Paragon of Sin

Chapter 258: Grand Spirit Trials Established

When the voice resounded, it reached the ears of everyone present as if it was riding the wave of ambient mana. There wasn ’t a corner of the world that hadn ’t heard, creating an imposingly dominating presence. The experts on the platform that floated above the sky layer were instantly alerted, alarmed by this voice. When they turned their eyes that held wisps of vigilance and uncertainty, their pupils shrunk slightly as the figure soared near.

Those below were the elites of all three forces, each lower than three hundred years in age, having a cultivation base at the Astral Core Realm at the very minimum. They were proud figures, renowned and established as one of the five million experts throughout the starfield.

They hadn ’t heard the discussions that were taking place above, so when the voice carried into their ears, their eyes shifted to the approaching figure. Amongst the groups, there were a few geniuses who recognized this figure instantly.

A young woman, her beauty heavenly and grand as mother nature itself, accompanied with full-set of emerald-colored eyes, hair, and a fair complexion. Her full lips that seemed as soft as water moved slightly as two words were spoken, ”Wei Wuyin… ”

This was Qing Qiumu! Since her secluded cultivation by her ancestor, her cultivation base had improved by leaps and bounds, and while she hadn ’t reached the Zenith Mortal State, she had accomplished a rare and impressive feat of an 8th Mortal State. This coupled with her innate physique, talents, and high comprehension had allowed her to radiate an aura of Wood-type Intent.

This Intent aura didn ’t seem to contain simply one but multiple. At least three. From a single glance, one could tell she was an exceptional Wood Cultivator.

While her cultivation was merely at the First Stage of the Astral Core Realm, she still had the qualifications to participate in the Monarch Spirit Trials. After all, the Monarch Spirit Trials didn ’t include one versus one battle and had rules and principles set to give all cultivation bases at the Astral Core Realm a fair chance.

When she saw Wei Wuyin, her eyes subconsciously glanced nearby. There, a young man garbed in crimson robes, a black sword sheath on his back, and had an assuming black ring on his finger was staring up into the sky like the others. From his sharp gaze, one could see an intense light within. Long Chen had also decided to participate, and he intended to do his best despite facing cultivators two phases above him.

In his heart, he wanted Wei Wuyin to participate as well so that he could challenge him in a proper display of abilities. Since their arrival on the Myriad Monarch Sect, Wei Wuyin had stayed in his Sky Palace while being lavished in an environmentally extraordinary location for cultivation and had access to all sorts of resources unhesitantly provided by the sect. As for him? He struggled for every bit of resource and increment of cultivation, and he felt that his foundation and practical combat prowess was far greater due to this.

If he was given a chance to test his mettle against Wei Wuyin, he could prove to everyone that Wei Wuyin was merely an alchemist that relied on favoritism. Before a true warrior, he could only bow his head in inferiority. At the thought of this possibility coming true, his fist tightly clenched uncontrollably with anticipation.

Qing Qiumu ’s delicate eyebrows frowned. She wasn ’t sure if Long Chen would set aside his grudge against Wei Wuyin or not. This had caused her heart to worry. As someone who traveled with Long Chen for nearly a decade, she knew of his penchant to hold a grudge and the propensity of his innate nature. Furthermore, he was someone who had immense talent.

He wasn ’t yet forty years old. According to her ancestor, he had broken cultivation preconceptions and merged two Astral Souls, possessed two Intents, and had a stable foundation. Reaching the Astral Core Realm before forty with his own effort, he revealed to the world his unearthly talent.

”Is that the Prince of Everlore, Wei Wuyin? ” A few members of the Elemental Heaven Pavilion exclaimed as they saw Wei Wuyin soar through the skies. Their eyes were bright, flickering with admiration and envy.

”He ’s flying without wind force?! ” A young woman from the Alchemy Association pointed, her little mouth gaped. Her words caused a wave of interest to flash and clamor to begin, many realizing that Wei Wuyin had entered the Sky Ruler Phase. Those at this phase and those who surpassed it were thoroughly shocked in their hearts.

The Sky Ruler Phase might be the Second Stage of the Astral Core Realm, but it was the first true step on the road of the Astral Core Realm. Before this stage, a cultivator must comprehend the truths and variations of mana, testing their ability to comprehend the generally unseen. It was only when they can completely sense the mana, understand its intricacies, can one infuse those insights into their Astral Soul and assail the Sky-World Lightning Tribulation.

This feat was by no means simple, with numerous experts going an entire thousand years of their Astral Core Realm given lifespan without any achievements. Only talents such as them, those who are blessed with resources and cultivation grounds, various cultivation methods, and teachings of their seniors have a chance to achieve this phase. It was incredibly difficult.

The vast majority of Astral Core Realm experts were at the first stage, unable to ascend. The average age of Sky Rulers was already two hundred years, and this was taken from talents who achieved this phase. For them to observe Wei Wuyin, who had been rumored to have broken through into the Astral Core Realm in a year or so, demonstrate his cultivation base with utter ease left them in disbelief.

Was this the benefit of Alchemical Products? While there were pills that can help one reach a state of enlightenment, such as the Sky World Pill, a seventh-grade, top-tier pill, it still required comprehension to support this achievement.

If these young elites were shocked, then those elders were even more startled by Wei Wuyin ’s actions. When he arrived, the mana exuded a faint sense of oppression, and they even felt as if their own Sky Pressure had been reduced by several notches.

Qin Rui and Ji Changkong were startled by Wei Wuyin ’s arrival. When he descended with his black robes fluttering elegantly in the wind, revealing a face with handsomeness that exceeded the Immortals of myths, and his innate aura rippling with an oppressive pressure, they truly were at a loss for words.

But Tuo Bihan faintly smiled. This little kid was quite decisive in his actions. With the arrival of the Alchemist Association and Elemental Heaven Pavilion, there was definitely something amiss. For him to notice and portal here after his brief message, he must ’ve understood the situation wasn ’t as simple as it seemed.

Wei Wuyin ’s feet landed on the translucent platform. When his silver eyes roamed, he noticed the elders of the Alchemist Association and Elemental Heaven Pavilion. When he saw Qingye Yun and Lin Ruyan here, his heart shook slightly. For two of the leaders of top-tier forces to arrive, they can ’t be here for simple negotiations.

’He ’s here! ’Qingye Yun ’s eyes brightened a little, but he hurriedly regained his composure, concealing his excitement and shock. Wei Wuyin had become a Sky Ruler? This was completely unexpected. This meant he wasn ’t just a genius of the Alchemic Dao but had a high comprehension ability and foundation towards cultivation. This only solidified the thoughts already prevalent in his heart.

Lin Ruyan had finally observed Wei Wuyin. Her blue eyes shrunk slightly. She had never seen such a handsome man before, and his aura, talent, and cultivation was not lacking for someone his age. She had never shown much interest in men before, but Wei Wuyin had struck a lonely chord within her heart. It was quite unfortunate…

Just as he thought, the two had originally thought he would be present even if he wasn ’t directly participating. When he had finally arrived, they all had subtle expressions that flashed with relief, excitement, and shock. These three emotions were very telling, and his arrival had merely allowed them to proceed with their plans.

He calmly walked to Tuo Bihan and the other ’s side, ”We ’ll accept your condition. ” When his words once more were said, none of his seniors spoke to admonish him or interfere. After all, his influence and importance had been thoroughly infused into their thoughts and hearts. Wei Wuyin was not a figure to publicly rebuke or question without sufficient reason, regardless of your kind intentions in doing so.

Quite a few wanted to advise him of this, not because they were scared to accept, but purely because they were unwilling to fall into their trap.

With the three Grand Imperial Sages remaining silent, they didn ’t have a right.

Qingye Yun smiled, but his heart shook. Wei Wuyin had already taken the lead, representing the entire Myriad Monarch Sect. It had only been five years yet each of these elders who cared about hierarchy and authority had already been cowed by his actions and reputation. This wasn ’t a simple matter.

”Do you have the qualifications to make such a declaration? ” But Lin Ruyan was a little blind to this fact, immediately pointing out Wei Wuyin ’s inferior ranking and junior status. There were other Heavenly Kings below, participating in the trial, and before them, the leaders of a hegemonic force and first-tier power, they didn ’t even have a right to make this decision.

Wei Wuyin was unperturbed by her question. Instead, he silently waited with a smile and Tuo Bihan said: ”Heavenly King Wei is fully capable of making this decision. ” That was all that needed to be said to shut her question down.

Wei Wuyin was startled. ’Did he just call me Heavenly King Wei? Not little boy? Lass? Kid? Fellow? ’It seems this old man understood when to let go of his strange matter of address when it mattered. Despite his shock, he added: ”I ’ve made the Spatial Spirit Pill with my own efforts. While this trial was set-up to find a worthy inheritor, I still reserve the right to decide on whether I wish to wager it or not. Furthermore… ”

His eyes revealed a hint of playful confidence, ”I don ’t believe you ’re our match. ” His words didn ’t just implicate the juniors but the elders, a light slap from the mouth of a junior. This caused the Elemental Heaven Pavilion Elders, which numbered four, to reveal expressions of anger. The Myriad Monarch Sect had been beaten down to the ground, proclaimed as the weakest hegemonic force within the starfield.

Furthermore, they lost a vast amount of their territory after the war, only keeping three planets near their central planet. If it wasn ’t for the San Clan ’s interference, perhaps this world wouldn ’t have a Myriad Monarch Sect. Such audacity ignited their desire to see Wei Wuyin eat his words.

”You ’re quite confident, young alchemist Wei. ” Qingye Yun spoke, his eyes filled with interest.

”I am, ” Wei Wuyin smilingly replied.

Qingye Yun seemed excited as he thought for a moment and then said, as if it was a just-conceived intention, ”How about we make this wager more interesting, then? ” His words caused those of the Myriad Monarch Sect to frown. A wager with the Alchemist Association was quite risky. They had sufficient wealth to break any hegemonic force alone, so they weren ’t willing to risk it all.

”I agree. ” Wei Wuyin said without hesitation but quickly added: ”Let ’s increase the bet a little, this time between us. Let ’s include a hundred Astral Sea Pills, at least high-quality, a hundred Sky World Pills, and ten thousand Astral Dipper Fountain Pills. That shouldn ’t be too much, right? ”

”… ”

”… ”

”… ”

”WHAT?! ” An elder of the Myriad Monarch Sect lost his composure, exclaiming in disbelief as everyone else was struck speechless. For a full minute, neither side responded.

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