While Realm World Phase experts, those at the Seventh Stage of the Astral Core Realm can create World Realms and Secret Realms, they still required an enormous amount of time and resources to build an artificial core that held a sufficient amount of energies and power to sustain the realm. No matter what, even the weakest of World Realms, would be as if a Starlord self-destructed their Star Core.

It should not be underestimated. 

As for the lifeforms that remained on the landmass or location, they would all be eradicated by the fallout of such a devastating outcome. This was all information he was well-aware of before he had even ventured into the Auric Sea, before he learned of what fueled this World Realm ’s unique environment and strange lifeforms. 

”You shouldn ’t think of destroying the World Realm ’s Core. If it actually occurred, your starfield might suffer consequences. ” Wang Yutian warned again, but the anxiety within his mind was slowly being filled with a strange anticipation instead. He knew that Wei Wuyin wasn ’t an unintelligent and thoughtless individual. In fact, he was far-sighted and calculated. 

Wei Wuyin opened his eyes, revealing a fresh radiance of silver light that signified the lively restoration of his Astral Cores. ”Explain, ” Wei Wuyin said.

Wang Yutian felt a little disappointment from this, slowly explaining the truth of this World Realm. ”The World Realm ’s Core is sustained by its own energy, but its acting as the power source of the formation that is restricting a host of dangerous beasts that are being subjugated. If the power source went away, the resulting backlash might not be enough to destroy those beasts. ”

”You mean: those dragons. ” Wei Wuyin corrected, staring at the sky panel with a calm, indifferent gaze.

Wang Yutian didn ’t hesitate to say, ”Yes, dragons. ” He knew that Wei Wuyin had a draconic bloodline that coursed through his veins. This was likely why he felt intrigued and felt anticipation. Could this be a plot of the dragons? While most legends would depict dragons as savage beasts filled with lust, greed, and immense power, they were quite far-sighted and wise.

At least, the ones he met that exceeded a certain level. The lower beasts were kind of spot-on in that depiction. After all, stereotypes existed for a reason. There was truth in every rumor, no matter how diluted and ancient they became. 

”What are they used for? ” Wei Wuyin asked, a tinge of coldness escaped his throat. 

Wang Yutian didn ’t feel any reason to conceal this, ”Their blood energies and abundant lifeforce are used to maintain the ecosystem of the landmass and its inhabitants. It formulates the basis of the Devils and other entities meant for the trial. The draconic bloodline has a unique ability to suppress energies and mana, so it is used to establish the Season of Regression. ”

Wang Yutian didn ’t stop there. He kept explaining the over hundred ways the beasts were to sustain the World Realm and why it was so highly valuable that it could be sold off as a training ground for elites. While it was a little cruel, that depended on how you felt towards beasts and dragons.

Most cultivators enslaved beasts on the regular, using them as mounts and considering them as inferior existences from the beginning of their lives. They killed and consumed them if they were stronger, seeing them as wild and unintelligent existences. They always had this mindset, so to those types of individuals, this act would only be finding long-term uses for them besides eating them or refining them for their cultivation.

It wasn ’t considered Evil Methods to perform these types of actions on beasts. 

They weren ’t of the same species.

They weren ’t of the same race.

They weren ’t humanoid. 

They weren ’t intelligent.

They were inferior.


Wei Wuyin ’s heart released a violent draconic roar that escaped his throat, his eyes suffused with a red of vicious madness. This mentality had ruined his life! It wasn ’t just the pain and suffering, the vicious abuse that they had to endure, but the utter disgust at the utter lack of consideration.

If the dragons were defeated in a war, and they were enslaved and abused as such, Wei Wuyin would feel absolutely no emotions towards this. The cultivation world was cruel, losing and weakness resulted in pain and suffering; he wasn ’t blindly righteous. But they were treated this way because of the belief that they were innately inferior, that they weren ’t just inferior, they weren ’t equals! 

The mentality stripped him of his unborn child, stripped him of his beloved brother, and of his home!

Wang Yutian felt the dense mass of swirling negative emotions emitting from Wei Wuyin. They were spine chilling and terrifying to behold. The entire space of the Elementus Cache trembled from his roar, with the sky panels destabilizing further. A few fell from the sky and crashed towards the ground.

Wei Wuyin glanced at the panels, and clenched his hand towards them. Despite his seething emotions, he wasn ’t about to let a single piece of wealth of this place escape his grasp. Those panels were made from extremely special materials. They were instantly stored in his spatial ring.

Wei Wuyin ’s eyes that glinted dangerously calmed down as he lifted his eyes upwards, being shined on by the outpour of golden light. His silver eyes flitted with emotions,  ”When I learned about the Myriad Monarch Sect, about the close equality of all races, I knew that would be my favorite place in this world. A world that didn ’t isolate the Elven Race, vilify the Demonic Race, or heralded a single race as superior. A world that allowed effort and diligence to flourish alongside talent. It was paradise.

”But it was even better than I could ’ve imagined. There were suitable locations and a limited amount of racial bias. While there was still unity amongst races, there was no outward hatred of others races for no reason except they were different. Even beasts were treated well, given respect and being a representation of the cultivator itself. ” Wei Wuyin monologued a little bit, but he kept the rest of his thoughts inside. But Wang Yutian understood what he meant to say.

”A world where all lack bias, where all lifeforms are considered equal…it doesn ’t exist. Even the heavens aren ’t fair. ” Wang Yutian said, a wisp of sorrow in his tone.

Wei Wuyin nodded with no change to his expression, ”I ’m not delusional; I understand that. I also know I can ’t change that. The world has individuality and differentiations, this breeds unity, segregation, and bias. It is what it is. I just hate those who treat others as lesser for the sake of it. If you ’re weaker, then you ’re weak. Your race or species has no right to be considered in that equation.

”This is a world of cultivation, a world of strength, so its understandable to be suppressed if you ’re weak. Its normal to be enslaved, to be killed, to suffer what you think is unfair. But that ’s how the true fairness of the world works. ” He calmed down, bringing an end to his distracted thoughts.

These emotions were subtracting his attention from his goal. The dragons were imprisoned and forced to act as living batteries because they were weaker. This was an unchangeable fact. He had allowed his emotions of the past to flood his mind, and that racial bias mentality to distract his thoughts, filling his mind with almost unrelated topics.

’To be honest, I simply can ’t stand seeing lifeforms treated in such a way. I might not be a saint, but I have a bottom line. ’ Whether they were humans, elves, demons, dragons, fishes, or ghosts, he would feel the same way after learning that a race had suffered for thousands of years in abusive imprisonment. If he didn ’t have the ability to affect this, then he would ignore it. He would simply move on.

But since he had the means, how could he?

He would rather put an end to every imprisoned dragon ’s life if he couldn ’t free them. At least that would be a display of mercy. It would be the better alternative of slowly being killed and sucked dry of your innate energies and lifeforce.

Kratos bore the same desire as him. It felt an emotional chaos at seeing those of similar bloodline as it suffer, but it was born from Wei Wuyin ’s soul, so its outlook on life and the various lifeforms were similar. To it, be it dragons, humans, a tree, a saber, or a mass of energy, they were all equals in its eyes. But the suffering needed to be brought to an end. 

One way or another.

Wei Wuyin ’s eyes brightened like lights in the night sky! His Astral Cores had just been fully restored!

”Now, we can begin. ”

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