Paragon of Sin

Chapter 227: A Blesseds Trump Cards

y from the shocking idol and explained with a hint of fervent desire and reverence, ”A Soul Idol ’s size is a direct representation of the quantity of spiritual energies! The solidness of it in the material world is determined by the quality! And the rings indicated how far they completed the Third Astral Tribulation: The Soul Rippling-Creation Tribulation! ”

Xue Yifei once more saw the three rings, the transparent form it possessed, and the size. She felt like she now understood a little way to determine the strength of these elite cultivators.

Wei Wuyin didn ’t add anything to this. It was true that the old man was correct, but he didn ’t explain that a Soul Idol ’s rings started from one to nine. The fact Qi Lang had a three meant his spiritual foundation was piss-poor. Before true talents, he would be very insignificant.

However, Qi Lang finally bringing this out meant he was no longer held back by the influence of the Heavenly Daos. Or perhaps, it was too late.

Indeed, just as this thought entered Wei Wuyin ’s mind, Yuan Longshi didn ’t simply stand there and die. He lifted his head to the sky. After taking the deepest breath, he released a bellowing sound reminiscent of a dragon ’s roar!


The clouds parted, the thin ward protecting the continent rippled ceaselessly as it was influenced by the sheer force of this roar. Even Qi Lang ’s eyes shrunk as his Soul Idol was directly shattered. As for him, he was blown away by the pulsating surge of compressed air that exploded towards him. He could barely react before it hit, and his body was sent flying into the Sky Layer. Without even a shout, he was out.

The eyes of everyone trembled as they focused on Yuan Longshi. At the moment, his upper-body was covered in blood-colored runes that gave him a demonic feeling. With his hands, he tore at the rags on his body and revealed his bare chest. His muscular and defined form was impressive without looking grotesque. Its natural curves and bends alluded to an exceptional physical form.

It could barely match Wei Wuyin ’s own.

”He didn ’t draconify? ” Wei Wuyin quietly murmured to himself. He had expected Yuan Longshi to execute Draconification, instigating the Mark of Mortal Myth ’s potential and allowing his innate bloodline abilities to match Qi Lang. However, Yuan Longshi did not. Instead, he seemed to have invoked a separate transformation that increased his physical energies ten-fold.

With just the power of his physical body, he blasted an expert like Qi Lang away. This once again allowed Wei Wuyin to realize the trump cards possessed by Blessed. He was still holding back yet could reach this level of strength.

If Long Chen reached his level, would he have a similar situation? Considering who his guardian and master were, it seemed likely. Wei Wuyin ’s silver eyes brightly lit for a moment as a wisp of excitement surged within.

Yuan Longshi roared once more, causing the air to rumble and quake. He turned his bloodthirsty and murderous gaze towards Wei Wuyin. If looks were hungry, Wei Wuyin likely would ’ve been eaten whole by this gaze. It felt somewhat disgusting to be stared at.

’Evil Methods? ’He realized this feeling originated from Yuan Longshi ’s entire body that was now focused within his gaze. Just as he was about to take action to end this…


The above sky layer exploded as a figure sped back like a missile. He was surrounded by green winds and crackling lightning, and his forehead was bloody. Even his clothes were ripped apart, causing him to lose his Immortal bearing. At the moment, only murder remained. Qi Lang clenched his fist and didn ’t hold back, especially since the Astral Array was activated.

「Wind-Lightning Astral Art: Thunderous Storm」

He viciously lanced his fist downwards as he dived into Yuan Longshi. A rumbling storm engulfed his entire body that crackled ceaselessly with lightning. Even the hue of the world changed and the air carried traces of electricity.

Yuan Longshi turned his gaze away from Wei Wuyin and saw this attack. His ferocious aura and presence were quickly suppressed by this strike. Qi Lang held nothing back in this, unleashing everything he had.


This time, Yaun Longshi actually started to release a draconic aura as if he was on the verge of Draconification! From behind him, a faint and incredibly blurry image of an eye was being formed. Wei Wuyin could see faint ripples emerge from the eye.

”Ahhhh! ” A delicate and gut-wrenching scream resounded, but it wasn ’t from Yuan Longshi or Qi Lang, but Xue Yifei! She was on the verge of seizing and her body was emitting a faint draconic aura.

Wei Wuyin ’s eyes snapped towards her and saw something he hadn ’t before. From within her sea of consciousness, directly at her Mind ’s Eye, a silhouette was moving about and resonating like a bell. This bell-like echoing soundwave was not just being emitted by that silhouette, but by Yuan Longshi ’s manifested image.

Even with his Celestial Eyes, he hadn ’t noticed this before.

His eyes revealed an unimaginable dense level of interest. ”She has an actual Dragon Soul attached to her soul! But it ’s only the Yin portion. ” When he deduced this, he realized that Yuan Longshi likely held the other half, the Yang portion.

These two pieces of a completed dragon soul were connected together, and it influenced them. It bonded them. It was likely this very reason that allowed Yuan Longshi to continuously improve his bloodline purity and create a Draconic Heart of Blood(line). It might be why they had an unordinary relationship.

After all, if it wasn ’t for him using hundreds of thousands of pure lifeforce to refine his True Dragon ’s essence blood, it was unlikely he could absorb it into his heart safely, but a Dragon ’s Soul could easily contain and regulate such power.

If that ’s the case, then Yuan Longshi ’s cultivation of the True Dragon Transmutation Method was heavily reliant on this Dragon Soul of his.

Before the epic clash of Qi Lang and Yuan Longshi was about to initiate, Wei Wuyin sent out an explosive shout backed by his cultivation base.

”Stop! ”

This single word was like the authority of a judge and Qi Lang halted, he held his astral force and redirected his trajectory. In a matter of the briefest of moments, he floated above the Ceremonial Grounds with a solemn gaze.

Yuan Longshi was startled. He turned his heterochromia eyes towards Wei Wuyin. ’Did he realize my strength? Tch, even if he did, I won ’t bend a knee to you. ’ His thoughts were defiant and confident. After all, what alchemist wouldn ’t want to have a Second Stage of the Astral Core Realm cultivator that can fight across phases? If Wei Wuyin wanted to recruit him, he wouldn ’t simply agree.

The thought of having the support of an Alchemist like Wei Wuyin supporting him however, that was particularly appealing. That didn ’t matter who was the cultivator.

However, his thoughts were entirely unnecessary as Wei Wuyin walked forward and left the Astral Array ’s protective ward. As he did, he waved his hand and a saber was formed. With a clench, he grasped it and it emitted sharp saber light.

”I ’ll kill him myself. ”

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