Paragon of Sin

Chapter 387: Seers Emerge The End Is Seen

The ensuing silence was oppressively stifling. This was especially so for Qingye Ying. As an innately flawed alchemist and cultivator, Wei Wuyin was her one and only hope to view greater pastures and touch upon heights of the Alchemic Dao. If he refused, it wouldn ’t be wrong to say her future would be severed.

Qingye Yun had thrown away his dignity and kneeled before Wei Wuyin, an action that he ’d never perform otherwise, but this was the only chance for his alchemist association and Qingye Ying. He felt a wad of saliva throb his throat, his lips felt dry as his knees trembled.

Wei Wuyin ’s silver eyes swept the duo with an indifferent gaze, something he rarely adopted. He glanced at the unique Void Gate that led to world unknowns with a connection with the King of Everlore. After a very long moment, he lightly shook his head.

Qingye Ying paled, her clenched fists caused her knuckles to become white. 

”To obtain a portion of my innate talent towards the Alchemic Dao, you ’ve schemed to peacefully acquire my acceptance to this procedure. If it wasn ’t for the meek manner in scheming, I ’d have destroyed your so-called lineage for this. So I ’ll be clear, I have absolutely no intention of performing the Meridian Grafting Method for someone else, now or ever, ” Wei Wuyin ’s voice was cold as he spoke.

Shivers ran down Qingye Yun ’s spine, causing his heart to sink and his hope to shatter. He stayed in his kneeling position for a long while before he took a deep breath, lifting his body upright, and regaining his signature calm composure. It seemed that while disheartened, he had prepared himself for this outcome.

Qingye Ying ’s eyes emanated a bitter light. She disapprovingly and frustratedly said, ”You don ’t know the true powers of an Alchemic Astral Soul. Your feats might seem impressive, but I haven ’t been able to cultivate my strength, so it makes sense that you were capable of beating me! If I still had my normal talent, with time, your skills would be insignificant! Furthermore…furthermore! You don ’t have an Alchemic Astral Soul so it ’s impossible for you to touch upon the peak of the Alchemic Dao! ”

Wei Wuyin didn ’t know whether he should laugh or scoff at her words. Not only did he have an Alchemic Astral Soul, it was merged with the Eden ’s Mind Dao, and had the unequivocal support of three other equally terrifying Astral Souls. During their clash, he hadn ’t even exerted a tenth of his current abilities. After all, he had long since become an Mortal Sovereign Alchemist.

If anyone should venture into that gate and be exposed to a greater cultivation society, a greater legacy of the Alchemic Dao, then it should be him; not some failure of an alchemist and cultivator. 

He shrugged internally at her words, ”I don ’t have any solution to your issue. Perhaps they exist without requiring the sacrifice of myself, but that isn ’t my problem to figure out. Moreover, even this method isn ’t a guarantee of success, probably leading to the damnation of us both. Your action of using an impure Ninth-Grade product would definitely have consequences, consequences you would have certainly predicted, so you won ’t receive any of my sympathy. ”

Qingye Yun didn ’t deny his accusation. They were the Alchemist Association, the foremost authority of the Alchemic Society within the starfield, so they knew of the likely scenarios, this being one of them. He maintained his calm demeanor, saying: ”I understand. ”

There was no ill-will within his words, seemingly an otherworldly acceptance. This caused Qingye Ying to panic, her hopeful future slowly dissipating before her eyes. She had given up power to become an Alchemist with an Alchemic Soul, even risked possible death to consume an impure ninth-grade pill, just to search for the peak of the Alchemic Dao. Her heart felt as if it was shattering into a million pieces, her eyes becoming extremely wet and red. 

Qingye Yun knew that Qingye Ying was still a youngster, so her emotions were still unstable, especially in the face of hope. He could only sigh in his heart.

”I am, however, quite curious. How did you determine my talent was at this so-called Overlord-Level? ” Wei Wuyin asked curiously. He wasn ’t able to perceive raw talent. There was no rubric to follow and he had nothing to compare himself to, so he wasn ’t certain.

Qingye Yun glanced at the door once more, a forlorn light flashing through his gaze as he buried the last of his hopeful wishes. He replied, ”Your alchemic abilities betrayed this. Otherwise, how else can you wildly improve so much in under a decade? You had even concocted a Transcendent-quality product, signifying your outstanding talent. ”

Wei Wuyin furrowed his brows. The way Qingye Yun said ’transcendent-quality ’ was as if he had long since known about it. This startled him slightly. But why did transcendent-quality indicate his talent? He was truly quite clueless on various advanced states of alchemy.

Qingye Yun moved his eyes away and focused on Wei Wuyin, a faint knowing smile emerged on his face. 

Wei Wuyin felt as if Qingye Yun was reading his thoughts, predicting them somehow. It wasn ’t just this one time but several times the duo seemed to glean into his inner thoughts, answering questions he pondered on without his asking. Seeing that faint smile, he felt as if this was more likely somehow. 

Qingye Yun uncannily explained, ”The tome left behind by the Envoy of the King of Everlore detailed more than just the divisions of talent, but the divisions on product quality and their inherent requirements. It was likely left behind so that we could strive towards making it, I believe at least. The five qualities of Mortal-rank products, as described in the tome, are: Impure, Low, High, Peak, Transcendent.

”When you succeeded in concocting the highest grade, it was a given. Because in the tome, it was stated that only Mystic-Rank Alchemists of legend or those of Earthly Overlord Talent have the faint potential at concocting Transcendent products of the Mortal-Rank. ”

Wei Wuyin was sent into confusion, his mind circulating swiftly. He had already confirmed that his Zenith Origin State produced unique personalized mana within his Astral Souls, and when this mana was integrated with products, it could elevate their quality. However, he wasn ’t able to replicate another set of Transcendent-quality products, so this alluded to his previous speculation: during the process of gathering and infusing ambient mana, something unique had been introduced that exceeded the Mortal Limits.

However, when he sought clarification, Qingye Yun only helplessly replied that there was nothing of detail within the tome. His eyes revealed a wisp of helplessness. The reason why ’only ’ Earthly Overlord-level talents or Mystic-Rank Alchemists were capable of concocting this quality was simply unclear, but it being mentioned was evidence of Wei Wuyin ’s minimum talent range.

This caused him to frown, deciding to learn more about the divisions of talent and how they impact cultivation and concoction alike. The profundities within these concepts don ’t appear to be small or insignificant. 

At this point, Qingye Ying couldn ’t keep her emotions hidden as she started to audibly sob. Behind her veil, drops of tears fell like two streams from her face. If anyone heard these sobs, their heart might soften into cotton and feel the need to console, even make a promise to help her no matter what. This was especially the case if a man was aware of her beauty, their male instincts would flare without reserve.

But Wei Wuyin was wholly indifferent towards this tearful display. Just as he was about to say something, she reached for her veil and pulled it off, revealing her reddened eyes and gorgeous countenance to the world. She looked to Wei Wuyin with those cyan-colored eyes of hers dripping with tears and grievance. 

While biting her lips, she aggressively declared, ”If you agree to the Meridian Grafting Method, I ’ll…I ’ll become your wife! I ’ll be yours! ” Her words were spoken with all her might, clearly at the edge of her wits. It seemed she was making a great and unreasonable sacrifice with this. Even Qingye Yun was startled by her proposal.

But she was met with an immediate response: a cold chuckle. ”You? Become my wife? What gives you the qualifications?! ” Wei Wuyin felt this was ridiculous. Her act of seemingly sacrificing herself felt insulting to him, as if he wasn ’t worthy unless she was backed into a corner and forced. Was her beauty supposed to be so great that any man should kneel before her, seeking her approval and touch? 

Qingye Ying was deeply taken aback, taking several steps back and her stream of tears stopped. She was utterly baffled by Wei Wuyin ’s vicious reaction.

Wei Wuyin scoffed, ”Don ’t embarrass yourself. In my eyes, you ’re an essence stone in the astral market, and with your crippled state, you ’re even less. ” His words were spoken coldly, indicating her value to him. To think she felt that her beauty or body was enough of a bargaining chip to have him even consider losing a portion of his talent. How laughable! How arrogant!

Wei Wuyin didn ’t lack beautiful women by his side nor in his bed, and she wasn ’t even unique in any way. He wasn ’t Long Chen, he didn ’t need women to elevate his position and help him ascend to the peak. That type of fortune wasn ’t something he wanted to rely on. Even if she belonged to some ancient alchemist lineage and would eventually solve her current issue somehow, he felt that with enough time, he would easily achieve far beyond her achievements.

He had half a mind to reveal his Alchemic Astral Soul, truly allowing her to understand her value to him. He could similarly reveal his Alchemic Stars of Mortal Spirituality, the gift of attaining the Mortal Sovereign Alchemist level, and deal an even greater blow. But he didn ’t. There was absolutely no benefit in doing so nor was she worth the effort.

Qingye Ying felt her entire body tremble violently. She hadn ’t expected this vicious rejection, her pride in shambles. There was a reason she wore the veil at all times, and that was because her beauty would elicit far too strong a reaction from males. It was so great that there were elders that wanted to devote their remaining lifespan to her, just for her favor or a glance.

Even Qingye Yun ’s eyelids twitched upon hearing that ”an essence stone in the astral market ” comment. That was quite a burning insult that felt scathing to him by association. A single astral stone was worth a million essence stones, so an Astral Market only dealt in astral stone, essentially exemplifying its worthlessness. 

He could only sigh in his heart, unable to even defend his own many-great granddaughter. After all, she was trying to sell herself off like some cheap whore, an act he couldn ’t approve of. And he even felt more inclined to Wei Wuyin ’s perspective, seeing that Qingye Ying was ruined and essentially useless, unable to rival the current Wei Wuyin in talent or abilities.

Wei Wuyin, on the other hand, was the Ascendant Emperor of Neo-Dawn. He had an outstanding cultivation foundation at the age of less than fifty that eclipsed this era, and was an Emperor Alchemist that could rapidfire concoct products of the eighth-grade. Qingye Ying truly had nothing important to offer except her body and a beautiful face, nor was she worthy to even become his wife by cultivation standards. Maybe a concubine, if even that.

Seeing that Qingye Ying was sent into silent shock trying to process the situation, Wei Wuyin turned to Qingye Yun and asked: ”That tome left by the Envoy, do you still have it? ” Wei Wuyin was quite intrigued by this item, and he wondered what else was detailed within it.

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