Paragon of Sin

Chapter 343: Voice of Millions

”THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS!! ” A powerful voice resounded, filled with displeasure. The voice permeated throughout the entire venue, creating cascading waves of sound that reached the ears of hundreds of millions. 

”No! This is his right! ” Another voice resounded, not lacking volume or power. The faces of those observing were mixed, but most were intrigued, curious, and even faintly excited. 

The owners ’ of those two voices were two Grand Imperial Sages of the Myriad Monarch Sect, and the location of their exchange was the center of the colosseum that seated hundreds of millions, nearly a billion. The Alchemic-Era Grand Colosseum, it was aptly named. 

The owner of the first voice was a figure of wizened stature, with a leaning posture and a turtle shell. It was Zen, the Grand Imperial Sage of the Extreme Imperial Mountain. 

The owner of the second voice surprisingly belonged to Ji Changkong, the Grand Imperial Sage of the Extreme War Mountain. They were currently standing a few dozen feet above the colosseum ’s core platform, floating imposingly while their surging auras radiated out endlessly. The sheer sound of their clashing auras were like thunder, explosive and loud. 

Zen ’s eyes were inflamed with rage, pointing at Ji Changkong with a trembling finger. While wrinkled, that finger contained immense power. The tip emanated an aquamarine light. 

Ji Changkong was surrounded by Sword and Saber Intent, gorgeously sharp light circulated around him like fairies. He had his hands firmly clashed on the hilt of his sheathed sword and saber, one of each at the sides of his hip. 

Beneath them was a young handsome man with black hair and dark eyes, in a unique swordsman robe colored in white, red, and gold. He emanated an Imperial Aura befitting a noble prince, and there weren ’t many who recognized him, but those who did knew he wasn ’t merely emitting that aura—he was a prince! A Grand Prince!

Long Chen!

His expression was dark and heavy, containing a wisp of gloominess within. Long Chen stared at Zen with those eyes, displaying not a hint of respect. 

Above the colosseum, in a specific area that was between the colosseum platform and the translucent platform above, there were five throne-like seats with figures quietly sitting in them. They watched the ongoing events like judges of the world.

They were five of the most prestigious figures of the entire starfield, including the Demonic Abyss Mountain ’s Mountain Lord Gao Zi, Sacred Light Palace ’s Palace Master Jiang Feilan, and Elemental Heaven Pavilion ’s Pavilion Master Lin Ruyan. Accompanying these three absolute leaders of their Astral Territories were two Alchemic Emperors.

The first were dressed in all white, with a hearty black beard that stretched to the floor and seemingly moved with the movements of the natural world. He was a black-haired middle-aged elf with greying at the sides of his temples that accentuated his looks. He was officially recognized as the World Swirling Pill Emperor, with the name Yi Yun. He was renowned for his invention of the Swirling Transformation Pill Method.

The other was dressed rather casually, not in any official alchemist robe or possessing any flair. He was merely an old human man with beady eyes, a skinny body, and average looks. He wore normal blue robes that were very reminiscent of Tuo Bihan ’s own comfort wear. He was known as the Imbibing Stars Elixir Emperor, or Li Che. He originated from a legacy of Alchemic Emperors who mastered the Assimilating Star Elixir Method, being the fifth in line for the lineage, and the third Alchemic Emperor born from it.

These two figures both belonged to their own forces away from the hegemonic forces, with Yi Yun belonging to the Golden Coin Pavilion, and Li Che being an independent alchemist.

Amongst the five selected judges, none of them belonged to the Alchemist Association or the Myriad Monarch Sect to promote the utmost fairness. 

They were observing the situation below with keen eyes. Without much explanation, a young man took to the stage without announcement. This wasn ’t their venue, so they merely watched, and then Zen arrived, clearly sending spiritual fluctuations to him in a patient and collected manner.

But without warning, she grew angry and irritated. Then, the young man shouted to the world four words: ”I will challenge him! ” And Zen went berserk. She galvanized her immense strength and tried to forcefully remove the young man, but another Grand Imperial Sage arrived in his timely defense. Thus, the current situation was born.

Zen was exasperated to the limit, ”Do you understand what you ’re doing? Where we are?! What today is?!?! ” Her voice throbbed with anger, staring at Ji Changkong with fierce rebuke. She glanced around, trying to indicate this wasn ’t the time nor place.

But Ji Changkong, who had always been a stubborn individual, merely nodded his head with eyes filled with resolute understanding. ”I do. Regardless of what, I won ’t allow you to stop this. ”

Zen ’s breathing became heavy, turning her gaze onto Long Chen. The resolve he showed was unprecedented, shocking even her a little. She wanted to ask ’why ’ but no words came out. Looking into his eyes, she knew he wouldn ’t back down today no matter what. 

With clenched fists, she said: ”Grand Sage Tuo won ’t let this happen. ” 

Those words finally caused Ji Changkong ’s expression to change a little, recalling the only Realmlord in the Myriad Monarch Sect. If he acted, they could only be stifled. Despite this, he gripped his two hilts tighter. ”This is his right. I won ’t allow it to be taken from him, ” he firmly stated.

Zen clenched her toothless jaws, a byproduct of her turtle lineage, in helplessness. She could only turn to Long Chen, ”Do you understand what this challenge means? What would happen if you were to lose? Do you understand, do you truly understand?! ”

Long Chen had thought this through, so he was filled with certainty. Heavenly Kings were the competitors of the Grand Prince, and if the Grand Prince proved themselves unable to be beyond their generation, to be unrivaled within the sect, they were no longer qualified for their position. He would lose his right to be Grand Prince, stripped of his title forever.

But despite knowing this, he nodded with certainty.

He took a step forward, swept his gaze across the hundreds of millions of people, the vast number of elites, of those with prominent status, and even the five judges, and valiantly declared: ”I, Long Chen, Grand Prince of the Myriad Monarch Sect, challenge Wei Wuyin, Heavenly King of the Myriad Monarch Sect, to Imperial Combat!! ”

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