Paragon of Sin

Chapter 214: Duke Zhaos Invitation

The Tri-Vision Starfield, the Myriad Monarch Astral Territory, the Bloodforge Continent, there was one thing that these places all had in common: they didn ’t lack resources. The truth of the cultivation world was that resources produced faster than could be used, and this was regardless of reckless waste by cultivators. Despite this, there were two types of resources, those that could be classified as gentle and easy to absorb for cultivation and those volatile and difficult to absorb resources that required long-term processing to be effective.

The majority of resources fit the second type. While the higher one ’s talent and, depending on the cultivation method, some resources of the second type shifted to the first type, providing immediate benefits on what could and couldn ’t be used, it didn ’t solve the issue for the majority.

This was where Alchemists came into the picture. They were capable of extracting essence, materials, and energies from resources, then processing them with other materials allowing them to become ’gentle ’ in the form of pills, elixirs, pellets, and pastes while simultaneously enhancing their effectiveness and effects.

Some unique materials, when meticulously combined, can do abnormal things such as enhance Astral Core size or allow one to experience enlightenment. These things were byproducts of quirky reactions between different essence, materials, or energies in various exact ratios. This miraculously phenomenal ability allowed Alchemists to expedite others ’ cultivation as well as enhance their innate talent.

The main issues that alchemists came across with concoction were its immense difficulty in succeeding a concoction, exceptionally long refinement times, and the exceptionally high requirement on skill. Furthermore, the alchemical energies converted by the combination of an external method and four essential energies was a thousand times less effective than pure alchemical energies produced directly by the Natal or Astral Soul. However, taking that route was cutting off hundreds of potential years on their lifespans as well as forcing them to have no cultivation strength.

It brought a soul-rending woe into the hearts of countless cultivators. No one was willing to become a product dispenser for others, their life and death no longer theirs. It was too much of a sacrifice.

Fortunately, Wei Wuyin didn ’t have this problem or any of the common alchemist issues.

In a matter of twelve hours, Wei Wuyin had already concocted three thousand Astral Sea Pills, and each was peak-quality. Most of these pills were devoured by his Astral Souls. They externalized for a brief moment and directly consumed and refined them.

At the moment, Ori, King, and Kratos had left their half a millimeter size in the dust as they were each three millimeters in size. This might seem little when compared to three thousand pills, but this could be flatly described as a multiplicative increase in astral force by 600%. Just this alone would be miraculous, but the quality of his astral force had similarly evolved.

He could be considered dozens of times stronger! The rapid increase in strength caused him to truly freeze. In the Qi Condensation, besides Qi Essence and energy purity, there was no true way to differentiate between foundations. However, in the Astral Core Realm, it was so clear-cut. This was the first time he truly felt the benefits of Alchemy.

He felt his meridians be infused continuously with warm forces that slowly solidified and strengthened them. With this, his body could contain and release far greater power without worrying about damaging his body.

He didn ’t hesitate to find an eighth-grade recipe that was suited for those at the Astral Core Realm ’s early-phases. He found an elixir recipe called the World Spirit Refinement Elixir. It was only a high-tier elixir, and it could increase an Astral Soul ’s spiritual aura, strength, senses, energies, and durability. The last reinforced the Astral Soul, allowing it to withstand more damage before shattering.

He inspected his ring and discovered that he could create about three hundred portions if he concocted them without a single failure. He had numerous sets of materials and essences within his three-layered ring, as well as hundreds of storage rings linked to his sky palace ’s vault. There, he had countless sets of materials stored and preserved over the last four years. He hated being unprepared the most, and since the cost of materials and essence was so disgustingly dirt-low when comparing a completed alchemical product, he essentially had a wide variety of everything, enough to make two or three mountains.

To put it into perspective, the Astral Sea Pill was valued at about twenty Astral Stones. This was about two billion essence stones, but the materials used to create it was less than ten thousand essence stones. This meant a two hundred thousand sets of materials were equivalent to a single Astral Sea Pill, and this was the lowest-quality too. The disparity was so monstrously ridiculous that Wei Wuyin nearly fainted.

After a brief moment of consideration, he decided to concoct the elixir. After a day, he set aside the pills and elixirs for Eden as he observed the three other Astral Souls digested the elixirs. Their unique forms were solidifying, causing them to glimmer with fascinating and mysterious light from time to time.

He frowned slightly as he watched their growth. He could feel the quality of his astral force simultaneously rise as well. Considering spiritual energies was one of the pieces of refined Astral Force, it made sense. However, this quality was due to its components rather than the Astral Core ’s refinement quality. They were two different means of enhancement.

’If it ’s like this, then enhancing my physical, mental, and elemental energies will further enhance my astral force, right? Perhaps enhancing any of my innate energies will be beneficial. ’He finally realized that there were several avenues to cultivate Astral Force quality. With renewed interest, he started to concoct all sorts of pills, elixirs, and paste.

Three days came and went. Eden had finally taken a break to consume its portions of pills and elixirs, reaching a similar degree of advancement as its siblings. As for Wei Wuyin, he was asleep. He wasn ’t mentally tired or exhausted but simply felt like passing the time in his dreams. While he could concoct products without Eden, converting his other sources of astral force into Alchemic Force, he didn ’t feel like wasting materials, so he slept.

During this time, a ruckus was forming outside the Chen Manor, and it wasn ’t because of him, but because of the prince and princesses of the Xue Country. Specifically, it was Xue Yifei and Xue Yu. Their presence couldn ’t go unnoticed as they arrived, causing various forces to become enlivened and enthralled.

A few renowned figures even invited them to other areas as guests to establish better relations. However, they seemed intent on staying within the Chen Clan ’s territory. This created even more speculation, especially considering the Chen Clan had just suffered a disastrous loss just a few days ago. Their overall reputation had reached an all-time low, and it truly made one understand that all the plans in the world can go to shit due to a single unexpected variable. That mysterious alchemist arrived, dominated, and left like the wind.

It was truly quite a soul-stirring and life-learning tale. Many elites and experts visited the An Clan in hopes of meeting this mysterious alchemist, but left empty-handed and rejected. After all, the mysterious alchemist was said to not be within the An Clan nor could anyone verify the claim because his identity was unknown.

While a few could make educated guesses, there wasn ’t any certainty in these assumptions.

Xue Yu was surrounded by his guardians, sitting at the top floor of a restaurant as he watched the seething masses below. As a prince, he was somewhat of a celebrity and countless wished to form connections or good impressions on him. Regardless of his cultivation base, whether it could ever enter the world of true experts, he still had sufficient authority and current backing to warrant such treatments.

They, however, were like puny insects rummaging below to him. He sneered, taking a sip of his wine as he watched the Chen Manor in the distance. He, like Xue Yifei, was here for a single reason: Wei Wuyin. Unfortunately, neither of them dared to barge in uninvited or out his identity. It wasn ’t just them, but countless others who had heard Xue Yifei ’s words that day were hiding in the shadows in wait.

If Wei Wuyin saw this as annoying, wouldn ’t they leave empty-handed? The worst-case scenario was their entire status would crumble from a mere displeasing word from him. No one truly knew what his personality was, except the rumors of his utmost ruthlessness, immense wealth, and outrageous talent. Basing it off this, they could only approach with caution.

In the Chen Manor, Chen Xiaowei had a headache. Countless elites were sending all sorts of private gifts and messages in an attempt to verify Wei Wuyin ’s identity or be invited in. She didn ’t dare accept any of it, fearful that it ’ll disturb Wei Wuyin and lead to an unfortunate event. Who would ’ve thought such a character would seek housing in her territory?

She could only ruefully sigh in her heart. In this same heart, there was a wisp of excitement as she recalled Wei Wuyin ’s compensation. While twenty-percent of her territory was great, he had promised ten Astral Dipper Fountain Pills, three Astral Sea Pills, and Sky World Pill. They were all seventh-grade, but their effects were beyond extraordinary!

Especially the Sky World Pill, a peak-tier pill. It can infuse the Sea of Consciousness with a flood of unique mana that sharpens one ’s senses towards it. This unique mana would temporarily change one ’s senses and perception of the world, allowing them to observe and analyze the ambient mana of the world.

This was a state of enlightenment that could nearly guarantee the ability to assail the Second Stage of the Astral Core Realm. The price of these pills exceeded the entire worth of Blood Titan City, let alone a measly twenty-percent of her territory. However, she knew that her accepting this likely meant that she was no longer an independent leader, and she was likely within Wei Wuyin ’s influence.

However, who would reject?! She happily accepted and became his vassal in Blood Titan City, even without him asking. Her allegiance was set, and she even made a harsh loyalty-based Spirit Oath to ensure him. While it wasn ’t needed, she had no issue attaching her fate to the golden thigh that was Wei Wuyin shamelessly.

Just as she was planning who to nurture with the Astral Dipper Fountain Pills into an expert amongst her talented juniors, a dignified voice resounded outside the manner.

”His grace, Duke Zhao, Duke of Scarlet Ash Prefecture, seeks an audience with the Chen Clan! ”

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