Paragon of Sin

Chapter 327: Absolutely Impossible

”I ’m here. ”

Two words. These were merely two words uttered in the most relaxed, calm, and simple manner imaginable. Yet these same two words felt like tidal waves crashing ferociously against the hearts and minds of everyone present.

Wei Wuyin had arrived in the Grand Monarch Central Palace with a silver flash, and without skipping the slightest beat, as if it was the most natural action in the world, he climbed up and sat on the grandest throne within the entire Myriad Monarch Sect.

It was as if this seat that emanated a boundless imperial presence was always and forever meant for him to sit in. The eyes of the Grand Imperial Sages were widened like full moons, excluding Tuo Bihan, and there were even faint lines of red within them that pulsated with bewilderment. As for the youths, these beautiful women below, they were staring with gazes of unimaginable disbelief.

What was overbearing?

This was overbearing!

Long Chen was the most shocked of all. His heart beat nearly stopped as he watched Wei Wuyin calmly and naturally sit upon the very throne he had dreamed himself claiming. It was as if time had slowed down as it happened. How can he…

This is…

Tuo Bihan was the only one present that wasn ’t overly shocked or surprised. It wasn ’t that Wei Wuyin had talked about this with him before, but this little boss of his possessed the qualifications to act as he pleased in his eyes. Therefore, he didn ’t feel any intense emotions. In fact, there was an odd emotion within his heart as if this was how things should be. If the Myriad Monarch Sect ’s Grand Monarch Lineage was discarded or if Wei Wuyin decided to take up leadership, how great would that be? This was a thought he would ’ve never had a year ago.

The King of Everlore, a Mortal Sovereign Alchemist, had spent centuries building up his name and remaining mostly an independent entity that didn ’t favor any specific force or person. He had raised and nurtured numerous legendary figures such as the Divine King Han Xei, Sacred Elven Queen, Demonic Abyss Mountain ’s Abyss Master, and even the Grand Monarch Wu Yu himself. They were all creations of his astonishing ability, and they defined entire eras!

If Wei Wuyin decided to wholeheartedly nurture the Myriad Monarch Sect, let alone the Tri-Vision Starfield, there would be far, far greater avenues of growth. 

Unfortunately, Wei Wuyin had never acted in the utmost interest of the Myriad Monarch Sect without restraint. There was an unseen obstacle that was between Wei Wuyin ’s heart and the Myriad Monarch Sect that he was aware of, but he didn ’t know what it was or how to remove it. Therefore, he simply accepted his current role.

But not everyone reacted as calmly as him. 


A surging aura erupted, mighty and vast like the ocean itself! Zen ’s eyes flared with aquamarine light, her entire body radiated incredible power. 

”You dare?! Rise this INSTANT! ” Her reaction was aggressive and expected. What Wei Wuyin had just done was an affront to the Grand Monarch Lineage, and she took that personally as the upholder of the Extreme Imperial Mountain and its prestige. It was her duty to do so.

For that moment, Wei Wuyin ’s potential, his alchemical skills and status, and even the numerous benefits she had received prior had been utterly erased from her mind as she felt bubbling rage surface. Her sixth phase cultivation base was imposing, suitable for a Grand Imperial Sage. A violent mana storm was abruptly birthed within the throne room and a violent spiritual pressure gushed from her and made its way towards Wei Wuyin in a crushing manner.

If Wei Wuyin, a Sky Ruler, were to be hit by that wave of astonishing spiritual power, he might very well be killed immediately. But his expression remained entirely unchanged, only giving Zen a light glance over.

Zen, who had nearly lost her rationality, felt a foreign power instantly engulf her entire body. In a matter of less than a second, her spiritual pressure had dissipated like the wind, her gushing aura had deflated, and she found herself completely sealed. Even if she wanted to release her powers, she couldn ’t. Even if she wanted to lift a finger, she could only dream of twitching.

Her eyes widened with immense shock as she turned her head slowly to see Tuo Bihan lightly tapping her shoulder with two fingers. She was appalled that her entire cultivation base, something cultivated with her utmost effort for over a thousand years, had been so thoroughly suppressed with a mere touch. 

Was this the absolute difference between the sixth and seventh phase?! Her old and wizened heart was in an agitated state. It wasn ’t merely her, even Qin Rui and Ji Changkong were completely thunderstruck by the event. Zen ’s might was extremely powerful, and they would have to take it seriously lest they suffered severe injuries. But Tuo Bihan, in a single moment, with a single touch, had rendered her helpless and defeated.

Tuo Bihan calmly said, ”Relax. ” Only one word, but it revealed his absolute stance on the matter! Tuo Bihan did not care that Wei Wuyin sat on the Grand Throne. In fact, he seemed to willingly accept that fact! If the three Grand Imperial Sages were shocked before, the implications of this made them utterly speechless.

Wei Wuyin seemed entirely unaffected by the perilous moment he had just experienced. He ignored Zen, directly looking towards the ten individuals standing beneath the two sets of thrones before settling on a single figure.

”Prince Long, you wanted me here. Now I ’m here. What is it that you want? ” Wei Wuyin asked. After all, he was a busy man. He ’d much rather be eating right now, something far more important than this in his mind. While he knew he was merely there because he might be needed, he took control over the situation.

Long Chen, ”… ” 

He couldn ’t quite process the series of events that had just transpired, nor did he find it comfortable to be speaking to Wei Wuyin while he was in an elevated position. Even the ’Prince Long ’ sounded as if it contained a hint of mockery and disdain. He couldn ’t help but glance around him to see the expressions of everyone present.

Qing Qiumu had a helpless smile on her gorgeous face. It seemed that she expected such actions from Wei Wuyin, not offended, unhappy, or even too shocked by his actions. In fact, there was a distinct light of a chuckle in her eyes. As if to say: ”Only you would do something so outrageous. ”

As for Wu Baozhai, her expression was the most drastic change. He didn ’t know why, but she was in utter disbelief with widened eyes and a gaped mouth. She briefly, for a moment, turned to Long Chen as a complex and dubious light emerged. Then, as if catching herself and noticing Long Chen ’s gaze, she shifted her eyes downwards and maintained a neutral expression.

Xiang Ling ’s face contained a faint blush and misty eyes. What was going through her mind at the moment, Long Chen couldn ’t tell. 

The others were mostly affected by commonly shared emotions: shock and disbelief. But Long Chen felt a tinge in his heart, his eyes consciously or subconsciously turned towards Na Xinyi. Those dull grey eyes revealed not a slightest trace of shock or disbelief. She was prenaturally calm, a mysterious emotion present within those eyes of hers as she stared at Wei Wuyin ’s figure.

He felt his heart descend in an unknown world for a moment. It was as if his entire body had been dipped into a vat of cold water. He didn ’t know why, but he felt his heart squeeze.

In the end, he had to turn away. He gathered his strength, mustered his courage, and turned to face Wei Wuyin.

”Wei Wuyin, ” his words were spoken with a faint bite. ”The rules of the Myriad Monarch Sect affords me the right to make three Imperial Orders as the Grand Prince, successor of the Grand Monarch Lineage! ”

Wei Wuyin nodded, ”That ’s right. ” He didn ’t deny Long Chen his right. This is what he was rightfully owed by the Myriad Monarch Sect and the only reason he was present today. Otherwise, could Long Chen, even with his newly established status of a Grand Prince, ever summon him? 

He still cared about rules and regulations within a reasonable manner, lest chaos be brought to every facet of a force. While he had no issue bending or outright manipulating the rules to his favor, he didn ’t like outright breaking set rules. 

In fact, if Zen was a little calmer, she would ’ve realized that the Grand Throne had a formation that only allowed those worthy to sit upon it. Even if a Realmlord like Tuo Bihan wanted to sit, it was utterly impossible. He would be lucky if he wasn ’t crippled by the incident. As for Wei Wuyin?

He had long since obtained the Myriad Monarch Canon. It was currently in his possession, on his very body in fact. The divine item that allowed those to cultivate the Imperial Heaven Qi Method, to enter the Grand Imperial Lineage, the absolute treasure of the sect, was now in his. If it wasn ’t for this divine object, why would Wei Wuyin go through so much trouble to bring Wu Yu to his side? So according to the rules, he could freely sit here.

Even Wu Yu within the ring had no comment.

Furthermore, with the presence of Wu Yu, he could freely manipulate the aura of the Myriad Monarch Canon, allowing the Grand Throne to recognize him. Similar to how those without Alchemic Natal Souls can generate Alchemic Qi or Alchemic Force, he can generate Imperial Heaven Energy with a little effort. While others might find this difficult, Wei Wuyin as an alchemist skilled in transmutation of energies found it extremely easy. Even now, he no longer needed Wu Yu assistance to generate the Imperial Heaven Aura. 

While it benefited him very little in cultivation or improvement to his combat prowess, it allowed him to concoct a few specialty products listed on the Myriad Monarch Canon that had been personally devised by the King of Everlore and several other elite Alchemic Emperors. Unfortunately, he couldn ’t activate the Myriad Monarch Canon ’s true power. That required Imperial Heaven Essence Energy, an Imperial Astral Soul, something he fundamentally lacked.

Long Chen was unaware of all this, merely clenching his teeth and continuing, ”My first order…I ask that Tuo Bihan reconstruct Hong Ru ’s body! ” When he declared these words, his heart was twisting in pain as he recalled Hong Ru ’s gruesome death. If it wasn ’t for his uselessness, for Wu Yu ’s swift actions, he might ’ve lost her for good. The thought of it left him in despair and helplessness, but Wu Yu had informed him that a Realmlord could create another body for her.

This was why he cultivated like a madman and ascended from the First Stage of the Astral Core Realm to the Third, entering the Soul Idol Phase. In less than a year, he ’s made outstanding leaps as he drew upon his untapped potential and erupted. But with Tuo Bihan now present, he could allow her to be reborn ahead of time. Not in decades or centuries, but in a short period of time.

Tuo Bihan was instantly caught off-guard. He turned to Wei Wuyin, seemingly curious if he could even do something of that level. One must know, Tuo Bihan was a novice in the realm, and besides the foundational aspects of the realm, he hadn ’t delved into all his powers. Of course he didn ’t believe that Wei Wuyin would know, but Wu Yu might.

Even Wei Wuyin was similarly clueless. If he was asked if it was possible for an alchemic product to achieve such a feat, then he would know the answer. He could use an eighth-grade product to create a body shaped by a soul, but that required a disembodied soul. Wu Yu needed the Ever-Rebirth Pill, a ninth-grade pill that could not only create a body of a Mystic Ascendant but re-establish their entire cultivation base. 

If there was a pill of this level that existed, then there were obviously lesser pills that did similar things with less effect. He even had a few on his person at the moment.

”It ’s possible, ” Wu Yu ’s voice resounded. While he didn ’t give any detail, Wei Wuyin realized Tuo Bihan could actually create a body. But if one thought about it, Realmlords can create isolated realms with enough time. As for Mystic Ascendants, even flat continental earth, planet, and solar stars can be created.

Wei Wuyin thought for a moment, looked at Long Chen and asked, ”The other two? ”

Long Chen inwardly breathed a sigh of relief for some reason. He felt that Tuo Bihan, a person that, by Wu Yu ’s very words, should be impossible to ascend to the Seventh Stage, had been risen to that level due to Wei Wuyin. And after seeing Tuo Bihan stop Zen ’s assault after he sat on the Grand Throne, he was more certain that Tuo Bihan had wholeheartedly become Wei Wuyin ’s subordinate. Now that Wei Wuyin wasn ’t bothered by that order, he could confidently move on.

”Secondly, I want Lin Ziyan to be treated with everything the sect has to offer until she ’s fully recovered. For her to… ” He grew emotional as he turned to see Lin Ziyan who sat quietly in a wheelchair. Her aged hair and dullish pale skin felt like a knife to his heart, a constant reminder of his inability to protect those he loves. While her state had improved dramatically after Wei Wuyin had sent her to be taken care of, it wasn ’t enough.

There were eighth-grade products, mystical treasures of heaven and earth, and other tools that could better help her current state that wasn ’t being utilized. In terms of the medical field, Wei Wuyin had truly kept the end of his bargain, but the art of medicine was severely lacking in development. Lian Yu, a healing sage, could do nothing more than ease the pain Lin Ziyan was feeling.

”Third! I… ” He paused after recollecting himself, turning towards Na Xinyi. There was a brief hesitation in his eyes, hesitation that Qing Qiumu, Wu Baozhai, and Na Xinyi caught instantly. These three were extremely astute in their senses and intellect, and Na Xinyi was the target of his gaze. How could she miss it? 

She silently clenched her fists.

In the end, Long Chen said: ”I want the sect to help Na Xinyi ’s Three-Point Yin Physique fully recover. ”

”… ” Wei Wuyin was silent for a long while, his gaze sweeping meeting the gazes of all those present. He now realized that these women were here to support Long Chen, likely to argue if denied or rejected. Xiang Ling was likely here because of Long Tingyu, Qing Yawen was here for Qing Qiumu, and the rest were here for Long Chen. As for Qing Qiumu, perhaps they thought he wouldn ’t interfere with any request if she was here.

Wei Wuyin finally spoke, and when he did, the hearts of everyone present trembled. Because he said…

”Absolutely impossible! ”

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