Paragon of Sin

Chapter 500: Already Dead

Wei Wuyin ignored the shocked gazes, inspecting the seven tokens that had merged into one. He was interested in the three that originated from outside, realizing that they were of the elements Wood, Metal, and Magma. He felt a trace of absence from Wood and Magma. After a comparison, he discovered that they had been used to open caches.

But the Metal Badge of Divinity was entirely untouched. °Perhaps the Wood and Magma Caches were stored in the Scorched Skies and Zephyr Plains, but metal was located in the Desolate Lands? Is this why Lin Ming couldn ’t claim it?° As he considered this possibility, he felt his thoughts were aligned with the truth. 

After spending some time inspecting the tokens, he kept them.

’Using the Eye of Illusion is always so draining. Creating an illusionscape, using eden ’s unique mental energies to prod for clues into an individual ’s conscious and subconscious thoughts and memories is unimaginably difficult. The more powerful the cultivator, the more complex their Sea of Consciousness, the greater the difficulty. ’

Wei Wuyin had used the Eye of Illusion, generating a false reality and projecting that into Lin Ming ’s mind. It took a while to simulate a scenario where he ’d yield to an opponent.

’Why does it have to be so difficult? ’ With a heavy internal sigh, he rebuked the rules. While surrendering wasn ’t useful in a one-sided manner, to show mercy, an opponent must first yield to their opponent, placing their fate in their hands. Lin Ming trusted that woman in his memory, felt deeply indebted and connected, so it wasn ’t hard to prod out a scenario that would force him to yield.

The Celestial Eyes of Spiritual Divinity was an exquisitely designed multi-spell method that contained boundless potential, only limited by one ’s own strength. It was truly fortunate that his mental energies and Sea of Consciousness were so terrifyingly strong, durable, and vast lest he be unable to even conjure a single illusion. 

’This spell definitely is not suited for Mortals. ’ This thought was affirmed by its exceptional abilities. If it wasn ’t for his uniqueness, the chances of successfully cultivating this technique in the Qi Condensation Realm would ’ve been in the negative value, utterly impossible. 

Holding back from the splitting headache, he lifted his eyes to glance at the Sky Zephyr City that floated peacefully within the sky. After claiming the badge, in theory, those within the temple and all its members should belong to him. A light of contemplation flitted through his eyes.

In the end, he decided against completely culling the temple until the situation was clarified. If these remaining experts could settle in his corner, then they should have their uses.

He turned away to look at the Voidships that remained flying within the air, not even showing any signs of retreat. There wasn ’t a hint of surprise in his eyes, because these Holy Children from outside would never feel threatened by him. After all, they had guardians.

While he may have shown Lin Ming an illusion of one of these guardians being eradicated by that old ghost due to interfering, he didn ’t believe that was capable. The old ghost, Wang Yutian, who was the overseer of this trial, likely did not have the ability to restrict Mystic Ascendant Realm cultivators.

If he did, they would be limited to specific areas like Starlords. There was the possibility that an agreement was reached, but he wasn ’t certain of the specifics, and Wang Yutian had never mentioned outsiders. Perhaps it was because these outsiders hadn ’t participated in these trials before, perhaps it was something else.

With a calm expression, he stood upon the Metal-Origin Dragon ’s head, its breath releasing gusts of silver flakes that sliced the air leaving visible marks. With arms folded, he urged his Metal-Origin Dragon and the rest to soar, approaching the Voidships. The hearts of those watching clenched. Was Wei Wuyin about to unleash another massacre?!

Wei Wuyin reached several hundred meters of the Voidships, and the crew was absolutely fearless. There wasn ’t a single member that backed down, fully willing to use their lives for this upcoming fight. This inspired confidence in those who had false confidence, affirming a sense of unity amongst the group.

A few turned to their Holy Child, hoping to gleam some thoughts of theirs from expressions, but both were mostly indifferent. In fact, there was an icy chill within Tang Xingyun ’s eyes. While He Yanglei had an indifferent, unbothered smile.

From the latter ’s eyes, Wei Wuyin felt that He Yanglei believed him to be using a forceful means to bolster his cultivation, his strength, and those eyes of his were extremely dismissive. As for the former, Wei Wuyin didn ’t understand where the chill originated from. Regardless, he calmly spoke.

”I wish to speak to your two Holy Children. I have no desire to erupt in conflict with either of you or your temples, only seeking to complete my objective. ” With powerful, stable, and firm words, Wei Wuyin explained his intentions. While he hadn ’t explicitly stated his desire for their tokens, as outsiders aware of the details of the trial, they should know his meaning.

As for them becoming the Chosen of the True Element Sect? He felt that their level of background or respective forces weren ’t that much different from it or they likely were unable to become a Chosen due to other complications. He could be wrong, however. 

If that were bent on becoming Chosen, then he would have to face them. This wasn ’t something he feared.

Tang Xingyun ’s eyes became colder. She regarded Wei Wuyin negatively, even though he spared Lin Ming. It was because Lin Ming was humiliated, and this stain of surrendering before death will always be remembered, always be used to hinder his future path. Even her idle dreams of their future had been crushed, the voice behind her only sighing and not even speaking any words of negativity or consolation. 

She refused to oblige to Wei Wuyin ’s will, giving him the position that Lin Ming should ’ve had after using despicable means. Even if he became a Chosen, it was using illicit means. But her thoughts weren ’t said, just her eyes became glacial.

Yet while she kept her thoughts to herself, a similar sentiment was echoed by He Yanglei, and he wasn ’t silent. ”Your objective? Are you even worthy? ” He Yanglei ’s words were said indifferently with a sneer. In his mind, how could Wei Wuyin hope to become a Chosen? 

Wei Wuyin frowned. Were they really under this ridiculous assumption that he used some ungodly method to raise his cultivation strength, forcefully and with risk? Were their starfields lacking those of his level, even with Mystic Ascendant Realm Cultivators? 

Those so-called Chosens were said by that young woman to be able to fight Realmlords, genuine Realmlords, at the Spatial Resonance Phase! That ’s a full three stages difference in cultivation, and the unfathomable gap of possessing a Worldly Domain! 

He hadn ’t even shown his full strength, not even a percentage of his true power. He still had his ten-ringed Soul Idols, his Spatial Shift, all things Saber, and Draconification! Even the Multi-Link Spiritual Astral Array, the Dragons of Origin, had far more abilities than what was shown. 

It was almost laughable that they snagged onto this ridiculous notion. But he was okay with them being ignorant, not wishing to force the issue. If they wished to be blinded by ego and arrogance, then he had no obligation to lead them to the light.

With a faint smile, he calmly replied: ”Worthy or not, there ’s no other candidates. ” While others might not understand his words, those two would. 

”… ” He Yanglei went silent. Wei Wuyin was indeed right, there were no other Chosen Candidates. If he wanted to join the True Element Sect, the He Clan would mark him as a traitor, then stop at nothing to kill him. And it was absolutely, utterly impossible for Tang Xingyun to accept. Her fate would be worse.

Tang Xingyun coldly said, ”This does not mean I have to give you my badge. Especially if I don ’t feel you deserve it. ” Her words were spoken to the world, causing numerous people to gasp. Was Wei Wuyin trying to collect all the Badges of Divinity?! Was that even possible? 

Wei Wuyin felt the animosity within her tone, clearly her dislike of him was astonishingly high. He didn ’t know why. ”We can fight for it, if you want. ” Those words were spoken with a playful smile, and Tang Xingyun ’s eyes became so cold that literal icy light effused from them. She clearly didn ’t like this, taking it as a threat.

And it was a threat.

Wei Wuyin would rather avoid fighting these two, because he would be met with a very, very similar situation as Lin Ming. If they refused to surrender, to yield, he would be forced to kill—to show no mercy. Those were the rules. Unfortunately, such actions would prompt the timely interference of a Mystic Ascendant Realm Cultivator. 

Who knew whether his life would be at risk, whether Wang Yutian could keep them at bay. If a Realmlord was so terrifying, imagine a cultivator that had broken past Mortal Limits, capable of forming Solar Stars and establishing World Realms of this massive size and ecological stability. He had a healthy and reasonable amount of fear towards such beings.

He Yanglei said, ”Then fight. ” With a smile, he urged as if daring for Wei Wuyin to take action. He didn ’t fear Wei Wuyin, with his cultivation at the Gravity Emission Phase, he feared no one in this entire World Realm, not even the restrained Starlords. 

”No need, ” Wei Wuyin glanced at He Yanglei, ”how about we make a deal? I ’ve obtained a cache deposit. You can split it in half, in exchange, you both surrender your badges to me. ” Since Tang Xingyun had revealed his intent to the world, he fearlessly bribed in an open manner. 

He Yanglei ’s eyes lit with greed. 

Tang Xingyun merely stared coldly.

The temptation for another cache was extraordinary. The resources within were not negligible, even for them. While He Yanglei was tempted, despite knowing he wouldn ’t gain anything from obtaining the Chosen title, he felt no reason to bend the knee to some insignificant cultivator who used forceful means to elevate his strength. While revealing a smile of derision, he countered: ”Or I can just take it from you. ” 

”… ” Wei Wuyin ’s eyes slightly narrowed.

Tang Xingyun hadn ’t even considered Wei Wuyin ’s offer, because that cache likely originally belonged to Lin Ming. Why would she ever accept? Furthermore, after Wei Wuyin ’s insidious methods went awry, suffering backlash, she could give her token to Lin Ming, allowing him to get a second chance at obtaining the Chosen title, redeeming himself. As for Wei Wuyin? She already felt he was a dead man, one whose life will eventually be claimed by Lin Ming.

After a long silence, Wei Wuyin ’s narrowed eyes uplifted into a smile that could snatch away the hearts of men and women alike. ”Then how can I get you both to change your minds? I can offer alchemical products, rare resources, as long as there ’s a way, we can find it. ” 

He Yanglei felt contempt at Wei Wuyin ’s pleasing and desperate attitude. With a gentle smile, he said: ”Oh, I know! I want the entire cache you offered, and the Grand Earth Cache contents you have. You know, the one you stole beneath the nose of everyone? The one you used to frame the Lei and Shuang Clan. Then, you can have this badge. If I ’m in the mood, of course. ” 

”WHAT?! ” The crowd entered a clamorous uproar. They turned to He Yanglei and back to Wei Wuyin. Framed? Stole from beneath their noses? 

The entire world knew that the Lei and Shuang Clan had stolen the cache, hiding its contents somewhere. But He Yanglei had just said otherwise! Those experts who scryed the world for the cache, interrogating and killing countless members of those two clans felt their heart pound with an indescribable emotion.

Was this why there was no evidence of the Grand Earth Cache contents? That most remained ignorant of its whereabouts?! If this was true, were they all played like donkeys at a circus?

Tang Xingyun ’s eyes brightened considerably. This move of He Yanglei was extremely malicious! She looked his way, wanting to give him a thumbs-up, but as he was a deplorable existence that she didn ’t wish to associate with, she could only look at him.

”… ” That smile on Wei Wuyin ’s face slowly fell, losing its brilliance to become a neutral, dull expression.

With a faint sigh, he glanced towards the old man who stood next to the young woman. Wei Wuyin could see the old man ’s shock and a wisp of concern in his eyes. With a clasp of his hands, he looked at the sky for a moment as the demanding stares mounted, piling on the pressure.

Deeply inhaling, Wei Wuyin absorbed all his scattered emotions, his wants, and his goals into one.

With a sharp exhale, his expression soothed out.

Wei Wuyin ’s heart reached a decision, nodding to himself. He faced He Yanglei and said, ”I wanted to settle this peacefully, to complete this without any risk, yet… ”

He Yanglei sneered, ”Yet what? ” He interrupted with a mocking tone, feeling that Wei Wuyin wasn ’t even remotely worthy of his time.

”You just had to decide that today was the day you die. ” 

Wei Wuyin reached out his hand, the faint trace of unique soul energy birthed from his glabella. ”Element! ”

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