Paragon of Sin

Chapter 228: Big Thick & Filled With Power

his cultivation base. The only idea he had was the saber that was held in his hands, but it was exceptionally odd.

It wasn ’t condensed with Qi or Astral Force, and simply refined and exceptionally high-quality energies. He could barely discern what besides elemental and the predominantly evident saber energies.

”Shall we begin? ” Wei Wuyin ’s words were coolly said with a hint of excitement. It had been a while since he could truly let loose. Since the event with the Black Skeleton, his cultivation had grown by leaps and bounds, and his cultivation base was peerless. This led to him not finding a match for so long.

Even the Long Chen before, despite their cultivation base being the same, was absolutely not on equal grounds in the Myriad Monarch Sect. With merely his Elemental Natal Soul ’s cultivation, he utterly decimated him into near-death. If it wasn ’t for Xiang Ling ’s interference, perhaps Wu Yu would ’ve been forced to make an earlier appearance.

”Hm? ” Now that the idle thought entered his mind, it seems that that gorgeous and bed-wild woman had likely saved his life and not the other way around at that time. It seems he had to pay her back for that, even if it was unintentional.

”Well, if you won ’t start, then I will. ” Wei Wuyin grew tired of Yuan Longshi not taking the initiative. With the condensed form of Element in his grip, he blurred slightly. It was incredibly strange to those who saw him because his form was very blurry as if he was both there and not there.


Yuan Longshi ’s eyes shrunk into needlepoints as he felt the piercing saber slash towards his throat from behind. With a bellowing roar, he twisted his body and unsheathed his saber, instinctively striking towards the sensation of danger.


Two sabers met, one made from energy and one forged, but the one that was forged was cut through by half an inch. Yuan Longshi was startled as a tremendous amount of strength surged from his saber into his arm and then his body.


He shot backwards from this strength, his body unable to stabilize as shock suffused his entire mind. Before he could react to what just happened, saber light descended from below and he once more relied on his instincts to block upwards. The two sabers once more clashed and Yuan Longshi felt an extremely domineeringly chaotic force smash his arm.

Before he could stabilize himself, his figure was blown into the ground and crashed into the ward that protected the continent. Layers and layers of ripples flowed through the array and one could tell that an immense amount of astral essence was consumed to defend against it.

”Ha…haaa… ” Yuan Longshi ’s breathing was chaotic as his legs sunk unnaturally into the protective layer and the ground it protected. It seemed even the film wasn ’t capable of repelling his body. As for his body that was covered in blood-red symbols and marks, his bare naked chest was sliced into like meat with even bone being seen. From each cutting wound, flickers of saber light existed.


Wei Wuyin arrived a few meters away from him, his silver eyes piercing and calm. He seemed to be an Immortal descending to deal with a pest, utterly carefree and easy.

Yuan Longshi ’s entire body was screaming at this moment as he hurriedly used his draconic force to push out the saber energies that contaminated his blood, bones, flesh, and meridians. Due to this, random spurts of silvery and crimson liquid shot out like a miniature geyser.

”You! ” He had always been the one to shock and awe his opponent, forcing them to say this baffled word, but now he was using it. He understood how it felt. When he engaged with Wei Wuyin, he realized his physical energies were far, far more abundant than his own. It was like his physical body was a planet and clashing with him felt being smashed by one. Furthermore, he noticed his cultivation base!

He didn ’t have the unnatural ambient influence that Sky Rulers contained or heightened spiritual aura that Soul Idol experts had, and it was fundamentally basic. He was merely at the World Sea Phase, the First Stage of the Astral Core Realm! Yet his movements were like a ghost and his attacks were like world-splitters.

”Two strikes. My next one will be lethal, you shouldn ’t hold back lest you lose your life because of it. ” Wei Wuyin ’kindly ’ offered. He seemed willing to even give Yuan Longshi a breather. Yuan Longshi ’s pride as a genius was decisively crushed at this moment.

Wei Wuyin was a little bit older than he was, yet he was an Alchemic King and stronger than he was at the World Sea Phase.

The spectating crowd could barely see the two interactions. It was like Wei Wuyin had said a few words and Yuan Longshi was severely injured. If it wasn ’t for the previous battle between Qi Lang and Yuan Longshi, and the obvious stakes on the line, they would suspect that Yuan Longshi was a paid actor.

And knowing this left their jaws dropped and mouths agape in utter disbelief!

Xue Yifei ’s eyes were wide. Her heart raced like a thousand horses, unable to believe or accept what she had just seen. She had never believed for a moment that Wei Wuyin was actually an expert!

The old man said with a trace of astonished wonder, ”I ’ve never seen such depths before. ”

”What? ” Xue Yifei mindlessly questioned. Her eyes never left Yuan Longshi and Wei Wuyin ’s body, but her head tilted in the old man ’s direction.

”For a brief moment, I saw his astral core. ” The old man had a unique spiritual method that could gauge the size of a person ’s astral core, and it surprisingly was capable of grasping just a peek whenever Wei Wuyin attacked. ”It was big, thick, and filled with unimaginable power! ”

If someone didn ’t know what he was talking about, they might make certain…assumptions. Regardless, Xue Yifei understood and her heart sped up even more. Just as she was about to ask for clarification, her sea of consciousness started to rumble ceaselessly. Her Mind ’s Eye felt as if it was being stabbed as the Yin Dragon Soul sleeping beside it was waking up.

She screamed in horrific pain, clutching her head.

On Yuan Longshi ’s side, his eyes glowed slightly as the pupils of his eyes sharpened until it became draconic. He was instigating his Yang Dragon Soul to interface with his bloodline powers!


The surroundings were pushed apart even with the astral array ’s protection as the faint, indistinct image of a dragon ’s silhouette was forming behind him. He seemed primed to draconify at the slightest moment.

Wei Wuyin ’s eyes brightened.

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