Paragon of Sin

Chapter 519: Elemental Heart Intent

Wei Wuyin ’s thoughts lasted for several hours of undisturbed revolution. This was silently helped by Eden, slowly pumping his Sea of Consciousness with energies to allow such unrestrained and complex calculations and simulations. While his current state had severely restricted his abilities, it wasn ’t to the point his mind was unable to function.

With Lin Ming obtaining his badge, there was no need to use the Worldly Domain loophole, but the overseer, Wang Yutian, had already determined otherwise. After sensing Lin Ming ’s False Worldly Domain, it had to decide if the rules permitted his immediate ascension.

Normally, if Lin Ming had just gained recognition through normal means, through challenges and victories, his status as a Chosen will be more solid than not, but this loophole would surely be considered as a false start, forcing others to question his rights as a Chosen. His time in the True Element Sect might be littered with having to prove himself.

This was why Bai Yuxi had left, departing without a word. With Wei Wuyin forfeiting the token, all that remained was Tang Xingyun to surrender her own token, and Lin Ming will officially combine it into the final token of elementus, obtaining the recognition of this ancient trial to become a Chosen. She felt it wasn ’t necessary to invoke such archaic rules and have Lin Ming suffer the consequence.

Unfortunately for her, Wang Yutian was already influenced by the Heavenly Daos to be aware of this rule, leaving the decision up to him, not her. The Heavenly Daos did not strip one of free will, but nudged a person in a certain way. Such as being urged to become aware of certain things or elevating their emotions and instincts towards certain possibilities. This could lead to overthinking or dismissal, which could produce a wide-variety of reactions.

Wei Wuyin was thoroughly aware of this, and it was the only redeeming quality of the Heavenly Daos. The amount of fortune one could extract from the Heavenly Daos was directly related to their expression of freewill. When he was at the Ash Dragon City, led to rob the secluded cultivation City Lord, he had taken the complete benefit without losing out anything.

Wang Yutian was now aware, an unchangeable fact, and his actions were his own. While he personally felt that Wei Wuyin was the best candidate for Chosen, he was aware of all things happening to the Chosen Candidates and Token Wielders at all times. He knew about Wei Wuyin ’s self-inflicted wounds, his act of fooling others, concealing his true strength, and forfeiture of his token.

For whatever reason, Wei Wuyin clearly didn ’t want to become Chosen, so he had no reason to feign ignorance of this particular detail. The only regret that he had was the Mystic Ascendants interfering with the trial, and his inability to act against them.

While he had the greatest authority in the trial, the World Realm ’s defensive and restrictive formations weren ’t capable of suppressing these existences. If it was just a First Stage Mystic Ascendant, they would be forced to sit obediently to the side, but these existences weren ’t so simple. 

After those hours of rumination on whether he should decide or not, the world underwent a drastic atmospheric change. The depleted state of the world, the lacking energies, mana, and other astronomical forces such as light, gravity, and fixed space was replenished. The world was flooded with a rushing wave of normality.

The citizens in the five regions could feel their cultivations become washed with strength, regaining their once imposing powers that set them apart from others. Those Realmlords and Timelords regained their invincibility, with a few that were being assaulted by joint factions filled with enmity being caught by surprise.

They laughed to the heavens as an slaughter was unleashed. 

This was originally the optimal time to get revenge against experts that were far beyond your reach. Except for a slightly stronger astral force, they weren ’t much different in the Season of Emptiness. With vast numbers, they could topple these mighty figures with a thousand years of cultivation!

But the world laughed at these individuals, causing them to experience fear and horror as these existences regained the power that made them terrifying! 

Wei Wuyin noticed this, sending his gaze to Lin Ming, but noting that the tokens hadn ’t fused yet. With a frown, he hoped this would be soon. He had left a wisp of his power within the token, so when combined with the Absolute Hot Fire Token, he ’ll be able to silently extract its aura using a reverse Instant Transmission. 

With that, his final piece of the Elemental Origin Intent would be obtained. 

Left with no choice, he had made use of subterfuge to obtain the Intent Aura within the token. There was no way that he would obtain it as long as that Mystic Ascendant prevented him from confronting or killing that stubborn Holy Daughter that seemed to have a vicious hate against him. He did not want to test his luck a second time with these existences, forcefully killing her to obtain the token. It wasn ’t worth the risk, especially now that he was aware that Wang Yutian, that old ghost, couldn ’t handle these existences.

With the inclusion of that vast usage of karmic luck, he knew the Absolute Hot Fire Token was out of his reach entirely, so he had to think of other ways to obtain it. This entire act was the full encapsulating plot to achieve all his goals. 


A resounding boom sound erupted from the Solar Star above, causing everyone and their mother ’s to look at the sky in shock. The Solar Star was enlarging! And it wasn ’t by a little, but extremely noticeable even by the weakest of cultivators! 

The perpetual Solar Star was throbbing, growing larger and larger as the seconds passed until it became three times its size. Then, a divine voice swept the world!

”THE CHOSEN HAS EMERGED! ” The voice was like thunder, quaking the hearts and minds of everyone on the continent. The Chosen has emerged?! 

Lin Ming and Tang Xingyun looked at each other, taking out their respective tokens. ”We didn ’t combine it! ” They both shouted. But a Chosen has emerged? 

Were they tricked?!

Their first thought was Wei Wuyin, causing both of them to extend their spiritual senses and noticing his floating figure staring at the sky. They shot out of the temple, arriving before Wei Wuyin with wisps of anger. Lin Ming questioned, ”What did you do?! ”

His False Worldly Domain unfurled! Despite it lacking the qualities of mana and astronomical forces control, the ambient energies of the world were converted to his strength, becoming a part of his world! They rumbled and engulfed Wei Wuyin.

A Worldly Pressure descended upon Wei Wuyin!

Wei Wuyin slowly turned his head as he felt the turbulent and torrential energies swirl around him. The World Pressure pressed against his flesh, his Astral Souls, and Sea of Consciousness, but even in their damaged state, he seemed unfazed. The physical body was the first line of defense of the world, and while his meridians were damaged, his flesh torn and battered, he still had a devastatingly ferocious physical body.

With a casual shrug of his shoulders, he dispersed the World Pressure that brought some discomfort. 

Lin Ming ’s expression changed. His False Worldly Domain wasn ’t accomplishing much! Was it his lack of proficiency?

But before he could think further, Wei Wuyin indifferently said: ”Do I look like someone who ’s done something? ” He hadn ’t moved for hours.

Tang Xingyun ’s eyes effused an icy-chill. She glanced at the Solar Star that had expanded by three sizes, feeling a sudden surge of confusion within her heart. The only two Chosen Candidates were present. If it wasn ’t them, then what? 

”Have you not merged the tokens yet? Are you stupid? ” Wei Wuyin asked with a ridiculing scoff. They waited hours for no reason. He didn ’t know what to say about this.

But Lin Ming was cautious, having keen instincts developed from decades of being schemed against. He kept feeling as if the tokens were affected somehow, but no matter how he inspected it, besides the utter lack of Origin Essence, which was likely taken by Wei Wuyin, there was nothing of note. Still, the feeling remained. 

”Let ’s merge the tokens! ” Tang Xingyun urged, sending the token to Lin Ming. When Lin Ming saw her actions, his heart softened. He decided to not hesitate any longer. With a grasp, he brought the incomplete nonagon Octa-Elementus Token with the last piece, the triangle-shaped Absolute Hot Fire Token.

He glanced at Wei Wuyin, who wasn ’t even looking towards them. He retracted his False Worldly Domain, and placed the last piece together. There was an explosive attractive force that linked them, then it encapsulated Lin Ming in light.

Wei Wuyin could have acted at this moment. With his means, he could ’ve swiftly taken the tokens from Lin Ming before they were brought together, but he decided against it. He didn ’t wish to be Chosen, and if he did, he couldn ’t imagine the next steps the Heavenly Daos might take.

What if they became shared status? What if him obtaining the token and Lin Ming fulfilling some other requirement led them to becoming dual Chosens? That would be unappealing. It might recreate a Lin Ming and Myriad Monarch Sect situation. He experienced that once before, he had no desire to do it again.

In truth, Wang Yutian was up above, his spiritually formed brows furrowed as he observed Lin Ming completing the token. He smacked his lips with dissatisfaction, feeling as if Wei Wuyin had lost out on an opportunity. 

If Wei Wuyin knew his guess was correct, that Wang Yutian wanted to bend the rules, he would ’ve laughed loudly in amazement. His instincts towards the situation were quite keen.

Unfortunately, sometimes destiny might not be controlled by anyone in particular, yet…

Just as Lin Ming merged the token, Ori had received the last wisp, the last key, for Elemental Origin Intent! With the last Apex-level Intent obtained, it did not waste even a single breath as it fitted it with the last piece! 

Wei Wuyin ’s eyes widened. 

Wang Yutian ’s Spiritform body shook.

And the world underwent another drastic, uncontrolled change!

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