Paragon of Sin

Chapter 523: Elementus Cache

The torrential outpour of divine light from the Solar Star enveloped the two figures of Wei Wuyin and Lin Ming before the eyes of the eight Ascended. They simultaneously lifted their heads to inspect the slight bulge in the light that transported the two youths. The speed of their ascent was extremely swift, yet the eight figures ’ eyes were tightly fixed, following their movements.

Yet none of them took action, merely watched as their expressions were varied and complex. The tall, slender, and veiled woman clenched her ash-as-white fingers around the dissipating elemental origin energies that seemed to lose its will. The energies became pure, untainted after losing the intent that transformed its original state. 

She softly spoke, ”Two Chosens? ” Her words contained a hidden meaning intermixed with a wisp of confusion. The fact that two Chosens were decided by the trial meant there was a special exception that had occurred. 

The husky voice sounded out once more, belonging to the concealed figure in dark-red mist: ”Could the silver-eyed youth be that possessor of the Elemental Heart Intent? Or were they both Chosen because they met some requirement? ” He was originally doubtful when Venerable Spiritwalker had stated that Lin Ming was the only viable option. 

”… ” The others went silent. Their eyes never left the Solar Star that was perpetually floating in the sky, overlooking the vast continent below. The meaning behind possessing the Elemental Heart Intent was heaven-defying. While cultivators could absorb elemental energies, fuse them together to create elemental origin energies using their Spirits of Cultivation, the genuine article that existed naturally in the world was far, far different.

Elemental Origin Energy was the original energy from material creation, only born during the initial creation of an entire stellar region, and stored in minute amounts in planets, continental flat earths, lunar satellites and solar stars. The elemental origin energy breaks down into nine pure forms shortly after, designing the stellar region. 

It was an energy they could freely create, but that artificial energy didn ’t possess the exquisite aspect of material creation within it, the will of elemental origin. It was one of the main reasons why planets, solar stars, and continental flat earths were so difficult to create for everyone except those at the Mystic Ascendant Realm. 

Venerable Spiritwalker interjected, ”Impossible. His Sea of Consciousness was utterly devastated. It would be difficult to perform advanced tasks let alone formulate the needed understanding to intermix nine high-level intents perfectly. I don ’t even need to add that the event was extremely brief, and only the divine light that engulfed the other youth could conceal such activity of Intent before it reached its limit. ” 

After those words were said, the others, even the owner of the husky voice, pondered. This was indeed the case, so her words made sense.

They couldn ’t know that Wei Wuyin had long since performed the needed calculations with another sentient existence within him that could freely take the reins, completing the last stretch of comprehension. 

”You ’re right, ” an elderly voice quivering with age and weakness resounded. The tone the voice exuded was ancient and wise, seemingly containing the wisdom of sages. Those two words caused the surrounding figures to subconsciously nod, accepting the elderly voice ’s words. But if one looked for that voice, they would find that it didn ’t originate from any of the eight.

The old man and sharp-eyed skinny old man glanced at each other, doubt even in their own eyes. Was it possible that Wei Wuyin wasn ’t the possessor of the Elemental Heart Intent? That it was Lin Ming?

”Find your charges. The oath of the Golden Life Pavilion will be honored. You all must leave within the next ninety seconds, ” the elderly voice resounded once again. The others ’ expressions changed, mostly to frowns. If it wasn ’t for that elderly voice ’s owner, they might have taken action and whisk away both so-called Chosens or killed them. 

The True Element Sect wasn ’t a force that they all had connections or good intentions towards. To see them find another figure with Elemental Heart Intent in this almost abandoned World Realm, this was a foreboding of their eventual rise in the Aeternal Sky Starfield.

The veiled woman let loose a beautiful laugh that was like music to one ’s ears. ”Two Chosens? Elemental Heart Intent? We ’ll see if the Imperial Clan will accept this situation, if they ’ll consider your honor. ” After saying that with a playful tone, she vanished into thin air. The others also left, vanishing swiftly. They all had thoughts, but they wouldn ’t dare offend the elderly voice without sufficient reason and benefits. 

The old man was the last one left, staring at the Solar Star that had taken Wei Wuyin away. He didn ’t think that the elderly voice was unaware of Wei Wuyin ’s peculiarity. With a faint smile, he brought out a small brown bag, dug in and took out some crispy chips by the handful. With a gluttonous mouth and a hearty throw, he crushed them all with a bright gleam in his eyes.

He vanished.


Wei Wuyin felt as if his body was being dragged thousands of miles a millisecond. As someone who traversed the Void, he was familiar with even faster speeds, faster explosions of the senses, so he quickly adjusted himself as he glanced at the distorted walls of golden light. 

He had sufficient time to think, urging Eden to take action. Instantly, the Mark of Eden was interfaced with, and his body was immersed in unrefined lifeforce and wood energies that invigorated and healed his physical state. In the briefest of moments, the physical damages that were self-inflicted had healed, including the torn muscles around his large heart. 

Before he could take the second step of his recovery, he found his body slowing down. The bright golden light that engulfed him slowly lowered in intensity, allowing his Celestial Eyes to observe his surroundings with a much higher clarity. He noticed the silhouette directly beside him, belonging to a familiar male figure—Lin Ming.

’My plans have been forced to change again. I ’ve already resolved myself to act without Chosen privileges, but now it seems the original plan can still be enacted. ’ Wei Wuyin thought this as he pondered over the current scenario. This was originally his plan, but after the interference of the Mystic Ascendants, something he feared since learning of their existence, he had to dial back and devise other plans.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, he was back on his original track. This would cause his goal to lower in difficulty by a considerable degree, but also rendered his previous actions irrelevant and a waste of effort. He saw no need to continue his act, bettering his physical conditioning at first possible time.

’When it comes to Blessed, its really hard to calculate around them. The Heavenly Daos influence can cause far too many variables or abrupt changes. I just have to adapt better. ’ When he thought this, he felt his feet touch solid ground. The strange feeling of being transported at high speeds to far distances ended. 

”Not irrelevant, ” Eden ’s voice resounded in his mind. Frowning slightly, Wei Wuyin considered those two words for a moment. After a brief period, he deeply inhaled and exhaled out his turbid thoughts. 

He echoed, ”Not irrelevant. ”

His actions had led to him obtaining the Elemental Heart Intent. Based on the timing, it seemed that the loophole that Lin Ming used to become Chosen by heaven ’s design wasn ’t the only stated way to become Chosen by alternate conditions. If he hadn ’t laid a trap for Lin Ming to combine the tokens, something he could never achieve if the Mystic Ascendant Realm Cultivator kept hindering him, then he wouldn ’t have been brought back to his original plan.

If it wasn ’t for his actions, he wouldn ’t have obtained the Absolute Hot Fire Intent aura nor merged nine Apex-level Intents. While his plans had been diverted again, it didn ’t hinder or affect his end goal.

”A detour, not worthless. ” After whispering this to himself, the surrounding light completely died down to reveal the surrounding area. 

The first thing he noticed was a diamond-like round chandelier that exuded white elemental aura. It gave the area light, and there were nine multi-colored crystals that hung at the edges. They dangled and contained a swirling mass of strange power. They seemed to match the nine elemental powers, but there was something else within it.

Lin Ming was shaken from his engrossed feeling of the transportation as the golden light vanished. His grey eyes inspected the area cautiously, instantly discovering a tall figure beside him. His heart trembled as a pair of giant fleshy mountain peaks that were slightly larger than his head appeared at his eye-level. It moved in dazzling arcs as the body it belonged to seemed to be breathing a little hectically. 

When he lifted his eyes, he saw the violet-skinned owner of those pair of outrageously firm mountains. An exceptional demonic beauty of nearly eight feet in height, a voluptuous body that could produce drolls from trained monks, and a pair of golden irises that were sparkling with expectant light. 

”You ’re not him! ” The voice from this giantess beauty was extremely powerful, causing Lin Ming to feel his body shiver from its vibrations. Despite that, it was the type of voice that was attractive. He was shocked by her cultivation base, finding out that she was in the Light Reflection Phase! 

Just as he was about to speak to this beauty, a voice that he didn ’t expect to hear came from behind him. 

”Da Shan? ” Wei Wuyin turned away from the strange chandelier to discover a long, sleek-haired beauty with curtain bangs. This wasn ’t a style he was familiar with. She wore a pair of tight-fitting black robes with battle armor bits, specifically she had metallic greaves and bracers that were golden in color. 

”Wei Wuyin! ” Da Shan ’s golden irises glowed brilliantly as she found Wei Wuyin. She moved Lin Ming aside with a push of her arm, sending him across the room, and leaping towards Wei Wuyin. Wei Wuyin wasn ’t as tall as Da Shan, but he didn ’t find it uncomfortable or awkward as he embraced her. He was far too familiar with how to properly hug this tall beauty.


Lin Ming was caught off-guard. He smashed into the reinforced walls of the area, spitting out a mouthful of blood as a result. What terrifying physical strength! This was his only thought as he felt pained from the impact. It took him a while before he regained himself, seeing the scene of Wei Wuyin floating slightly off the ground to embrace the violet-skinned female. 

He spat out the remaining blood in his mouth, irritated by this scene. Was he considered trash by comparison?! While this thought was nonsensical, he still felt frustrated being tossed aside like Wednesday ’s garbage.

Just as he was about to give her and Wei Wuyin a piece of his mind, he stopped. A wave of confusion entered his mind as he observed the area they were in. He recalled the voice telling him that he was a Chosen. He was then taken away, but why was Wei Wuyin here? Why was this violet-skinned demon female here?!

”It seems you found each other; you sure waste little time, huh? Well, anyways, I told you he ’d be here and here he is. ” A voice sounded out from the room, originating from the chandelier!

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