Paragon of Sin

Chapter 364: Wu Baozhais Desire

”Wu Baozhai? ” Wei Wuyin ’s mind stirred, his thoughts flitting through his interactions and impression of this particular woman. He had first seen her during the Wedding of Lin Ziyan, but had later met her officially during the gathering of youthful elites set to travel to the Myriad Monarch Planet. At that time, he had realized that her Primal Yin ’s aura had been forged by a formation, signifying that she was no longer a virgin.

The first impression he had towards her was that she seemed noble, intelligent, and pride was innately branded into her very bones. She was the perfect image of a Princess of a country, embodying beauty, strength, grace, and nobility.

She was also fiercely confident, acting for her own interests in light of others ’ apprehension. When they had officially met, she had openingly approached him before Long Chen and his bevy of stellarly gorgeous beauties. Her intentions were to ask about his Spirit Ton Elixir, and he could distinctly remember her stating that her actions weren ’t for others to dictate, expressing her powerful freewill and independence.

He had always wondered what happened to her. She never ’felt ’ like a woman that would depend on a man to rise, unlike Lian Yu and Na Xinyi. Even though they had inner desires for strength and status, it liked a certain dominant independence and cleverness that made women outstanding amongst their peers. 

She was also very intelligent, perceptive, and cunning. With a few words before, she had obtained benefits for Na Xinyi outside of marriage. He recalled her eyes that were radiant with intelligence, discovering his intentions during Qing Qiumu ’s execution. While she could be misunderstood as Long Chen ’s backdrop, she felt more like the brains of the group.

He pondered briefly, ruminating over her desire for an audience with a pensive expression. 

Su Mei hadn ’t expected Wei Wuyin to think about this so thoroughly. In her heart, she felt that Long Chen ’s female companions had already embedded themselves too much in his life. There was Na Xinyi, Qing Qiumu, Lin Ziyan, Xiao Bing and Hong Ru. The latter two had already entered his Sky Palace and were diligently cultivating.

But observing them for a period, she felt their orientation wasn ’t towards men. They were inseparable, and the way they acted and spoke to each other, looked at each other, were like long-lost lovers. Perhaps their separation by life and death had aligned their understanding of each other.

Regardless, she felt it would be better to simply dismiss all these women and directly end Long Chen. This was her opinion, but she would never deliberately interfere with Wei Wuyin ’s wants. If he wanted to indulge in them sexually, then she would always and undoubtedly support him.

After a long while, Wei Wuyin finally lifted his head out of thought. ”Bring her in. To the Main Hall, ” he instructed.

Su Mei nodded, departing with swift steps. She was very diligent when taking orders. When she left, Wei Wuyin ’s lips twisted into a faint curl. He couldn ’t help but think about Wu Baozhai. 

As he started making his way towards the Main Hall, he had a sudden spurring thought. He communicated with Wu Yu, ”Does the Wu Clan on the Myriad Yore Continent have a connection with you? ” This question seemed far fetched, but it had itched at him the moment he thought of responsibility.

”… ” Wu Yu was silent for a moment. ”You know the importance of the Myriad Yore Continent? ” He answered with a question.

This only served to strengthen his curiosity. ”Yes. It ’s the birthplace of the King of Everlore and Divine King Han Xei. It is cherished and jointly shared by the Hegemonic Forces, protected as a way to show their respect. Due to that, its isolated, but it has the most Void Gates of any Continental Flat Earth in the starfield. ” This was the base knowledge of what he knew.

”While that is true, do you know the significance of seven countries? ” Wu Yu inquired.

Wei Wuyin realized that Wu Yu wasn ’t willing to directly answer, wanting him to first piece together the puzzle a little. This caused his curiosity to be set ablaze, but he had also similarly obtained his answer. He thought for a moment and responded, arriving at the Main Hall.

”If I had to guess, make the wildest guess, then I ’ll say it signifies the four hegemonic forces and the three Servants of the King of Everlore, including the San Clan. ” He recalled that, unlike many areas of the starfield, the Myriad Yore Continent had demons, humans, and elves. It was an unusual mixing pot of a variety of races.

To highlight the importance of this, the Sacred Light Palace ’s Astral Territory was occupied by the vast majority of elves of hybrid elves of lesser status. There were barely any humans amongst them. The Demonic Abyss Mountain ’s Astral Territory was similarly dominated by demons, with the vast majority of the Continental Flat Earths and Planets being engulfed by various degrees of demonic energies. This made it like the Extreme Demon Mountain, allowing only demons or hybrids to thrive and survive.

This was also true for the Elemental Heaven Astral Territory, being mostly humans and the Myriad Monarch Astral Territory having an abundance of humans but not as oppressively populated like the others, being more of a mixture of the four races.

There were no beastmen present on the Myriad Yore Continent, which was extremely telling. The King of Everlore seemed to avoid relations with beastmen, not finding an individual to promote beyond the Mortal Limits. Considering what he knew about Wu Yu and the Sacred Elven Queen ’s relationship with the King of Everlore, this meant he had a type or at least a type of species he refused to…you know. 

This was likely the reason he never had a beastman servant.

”…! ” Wu Yu ’s spiritual fluctuations betrayed his surprise. Wei Wuyin had completely pinpointed the truth so accurately it was scary. ”You ’re right. The descendants of us litter the Myriad Yore Continent. It was agreed upon by the King of Everlore at the time, and he enjoyed the possibility of what would happen if the three races were in close proximity. Furthermore, it would prevent either of us from ever exterminating the other ’s bloodline to the last.

”Before the King of Everlore ’s Era, the majority of the starfield was dominated by humans, even the majority of Mystic Ascendants were human, such as Me, the Bloodforge Emperor, Divine King Han Xei and his Guardian of the Elements, including the Four Ways Elementus Knights. ” Wu Yu listed off a series of characters.

Wei Wuyin was intrigued, ”Guardian of the Elements? Four Ways Elementus  Knights? ” He hadn ’t heard of these Mystic Ascendants before. 

Wu Yu carelessly explained, ”the Guardian of the Elements was the Divine King Han Xei ’s first cousin, having been propelled into the Mystic Ascendant Realm by the Divine King Han Xei ’s continuous investments. The Four Ways Elementus Knights weren ’t actual Mystic Ascendants, but those who ’ve attempted and survived the tribulation, reaching a pseudo-state. They were very similar to False Realmlords. It ’s quite strange actually. And I don ’t have much understanding regarding that state, but it was definitely beyond the Mortal Limits and touched upon the Mystic Dao, even in failure. ”

Wei Wuyin was deeply interested, having learned of a stage between the Astral Core Realm and Mystic Ascendants. But due to Wu Yu ’s own ignorance, he couldn ’t satisfy that curiosity. Regardless, he decided to invest a little more into learning about it.

Besides them, he knew there were three other Mystic Ascendants: the Demonic Abyss Master, Sacred Elven Queen, and Yi Servant. The Yi Servant was the King of Everlore ’s most trusted servant of the three, the Yi, Er, and San. He was said to have reached the Mystic Ascendant Realm, but there were also rumors that the King of Everlore never had a servant of that level.

He wondered if that servant had reached that False Mystic Ascendant Realm like the Four Ways Elementus Knights. 

As he pondered about this, a jolt reminded him of his original question: ”So the Wu Clan is descended from you? Are they your direct descendants or blood relation? ” 

”Haaa…I guess you ’ll likely find out eventually, but they are direct descendants of myself and my wife, Junia, intermixed with my original blood-related clansmen. ” Wu Yu seemed to be somewhat exhausted at this reveal.

Wei Wuyin couldn ’t figure out why. But he knew there was a complicated story, which once more made him ponder. ”Is Wu Baozhai your direct descendant? A great-great-great-many great-granddaughter or something? ” 

”… ” Wu Yu didn ’t answer, but his silence was telling. It reeked of a hint of gloomy shame. 

”… ” Wei Wuyin couldn ’t fathom why. After all, Wu Yu ’s era was thousands of years ago, enough to cross dozens of Astral Core Realm generations. He shouldn ’t have anything to be ashamed about. But his instincts told him that there had to be a juicy story there. 

After a series of further attempts to gather the truth from Wu Yu, he heard multiple sets of footsteps as Su Mei walked in with Wu Baozhai in tow. Wei Wuyin couldn ’t help but regard this black-haired princess once more, noting that her imperial majesty had mellowed yet she still had the nation-toppling looks and vixen-like body that could aflame any heterosexual male of any race.

When Wei Wuyin saw her crystal clear and intelligent eyes filled with careful observation, he couldn ’t help but deeply admire this woman once more. Her appealing curvaceous body and delectable peach-colored lips aside, she felt like a threat. And knowing her intelligently clever side that hid her cunning, he knew she was one.

The question was: What did she want?

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