Paragon of Sin

Chapter 337: Reconstructing Body From Soul

Above the Extreme Origin Mountain, within the eighth Sky Layer, Qin Rui ’s Sky Palace floated elegantly above a bed of clouds. Amongst the numerous Sky Palaces that existed, hers was the smallest, whitest, and exuded an aura of yin that chillded the surroundings. This environment of hers forcefully made all her servants and subordinates, even her disciples, only females.

When men arrived, they would need a special tool to prevent the chilly yin aura from penetrating their flesh, entering their bones and blood. If it did, it ’s possible to undergo mutations, even become impotent. It also made it so no male characters, regardless of their status, would dare to step foot in her Sky Palace without permission.

In fact, the only male that had ever stepped foot into the palace before today was Tuo Bihan. Their relationship wasn ’t simple, and anyone in the sect knew this. After all, Tuo Bihan had used over a decade of his life to concoct a Spatial Spirit Pill long ago, allowing her to build a stable foundation that later contributed to her eventual rise as the Grand Imperial Sage of the Extreme Origin Mountain.

At this very moment, a second male had entered the Sky Palace. It was a young man that could be considered handsome with black hair, dark eyes, and a sharp gaze. 

Long Chen! 

He was accompanied by a bevy of beauties. They included Lian Yu, Wu Baozhai, Xiao Bing, Qing Qiumu, Long Tingyu, and Na Xinyi. The penetrating yin aura for them was extremely pleasant, especially for those who maintained their Primal Yin. Long Chen was faintly covered in a translucent aura that warded off the yin aura. It originated from a white bracelet that was fixed on his right wrist.

After Long Chen had obtained Wei Wuyin ’s unexpected agreement, the resources to reconstruct Hong Ru ’s body had been swiftly delivered to Qin Rui. He, and the others, especially Xiao Bing, wanted to be present for the reconstruction.

This was allowed by Qin Rui, who wanted to broaden their horizons. In fact, this wasn ’t the first time a body had been reconstructed, but it was never for a disembodied soul, but for a unique beastmen with extremely strong vitality that could still survive as long as their heart and brain remained undamaged. 

Of course, the body formulated would lose a large portion of its innate talents, essentially, and usually, severing the path of cultivation for the saved. After all, their body contained the mysteries of their flesh and essence. When lost, it was extremely difficult to recover.

At first, Qin Rui had expected Hong Ru ’s body to be a normal reconstruction. She would merely be given a mortal body, her path of cultivation gone, but when she was given the alchemical products, her mind froze.

Her heart completely missed several beats, nearly causing her blood to flow erratically. Her face flushed, and disbelief and shock painted her expression. She was given four alchemical products, and only two were essential, the other two were simply to ensure the most perfect result was made, and each and everyone of them was eighth-grade!


In her entire life, she had only taken in a single eighth-grade alchemical product: the Spatial Spirit Pill. It had defined her entire life thus far, yet these products were by no means inferior. While their quality was low, they were low! Not impure! Which meant they were products with 100% of their described effects.


Just for a single low-quality eighth-grade pill, numerous hegemonic forces and hidden geniuses had come out of the woodwork to compete. The Spatial Spirit Pill even sold for over 3000 Astral Stones! That was over thirty billion essence stones!!

That could directly buy a few continental flat earths and then some.

She couldn ’t even fathom it. She had consumed an impure-quality Spatial Spirit Pill, and it allowed her to reach her current level. But this…


No, HOW?!

Was Wei Wuyin already at the level of an Alchemic Emperor? Was his skills and talents far beyond their current understanding? When she recalled the numerous seventh-grade products that were used to even bribe her, and rumored to have made their way into many people ’s pockets, she was thoroughly startled. 

Was Tuo Bihan lying? Was there ever a formation used to consume the planet ’s vital energies? Was it truly the Spatial Spirit Pill that caused that extraordinary phenomena? The more she thought about it, the more certain she was that Tuo Bihan had lied, that Wei Wuyin had lied, and that he likely casually tossed out the Spatial Spirit Pill as a cover.

Her thoughts were engulfed for so long after she saw these four products that it took an hour before she could calm down.

When she finally regained herself, her beautiful eyes flashed with a resolute intent of learning the truth. For now, she would keep the alchemical products themselves a secret. Her job was merely to facilitate and oversee the reconstruction of Hong Ru ’s body, and she wouldn ’t allow herself to fail. After all, this was a disciple of her Extreme Origin Mountain and these were extraordinary resources.

She was located in a spacious room that was similar to a surgical room in design, with a lower platform where the procedure would take place and a viewing deck above. It was swiftly crafted to fit the needs of the operation extremely quickly. On the viewing deck, Long Chen and the other girls were watching closely.

Xiao Bing was extremely tense, her eyes flashed with worry. Hong Ru might seem like her rival, but they were actually as close as sisters, even closer. When she had watched her upper body be devoured cleanly by that wolf, she had lost a part of her soul. It was devoured alongside Hong Ru. She was empty, desolate, and uncertain.

Only revenge had engulfed her mind and existence for so long. But after learning that Wei Wuyin had captured the perpetrator, saved him from death by Long Chen ’s hands, she became enraged, infuriated at his actions. But later, they had found out Huangfu Jinwei had suffered a fate worse than death, having been thoroughly crippled and was experiencing endless torture in the Hell Layer, she felt relieved. 

Her newfound hatred had been sated.

If Huangfu Jinwei had merely been killed, there was no way that she could feel so relieved. But knowing he was being horrifically tortured felt much better. Even more, she had visited him to ensure it was the truth, and after seeing him in a pathetic state that was neither man nor human, regarded as less than a beast, and given brilliant and refined methods of torture that were continuously shifted for newer things, her body felt so much satisfaction it was indescribable.

Death truly was too kind of a punishment.

Her normally indifferent and wintry self had become warmer then, emulating a little of Hong Ru ’s personality, displaying more of her emotions. It was as if Hong Ru was now living through her. It was the profound impact that Hong Ru had on her soul.

When she later found out that Hong Ru ’s soul was preserved and her body could be reconstructed, the sheer surprise and happiness was even greater than witnessing the greatest form of vengeance.

So her worry was easily understood.

Qing Qiumu, similarly a member of the Extreme Origin Mountain, gently clasped Xiao Bing ’s hand into her own. ”It ’ll be fine. ” Her words were comforting, containing a warmth that could placate children of war from holding up their arms.

Xiao Bing jolted a little, feeling the gentle warmth emanating from Qing Qiumu ’s hand into her own. She clenched tightly, feeling some reassurance, but a hint of doubt and worry remained. 

She asked, ”How do you know? ” As if seeking an unfathomable answer that would placate all her worries.

”… ” Qing Qiumu was silent for a moment before a brilliant smile emerged on her face, ”If it was anyone else, I wouldn ’t be able to know. But Wei Wuyin is someone who never fails. If he says he ’ll do something, he ’ll always be able to do it. ” Her words were suffused with utmost confidence and certainty.

Xiao Bing turned around to see that beautiful, gorgeously exquisite smile and was stunned. She recalled Wei Wuyin in her mind, remembering everything he ’d done since he arrived in the sect. From immediately becoming a Sky Noble, ascending to the Heavenly King level prior to the Astral Core Realm, killing a Second Stage Astral Core Realm expert while at the Qi Condensation Realm in a brutal fashion, causing the total collapse of a Sky Noble Faction, stopping Qing Qiumu ’s execution, causing the world ’s elites to gather from his creation, and even winning the competition unchallenged.

There were more feats, far more feats, but these once more allowed her to understand that Wei Wuyin had seemingly never failed or was even rumored to have. These words caused that little bit of worry to vanish for some unfathomable reason, as if the name ’Wei Wuyin ’ was enough of a pillar to hold the very sky from collapsing.

Long Chen was quietly watching this, and observing their conversion, his expression became slightly unsightly. Was it not him who forced Wei Wuyin to perform the act? Was it not him that allowed Hong Ru ’s soul to survive? Just his presence should be enough to assure you!

A twisted thought emerged in his heart, causing him to forget that Wei Wuyin had chosen to do so of his own will before any of his tricks and Wu Yu had saved Hong Ru. He had merely stood there as she was eaten, useless and weak. 

Lian Yu felt Long Chen ’s chaotic emotions, walking to his side. She clenched his hand softly and smiled, revealing her water-like beauty. She transmitted from her gaze alone a reassuring meaning: ”You are amazing. And no matter what, I will always understand that. ” The unyielding love reflected in those sapphire-like pupils calmed Long Chen down considerably.

Long Tingyu pouted her lips, ”It was Big Brother who made this happen. Otherwise, would Wei Wu-whatever-Yin even lift a finger to help? ” Despite her unsatisfied tone, no one argued with her. Mostly because her thought process was wrong, and she was still a child in their eyes.

It was immature to think that Wei Wuyin would act for someone he didn ’t know. Hell, they never asked him or anyone before because they weren ’t even aware of Hong Ru ’s disembodied soul. But when they did ask, when he was aware, did he not take it upon himself to personally act? To personally ensure success? After all, they were all there that day.

She was clearly simply against Wei Wuyin, biased towards Long Chen. To her, Wei Wuyin was Long Chen ’s rival, so she didn ’t like him being risen to a pedestal, especially by the female companions he had. To her, they were all her big sisters because they were Long Chen ’s women.

Wu Baozha slightly smiled, understanding this more than anyone. 

Qin Rui was just about to begin, her mind had already recalled Wei Wuyin ’s instructions and details to look for during the reconstruction more than a hundred times. Her current state was at its peak, her astral force had been converted into pure Fire Force. 

She was ready.


Just as she was about to begin, she received a transmitted message. Her eyes brightened, shocked by the swiftness of Wei Wuyin. She paused, thinking she wanted to observe this development. So she sent a message and looked towards the viewing deck. Her actions caught their attention.

Long Chen asked, ”Is there an issue? ” 

Qin Rui shook her head, ”Another viewer is arriving. I ’ll begin as soon as she arrives. ”


They were confused. Was it Grand Sage Zen? They turned towards the entrance nearly simultaneously as they heard faint footsteps. In a few moments, a figure soon entered their view.

They were all startled.

Qing Qiumu ’s eyes brightened, ”Lin Ziyan?! ”

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