Paragon of Sin

Chapter 512: Loophole

While Wei Wuyin was traveling to the Omni-Alloy Metal Cache, in the Zephyr Plains, on the Voidship belonging to the Holy Daughter of Absolute Hot Fire, Bai Yuxi and Tang Xingyun, the holy daughter herself, were in the initial stages of devising their plan. 

”True Element Envoy, what do you mean? What can we do? ” Tang Xingyun was slowly driven mad with anger at the unfairness of the situation, even directing her fury towards the True Element Sect for robbing Lin Ming of his opportunity. If their rules were stricter, there was no way Wei Wuyin could use external, self-harming empowering methods to claim victory.

”As the Envoy of the True Element Sect, I have certain privileges. One of which was expulsion from the trial for rule breaking, another is restraint for seeking to damage this world. I can activate these authorities under certain conditions, and the Primary Overseer of this World Realm will enforce my decision. ” Bai Yuxi explained with a complex glimmer in her eyes. This was directly abusing her authority and position, but it was also not without certain limitations and restrictions.

”You can?! ” Tang Xingyun was shocked by this discovery. The Envoy of the True Element Sect, the secondary Overseer of this trial, had such abilities? Then, her eyes became faintly aflamed with anger. She shouted in accusation, ”Then why haven ’t you expelled that man?! He ’s clearly broken the rules, both you and I see that, and EVERYONE else, sees that! ”

But Bai Yuxi didn ’t panic or suffer a hint of disruption at her accusation, explaining calmly: ”I don ’t have the strength to do so. ” 

”What? ” Tang Xingyun was taken aback.

Bai Yuxi continued, ”I ’m not the original Overseer sent here. That belonged to my Senior Sister Lin, whose cultivation base has already touched upon Mystic Intent. To control some of the functions of my Envoy Token, I need Mystic Intent and Elemental Origin Intent. I have the latter, not the former.

”If I did, I could expel that despicable man for his actions. The only way without it is if the Primary Overseer decided to take action, but that addled brained spirit is unable to differentiate certain methods it seems, being easily fooled. ” Bai Yuxi said with a little frustration. Of course, she was clearly unaware of Wang Yutian ’s previous cultivation or his origins, because if she had known, those words would never have even formed in her thoughts let alone said out to the world.

The only reason Wei Wuyin noticed the difference was his familiarity with sentient lifeforms, such as his Astral Souls, the original Tree of Eden, and his Celestial Eyes that could peer into the fluctuations of all sorts of energies and essences. That and a little intelligence.

When she heard the requirement needed Mystic Intent, Tang Xingyun ’s heart quivered. To comprehend Mystic Intent, an individual needs to reach the Star Core Phase, the Ninth Stage of the Astral Core Realm, and touch upon the boundary beyond Mortal Limits. She calmed down after learning that, not blaming Bai Yuxi a single bit after. 

”Then, do you intend to restrain him? ” Tang Xingyun asked, unsure of what Bai Yuxi wanted. 

Bai Yuxi shook her head, ”I can ’t do that either. Even though I have the authority, I can only do so if the individual threatens the stability and safety of the World Realm. Because it ’ll be judged and given a final verdict by the Primary Overseer. I can only send him there. It wouldn ’t accomplish anything; he doesn ’t have such means. ”

”Then what?! ” Tang Xingyun was getting impatient. Did Bai Yuxi just arrive to inform her that she was useless? 

Bai Yuxi ’s eyes grew unfathomably calm, hardened like steel, and focused. The atmospheric tension grew thicker. ”There ’s two ways. Not many know of this, but there are hidden rules in this trial that concerns the final outcome. For example, if a Chosen Candidate forms a Worldly Domain, they would automatically claim victory over the trial. No further contest needed. ”

”What?! ” Tang Xingyun thought that was an absolutely preposterous rule. The basic requirement was to be under the age of three hundred years old. One must know that the foundation of a cultivator solidifies at the Realm World Phase. The Soul Idol, Spatial Resonance, Primary Light, and Gravitational Forces all merge together to form a Worldly Domain. At that time, there ’s no longer any changes or the possibility of upgrading these aspects of cultivation. 

As for Worldly Domain? That was set at creation. There were no alterations unless one gets help from an Alchemic Saint, an existence that can create Mystic-Rank Products that exceed Mortal Limits, shattering the conceptions and limitations that the Astral Core Realm establishes.

But how difficult was it to become an Alchemic Saint? To even find one willing to help an Astral Core Realm Cultivator? How incredibly precious Mystic-Rank Products were?! Even Mystic Ascendants would launch starfield destroying wars for them, let alone obtaining one at the Astral Core Realm!

The reason this rule felt unbelievable to Tang Xingyun was because it was contradictory to the standard rules of a Chosen. It promoted excellence, not speed. If she had focused entirely on cultivation, not caring about her foundation, spells, or arts, just Intent and Cultivation, it wasn ’t even a question that she could reach the Star Core Phase at three hundred years old, especially with her talent.

But her strength would be so weak that even Timelords, perhaps even some outstanding Realmlords would be able to fight her on even grounds, even kill her. It wasn ’t worth it at all, far from being worthy as a Chosen.

Bai Yuxi had the exact same reaction when she learned of this after obtaining Secondary Overseer rights. It went against what it meant to be a Chosen.

”This trial is extremely outdated in terms of standards. To think there would be such a glaring loophole, ” the feminine voice hidden within the world resounded, clearly belonging to Venerable Spiritwalker. 

Only then did Tang Xingyun realize this fact. That was right! The Chosen concept was brought into fruition by the King of Everlore thousands of years ago, altering the standards of cultivators and creating a goal. According to the records, this World Realm ’s original trial was located in the haven-guarded Everlore Starfield that the King of Everlore and the True Element Sect ’s Patriarch originated from. The rubric must ’ve been set then.

But this wasn ’t realistic. Lin Ming ’s cultivation was damaged, so putting aside jumping three phases of cultivation, he was currently ensuring his cultivation base didn ’t regress and suffer irreparable damage. Then she recalled Bai Yuxi ’s first words.

”You said two ways? What ’s the second? ” 

Bai Yuxi frowned, staring into empty space for a moment, ”Second is having the Venerable Spiritwalker take action, killing him. ”

”… ” A silence formed. This was a direct solution. Venerable Spiritwalker ’s cultivation was so high that she was brought here to ensure the Primary Overseer didn ’t overstep his limits and harm Tang Xingyun. If she wanted, she could act and suffer very little consequences as she escaped.

But for a Mystic Ascendant of her level to act, and against a Light Reflection Phase junior for someone she had barely any connection to? Furthermore, for someone unconnected to her to unjustly receive a sacred Chosen title that held much reverence and respect in their society? That seems quite despicable, and far beneath her. 

And it was.

”No. ” That was her reply.

Bai Yuxi seemed to expect this. If she was in Venerable Spiritwalker ’s position, she would make the same decision. 

”Why don ’t you do it? ” Tang Xingyun asked. As the Envoy of the True Element Sect and Secondary Overseer, was it impossible for her to use her unrestricted power to kill Wei Wuyin?

But Bai Yuxi shook her head, ”I ’m subjected to certain restrictions too. I can ’t act against Chosen Candidates. The Primary Overseer will intervene, and I could lose my life. My cultivation isn ’t high enough to ignore it. ”

”… ” Tang Xingyun went quiet. Her expression that was currently disguised to look ordinary was twisted, rather ugly. ”What do you plan to do? ” Bai Yuxi did not tell her all this just so that she could waste her breath.

Bai Yuxi looked at Tang Xingyun. After a short moment, she slowly kneeled on the ground towards an empty space. ”I beg you, Venerable Spiritwalker, to transfer my cultivation to Lin Ming using the Engorging Foundation Method! ”

”… ” A long moment of silence was followed by a derisively sneering scoff.

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