Paragon of Sin

Chapter 215: Followed By All

The voice that radiated dignity and prestige resounded like a thundering clap. It demanded response and respect. Those nearby, especially those seeking to see or interact with Xue Yu and Xie Yifei were startled into amazement.

A Duke?!

The Xue Country was divided into three prefectures, and the Scarlet Ash Prefecture was territory awarded to Zhao Jihan by the current Bloodforge King, Xue Duan. He had performed major meritorious achievements and served under Xue Duan during the reign of the previous Bloodforge King, and was renowned to be a top-tier expert at the Second Stage of the Astral Core Realm. In all of Xue Country, he was widely considered the third strongest cultivator beneath the Bloodforge King himself.

Furthermore, within this prefecture was the entirety of the Blood Titan City, so he owned the land rights of the city and held authority beyond any clan or force within. While these elite clans and forces couldn ’t be considered his subordinates, they lived, served, paid taxes, and obeyed as long as they remained within his territory.

The chatter and clamor died down as many were drawn to the origin of the sound. They saw a middle-aged man dressed in luxuriously scholarish attire standing directly in front of the Chen Manor ’s gate. He had a set of round spectacles that gave him an intelligent and direct bearing. His back was ramrod straight, and his chin was lifted somewhat. The immense pride and arrogance within his bones might be contained at the moment, but these inherent qualities were clearly there.

He was the messenger of Duke Zhao and a highly respected figure that would be given the appropriate level of respect and reverence wherever he stepped.

Chen Xiaowei and a few experts of the Chen Clan exited from the front door. While she had a calm expression, not betraying a hint of her emotions, the others had dark and solemn expressions. Duke Zhao was not an individual that could be curved to the side or ignored, and if they stonewalled him, who knew the consequences they could face?

A flash of indifference and a hint of contempt flashed within Chen Xiaowei ’s eyes, but it was incredibly concealed. If they thought they could use their status and authority to push the alchemist to the forefront against his will, they were idiots. Perhaps it would work for typical Lord Alchemists, but Wei Wuyin wasn ’t a typical alchemist by any means.

Just the pills she received as compensation was enough for her to reach Duke Zhao ’s level in a few years. Now that she hugged the golden thigh that was Wei Wuyin, this figure that could once cause her to tremble in her panties and lower her head felt insignificant and small. Unbeknownst to the influence currently affecting her mentality, Chen Xiaowei walked forward with light steps and performed a respectful yet small bow.

Regardless of her belief in his insignificance, the messenger was still the acting proxy of Duke Zhao, so she reacted in accordance with proper etiquette. ”Chen Clan ’s Matriarch, Chen Xiaowei greets the Messenger of Duke Zhao. ”

The messenger didn ’t show any emotion or happiness, besides his suppressed smugness, he merely glanced at Chen Xiaowei and said, ”Matriarch Chen, his grace has invited you and the Victor of the All-Alchemic Clash to his Manor tonight. ” After those words were spoken, as if the intent was said and done, he extracted a scarlet letter and casually flicked it outwards. It soared like a leaf before levitating quietly before Chen Xiaowei.

After, he didn ’t bother to await a response as he turned. With a step, he jumped up high and was met by a Shadow-Blight Hawk. It was no less impressive, perhaps even slightly larger, than Chen Xiaowei ’s. With a woosh, the two left without looking back.

So succinct. However, this display truly showed their utter lack of regard for the Chen Clan and even a hint of disrespect towards the alchemist himself. Regardless of whether those actions were under Duke Zhao ’s orders or simply the messenger attempting to heighten his prestige with this display, it reflected poorly in Chen Xiaowei ’s eyes.

As for those watching, it served an appropriate response, and further lessened the importance of the mysterious alchemist in their hearts. Only an exclusive few knew of Wei Wuyin ’s possible residence within the Chen Manor, so the majority were only awed by the princes and princesses. This fueled their speculation and beliefs that the Chen Clan was housing this mysterious alchemist.

The clamor once more restarted when the messenger left. Chen Xiaowei held the scarlet letter in shock. How disrespectful! The left side of her upper lip twitched in disdain, contempt, and a little bit of disappointment. This way of action was truly too high-handed and arrogant. It won no points to any alchemist to simply one-sidedly invite via messenger.

While this happened, Wei Wuyin ’s eyes opened as he watched the Shadow-Blight Hawk fly away. He had a slight pout, a little frustration in his eyes. ”I didn ’t think this minor character would catch the bait. Where ’s Xue Duan? ” He frowned a little. While he hadn ’t invested much into his plan, he hoped to have the initiative with Xue Duan.

’Xue Yifei…the Blessed…Bloodforge Continent… ’ He closed his eyes once more and made some brief calculations using his two minds. Only then did his pouting expression dissipate into a tranquil smile. ”This might be a little dangerous. ” When those words left his lips, a wisp of excitement flashed within his eyes.

He looked into the sky, his Celestial Eyes peering until he saw a Void Gate levitating above the skies. This Void Gate was housed in a crimson-colored tower, and it served as the residence for the guardian of the Bloodforge Continent.

Wei Wuyin learned that these towers were the homes for the resident guardians, and Xiang Ling, Fairy Blessed Spirit, was the guardian selected by the Myriad Monarch Sect for the Myriad Yore Continent. Her cultivation base was sufficiently powerful to oversee the entire continent and ensure its safety in the case of potentially continental-threatening conflicts.

A strand of spiritual force left his glabella and flashed upwards into the sky. It carried with it a spiritual transmitted message for the guardian of this continent. After sending this, his eyes looked towards the building that Xue Yifei was situated. An idea formed in his mind as he wanted to test out his theory. If it didn ’t work, then at least he ’ll have a breathtakingly beautiful woman by his side.


In the sky, the Bloodforge Tower. A middle-aged man sat cross-legged as he held an astral stone within his hand. The pure, refined astral essence within was being ceaselessly extracted and absorbed, causing all sorts of astronomical phenomena to erupt, such as glittering stars that appeared and vanished without order and a gorgeous aurora borealis above.

He was called Qi Lang, and he was the assigned guardian of the Bloodforge Continent. As he was quietly cultivating, a strand of spiritual force penetrated the protective wards through a specific method and arrived.


Startled with a heart-pounding jump, he clenched his fist as his eyes flashed into battle readiness, causing him to crush his astral essence within his grip. The astral essence erupted and started to wildly escape, enriching the immediate vicinity temporarily. He did not expect to receive a transmission directly, so he was quite skittish. It was only after he received the secret code and orders within that his heart inevitably calmed down.

Biting his lips slightly, he didn ’t think he would be called so soon. Two years ago, Wei Wuyin ’s subordinate, Su Mei, had approached him and offered a deal. This deal was so sweet, salivating, and tempting that he couldn ’t reject it even if the requirements were harsher. In return, all he had to do was to listen to all orders given, as long as it didn ’t break sect rules. While he was a little uneasy at first, he truly could not decline. When has there ever been an Alchemist that could offer such extraordinary benefits without blinking an eye?

Giving in to his greed and heartfelt desires, he was now a subordinate of Wei Wuyin. This wasn ’t an issue at all until the first order came that ordered that he doesn ’t record or report his arrival on the continent immediately, and to wait a full year before doing so. This wasn ’t directly against the rules, and he wouldn ’t be punished if found out, but he guessed Wei Wuyin ’s intentions from this.

Now, receiving this transmission, his heart grew cold. He didn ’t think Wei Wuyin would be this type of individual. But he didn ’t dare to delay. While Wei Wuyin could give him this deal, he could similarly destroy his position, status, self, family lineage, and reputation with ease. The Ji Clan was a prime example of this.

”This is the fate of those who accept bribes from outrageously powerful people, ” he lamented in his heart before he stood up, took a deep breath, and left the tower. His flight path was directly towards the Xue Country ’s Royal Capital!


Chen Xiaowei stood outside Wei Wuyin ’s door. ”Heavenly King Wei, I have a letter for you. ”

Wei Wuyin opened the door. He revealed a slightly indifferent smile as he said, ”I know. Let ’s go. ” He swiped his hand over his face, once more creating his faceless mask that disguised his features.

Chen Xiaowei was somewhat taken aback by Wei Wuyin ’s response. She thought for certain that Duke Zhao would earn his ire for such an arrogant announcement and summons. That being said, she didn ’t dare to refuse. She had already thrown her lot in with Wei Wuyin, and she was going to wholeheartedly follow him.

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