Paragon of Sin

Chapter 384: Myriad Transformations Tower

ars, revealing a sporty and muscular man. This was completely different from his slim and old appearance today.

Qingye Ying arrived beside Wei Wuyin, her tone was neutral, neither subservient nor overbearing. ”The Myriad Tower of Seven Paths is the true headquarters of the Alchemist Associations. As long as it stands, so will the Alchemist Association. ” A hint of pride leaked from her voice, betraying a smile beneath her veil.

”Impressive, ” Wei Wuyin commented simply. 

Qingye Ying frowned slightly, but she remained silent. There was a hint of discontent towards Wei Wuyin, seemingly seeking a more awed reaction. Unfortunately, Wei Wuyin was too enthralled with inspecting the contents and depth of the tower, exploring its mysteries revealed by his Celestial Eyes.

Qingye Yun and Qingye Ying escorted him to a hall, traveling to what seemed like an isolated box embedded into a wall. They walked into this box, prompting him to follow. With curiosity in his mind, he followed along.


A sudden sound erupted, with a faint shifting movement of the box. Then, shocked by this development, the open portion of the wall seemingly closed, sealing the three inside. But Wei Wuyin wasn ’t panicked by this, merely inspecting the two with him. Seeing how they were calm, with Qingye Ying stealing a glance at his reactions, he didn ’t ask any questions. He hadn ’t waited for long when he felt a feeling of being in motion.

He was traveling upwards. This lasted for a few seconds before the wall separated into two portions, revealing a new scenery. With his Celestial Eyes, he realized that the area they were in was hollow, and there were various formations uplifting the box they resided in.

”How creative, ” he remarked. This wasn ’t the first time he was shocked by ingenious developments. When he arrived at Golden Milk City, he was thoroughly shocked by their Emporium. It had multi-layered floors and moving staircases powered by earth-attributed formations. 

Qingye Yun and Qingye Ying left the box, with Qingye Ying saying: ”This is a Vertical Motion Shuttle. Its quite suitable for movement through the tower, considering its reach beyond the Sky Layer. It offers quick and convenient movement throughout the tower, with several of them installed within the tower in various areas. ”

Wei Wuyin was awed. He nodded, wondering as if this unique shuttle could be installed in the mountains. How convenient would it be to travel the six levels of the Penta Dao Extreme Mountains for disciples then? 

Qingye Yun finally brought him through a hall filled with portraits and scrolls detailing important events in the Alchemist Association ’s history. As he spotted a few events he recalled in history, there were a few he hadn ’t.

There was a picture of a ship-like vessel flying through the air, arriving before the tower. This intrigued him, as it contained an object he ’d never seen. While he knew of sea voyage ships, he never saw one that could fly through the skies, descending to a planet. If they existed, he sure as hell never knew of it. This sparked his curiosity.

As if noticing his focus, Qingye Ying explained: ”That painting is named ’Void Voyager Descends A New Destiny ’. It ’s dated a few years after the Alchemist Association was fully founded. ”

”Void Voyager? Is that the ship? ” Wei Wuyin inquired, his interest piqued.

Nodding to confirm, Qingye Ying added: ”It is said that it carried an Envoy of the King of Everlore. ”

Her words caused Wei Wuyin to be taken aback by surprise. An Envoy of the King of Everlore? Thinking of the timeline, the Alchemist Association was birthed shortly after the finalizing of the Imperial Heaven Starfield Era, the time Grand Monarch Wu Yu laid claim to the entire starfield after the King of Everlore ’s departure. 

It should ’ve been roughly three hundred years since the King of Everlore ’s departure. But how come Wu Yu said that he ’d never heard from the King of Everlore after his departure? Surprised, he remained curious. He waited for Qingye Ying to clarify, but she remained silent, causing him to twist his lips with dissatisfaction.

Soon, the trio arrived at a great door that stood at ten meters in height and had numerous esoteric etchings on its surface. Even Wei Wuyin couldn ’t comprehend their meanings or purpose. 

Qingye Yun withdrew a medallion with a cauldron spewing out stars on it from his breast pocket. He held it to the door, causing a sporadic eruption of white light for a moment before the door started to push on by some strange, undecipherable power. His Celestial Eyes weren ’t capable of seeing the truth, startling him.

Whatever was happening vastly exceeded his cultivation base, to the point where his Celestial Eyes were unable to perceive its qualities. ”Mystic Ascendant Realm… ” Wei Wuyin muttered under his breath before Qingye Yun gestured at the entrance.

”Ascendant Emperor Wei, you must be wondering why our actions thus far have been odd, especially with the continuous wagers. It is because of this. This is the Gate of the Myriad Excellence Tower, a tower structured by the Myriad Transformations All-Alchemist and the Envoy of the King of Everlore. ” Qingye Yun explained, but he didn ’t step into the door.

Wei Wuyin frowned slightly, his eyes were unable to see within nor discover how it was remaining so concealed. He turned to Qingye Yun with deep interest. ”Gate of the Myriad Excellence Tower? It leads to another tower? Like a Void Gate? ” It was only after Kratos squirmed slightly did he realize the faint hidden power of space within.

This surprised him because the level of spatial power within this Gate of the Myriad Excellence Tower exceeded any other spatial energy signature he ’d ever come across. Even Tuo Bihan ’s spatial force was severely lacking.

Qingye Yun ’s eyes brightened, realizing that Wei Wuyin ’s reputation for being perceptive and intelligent was not false. With a deep breath, he turned to Wei Wuyin. With a tone of manic excitement, ”Yes, it indeed does! In fact, it leads to another starfield entirely! ”

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