Paragon of Sin

Chapter 352: All-Alchemic Clash Qingye Yings Performance

Wei Wuyin discovered the end result of the Refraction World-Light Elixir was somewhat different than what he had expected. Peering into the liquid, he saw a semi-perfect reflection of himself as if staring at a liquid mirror. The only faint difference was the glimmer of white brilliance that emanated from its surface, changing the contrast of his image. 

”This is a peak-quality elixir… ” He was indeed surprised by the quality of the product. When one used the Thirty-Three Earthly Concoction Method, the end result typically was of a lesser grade, ending at the low-quality level. 

When a product was impure-quality, it contained unhealthy impurities and its primary effect reduced considerably. But when a product reaches the low-quality, as known as the lowest state of perfection, it has absolutely no impurities, no drawbacks, and achieves 100% of its intended effect. This was known as the Alchemic Standard. 

But if a product exceeds the low-quality level, entering the high-quality level, then it evolves into a greater substance, typically unlocking an additional effect. The Refraction World-Light Elixir ’s secondary effect was refinement of one ’s meridians, physical essence, and innate compatibility with or towards light energies. 

As for peak-quality products, the secondary effect is at a 100% effectiveness, while some unique products produce a tertiary effect that typically entered the most heaven-defying limits. Those at this quality often exceeded similar primary effects of products that were of a higher grade.

This wasn ’t the first time he ’d concocted a peak-quality product, but it was the first time he ’d succeeded one a product that possessed a heaven-defying tertiary effect. 

”The Refraction World-Light Elixir contains an innate light-based quality that can convert light energies to a higher level—the highest level. ” His words were quietly murmured as he realized this development exceeded his prediction. 

To explain in detail, much like the Soul Idol Phase, Spatial Resonance Phase, the Light Reflection Phase had nine stages as well. From lowest to highest, they were: Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet, and White. They signified the spectrum of light, with white signifying the containment of all colors. 

But that was merely the limit of the known cultivation world, decreed by the Heavenly Daos. But cultivation, from the on-set, had no limits. This contradiction allowed unique occurrences to happen in the world. For example, possessing one Heart of Qi. These contradictions can be a byproduct of strenuous effort, unique mutations(such as Lin Ziyan ’s Bloodline), or fortuitous encounters. 

The Alchemic Dao broke these limits. The Refraction World-Light Elixir ’s peak-quality effect allows one ’s light energies to ascend beyond normality, becoming: True. 

True Light.

When Wei Wuyin first heard it, he thought it sounded far too philosophical. To his surprise, it meant light in its origin form, permeating throughout all levels of existence on a wavelength imperceivable by standards. There wasn ’t much information known about True Light besides that. There were rumors it was inherently invisible to all senses or that it absorbed all other wavelengths of light. There were even those that state that light, all light, required a source and True Light originated from the Heavenly Daos themselves, the origin source of light, allowing it to exist at a higher level that can transcend space, time, matter, and energy.

It was a wild and unverifiable theory as of now.

But the Refraction World-Light Elixir ’s primary effect was to modify the body ’s innate characteristics, allowing it to act as a medium to channel and refine light energies into themselves. The peak-quality elixir ’s reported effect was to transform into the highest level of medium, capable of channeling True Light and refining it, evolving their light energies to an exquisitely mystical level.

Wei Wuyin was thrown into the depths of his mind as he thought of the impact this elixir could have. Furthermore, there were thirty-three available vials. There was a faint thought to destroy it, refine it at a later date, but he wasn ’t sure if he could ever achieve it again.

After all, peak-quality products with heaven-defying tertiary effects were more a product of luck rather than skill. 

He could feel the presence of observation, clearly his movements were being witnessed by the formation, broadcasted to the starfield. The issue was if there were others who could immediately identify the result of this elixir. 

”Haaaa… ” After a long white of contemplation, he shook his head. He hadn ’t intended to hide his level of skill or success from the moment he accepted this challenge, so why bother? His purpose was to propagate his reputation that had already reached mystical levels into a reality everyone had to accept. That being said, he didn ’t intend to use all the elixir as a display. This elixir will be very useful for the Ascendants.

With careful movements, he brought out thirty-three empty vials and drew the contents into each one. When he completed this, he kept thirty-two in his storage ring and left one for display. When he glanced at the mirror-like liquid that reflected light, he couldn ’t help but turn to observe Qingye Ying. 

She was still focused on deciding the right approach. 

She hadn ’t even started the Extraction Stage yet…

But he didn ’t feel too shocked by this nor did he disturb her. When he first started his path of alchemy, he had often spent hours trying to figure out the right approach. If it wasn ’t for his abundant experience with Freestyle Alchemy and previous experience of concocting this product, he might ’ve taken an hour or two to concoct it as well. So this wasn ’t indicative of any lack of skill, merely a show of focus and will.

He deduced that Qingye Ying was likely a Predetermined Alchemist. She should be undergoing the mental simulation process, trying to visually perceive and predict the best approach with her already decided upon method. This was a common approach that he had also deployed before, using it on products he had zero experience with. 

He had used this simulation process on the Bloodforge Continent. Of course, he spent far less time on it due to the level of recipe. As for Freestyle Alchemy, it was more a perform and adapt tactic in real-time. 

And he was right. Qingye Ying was indeed undergoing mental simulations to determine the best approach, anticipate any predictably foreseeable errors, and prepare herself mentally for the unexpected. It showed her praise-worthy level of focus and exceptional diligence in her performing alchemy.

While he respected her process, he didn ’t want to just stand. So he slowly sat down with folded legs and quietly appreciated the gorgeous view of her face with his Celestial Eyes. As for the crowd, a large portion of them were sent into a stupor of absolute silence, extreme shock, and uncertainty.

This was especially so for these top alchemists of the starfield, their hearts quivering ceaselessly as they hadn ’t spoken or even formulated any clear thoughts since Wei Wuyin had begun the Transformation and Fusion Stages. But fortunately, Yi Yun broke the silence as it shook the hearts of everyone.

”What…what did we just witness? ” Yi Yun ’s words were as if his heart was erupting from his throat. He heavily gulped a wad of saliva, looking at Wei Wuyin ’s calm figure, unearthly handsome expression, and extremely stable aura. It was as if the event hadn ’t shook him the slightest, as if expected. 

”Uhga… ” Li Che made the strangest sound with his throat as he bowed forward. The embarrassing sound escaped his notice as he forced out hoarse words with his greatest strength, ”He! He! Is it over?! ” He turned to Yi Yun and asked woodenly, unable to find the strength to say the words he wanted to say in the end. His greatest strength was still lacking.

Yi Yun gulped loudly once more. He didn ’t know what to say. He was thoroughly speechless! While they were sent into shock, their reactions influenced the crowd to also be shocked, but many weren ’t exactly aware of what was happening. Not everyone witnessed All-Alchemic Clashes too often, understood how it typically went, or were thoroughly aware of the standards of alchemy.

Some hadn ’t even known about the Seven Traits of Alchemy nor how it corresponded with the Seven Stages of Concoction. They were newbies, here for the result not the process. They wanted to witness history! They wanted to observe who would grasp the new era!

Will it be the rising Myriad Monarch Sect and their Ascendant Emperor of Neo-Dawn or will it be the Alchemist Association and their King of Everlore ’s Successor! The victor of this contest will likely prove to the world their superiority and claim the figurehead position of the Alchemic World!

Lin Ruyan was an extremely intelligent, knowledgeable, and astute individual, but even she wasn ’t exactly certain what was happening. As the Elemental Heaven Pavilion ’s Pavilion Master, she was familiar with the processes of Alchemy, but what she observed of Wei Wuyin felt like a rushed failure to her.

The speed at which he completed the stages was like a reckless child bulldozing their way through with a mighty hammer. She was familiar with the typical concept that most sixth-grade products took months on average to concoct, with seventh-grade products taking years, and eighth-grade products could take a decade. She understood that the greater the grade, the increased difficulty in handling greater essence, the harsher the conditions there were, and the higher focus it required to have any form of success.

The consequences of failure could mean losing an enormous time of one ’s life in vain. It promoted a culture of stability and safety, producing these extremely long concoction times.

So when she saw Wei Wuyin act in a seemingly careless manner, performing things within seconds of each other, minutes at most, and completing the entire process in under five minutes, her mind had automatically concluded it as a failure.

This wasn ’t merely her, but almost every expert, besides the elite alchemists of the world, had that similar idea and belief in their minds. Some even scorned Wei Wuyin for his youthful recklessness, some praised Qingye Ying for her patience, and some were waiting for an explanation from the commentary team so they can appropriately react.

”Is there something we ’re missing, Emperor Yi, Emperor Li? ” Lin Ruyan asked. Her words prompted the crowd ’s focus to shift to these two Alchemic Emperors of great renown. 

Gao Zi softly snorted with displeasure at their silence. He wasn ’t familiar in the slightest with alchemy besides the end result. As a demon, there weren ’t many products suitable for demonic physiology and their cultivation paths. While there were some variations of pre-existing products, most would be corroded and rendered ineffective due to their demonic energies within their bodies. Of course, this didn ’t include any of the products invented by the King of Everlore.

They were universally accepted, which shook the continent at the time, and allowed the Demonic Abyss Mountain ’s Abyss Master to exist on the same level as the Divine King Han Xei, Sacred Elven Queen, and Grand Monarch Wu Yu. The majority of products, however, weren ’t produced by the King of Everlore. So they had an increasingly lesser amount of products to choose in comparison to the rest of the races, especially humans.

Beasts and Beastmen had an even greater problem with this.

Even during the King of Everlore Era, there wasn ’t a single beastman or beastwoman on the same level as any of the top figures. 

In the end, Yi Yun took several breaths before regaining some semblance of his calm and former demeanor. He slowly explained in a slightly strained voice, ”What you all have witnessed from Ascendant Emperor Wei…just now…was the complete Seven Stages of Concoction…to success! ”

Li Che was triggered, his impulse to interfere with Yi Yun ’s words seemingly overtook his brain and mouth. He added, ”In this extremely short period of time! Not only did Ascendant Emperor Wei concoct the Refraction World-Light Elixir, a high-tier eighth-grade Elixir, but it has reached at least the lowest state of perfection, lacking any and all impurities!! ” 

Everyone, ”… ”

Qingye Yun, ”What we just witnessed, gulp, was the fastest successful concoction that ’s ever been seen in history. ” 

Everyone, ”… ”


Having learned the truth, the crowd ’s voice, in the colosseum, on the planet, in every place where the event was broadcasted within the starfield, EXPLODED!

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