Paragon of Sin

Chapter 363: Stage Between

Several days after the All-Alchemic Clash, the starfield was still seething in excitement. Wei Wuyin was in the mouths of most, if not all. The Ascendant Emperor of Neo-Dawn had demonstrated absolute supremacy, forcing the Princess of Everlore into submission, and redefining history by producing the world ’s first known Transcendent-Quality Alchemical Product. While few understood how it came about, it was unanimously agreed that the product he ’d made was of an entirely different quality than ever before.

When an appropriate cultivator is decided, they ’ll refine the Refraction World-Light Elixir and its effects will be revealed to the world. Until then, everyone was discussing what it might achieve, and what type of expert would be created from its refinement. It was a hot topic.

There were even a few that believed the elixir will fall into the hands of a lucky genius of the Myriad Monarch Sect, or it ’ll be saved until Wei Wuyin reaches the appropriate stage. Regardless, it enthralled the citizens of the starfield. 

Furthermore, news of the Alchemist Association being merged into the Myriad Monarch Sect was leaked, creating feverish buzz regarding it. But after learning it was going to be directly underneath Wei Wuyin ’s leadership, the various worries of the starfield were alleviated.

Considering the Myriad Monarch Sect had a genuine Realmlord and Wei Wuyin, their future control of the starfield was a given. There were few that resisted the idea, because it signified the change of an era, an opportunity to every cultivator of wealth and renown. Similar to how the King of Everlore elevated the cultivation standard of the world, with both the Princess of Everlore and Ascendant Emperor of Neo-Dawn working in conjunction, it would certainly cause the new era to vastly surpass all others.

There was no one that didn ’t want this to occur.

The Alchemist Association ’s elders that had leaked the initial piece of news were floored. The lack of backlash at Wei Wuyin ’s future monopoly had startled them to no end. Their plans to garner public support about this matter had faltered, with many believing this was the best and most efficient way to usher in the new era.

Since this opinion reached the lowest of cultivators to the highest, this was a foregone conclusion at this point. Even Qingye Yun, the Grand Association Master, wasn ’t reluctant. While there was a wager of a request, this was borderline subjugation. In the end, the tiny few of the elders that resisted the idea could only hide and accept reality.

At the moment, Wei Wuyin was quietly resting in his Sky Palace. There was a serenity to being in the eighth layer, above the noise of all those below. The nearest Sky Palace was hundreds of miles away from him, and while a short distance for cultivators, was still relatively large enough to be undisturbed. 

In truth, Wei Wuyin hadn ’t expected such raging support and explosive conclusion to the All-Alchemic Clash. He primarily wanted to test himself against Qingye Ying. 

She revealed a talent and skill far beyond any alchemist on the starfield, highlighting the extreme advantage Alchemic Astral Souls possessed, but she wasn ’t his match. What took her seventy-six days to complete would take any other established Alchemic Emperor years to decades, and they might not even concoct a product of low-quality, let alone high-quality.

She exhibited and proved her abilities, but it was horrendously overshadowed by the comparison. It wasn ’t really fair to her abilities, but he couldn ’t say much. He didn ’t know if he was the peak and she was the lowest, or if she and him were both in the middle tiers of proficiency in the Alchemic Astral Souls, with the peak being even greater. To test this, he ’d have to be exposed to greater alchemists.

Whenever he contemplated his series of advances, he couldn ’t help but remember his initial arrival to the Myriad Monarch Sect. He was just a little fledging unbeknownst of the grander world. But in a short few years, countless voices were echoing for him to claim ownership of the entire starfield. It was extremely surreal.

Even Jiang Feilan, someone even he was originally wary of, had given herself to him. The discovery of her Yin Renewal Physique was quite a shocking delight. The one thing he lacked the most at the moment was comprehension, not resources. While some resources could help strengthen one ’s comprehension, it still took far too long. With her Primal Yin and her cultivation base, he could gleam deeply into the secrets of the various phases. 

He would certainly be able to ascend at an extremely rapid pace, leaps and bounds as some might say. How could he not be delighted? 

Since the beginning, so many things happened that brought his life into a whirlpool of greatness. To think that just a few decades ago, he was a mere Core Disciple of the Scarlet Solaris Sect. Now, he was the Ascendant Emperor of Neo-Dawn. There were moments in his life where he felt that he ’d wake up from a dream. When he did, Du Leng would be offering an assortment of breakfast in his residence in the Scarlet Solaris Domain.

It was a strange feeling.

But when he opened his eyes, he became aware of the world around him, of the truth. 

He was here.

It was a feeling filled with endless radiance. The memory of him basking in the endless cheers across the starfield, of being herald as an individual of the utmost greatest, was real. 

The memories of him traversing through time, hearing his mother ’s voice, feeling her touch once more, hearing his voice once again, and gaining two sets of slightly varied memories was real.

The Black Skeleton, the Bloodline of Sin transfer, the Wall of Heaven, his memories of his first Calamity of Hell, and the Heavenly Daos. It was all real, instilled into the fabric of his reality. 

All of his lovers, those incredible women of exceptional beauty and talent, their exquisitely soft, voluptuous, and hot bodies. They were all real.

”Lord Wei, ” a voice resounded. Wei Wuyin ’s eyes shifted, noticing the valiant Su Mei off to the side, respectfully calling his name. Regardless of how much he experienced or what he felt, he would always remember the time death was a foregone conclusion, as he planned to mark off things on his bucket list. At that time, Su Mei had unhesitatingly followed him into the unknown.

”We. ”

Just recalling her unshakeable determination and unyielding emotions at that moment caused him to feel a sudden surge of happiness and relief within his heart. Regardless if he became a god one day or if he ’d vanished in body and soul, he ’d never forget the ’her ’ of that moment no matter what. She was the greatest example of ’real ’ to him. A portion of his life he ’d consider as vital as his own heart.

He took a long moment before he could ease out of his thoughts. With a soft breath, he said: ”Yes? ” 

”Someone seeks your audience, ” Su Mei informed. Her expression was unchanging, but Wei Wuyin could see a little dissatisfaction within her pure black eyes. He was intrigued. 

”Who? ” He rose up from his sitting position, stretching lightly as he relaxed his muscles and bones. There were very few people who could cause dissatisfaction within Su Mei.

Su Mei answered unhesitantly, ”Wu Baozhai. ”

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