Paragon of Sin

Chapter 261: Tuo Bihans Choice

The Seventh Astral Tribulation was a tribulation of success or death. There was no other option. In his thousand years of cultivation, how many individuals have attempted this trial? How many have succeeded?

There were only two. They both belonged to the San Clan. Furthermore, their successful ascension wasn ’t based on their talents, but the King of Everlore ’s remnant shine and their Ancestor ’s foresight. Those who ’ve attempted it with their own efforts had all failed without a doubt. While he might be the current strongest human expert, there have been humans, elves, demons, and beastmen who ’ve exceeded his current strength yet still failed at the critical moment.

Tuo Bihan couldn ’t respond.

Wei Wuyin knew that Tuo Bihan was the oldest expert in the Myriad Monarch Sect. He didn ’t have much lifeforce left. As a purist and an alchemist, he was the slowest to reach his cultivation level, and it created an exceptional foundation in this era, but it wasn ’t enough.

”What do you think is the bare minimum to be able to achieve the Realmlord level? ” Wei Wuyin asked. This was a question countless experts wanted to know. The Seventh Astral Tribulation was static, unlike the Mortal Star Formation Tribulation. Regardless of your talents, foundation, potential, or age, it would remain the same and so would the benefits.

This was the same for every tribulation outside of the first.

Therefore, there must be a minimum required to overcome the tribulation.

Tuo Bihan was silent for a long while. In the end, he sighed with the most crestfallen sound and expression imaginable. ”I took the purist route while practicing Alchemy all for this question. With my every breath, I ’ve cultivated with the utmost diligence and accumulated as much as possible within my utmost limits. Yet…I ’ve reached six-ring Soul Idol, six-ripple Spatial Resonance, with astral force a few times greater than others my level, be it quantity or quality.

”I have no idea what is required, but I ’ve not reached that level. There was once an expert purist five hundred years ago with a foundation at the seven-ring and seven-ripple yet failed that step. He was publicly acknowledged as the number one expert of that generation at the Sixth Stage of the Astral Core Realm. ” Tuo Bihan ’s disheartened voice didn ’t lift, and it merely felt as if the belief of futility had instilled itself within his thoughts.

Wei Wuyin had also heard of this expert. He was someone from the Sacred Light Palace, an elf with pure-blood. He cultivated according to the purist method and had endless resources and exceptional natural talent. Everyone and their mothers were confident that he would become the third Realmlord of the starfield. There were even those who felt that the San Clan might eliminate him due to fear of his inevitable ascension.

Unfortunately, the San Clan didn ’t need to do anything as he challenged the Seventh Astral Tribulation, the World Genesis Star Tribulation, and was incinerated in body and spirit. Countless watched and gawked at his end.

It was a sad day.

Wei Wuyin nodded. ”I can ’t say for certain, but I have a belief that one needs a 9th Mortal State, an Intent, a seven-ring Soul Idol, and seven-ripple Spatial Resonance at the minimum. Without the King of Everlore, being a non-purist limit the time a cultivator had has to develop their foundational qualities. That or they need the ninth-grade pill that can temporarily increase their strength in exchange for lifeforce. ”

When Wei Wuyin made his thoughts known, Tuo Bihan stilled. The last bit truly struck a chord in his heart. As for the foundational requirement? He had a 9th Mortal State, no Intent, and his Soul Idol and Spatial Resonance only went up to six. If it was anyone else who threw out these requirements, he might scoff and tell them to get. But he felt that Wei Wuyin, even with his lack of cultivation experience, would have some understanding towards this.

”The pill? ” Tuo Bihan asked.

Wei Wuyin softly smiled. He understood Tuo Bihan ’s thoughts. This was because the two San Clan Realmlords had used this method to reach their current level. One ’s lifeforce was a person ’s own power, so it was fully within one ’s right to use it to strengthen themselves against the tribulations. While normal arts might be able to do something like this, only a pill would be able to truly and effectively maximize one ’s potential strength.

Wei Wuyin had researched lifeforce igniting arts, and he knew they paled considerably in comparison to pills. In fact, for a hundred years of life, you still might not be able to fight above your cultivation level. It was quite pathetic. This had to do with how personalized lifeforce interacts with Qi or Astral Force.

If it wasn ’t like this, then Evil Methods would reign supreme.

Only pure lifeforce was far, far more effective, but the difficulty in obtaining lifeforce in its purest state was incomparably difficult. After all, pure lifeforce could be absorbed with ease. With a limitless amount of pure lifeforce, a person had a limitless life.

But even if an Evil Cultivator extracted a hundred years of personalized lifeforce that belonged to another cultivator, refined and absorbed it, they would barely gain an additional year. Furthermore, their bodies would experience all sorts of mutational responses. It would be like integrating another person ’s organs or blood in your own, even rejection was possible.

”You don ’t have enough lifeforce to ignite for that method, ” Wei Wuyin said. Tuo Bihan knew this, so he wasn ’t disheartened in the slightest. Instead, he said: ”Little Qin or Tiny Yao do. ”

Wei Wuyin shook his head, ”If you breakthrough like that, your cultivation path is essentially over without the continuous support of a Mortal Sovereign Alchemist. And you ’ll be amongst the weakest Realmlords possible, incapable of ascending on your own efforts. ”

Tuo Bihan went silent. He realized that Wei Wuyin had other thoughts. He didn ’t seem willing to raise a Realmlord with the same circumstances as the San Clan. This made sense because it was true, the tricks used meant their cultivation path was essentially cut off. If they can ’t overcome the World Genesis Star Tribulation with their own efforts, how could they possibly ascend further?

Even the weakest expert with the lowest qualifications ascending on their own efforts would be vastly superior in comparison to those who used a pill. It was a last-ditch effort that only those without a choice should use. But if Wei Wuyin ’s assumption on the minimum to ascend, then they obviously didn ’t meet it. Tuo Bihan was indecisive.

Just as he was about to speak, Wei Wuyin raised his hand and shook his head. ”I ’m not allowing them to make that choice. ” His words shut down Tuo Bihan ’s thoughts. They both knew that if given the choice, they would do so. Who wouldn ’t?

Tuo Bihan sighed before his eyes brightened. ”You have a method to raise their cultivation base? ” Since Wei Wuyin had decided to discuss this situation with him, there was definitely an alternative means to do so.

Wei Wuyin stared at Tuo Bihan for a while. A silence formed that made the atmosphere slightly uncomfortable. Tuo Bihan soon realized that Wei Wuyin ’s wording and words since the beginning had been very odd, as if there was an invisible restriction over his actions.

If he thought about the possibility that his abilities might provoke a calamity on his head, then that was understandable. The sect had three enemies, the neutral Alchemist Association, and the dominating and looming San Clan. But clearly, he had exceptional talents. Such as the ability to make seventh-grade pills with ease, yet besides the bare minimum for appearances and his own goals, he had never taken the initiative to support the sect.

This thought allowed Tuo Bihan to realize some things, but it was vague like an object in dense mist. He didn ’t know why Wei Wuyin would distance himself from the sect he was cultivating himself within. There was likely no one within the sect that displayed any ill-intentions to him nor would they. After all, he was a treasure that no one would want to offend.

”My second question: Long Chen. ” Wei Wuyin didn ’t actually ask a question, but those two words spoke volumes. His silver eyes never left Tuo Bihan ’s, the light within reflecting the clear meaning: ”I know. ”

Tuo Bihan stilled. He looked at Wei Wuyin with shock. That awkward silence was transformed into a solemn silence. It was only at this moment that Tuo Bihan ’s questions were answered. Long Chen cultivated the Grand Monarch Lineage ’s Imperial Heaven Qi Method. When he matured, he would become the rightful Grand Imperial Monarch of the sect.

Furthermore, he was an exceptional talent. He comprehended two Intents, Sword and Slaughter, achieved a feat only accomplished by the Sacred Elven Queen and merging two Natal Souls, and had an impeccably impressive foundation with a Zenith Mortal State Astral Soul. With such pure and potent innate energies, rich combat experience, and the support of the Imperial Heaven Qi Method, he was destined to claim the Myriad Monarch Sect.

At this moment, it was nearly his birthright. As for how he obtained the Imperial Heaven Qi Method, the Grand Imperial Sages in the know had never tried uncovering this because it was irrelevant. That was because of how the Method is designed. Only those who ’ve cultivated the Imperial Heaven Qi Method can pass the quintessential energy required to cultivate it.

This meant that the fact he was cultivating it meant he had received the blessing of a former Grand Imperial Sage. Each Grand Imperial Sage was at least at the Timelord level, so they had mystifying means beyond their understanding. Regardless of how that Grand Imperial Monarch passed it on, Long Chen was its current legacy holder. Even if they wanted to claim the technique, it would do them no good. If Long Chen died prematurely, the lineage would fade once more.

They wouldn ’t give him explicit protection, but they would ensure that he wasn ’t neglected or killed by their enemies. That was the best they would or could offer due to the Myriad Monarch Sect ’s indiscriminate rules.

Tuo Bihan had long since learned of the incident on the Myriad Monarch Sect. In fact, all the Grand Imperial Sages did. It was well-documented in Xiang Ling ’s report, and it detailed how Long Chen was nearly killed but due to Xiang Ling ’s interference, he survived. At the time, she had only acted because of her future disciple, Long Tingyu, but the fact remained: Wei Wuyin nearly killed Long Chen.

There was no way someone who would one day become the Grand Monarch, an existence that had always been notoriously arrogant, lofty, and too proud to allow their enemies to exist beneath the same sky. There was a possibility that Long Chen harbored intentions to kill Wei Wuyin to this day.

”There ’s nothing I can do. But I understand now. ” Tuo Bihan wasn ’t an inexperienced youngster or lacked intelligence, while Wei Wuyin hadn ’t asked a question, the very existence of Long Chen was a question. But there was an issue that he was confused about.

”Why don ’t you kill him yourself? ” His words lacked subtlety. If Wei Wuyin wanted to kill Long Chen while he was still maturing, it was entirely possible. Not only would he eliminate a possible enemy, but he could easily dispel the act with ease. As a matter of fact, he didn ’t even need to do it by his own hands.

”… ” Wei Wuyin realized Tuo Bihan was ignorant of Wu Yu ’s existence. If he was aware of it, there was no way he would say such a silly question. Wei Wuyin would ’ve long since rid himself of Long Chen at the first possible moment if possible. Then he would shape the Myriad Monarch entirely in his own image.

”The founder, Wu Yu, is currently with him. ” He didn ’t hesitate to explain, revealing Wu Yu ’s existence to Tuo Bihan. While Wu Yu might want to keep his identity a secret, Wei Wuyin had no obligation to him.

”Hahaha… ” Tuo Bihan laughed, clearly feeling as if he just heard a joke. His wrinkled face was smiling and shaking his head. After all, Wu Yu was ancient. He was literally ancient. The King of Everlore ’s Era wasn ’t yesterday. It was over eight thousand years ago. Even the strongest Astral Core Realm expert could only live a little over fifteen hundred years without external support. How could he be alive? How could he possibly be alive?!

”Old man, stop laughing. He ’s alive. He ’s within that ring on Long Chen, guiding him since the Myriad Yore Continent. They ’ve been together for at least two decades. I ’ve talked to him personally. ” Wei Wuyin said with the flattest tone.

”… ” Tuo Bihan froze mid-laughter. He reeled, ”how?! ”

Wei Wuyin shrugged, ”He ’s currently in some strange Spiritual Form. His current body consists of the essential energies, such as mental energies with a sea of consciousness, spiritual energies derived from cultivation, and essence power. I don ’t know how he can do this, but he lacks a physical form. It ’s as if he transformed into an Astral Soul. It ’s beyond odd. ” His explanation caused Tuo Bihan to gawk, his head and eyes flicked down as he tried to find Long Chen below.

He knew that Long Chen obtained the Grand Monarch Legacy from someone, but to think it was the Founding Monarch?

”He ’s reached the realm beyond the Astral Core Realm in his life, the Mystic Ascendant Realm. That realm might have a far longer lifespan and other life-securing methods than the Astral Core Realm. If my assumption is correct, the Astral Core Realm is the only realm where mortal limits exist. ” Wei Wuyin didn ’t want to outright say he could be an Immortal, but he surely wasn ’t off from being one.

”He doesn ’t have a physical body? ” Tuo Bihan paused, his shining gaze halting.

”That ’s what I think. That or his physical body is sealed within an independent realm with the Gateway being the unassuming ring. ” Wei Wuyin guessed. If Wu Yu heard what he had just said, he would reel in utter shock and horror. Wei Wuyin ’s guess was completely right.

A Gateway Door was necessarily an immobile existence nor was it restricted. A common storage ring with a hint of spatial energy could be considered a minor Gateway. After all, they were perpetually linked to a separate space. The only difference was the development and compositional nature of both spaces. One is artificial and exists within a separate layer of space, the other isn ’t and exists on this layer.

”Are you certain? ” Tuo Bihan sought confirmation once more. Wei Wuyin nodded. They stayed silent for a long while, and then he looked at Wei Wuyin and said with the utmost seriousness: ”It ’s best if you leave the sect. ”

”?! ”

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