Paragon of Sin

Chapter 300: G.S.T Da Shan

With the initiation of the third trial, the numerous elites that remained gathered their will and seethed with battle intent and confidence. They had made it past the Trial of Beasts and the Trial of Light in outstanding fashion, paving their way forward using their deep intellect and profound cultivation bases. While those eliminated could only depressingly wallow in their failure, accepting their fates with lonesome hearts.

As for the watchers, those spectators of this grand competition, they could only carry wry smiles and bitter expressions as they were fed prerecorded images and details regarding the participants and competition thus far. To those ignorant of the immense elimination rate, they were soon made devastatingly aware of a singular presence: Wei Wuyin.

With a reputation that already gave many pause, a filling sensation of reverence and expectation, he had revealed his extraordinary personal prowess and his subordinates ’ fantastical abilities. To many, the competition had been decided. Regardless of who, the Myriad Monarch Sect was bound to claim first place.

Now, the competition was less about who would win but how each remaining contestant would place in this final trial. In fact, even the betting had been amended by many stations, realizing the futility of the circumstances, they created new bets regarding how far each remaining individual would go before being eliminated. This was relatively well received by the many spectators. Especially the Myriad Monarch Sect ’s private betting arenas, they even allowed 50% of the previous bet to be withdrawn and added to another bet.

This was clearly a move made in jubilation by the sect elders and was met by a lot of respect and excitement. After all, many felt somewhat scammed after the ratios were released. Those in Wei Wuyin ’s entourage were widely unknown in regards to their abilities, and Wei Wuyin himself had a horrendous ratio of roughly a thousand to one odds for victory in spirit stones.

With this move, many felt that the Myriad Monarch Sect had some tact. This was much appreciated. But in truth, just the remaining earnings from the bets were sufficient to allow the Myriad Monarch Sect to thrive greatly for a century.


Unlike the Trial of Beast or the Trial of Light, the Trial of Combat was focused in a single location and was held in a similar manner as standard tournaments. It was a flat grassy plain that spanned several kilometers, with a white square stone platform that had a clear division of lines as if it was composed of a myriad of smaller squares. At each corner of the square platform were one diamond-shaped crystal object that stood at twenty meters, totaling four in all.

These diamonds shimmered with gorgeous rainbow light and seemed to emit an exceptionally mysterious aura. If one tried to peer into its depths, they might be beguiled by its rainbow shimmer and become lost for who knows how long. From time to time, they would flicker with crystalline lights that seemed to manifest images in the air. These images ranged from individuals fighting to miraculous formations with exceptional detail.

For several kilometers, there was nothing but flat space, so each arrival was clearly revealed. But during this period, there were no chaotic fights. Instead, cultivators would arrive and analyze the platform before finding a location to settle themselves nearby. Many even cultivated, trying to better their mental and physical states.

Of course, any beasts that had been tamed were released. The tablet they wielded contained a set of rules including how this competition would proceed. 

Firstly, the area prohibited beasts from entering unless they were registered at the beginning of the competition, a rule for beast masters. Secondly, until the official start of the competition, all conflict and battles were prohibited. Any attempt to do so was met with automatic disqualification of the offending party. Lastly, all points earned during the first two trials can be kept, allowed to be traded for resources or during this competition.

The last rule revealed that this tournament would definitely not be an ordinary competition, and perhaps the final victor might not be the strongest.

When Wei Wuyin first read the rules of the tournament, he frowned in surprise. He hadn ’t expected the rules to be so complex yet so simple. It was rather unexpected. 

The format for the tournament was a free challenge. Any participant can enter the arena at will. When they do, they can receive free challenges from any participant of the same cultivation. This meant those at the Sky Ruler Phase can challenge those at the Sky Ruler Phase without restriction, and they ’ll fight until a victor is decided, either by surrender, death, or being spared by their opponent after unconsciousness. 

Either way, the loser would lose a portion of their Spirit Points depending on the situation, which is given to the winner. When one loses all their Spirit Points, their tablet will shatter and they ’ll be ejected from the tournament, officially being eliminated.

As for those with higher cultivations that wish to challenge those with lower cultivations, they need to pay a specific amount of points depending on the level difference. If the challenged individual can match the number, the challenge is cancelled, and both parties lose points.

When Wei Wuyin first read this portion of the format, he felt it was incredibly sinister yet frighteningly intelligent. Those who were weaker had it easier in earning points, so they can directly avoid challenges. Furthermore, the one with higher cultivation had to risk this. If they used their points in an ill-manner, lacking foresight, they could be eliminated or lose their qualifications to win the championship.

This was because those with higher cultivation bases would have to challenge those of lower cultivations, it was inevitable; otherwise, they would certainly lose. 

As for lower cultivators challenging higher cultivators, it was slightly different. Not only could the lower phase cultivator freely challenge those above their cultivation by name, a direct challenge, it can also not be refused by the challenged. If the higher cultivator loses, all their points are transferred to the lower cultivator and they are decisively eliminated.

While this might at first seem like a huge advantage to lower phase cultivators, this wasn ’t the case. Because those of a higher cultivation had an advantage that could not be overcome: their cultivation base. These rules were clearly implemented to balance out the playing field, giving those of weaker cultivation an avenue of victory while also massively rewarding those of outstanding talent and combat prowess.

The victor was decided by three ways:

1. Going unchallenged for one hour.

2. Winning ten battles in a row.

3. Reaching 10,000 Spirit Points.

Because of the passive position those who wished to be challenged had to take, it made the entire situation incredibly interesting, especially in Wei Wuyin ’s eyes.

If Wei Wuyin knew that the moment these rules were made clear to the spectators, how many groans of agony resounded, how many looks of despair, and bitter smiles were made due to him, he might find it hard to not smile. As a cultivator at the Sky Ruler Phase, he had a strength that rivaled, maybe even exceeded, the Fourth Stage of the Astral Core Realm. It was quite disheartening to those spectators.

Furthermore, in terms of points, he was in the top five! MOREOVER, the two experts that had the highest chance of toppling him were his own subordinates!! Their cultivation bases were even higher than his own. In the betting arenas, the Sky Ruler win-rates and number of possible victories were depressingly low. 

When Wei Wuyin arrived at the location, he was gracefully flying through the sky in a relaxed manner. His expression was calm as he seemed preoccupied with his thoughts.

Wei Wuyin ’s spiritual sense was in constant contact with Wu Yu, ”Wu Yu, will Long Chen reveal his identity? ” Wei Wuyin had his suspicions regarding this, but it was entirely possible to occur after the trials. After suffering such a massive loss, losing his greatest support, he still had his identity.

Although it wouldn ’t be troublesome to Wei Wuyin if it was revealed, he felt a little disdain in his heart if it did happened. Because he found it somewhat funny, he couldn ’t help but ask.

”… ” Wu Yu was silent for a moment. From the short period of silence, Wei Wuyin knew that Wu Yu likely instructed Long Chen in some way. In fact, the main reason he asked was because he didn ’t believe that this carefully chosen lineage candidate of Wu Yu ’s was going to just be abandoned by the side of the road. 

While Tuo Bihan had informed him that the way of the Grand Monarch was one that tested one ’s potential and innate aptitude through struggles and challenges, which was why none of the Grand Imperial Sages actively sought to solidify Long Chen ’s position, only protecting him from the shadows, he also said that if Long Chen revealed himself that they would be obligated to be more active in his nurturing.

From what he could gather, Wu Yu wanted to keep his identity a secret, a way to temper Long Chen on the path of adversity. But with him now shifting to his side, this might no longer apply.

Wu Yu asked a question instead of answering, ”If he doesn ’t have the full support of the Myriad Monarch Sect, do you think he could reach his fullest potential, to become a Grand Monarch, without me? ”

Wei Wuyin didn ’t frown or feel displeased by this question. This question wasn ’t about reaching his fullest potential but whether he could contest against him. ”You know what my intentions are, right? ” Wei Wuyin responded too with a question.

”I do, ” Wu Yu answered.

A moment of silence was born before Wei Wuyin inevitably sighed.

”I have no intention of robbing Long Chen of his chance to fulfill his destiny, and while you might be able to contest that destiny, I ’ll not actively move to hinder either of you. ” Wu Yu ’s words were filled with a imperious conviction befitting an existence that once birthed a star. 

Wei Wuyin didn ’t respond. Instead, he arrived at the platform and landed near. His eyes were immediately attracted by the rainbow-colored crystals. Their beauty was quite breathtaking, and his silver eyes reflected the rainbow shimmers. 

Just as he was about to investigate their origins, his heart trembled. He turned his head and his eyes widened slightly at a newly arriving figure.

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