Paragon of Sin

Chapter 409: Strength is Core

an opportunity, but… ’ He thought, wanting to avoid the paths that would ruin his chances of courting Ai Juling. 

From the beginning, these shackles were child ’s play. He had four Astral Souls, just their refinement of his fleshy body made him possess mountain-toppling strength. This didn ’t even factor his Draconic Void Soul or countless refinement of concocted products, causing his physical energies to reach unprecedented levels. He could crush these steel shackles like brittle glass.

He hadn ’t tested the absolute limits of his physical strength, but crushing an ordinary Soul Idol cultivator would be extremely easy, barely a breath of effort. This wasn ’t even considering the empowering physical-based astral force—Draconic Force—or his Martial Arts.

’Maybe I could fully reveal my existence as an Alchemist, be of service to the Grey Sands Elves or the Ai Clan directly, but that might not be very impressive in this culture or help breach the limit of racial difference and perception. ’ Something that might work with ease in his starfield might produce a different effect. From what he gathered, alchemists had a negative connotation within the minds of everyone.

They were mostly slaves or producers of products for the strong and connected, weak and fragile. With the Alchemic Proxy method of theirs, they could replicate similar successes to the Princess of Everlore, which explains why the society of cultivation had remained so abnormally strong despite the absence of the King of Everlore.

He didn ’t know if this was by design of the Divine King Han Xei or an inevitable outcome as long as an era-defining respectable figure like the King of Everlore or force like the Alchemist Association doesn ’t exist. 

After all, the King of Everlore gave birth to Mystic Ascendants and held deep relationships with them. Who would dare belittle alchemists of the Alchemic Dao? Even in later generations, there was still respect that lingered from his presence.

It gave alchemists such a high-level status they had, the freedom to grow and remain unabused. 

Wei Wuyin was flooded with too many considerations due to his desire to court Ai Juling. It was restricting himself, causing him to sigh. Even revealing his outstanding strength or talent would only make him be seen as a threat. Who knew how the seniors in charge of the city would react. A single itchy nerve and these elders might launch a full-blown assault to kill him. 

But there was another issue: if he left the city after being sold off, returning in a stealthy fashion might have various meanings to Ai Juling. 

He ruffled his head slightly, filled with frustration. But then he heard something.

”Just take her away, away, away! ” Those words originated from the normally childish Ori. It directly suggested he kidnap her, causing him to wryly smile at its aggressive thoughts.

Kratos added, ”Strength is the foundation of all relationships! If you have enough power, what obstacles are there?! What walls could hold you?! THE VOID IS OURS! ” It, without fail, started to spout some unnecessary nonsense at the end, but its intent was there.

Eden chimed in, ”Be it lack thereof or abundance, strength is core. ”

King, ”Tch! ” From his tone, it seemed he was trying to say: ”Too much thinking. ”

They all said their piece, causing Wei Wuyin to feel stunned by their words. His disbelieving expression slowly became neutral, then pondering. His rumination lasted for several minutes until his silver eyes flashed with a radiant glow. 

They were right; he was thinking about this all wrong. He should be direct, his intentions clear, especially with the cultural differences. He didn ’t have the time, luxury, or setting to patiently wait or get to know Ai Juling in a deep and thorough manner with gentle tactics. She regarded him as a to-be-sold slave, as a naive human, and his reputation can ’t serve as an icebreaker.

He wasn ’t in the same situation as Da Shan, Nyla Shur, nor the other women he ’d courted in the past. An unfamiliar world, unfamiliar customs, and limited time.

He had to adapt.

”Alright! ” Wei Wuyin said, rising from his seated position. His actions alerted the captives as they were startled, their hope igniting like a forest blaze, threatening to burn all their blood.

”Yes! Yes! Yes! Hehe, ELFNAP! ” Ori excitedly shouted. Wei Wuyin could hear its cheerful laughter.

”Tch. ” King ’s words were short, but his intent was there. It said: ”I would ’ve done this in the first second. Why wait in a cage? ” 

While Kratos and Eden remained silent, their spirits were thoroughly roused. They started to circulate their unique energies, easily bypassing the shackles restrictions. Their energies seeped into and deactivated them, causing them to slowly fall from Wei Wuyin ’s limbs as they unlocked. Their actions were enough to reveal their desire.

Clink! Clang!

With the shackles gone, Wei Wuyin lifted his eyes to the spherical light above. ”There ’s a powerful expert watching. This should be… ”

”Fun! Fun! Fun! GOOOO! ” Ori excitement was palpable to a zenith degree! 

Wei Wuyin chuckled, his aura slowly causing the air surrounding him to freeze as he started to prime his body. 

The elderly man was startled by events, confusingly saying: ”What are yo- ”


The cage that encased him shattered into innumerable fragments, turning to dust!

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