Paragon of Sin

Chapter 437: Heart of the World World of the Saber

”What ’s the spell? ” The young woman asked with an invigorated spirit. She faintly had the desire to steal Wei Wuyin ’s spatial ring, and she intended to claim it later, but if he trusted them and decided to give them the spell, then that would be far more reliable. If he had memorized the spell, disposing of the spell ’s details, wouldn ’t she be foolish?

She considered herself intelligent and patient, even the bearded man couldn ’t help but subtly nod at her approach. It was a usual practice by thieves to destroy the evidence of their thefts, especially recorded documents. Wei Wuyin could ’ve done so, keeping the spell ’s finer details firmly in his mind as a life-saving card as well if captured.

Wei Wuyin could clearly see the fires of greed ignited in the young woman ’s eyes. She wanted this so-called Spiritual Spell that was enough for a Realmlord to topple three elven cities, chase a lower-phased expert through the continent, and kill mercilessly for. How incredible must this be? Too bad it didn ’t exist.

He purposely droned out a heavy exhale, revealing a weak and pitiable appearance. Even the light in his eyes were dimming, a clear indication that his consciousness was becoming unsteadily chaotic. 

But the two were completely without any compassion, the young woman urged Wei Wuyin. ”Tell us. If you do, I ’ll help you. ” The young woman bargained, the sincerity in her voice was real.

If Wei Wuyin used a sensory technique to perceive flaws in tone, he would certainly be fooled by her words. After all, she only included herself in those words. Likely, she intended to help Wei Wuyin earnestly, or help him to end his current suffering with a quick death, but the former still left the bearded man ’s intentions in the air.

If he decided to act, she wouldn ’t be lying.

Wei Wuyin licked his lips, leaning forward as his head dipped slightly in weakness. 

”It ’s useless. Don ’t waste your good intentions. It seems he doesn ’t want to share, so we might as well end his miserable life, ” the bearded man coldly said, his voice leaking his killing intent. 

”No, it ’s not. If he could survive a Realmlord ’s pursuit, then he has value. I ’ll help him. ” The young woman argued with a passionate voice, her pretty eyes quite bewitching to look at.

”Fine. If he reveals the details of this so-called spell, if its genuine, then I ’ll see his value. ” The bearded man harrumphed with dissatisfaction, showing his reluctance but willingness to accede to the young woman ’s whims.

Wei Wuyin wanted to laugh at this attempt at a play, clearly as false and cheap as a prostitute ’s affection. Only a fool would believe this and Wei Wuyin never considered himself as a fool. He merely leaned forward, coughed heavily a few times, and desperately outstretched a single finger. 

”Sp…spell… ” He slowly exhaled this word, using his outstretched finger to pierce the ground with some strength. He slowly dragged his finger across the ground, starting to form a spiritual formation. The formation was quite exquisite and gorgeous in appearance, forming a unique structure filled with miraculous symbols and mystical runic marks. The greatest feature was its symmetrical design.

The two ’s interest was instantly piqued by Wei Wuyin ’s actions. Spiritual Spells were far different than arts, and a few of them required unique spiritual formations to be constructed before being executed. These spells were extremely powerful, but their formations were often unseen when used. 

This made it extremely difficult for others to copy or construct spells of a similar or exact nature. It was similar to the circulation of certain arts hidden by the body ’s meridians and flow of energies. Therefore, when Wei Wuyin was inscribing the blueprint of a Spiritual Spell on the floor, they were thoroughly invested.

This was actually the design of the Eye of Immortality, altered by a little. It still contained its exceptional beauty and fascinating profoundities, simply being unable to cultivate without the appropriate method of the Celestial Eyes of Spiritual Divinity.

The young woman looked at the design, shape, and the lines that formed the spell and her white eyes radiated a brilliant light. ”It ’s an ocular spell! ” She exclaimed, causing Wei Wuyin to pause his finger as he lifted his head, giving this young woman another look.

Her intelligence was quite high, swiftly determining the purpose of the Eye of Immortality so quickly. 

The bearded man ’s hands crossed over his chest, peering down at the spell formation ’s incomplete form. After a brief inspection, he revealed an uncertain expression. It was clear he wasn ’t able to determine that despite his years and vast cultivation base.

The young woman urged, ”Continue. This spell isn ’t simple. It seems to revolve around a unique concept. I can ’t pinpoint it, but it has qualities similar to the Everlasting Spirit of Nine Flames Spell. ” She was too excited, explaining her thoughts to the bearded man without consideration that Wei Wuyin might leak this information. 

The bearded man looked at the spell again, and his eyes brightened with realization. ”You ’re right! ” He was fascinated by the vague similarities. 

This exchange shook Wei Wuyin. A technique with similarities to the Eye of Immortality? He wanted to know more. Since his cultivation of the Celestial Eyes of Spiritual Divinity, he hadn ’t discovered the purposes of the Eye of Immortality. If there was a spell with similarities, it could excavate the secrets within.

He wanted the spell.

”Continue, Ganshu! ” The bearded man saw Wei Wuyin pause for too long, feeling impatient. He wanted to return to the city, not idle at this entrance. The only reason he was here was because of the alerts of a Realmlord rampaging towards the Capital City, so he was tasked with protecting the entrance.

Wei Wuyin coughed a few times, hacking out a lung, his hands trembling with weakness. While he displayed this outward appearance, Ori and King had already recovered by thirty percent. He faintly smiled. He thought it would take four or so minutes, but it seemed there was less time needed.

”Back! Back! Back! ” The joyous voice of that mischievous soul resounded in Wei Wuyin ’s mind, bringing him incredible relief. 

”Tch! ” King merely uttered this, but it contained emotions of happiness. King was clearly relieved that Wei Wuyin had awakened at the right time. But it also conveyed its thoughts: ”You better have benefited from our sacrifice. ” 

Wei Wuyin bitterly smiled, slowly etching another portion of the Eye of Immortality on the ground. When he recalled his gains, he was truly and undoubtedly excited. He hadn ’t expected the Refraction World-Light Elixir ’s transcendent-quality to reveal to him a door to comprehend an aspect of cultivation that he hadn ’t believed to have existed!

He had an inclination of its effects, after all he had concocted it, he similarly had the ocular abilities of the Alchemic Dao, the Alchemic Stars of Mortal Spirituality. After being granted these stars imprinted within his eyes, he could roughly determine the effects of any product. He knew the transcendent-quality version would give him an opportunity regarding light, but he didn ’t know what or the requirements to comprehend it.

When he touched upon it, King and Kratos had questioned him why take the risk, but they didn ’t see what he had, feel what he did. They knew he would comprehend something, just didn ’t expect it would require so much mental energy to facilitate his comprehension.

It nearly collapsed his Sea of Consciousness! 

But now that the two were awake, he no longer needed to take action himself. The two started to revolve by themselves, swiftly devouring the remaining medicinal energies with unfathomable speeds. In a few seconds, they had completely absorbed the alchemical products, returning themselves to a full and complete state.

The remnant energies were sent to Eden and Kratos, their innate connection allowing swift funneling. In a few more seconds, he felt a tremble from his mind and his heart. His grey heart that was three times the size of a normal human heart started to mend, turning the stretched and thin layer into a firmer, full layer of flesh. 

These were several ninth-grade recovery products! They worked in unison to produce a greater effect, so it was more than enough to have all four recover swiftly. With their unsurpassed refinement speed, no longer needing his own slow conversion and circulation, they recovered completely! 

”Ninety-six seconds… ” Wei Wuyin exhaled out. 

”Hm? ” The bearded man frowned, looking at Wei Wuyin with curiosity. Ninety-six seconds?

Wei Wuyin trembled slightly, standing up weakly on his own two feet. Seeing his tottering form, the two were briefly startled. The young woman was concerned, ”Continue! ” The spell formation was only half-way completed, and her anxiety got the better of her. It was exquisite and profound, making her want to know more.

But the bearded man felt an uneasiness in his heart, unsure why the weak and nearly dead human at the Spatial Resonance Phase was giving him such a feeling. It was faintly dreadful, even his heart rate was increasing slightly. Although he knew Wei Wuyin wasn ’t a threat in his current state, he couldn ’t shake it off.

Wei Wuyin coughed, spewing out some turbid and congested blood. After that, he felt a little better. He turned to the two, clasped his hands, and said without an ounce of weakness: ”I should thank you. Your greed, curiosity, and manipulation tactics allowed me to survive, so thanks. ”

”…! ” The two elf were startled, shocked by Wei Wuyin ’s abrupt change. His demeanor went from a weakened and pitiful peasant to a grand expert, holding untold power and authority. The shift was extremely vast!

Then, Wei Wuyin interacted with the Mark of Eden. The mark gushed out strands of lifeforce that were quickly refined, integrating with his bones, cells, and flesh. In a blink of an eye, the innumerable cracks and damaged flesh surrounding his legs were healed.

”I have to kill someone. Apologies, but I ’ll be back. ” Wei Wuyin said, his body faintly glowed with grey light.


A launching explosion erupted, sending Wei Wuyin shot upwards with tremendous force. He fully utilized the Zenith Origin State, shattering the restraints on the ambient mana, using it to complement his movements. He was extremely, unfathomably fast, and vanished before the two could even react!

The two wore blank expressions, unsure of what just happened.

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