Paragon of Sin

Chapter 302: G.S.T Princess of the Forest

All the spectators viewing the Grand Spirit Trials, be it the old foxes or hot-blooded youths, felt their blood flow start to accelerate and their hearts to wildly pound. This was the moment that many were waiting for with bated breaths. For some, it was to see the extent of Wei Wuyin ’s abilities. For others, it was to spectate some truly tantalizing battles that were rarely witnessed within the world.

Due to the severely limited number of Astral Core Realm cultivators in relation to other cultivators, this degree of battle was something that was typically only witnessed in times of war. And during those times, who had the luxury to record? The luxury to patiently observe while their little lives were at risk?

But now all that was recorded was a small fee, and they had clear access to the utmost youthful elites of a generation with profound cultivation bases ready to intensely clash with vigor and blazing fervor. It was a moment that would go down in history! Regardless of the results.

Within the numerous abodes directly above Junia, those elders, sect leaders, association masters, and teachers of these elites felt somewhat different, except a unique few. While most outside were thriving incessantly with expectations, these true experts understood one crucial fact: Wei Wuyin ’s cultivation base. 

They had reviewed the clip of him dealing with three Gold Starred Beast with exceptional ease, revealing his Astral Core that was a full centimeter in diameter, and his brief clash with Zuhei. This footage dispersed their tension, feeling as if the end result had already been determined. Most were just resting, waiting for the inevitable end. The suspense simply wasn ’t there in their hearts.

Qin Rui stood alongside Yao Zhen and Ji Changkong. Behind them were their disciples and descendants, including Shudao and Yao Wei. Their expressions were slightly unsightly at the moment. They had both been eliminated by Zuhei and Su Mei ’s rampage. Despite being filled with regret and an ill-mood, they could only sigh in helplessness. If it was anyone else, perhaps they could find an avenue to get revenge or one-up their opponent in the future, but it was Zuhei and Su Mei—Wei Wuyin ’s subordinates.

Regardless if it was in terms of resources, backing, or potential, they were likely matched or totally outclassed. How could they hope to rival these experts with the full backing of an Emperor Alchemist? Furthermore, he was exceptionally and frighteningly young.

Even if they wanted to act out, they could only sit down due to Wei Wuyin ’s own personal strength and status. It probably wouldn ’t be a stretch to say that if they wanted to make a move, Ji Changkong and Yao Zhen would properly settle them before anything came about.

They hadn ’t even consoled them when they were eliminated, only giving them some perfunctory words before discussing other things as if their elimination was irrelevant. In the beginning, they didn ’t understand this attitude until they saw Wei Wuyin ’s fights.

They had the same cultivation base as Wei Wuyin. 


They completely understood.

An Emperor Alchemist, a peak-tier demonic genius with heaven-defying foundation, and less than fifty years of age. They, who were above a century and even nearing two, were completely and entirely defeated. If the gap between two people were too big, envy was very difficult to be birthed in one ’s heart, only reverence and respect. And the gap between them was too big.

”It ’s starting! ” The all-too-familiar elder that had kept Wei Wuyin ’s existence in mind since the beginning, with a near fanatical expression on his face, exclaimed with unfettered excitement. His words were loud enough to cause the hearts of everyone present, elder, disciple, or sage to throb. Unlike some who were dejected, they were filled with pride and excitement. This emotional response was only brought further beyond the norm when they recalled the wager by the first-tier forces.


The tablets of all the participants started to vibrate. The map on its surface started to shift and change, becoming rows of text. Wei Wuyin withdrew his tablet and inspected it. 

Myriad Monarch Participant.

Sky Ruler Cultivation.

Spirit Points: 3205.

# of Continuous Victories: 0.

Below this familiar text was the complete set of rules, including the special circumstances of stronger cultivators facing weaker cultivators. Firstly, when two cultivators of equivalent cultivation were to fight, the loser would lose 50 Spirit Points. If they reach zero, their tablet will break and they ’ll be transported out—Dead or Alive.

It also stated that if a Sky Ruler cultivator wished to challenge a World Sea cultivator, one must pay 100 or all of their remaining Spirit Points. If the World Sea cultivator can pay the same amount, they can avoid the battle, cancelling the match. Of course, this can be done numerous times.

The only issue was the difficulty for higher phase cultivators in earning points in the Trial of Beasts and Trial Light, meaning most might only have a 100 or less. So if they were matched, they would be eliminated right then and there. So it was best to fight against those of equal cultivation, earning enough points.

But what was tricky was two of the win conditions. To win ten matches consistently was unrealistic, especially considering a fight against equal cultivation was bound to be difficult, and to go unchallenged for an hour. This was definitely not a sprint, but a marathon if one used a little of their intellect. In fact, it might be impossible to win.

If carefully thought about, lower ranked cultivators can challenge higher ranked cultivators freely, so they could challenge and surrender, stalling enough for other cultivators to regain their energies after a fierce fight. 

When Wei Wuyin noticed this, he turned towards the battle platform and frowned. While it might seem like a loophole, anyone who thinks that is likely an idiot. The first person to try would likely suffer somehow. As he read the rules, there was nothing that jumped out at the punishment for such thinking, but knowing the Myriad Monarch Sect ’s modus operandi, it definitely wouldn ’t be so easy.

As for his points, he knew that the majority of it(1,500) was gained from his suppression of his three Gold Starred Beasts. The other was from their elimination spree during the Trial of Light and from the pillar of light trials. For him to have gained so much meant he had a shocking advantage.

It was this rule that caused those above to wallow in despair and helplessness. If a weaker cultivator eliminates a stronger cultivator in a challenge, they receive the entirety of their points. Not a 100. The goal of reaching 10,000 might be completed within a few fights. 

In fact, if he were to take Zuhei and Su Mei ’s points altogether, they would add up to above 10,000. It was quite an unprecedented and unpredictable circumstance. It nearly felt rigged.

Of course he wouldn ’t do such a thing, especially since this was a venue where Su Mei and Zuhei could hone their cultivation and combat instincts through fighting strong, talented, and vibrant elites. Due to the severely limited five million Astral Core Realm cultivators in a starfield of tens of trillions, one can only imagine the deficit of challengers.

Excluding war, having a hot-blooded fight with everything on the line was only possible here. After all, even death was possible.

As for those at the Soul Idol Phase? It wouldn ’t be a stretch to say there were less than a hundred thousand in the starfield, including those beyond their cultivation level. 


Abruptly, four pillars of crystalline light shot from the diamonds at the edge of the platform. It shot into the sky in a radiant glow of a myriad colors, officially starting the Trial of Combat. The eyes of everyone in meditation had fully opened, their bodies, minds, and spirits were brimming with intensity.

A voice sounded like a divinity from the sky, ”Let the Trial of Combat officially commence! Step forward, and face the challenges of your peers! Good luck, rulers of our future! ” The deep and astonishingly powerful voice rumbled the blood of everyone present, their bodies feeling restless as their spirits were fiercely roused.

Zuhei ’s scarlet eyes flared with an exceptionally sharp and piercing light, radiating intense battle intent! He clearly felt the Battle Aura that originated from Battle Intent permeate with the voice as an origin. It roused the burning flames and egos of each and everyone of them.

Wei Wuyin revealed a slight smile, his mind drifting back to the Scarlet Solaris Sect. When he turned towards Su Mei, she had a faint smile suffusing a feeling of immersing oneself in nostalgia. Even the platform was engulfed in a faint battle aura, stimulating their senses and allowing their bodies to reach a state slightly beyond their peak. 

The Myriad Monarch Sect was truly hoping to instigate battles of a ferocious scale, allowing these youths to clash with their everything.

Now was the time. The first person to step forward would be the first to face the challenges of those present, from perhaps weaker, equivalent, or even stronger phased cultivators. To be the first to step forth required an immense amount of courage, as the level of exhaustion would definitely wear one down even if they won. 

Furthermore, they would be at a disadvantage, unable to choose their opponents. But only the courage to face the unknown, to face all comers and obstacles was befitting of the victor of the Grand Spirit Trials. After all, it was a trial that tested one ’s spirit!!

Zuhei ’s body was ready to rush forward, but he didn ’t act hastily. This was only because of Wei Wuyin ’s words, otherwise he would ’ve jumped out onto the stage before even the voice of the announcer finished uttering its first word. 

For a few seconds, besides the roiling sounds of potent blood and rousing auras, no one said anything. Until…

”I ’ll go first… ” When this voice sounded, everyone turned and they were absolutely shocked. The voice was warm, natural, and felt lovely to listen to, but within it was a will that was harder than oak. A gorgeous woman with a pair of emerald eyes and silky emerald hair, her ample breasts, slim waist, and stable posture left one in admiration. However, what truly left one in awe was her face, like a perfect picture of an immortal fairy from legends. She was a world-toppling beauty that could instigate war within the starfield, if used correctly.

But this woman walked forward at this moment and revealed unprecedented bravery and astounding courage. Her wood energies culminated into a solid and sturdy aura that encapsulated around her figure. When she stood at the center of the stage, she swept her emerald eyes to the hundreds of elites that remained.

Her eyes shone brightly with a light of clear provocation, as if saying to all: ”Come at me. ”

Her war-like spirit invoked both admiration and feelings of adoration within the hearts of men, quite a few already deciding that this woman was perfect for them as a Dao Companion. Just a vigorous spirit.

When she stepped onto the platform, her information was revealed by the four lights, painting the sky for all to see.

Qing Qiumu.

Myriad Monarch Participant.

Sky Ruler Cultivation.

Spirit Points: 207.

# of Continuous Victories: 0.

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