Paragon of Sin

Chapter 480: True Colors

Wei Wuyin thought for a long moment before turning his head to the old man. ”There ’s a question I ’ve been meaning to ask: do you know how the natives are comprehending Elemental Origin Intent without Genesis Essence? ” 

”Oh? ” The old man was briefly stunned that Wei Wuyin asked that specific question. With a faint smile, he pointed at the ground, ”The continent here is unique, it gives off the aura of Genesis Essence, but just the aura. As long as a cultivator comprehends all Nine Elemental Intents—Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Metal, Lightning, Wood, Ice, and Magma—with at least a mid-level Intent each, they will give birth to Elemental Origin Intent.

”But this Intent is temporary. None of these youths here, even that little brat of mine, have real Elemental Origin Intent. It ’s far, far too difficult to comprehend. If they left this continent, they wouldn ’t be able to use Elemental Origin Intent any longer. ”

Wei Wuyin ’s eyes widened. ”The continent? ” His Celestial Eyes turned to the ground, observing a very, very minuscule amount of Genesis Essence Aura that was extremely unnoticeable. He had only learned about this aura from the badges.

”Of course, if they cultivated an Elemental Origin Soul, they could absorb the Genesis Essence in these badges and make it permanent, but very few cultivate their Spirit of Cultivation into something so extremely difficult. A cultivator would be forced to cultivate each element independently and merged, using an absurd amount of resources to do so. Very few sects could support it, especially if you sought to establish your Star Core in the future. Oh boy! ” The old man explained, holding his head as if he had a headache just thinking about it.

”… ” Wei Wuyin didn ’t reveal any outward shock from the old man ’s words, but his mind was whirling extremely fast. Star Core? He felt that this both affected him yet didn ’t. After all, he was a Mortal Sovereign Alchemist. It wouldn ’t be hard to obtain resources and pills, especially with his outrageous concoction speed and refinement quality.

Regardless, he made sure to pay extra attention to this final stage of the Astral Core Realm. 

After hearing the explanation from the old man, he felt a blazing mystery in his heart settle with satisfaction. With a heavy sigh, he said: ”Thanks. ”

The old man didn ’t need to inform him of all this, but he did. He was grateful for that action, learning the truth about so many things, and lessons to be careful of in the future. After obtaining the Grand Earth Cache, he hadn ’t even realized he was being spied on. It was fortunate he had conjured a profound formation to seal his cultivation efforts and concoction process, none of which were breached.

Considering the old man hadn ’t said anything about him using six different types of forces(Eden, Void, Draconic, Alchemic, Elemental, & Saber), had four Astral Souls, or anything about him being a Mortal Sovereign Alchemist, then they were likely unwilling to dig too deeply into him, or maybe feared offending him due to their curiosity. Whatever the reason, he felt comforted by this.

A smile formed on the old man ’s face, ”No problem. You should at least know this before planning any moves in the future. I ’m quite interested in how all this ends. ” 

Wei Wuyin turned to the old man, feeling that his particular smile was quite mysterious and meaningful. But he merely turned away, looking at the three images fixed into the sky. 

°The old man knows my intentions. Haaa, what to do about this Golden Life Pavilion? Let ’s just hope it isn ’t too unreasonable.° With this thought, he felt the aura on the bench vanish, dissipating as if never there. Wei Wuyin didn ’t turn back, walking slowly back to the True Desolate Temple, hoping to use this walk to think.


In the violet-colored waters of the Noxious Seas, a small-sized boat was anchored at a particularly bubbling area. The boat was painted black with fiery crimson streaks, releasing a faint glowing hue of red. On the boat were two figures, a golden-haired beauty with gorgeous blue eyes and a black cloaked woman with her figure and face concealed.

San Yongli and Ming Shufeng were currently observing the bubbling waters down below with glowing eyes. 

”If all my predictions and calculations are correct, this is the Transformative Water Cache ’s location! ” Ming Shufeng excitedly exclaimed, holding a single handseal that pulsated with fate energies. Her eyes had a tinge of gold as if it reflected the Heavenly Daos themselves, glimpsing into its endless mystery. 

They had obtained the Absolute Hot Fire Cache, and it contained an innumerable amount of resources that helped her cultivation surge towards by leaps and bounds. Her cultivation base was at the Spatial Resonance Phase, and she ascended with a Nine-Ripple Spatial Resonance! This was all due to supplementing her bodily condition with an absurd amount of Spatial Jade Crystal Dust, maximizing her and her Astral Soul ’s affinity to spatial energies.

If this cache had similar materials, the benefits this time will be absolutely massive. She might even be able to birth White-colored Primary Light during the Light Reflection Phase! 

Ming Shufeng ’s excitement was tangible. But San Yongli was calm. ”It is the cache ’s location. But we have to move quickly. We can only take what we need, nothing more. ” Not everything can be easily stored in spatial rings, and a few things had to be sealed prior before doing so lest they suffer damage to the space within the ring, causing its collapse.

Some extremely precious items can ’t be held in spatial rings at all, so that made things a little more difficult. Of course, there were always exceptions, such as specially tailored spatial rings, but she didn ’t have these things nor the time to transport them like before.

Ming Shufeng ’s excitement shattered. ”Only what we need? Why? ” She asked, deeply concerned about their gains with a time limit. She was the type to be frustrated that Na Xinyi had been stupid, not asking Wei Wuyin for more resources than she did. She had a greedy streak, and she loved wealth. 

”We have forty-five minutes, an hour max. Let ’s hurry, ” not explaining, she performed several handseals and a ray of light descended from the sky and formed an opening in the violet-colored waters. Without a word, she leapt in.

Ming Shufeng felt the press for some reason, jumping in also. 


A little over an hour later, two figures blurred through the sky, not leaving any tangible trail of light in their wake. They moved swiftly but the fixed space didn ’t fluctuate at all, as if they were moving with extreme stealth that not even space registered.

When the two arrived, one of them was a famous figure as of late: the Holy Son of Transformative Water! The other was a sharp-eyed old man with a grey-beard and skinny frame. His eyes seemed to reflect a light that told the world that they owed him and then some, mean and a tinge of cruelty. 

The young man with pastel green hair tied into a ponytail halted above a specific location, holding a Badge of Divinity in his hand. ”To think it would be this easy, ” the young man said, carrying a strange smile. At first sight, one did not know if he was grinning maliciously or benevolently, giving one a strange surreal feeling as if they ’re misjudging his intentions.

The old man scoffed, ”Easy? ” He only said this single word as a question, no longer bothering with the young man.

Also unbothered by the old man ’s attitude, the young man lifted his badge in the air and called forth that familiar ray of divine light, creating an opening in the violet waters. With a laugh, he shot into it.

After a few minutes, the two figures left the opening. The old man was frowning while the young man had a bright, toothy smile filled with glee. He was just about to fly away, leaving this toxic sea in his rearview, but was stopped by the old man ’s voice.

The old man said with a hint of unjustified annoyance, ”It ’s less than what was in the other cache. ” As one of those who swept his senses inside the Grand Earth Cache, he knew the contents of it on and out. Besides some specific things relating to the water element, there were a few missing items of various quantities. But that ’s not really possible, right?

The young man was startled by the old man ’s words, frowning. ”What do you mean? ” 

”…Nothing. ” The old man didn ’t clarify, feeling as if it was a waste of energy. Now, he just wanted to leave, so he no longer said anything.

At this time, a ship appeared sailing from the horizon. The young man ’s mood became a little gloomy, feeling as if he was cheated somehow. He became irritable, a desire to vent his frustrations burned in his heart. Just as he was about to leave, return to his Holy Temple that contains numerous women lusting for his ’holy ’ seed, he noticed a figure on that boat that caught his eye.


Sailing in the Noxious Seas, Long Chen and Lian Yu were talking before they saw a divine light pierced into the earth from afar. 

Long Chen was curious, ”What ’s that?! ” He hadn ’t seen such a powerful light in a long while. Could it be a treasure? 

Lian Yu frowned, uncertain what to make of it. ”Maybe it ’s nothing, ” she said with a trace of hesitation. For some reason, she got a bad feeling about that light. A very bad feeling, but she didn ’t know why.

Long Chen, however, felt that it might lead to somewhere extraordinary. He had come across similar phenomena in his life, and they had been a little dangerous, but also extremely beneficial in the long run. With a heart filled with excitement, adventure, and confidence, he exclaimed to the active crew: ”Go towards that light! ”

A rather busty and beautiful female captain of the Navy River Elves smiled at Long Chen, her eyes vibrant and being a rare beauty in her own right. ”You heard ’em! ” She shouted in a commanding voice, causing the crew to act faster. They saw the light as well and wished to see what it led to.

Who knows…it could change their lives!

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