Paragon of Sin

Chapter 316: G.S.T Conclusion

”… ” 

After that invigorating battle, the spectating elites were still trying to catch their breaths from these developments. Their thoughts were still engrossed in each explosive clash and that mysterious ending. Zuhei ’s fate was largely unknown, having been placed within a crystal coffin by Wei Wuyin. As for Lin Ming, the likely victor of the battle between the two, he had vanished abruptly without explanation or warning. 

From the spatial fluctuations still present at his spot of disappearance, all these elites with their keen senses could determine that he had been sent elsewhere. Lin Ming ’s state was even more gruesome and horrific than Zuhei. It was very likely that he would be unfit to battle for weeks or months, so this heaven-defying genius with a Nine-Ringed Soul Idol had been eliminated whether he stayed or not.

It was even possible that the injuries from that fearsome attack from Zuhei had claimed his life or at least half of it. These were their thoughts that were followed by an inward sigh of relief. If Zuhei or Lin Ming decided to stay on the platform, who had the qualification to challenge either of them? Even if they claimed the platform, the time between battles could last for days or weeks. That was more than enough time for them to recover a majority of their strength.

But alas, endings weren ’t always idyllic like fairytales. 

Wei Wuyin had stepped onto the platform.

There wasn ’t a single figure here that didn ’t have pause for one reason or another. And this had to do with Zuhei. While these people were elites of the younger generation, they thoroughly understood the limitations of talent in the current era. The numerous stories of top-tier characters were fresh in their minds. But these characters were nearly insignificant before Zuhei and Lin Ming.

While Lin Ming remained a total mystery, Zuhei wasn ’t. By now, they already understood that Zuhei was a subordinate of Wei Wuyin. If that was the case, then Wei Wuyin, this young alchemist that wasn ’t even fifty years old, had forged an elite that far, far exceeded the standards of this era.

A Nine-Ringed Soul Idol!

A Zenith Mortal State Astral Soul!

Dual Intents!

Zuhei was, hands down, in the top three figures in the younger generation with the greatest talent and potential. And this was greatly attributed to Wei Wuyin ’s efforts. This Prince of Everlore had created a top-tier genius with a few years that exceeded this era! Any fool with a little intelligence could understand this implication, let alone these top-tier young elites with exceptional talents.

Regardless of which force they belonged to, whether they were from the four great forces of the Tri-Vision Starfield or a part of a lesser force, they were hesitant. Truly, truly hesitant. 

Wei Wuyin, with his unearthly countenance and extraordinary aura, left them considerably conflicted. This had to do with the reason for this grand trial to begin with! It was merely to obtain an eighth-grade alchemical product including a series of other top-notch resources. But where and how did this all begin?

Should they, no, can they even challenge this figure before them? What were these little resources? In a hundred years, wouldn ’t seventh-grade alchemical products or even higher be available via this individual? While the Princess of Everlore existed, she belonged to a neutral power that cared about profit and face. The Myriad Monarch Sect? That was a legitimate heavyweight with exceptional reach.

The implication was explicit. 

They converged at the broken area where the battle arena had once been. Several minutes went by without a single individual from the crowd uttering a single word. They stared at Wei Wuyin ’s figure as he simply stood there with a nonchalant stance and faint smile. His unfathomable silver eyes swept the crowd from time to time.

Su Mei couldn ’t help but want to laugh. This was always bound to happen. The Alchemist Association had failed to account for this eventuality. If they still had their elite genius within the contest, perhaps he would stand up to challenge Wei Wuyin, but who actually had the guts to do so beside them?

Sure, these figures belonged to various powers and might not receive any direct support from Wei Wuyin, but what if they earned his ire? Could they really try to fight with all they have? Try to take Wei Wuyin ’s life? It just seemed like a lose-lose situation. 

In the end, a figure stood out amongst the elites.

”…W-We…Prince Wei, I have a question. ” This person was a pretty young elf with azure-colored hair that seemed to originate from the Sacred Light Palace. She had blushed cheeks, looking relatively cute as she flusteredly spoke in a shy manner. Her actions caused numerous gazes to turn towards her, a few filled with relief and expectations. They urged her on with their eyes.

When she briefly glanced at the crowd, she tried to harden her resolve further after noticing their expressions.

Wei Wuyin smilingly said, ”Ask away. ” 

Seeing Wei Wuyin directly smiling at her caused her heart to race, and she felt a faint heat within her body. Her blushing face turned even redder as she became somewhat embarrassed. She looked away and bit her lower lip slightly. 

It took her a while and a few spiritual transmissions before she calmed herself and asked, ”This Grand Spirit Trials…don ’t you think its unfair for you to… ” She trailed off, not really understanding what she wanted to ask exactly. Should she ask why he was participating? Why did he decide to take the platform now?

But when her mind fully entered this line of questioning, she realized swiftly that those questions weren ’t appropriate to ask. After all, he was a participant because he was qualified. He took the platform because he intended to claim victory just like the rest. Regardless of when, wouldn ’t he have to take the stage regardless?

Wei Wuyin shook his head, ”Unfair? I ’m not prohibiting anyone from challenging me, even killing me if they could. Within the confines of the rules, of course. It ’s simply that…no one wants to, right? ” 

”… ” The crowd ’s faint murmurs and expressions went silent and dark respectively. 

”I have a lot riding on the end result of this trial, and I stand to gain more from it than any of you. Of course I ’ll take the stage, ” Wei Wuyin continued. While his logic was sound, this only caused the hearts of those hesitant to moan in defeat. If they challenged him, even if they could win, which was already an uncertainty, they would be actively hindering his victory. All possible forms of relations would be ended before it even began.

The young woman from the Sacred Light Palace knew his words made sense and looked down at her feet. She wasn ’t normally a shy person, but before this person, she felt an innate sense of inferiority within herself. 

Long Chen clenched his fists, creating audible crunches. He wanted to claim victory in this tournament, obtain the resources with his own hands. Those resources could bolster his cultivation considerably, allowing him to further his future path to the apex. But Wei Wuyin was an impregnable obstacle that he couldn ’t destroy.

If Wu Yu was with him, perhaps he would have a chance, but he knew that the Grand Imperial Monarchs would interfere if Wei Wuyin was truly put into a life-threatening situation. Even if it broke the rules. Furthermore, Su Mei was likely another Zuhei-level figure. If he fought it all out with Wei Wuyin, he might end up like Zuhei and Lin Ming at the end of it. That simply wasn ’t worth it.

Qing Qiumu was still a little shocked by Zuhei ’s ’death ’. Then, Wei Wuyin had taken the stage and essentially caused all these young elites to silently admit defeat for fear of offending him. They all had desire towards victory, making their names renowned in the world, but that was far unlikely considering the events before.

Zuhei and Lin Ming had revealed a truth that hadn ’t fully settled in their hearts and minds, but the seed had been planted. It was the ’standard ’ of the newfound meaning of a ’young elite ’. They were inferior, vastly inferior in comparison.

Just like that grey-robed young man facing Da Shan, many Soul Idol cultivators rings were four or less. Before, reaching four rings made one an extremely talented genius with the potential to rise to extraordinary heights. But now, what was a Four-Ringed Soul Idol? What was even a Five-Ringed Soul Idol? Many of the Grand Imperial Sage-level figures had reached the Five-Ringed Soul Idol!

Two Nine-Ringed Soul Idols with Zenith Mortal State Astral Souls and comprehended Intent had been borne amongst this generation, and they were both from separate powers. If this wasn ’t the inception of a new age, what was? 

There were numerous individuals with Sixth Mortal State or Seventh, and likely very few were at the eighth, with practically none at the Ninth Mortal State. Just this foundational difference already created an insurmountable gap.

That seed might not form, but it was there. They knew that their place in the future would be relegated to little if a new era had started to form. If Realmlords, Timelords, and even Starlords were to re-emerge, they would be nothing.

Grand Imperial Sages? Those top-tier powerhouses that they worshipped nearly religiously? 


They would be minor characters in the future, no longer decision makers.

Qing Qiumu was more aware of this fact than the others. Furthermore, she deeply understood why the hesitation had emerged in everyone ’s hearts more than they themselves understood. She had received Wei Wuyin ’s few months of instructions and a few alchemical products, and she had grown several times stronger, increased her cultivation base, and improved in her foundation. Even her Mortal State had been improved by a level!

The world had already received an immense shock, but this was nothing yet before what could happen in the future.

In the end, Long Chen couldn ’t handle the stance everyone had taken. He said in criticism, ”You should know why they ’re unwilling to challenge you. They fear retaliation, fear you might hold a grudge that will affect their future, the future of their descendants, and the force they belong to. Can you be any more shameless?! ”

”…! ” The crowd was startled by Long Chen speaking their inner thoughts. How brazen!

Wei Wuyin casually swept his gaze over Long Chen, seeing Qing Qiumu beside him. He could see from her expression that Qing Qiumu was taken aback by Long Chen ’s words. He merely responded with, ”Fear? Even if they truly fear me, do you? Why don ’t you come and challenge me. ”

”… ” Long Chen instantly grew silent as his expression became slightly unsightly. The gazes of everyone present arrived on his body, and a few even contained disdain and ridicule for no other reason than his brazen attitude of exposing their thoughts yet having the same thoughts. Of course, they didn ’t know that Long Chen ’s reasoning for not challenging Wei Wuyin were somewhat different.

In his mind, Wei Wuyin would only be outclassed by him in the same cultivation. He had the legacy of a Mystic Ascendant! You had an ungodly talent, fused two Astral Souls into one, and had a fantastic foundation. How could he fear Wei Wuyin? Still, he didn ’t step up after he briefly glanced at Su Mei.

While Wei Wuyin might not be as talented or as strong as him, Zuhei, Lin Ming, and likely Su Mei had talent and potential to do so. Zuhei had shown this, and Su Mei had been Wei Wuyin ’s subordinate since he first met him.

If he had to give Wei Wuyin any words of praise, it was his ability to find exceptional talents and nurture them. But that ’s it. 

In truth, a few elites amongst them felt that they could defeat Wei Wuyin. They simply didn ’t wish to do so due to the potential fallout. 

Wei Wuyin sneered in his heart. Regardless of his disdain, he decided to bring this event to a close. He never intended to fight a single battle, and had used this as a platform to hone his claws and fangs. Su Mei and himself weren ’t originally supposed to be here. As for having Su Mei fight the remaining participant, there was no need. Besides Lin Ming, no one here had the qualification to receive ten moves from Su Mei without losing their lives, and that was without her Soul Idol.

Since Zuhei had fought a Blessed and lost by a small margin, there was no other reason to continue with this event.

”Regardless of whether you fear offending me or you ’re too weak to take action, I ’ve decided to claim victory. So, victory is mine. Any objections? ” Wei Wuyin calmly declared, his tone was casual yet held a faint hint of extreme dominance.

”… ” 

Soon, an hour passed.

Wei Wuyin remained unchallenged, and this Grand Spirit Trials had ended on a note that told everyone one thing: A New Era had arrived.

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