Paragon of Sin

Chapter 438: Room to Grow

”… ” The two were taken aback by the abrupt developments, not exactly certain what just happened. The young woman wistfully looked at the ground, the spell formation had been devastated by Wei Wuyin ’s explosive departure. She hadn ’t recalled even a fragment of the profundities of the spell, feeling enraged by the second.

”CAPTURE HIM ALIVE! ” She angrily ordered. Wei Wuyin still had the spell, so he must be captured alive! She felt that if she could grasp this spell formation, she could improve her own spells by a considerable degree!

The bearded man frowned for a moment, recalling Wei Wuyin ’s words. Was he playing for time? To recover? But how? He knew Wei Wuyin ’s state was incredibly horrendous, with his physical body nearly breaking down and his innate energies were over-exhausted, what remained was an utter mess.

There should be no way he could recover in such a short period of time! That frown on his face became heavier, and he felt played. A surge of anger emerged on his face as well, causing his aura to quake the surrounding space before he shot off with a grunt! 

Wei Wuyin didn ’t bother with those two, using his spiritual force to touch upon the tracking spell the female Realmlord left on his body at the last moment. At the time, he didn ’t have time to deal with it, lacking any spiritual strength and very little power. But now, this tracking spell was fully inverted in its purpose.

Wei Wuyin reversed the connection, funneling his spiritual sense through the link that was tethered to the female Realmlord. He instantly located her direction, and even her exact location. Those silver eyes of his emanated radiant silver light, slowly becoming sharp and suffused with killing intent. 

With his newly refined void force infused with fixed-type spatial energies, he found that the benefits weren ’t negligible; he could now execute spatial arts. This brought his movement arts to the next level, increasing a speed by a notch as he glided across space, no longer feeling the resistance of fixed space. Even while tunneling through the earth, he was moving far faster than he ’d ever done so before.

In mere moments, he erupted from the ground ’s surface, re-entering the grey sandy world of the Desolate Lands. His eyes flared for a moment, feeling the pursuit of a spiritual signature beneath him. He lightly sighed, ignoring the bearded elf. 

He urged his Zenith Origin State, shattering a swathe of ambient mana in a mile radius, bringing it under his complete and utter control. The ambient mana swirled around him, his silver eyes piercing towards a direction. 

In a location not too far away, the female Realmlord with her ordinary appearance, charm-filled eyes reflecting her ruthless nature, was slowly recuperating her spent astral energies by refining astral crystals atop a lone mountain. This was a slow method of recovery, but cheaper than using expensive products. She had already blasted Wei Wuyin with a tracking spell, so she didn ’t need to rush.

She scoffed, ”That bastard. He ’s still alive, so he must ’ve  been captured or hidden from the elves. ” If it wasn ’t for the active link remaining, she wouldn ’t even know his state. She regretted her decision to play safe a little bit. Wei Wuyin had stopped right outside one of the Capital Cities entrances, so he could ’ve been captured. This meant she ’d have to venture into the city and take him forcefully. It ’ll take more effort.

She huffily cursed, feeling that Wei Wuyin was a cancer to her life. But she was still extremely shocked by the level of speed Wei Wuyin was using while escaping. While this was the Season of Regression, so ambient mana and spatial force was restrained, it was still a respectable feat to escape a Realmlord. 

”What type of Physique Cultivation Method does he cultivate? I have to obtain that too. ” Her mind was dead-set on capturing Wei Wuyin alive and torturing all his secrets out of him. Just thinking about it was cathartic to her heart, soothing her nerves. 

She kept cultivating, but she hadn ’t even recovered a percentage of her astral force, likely needing a month or two to completely recover using astral crystals. Abruptly, her body trembled. She opened her eyes and looked towards a direction, considerably shocked by an unexpected development.

”He ’s approaching me? ” A surge of happiness appeared her eyes, giving her a new charm. A joy erupted in her heart, causing her to stand up, but she immediately frowned as she swept her spiritual sense across the world. 

Then, her eyes fiercely trembled.

”What?! ” She just witnessed Wei Wuyin flying towards her, seemingly intent on flying directly at her. He also gave off an unfathomable aura! He had reached the Spatial Resonance Phase! Furthermore, he didn ’t seem injured at all. 

Just as she was pondering this, her heart was throbbing intensely as she felt another aura trailing behind Wei Wuyin. An elf? When she felt its aura, her shock increased. Another Realmlord?! But she didn ’t fear an Elven-race Realmlord, especially not an insignificant insect from the Grey Sands Elves. 

Even with ten percent of her astral force remaining, she was confident in killing him. She wasn ’t an ordinary realmlord! 

She slowly stood up, faintly smiling at this charade of the elves, trying to bait her out and sneak attack her. This was the thought coursing through her mind, and she acted accordingly. She waited, when Wei Wuyin was in a good distance, she ’d move to him and entrap him in her Worldly Domain.

Unfortunately, Wei Wuyin wasn ’t the type to chat or idle about. He soon arrived within a mile of her and twisted his body, halting with an upright posture. He floated in the sky, his aura leaking and the ambient mana trembling with excitement. 

”Qu Xiaoying, die. ” Was all he said, learning her name from the City Lord long ago. His words reverberated out into the world, and he held his hand out. 

”Element! ” He called out in his mind, causing the Nascent Saber Soul that stayed within King ’s World Sea to manifest, and Ori fueled its Elemental Origin Energies into it, giving it physical form. A semi-curved saber with a 1.3 meter blade was conjured, its hilt firmly held within his grasp.

The moment the saber hilt was touched by Wei Wuyin ’s hand, his entire existence changed! He was no longer an alchemist, no longer a cultivator, but a weapon of war! His silver eyes were replaced by a fierce white glare, effusing boundless Saber Intent. The flesh beneath his skin, his bones, and even his blood released trembling saber howls that screeched throughout the world.

He didn ’t perform any unnecessary actions, merely lifting his saber above his head with a calm movement. The world trembled! The world howled! The entire surrounding space started to distort, with cuts in the fabric of space appearing everywhere. 

Saber Intent was wildly surging into the saber, causing it to release an aura of unfathomable, world-suppressing might! There was nothing that could survive its edge, be it life, death, space, or time!

Wei Wuyin channeled the entire world, the Season of Regression ’s restrictive effects in a hundred miles was shattered instantly! The ambient mana, energies of the world, be it elemental, desolate, or any other irregular energies was conquered by the lifting of his saber!

They intensely quivered, allowing Saber Intent to penetrate them willingly, integrating and converting them into followers of the saber, transforming them into saber energies!

Heart of the World, World of the Saber Intent!!!

A hundred miles of ambient energies and mana gathered, arriving obediently at the tip of Element. The light at its tip glowed fiercely with a sharp glare. 

The world is my saber.

Qu Xiaoying felt the sharp aura emitting from Wei Wuyin, her eyes widened with shock and disbelief, completely dumbstruck by the change in the world. Even her own astral crystal had vanished, turning into specks of saber essence that surged towards Wei Wuyin ’s saber.

This ability was extremely similar to a Worldly Doman but far, far more profound! While a Worldly Domain can convert ambient energies into their own strength, the conversion and transformation of energies and essences wasn ’t possible! 

The bearded elf stopped his pursuit, gawking at the changes in the world all the same. His world had been upturned, saber light birthing itself from the ambient energies around him and gathering towards Wei Wuyin ’s saber. 

A sensation of deadly crisis flared within his mind, causing him to instinctively retreat, returning to the earth. 

But Qu Xiaoying was utterly shocked, her breathing heavy. She tried to retreat, but the world had become filled with miniaturized sabers that integrated with space, locking her down in a prison. She was aghast! What type of Spatial Prison was this?!

She immediately exerted her Worldly Domain, but when she was unable to exert any form of control over the ambient mana that actively trembled around her or the saber energies that flowed, infusing with the spatial prison, she felt extreme fear! Her heart raced, her life flashed before her eyes!

Was this how she was going to die?

Wei Wuyin saber ’s edge dropped.

The world howled fiercely, rending the sky, the clouds, the earth, the air, mana, and life in a single moment. A sky-reaching line of blinding saber light fiercely pressed towards Qu Xiaoying!

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