Paragon of Sin

Chapter 136: Gathering - Dominance

Those four didn ’t cause too much of a scene, but they ’ll be the cause of an exceptional conflict. They rode on a black crane seeking to find a location to land and settle like the other forces that have arrived. One of them was casually glancing around, her eyes contained a hint of mischief and curiosity.

”Ah?! ” This person exclaimed. Her eyes lit up and she flew forward like a soaring bird. Her movements were agile and free as she softly landed, flashing forward and arriving before Wei Wuyin and Wu Baozhai. Her actions disturbed the other three and caused them to look.

”Wei Wuyin! ” A voice like music resounded.

Wei Wuyin ’s eyes moved to see a delicate figure. Wearing her signature style of a short-sleeved cheongsam with images of the sun and various vines, she arrived like an immortal fairy. Unfortunately, this woman was anything but.

Mei Yang.

She pouted as she skillfully bypassed Wu Baozhai, wrapping her slim arms around Wei Wuyin ’s and used her head to lean into his shoulder. Her smile was brilliant and soft, totally unlike her normally mischievous and murderous self.

”Now that I have you, I won ’t let you go again. ” Her words were spoken with a wisp of determination that was honest and truthfully. Unlike before, Mei Yang no longer was injured from the incident at the Yuhei Clan. She had fully recovered and her cultivation seemed to have even increased.

Wei Wuyin sighed in his heart. At the wedding venue, he had his clone give her a message. In that message detailed a meeting location, and he promised to give her the means to recover. He did, of course. But the act of doing so was a little too stimulating…

After dual cultivating for several days, this mischievously beautiful woman not only recovered, but she was absolutely addicted. So he continued until she was exhausted to the point of utmost satisfaction, and left with his pants in his hands with gusts at his heels.

After the incident at his hideout, he needed to exert a little built-up negative emotions, but this woman was truly too fierce. He knew dual cultivating was beneficial to women, but when he tried it, he didn ’t imagine it was this effective. According to her, due to his high-level yang energies and physical energies, she developed a single mote of Qi Essence per shot of his essence…

He was truly unable to respond, but he did not want to be drained, so he had to leave.

His eyes twitched a little.

He had to be a little more cautious about dual cultivating now.

There was once a legend that stated that the best species of lovers in the world was dragons. They had endless stamina and could perfectly respond to fluctuations of physical energies, sensing all sorts of sensitive methods and prodding them endlessly. This made them known as vile, horny beasts, but he now realized that the story was a little twisted.

The horny ones were the ones who had a taste, unable to forget and desiring for it constantly.

He tried to move her arm away from her grasp, but she decisively placed it between her soft valley and held firm.

”… ” Wei Wuyin was truly rendered speechless. Perhaps it would be a little fun if it didn ’t cost him so much. Due to their absolute difference in innate energies, he lost far, far more than he gained. He never thought dual cultivation was a negative until he realized that unbalanced partners truly were net-negative for the better person.

No wonder Dao Companions had similar talent and cultivation.


”Wei Wuyin!? ” An approaching voice resounded from afar.

Wei Wuyin ’s heart nearly leapt out of his chest as his eyes saw this figure within his vision. This figure that had been in his thoughts since that day eleven years ago. She had helped shape who he was, the first woman that he idolized, and while he didn ’t know what ’love ’ was, if it could exist in his heart, then she was the closest person to it.

She no longer needed additional beautification methods to heighten her looks or hide away her signs of aging. Her skin was now taut and smooth, the benefits of her cultivation. That originally nearing middle-aged appearance and de-aged to a young woman in her early twenties.

She didn ’t have alluring curves, a bodacious body, or heaven-toppling countenance. In fact, she could be regarded as just a simple, pretty woman with eyes that weren ’t bright or dull. Short, at nearly five-feet five-inches, with a petite figure and shoulder-length brown hair. Her natural freckles gave her a girl-next-door feeling.

There was nothing that stood up, but that didn ’t matter to Wei Wuyin.

This woman helped him when he was a mere outer disciple. She picked him up when he had no backing, no family, and nowhere to go. She was with him as he rose upwards, as he claimed his revenge, and their relationship evolved throughout. From subordinate, he became a lover, and most definitely a friend.

Mei Mei!

She seemed to have arrived with Mei Yang, including two other people. They were Su Lanyi and Wu Chen, her son. They were right behind her approaching, seeking to meet up with Mei Yang.

When Wu Chen noticed Wu Chen, his heart constricted and his expression became exceptionally ugly. He wasn ’t a Mortal God. In fact, his cultivation base was still at the Fourth Stage of the Qi Condensation Realm. Nearly a year had passed and yet he ’d advanced none.

He knew this, just like he knew that in under five years, he would either lose his life or become a crippled due to the Dao Companion ’s Spirit Oath she swore with Mei Mei. Considering his current strength, his chances were greater in finding a phoenix feather or qilin ’s horn. He was merely here to support Mei Mei, as she had the qualifications to enter this mysterious continent-controlling sect.

Mei Mei eyes brightened as she realized it was truly Wei Wuyin! While his aura, physique, and bearing had changed, she would never forget those eyes.

Long Chen, Ming Shufeng, Lin Ziyan, Lian Yu, and Na Xinyi heard someone call Wei Wuyin ’s name and looked in that direction. Abruptly, the atmosphere became tense and heavy.

Wei Wuyin felt this. It was the emission of killing and murderous intent. His eyes were like lightning as he zipped to the source.

Long Chen!

Long Chen ’s entite aura was blazing and ramping upwards. His expression was that of clenched teeth and sharp eyes. With a single movement, his sword was drawn and his killing intent permeated the world!

The next event lacked any form of indication or words, merely action. Long Chen blitzed forth like a launched arrow, his body heading straight for Mei Mei, Wu Chen, and Su Lanyi.

Wei Wuyin ’s eyes widened.

”No! ” His shout contained the might of a true dragon and the world met a heaven-shaking thunderous eruption of sound and force! The ground beneath his feet shattered for a thousand meters, his muscles and veins bulging out as he exerted the maximum strength of his physical body.

Mei Yang, Wu Baozhai, and the entire crowd for hundreds of meters were met with a heart-stopping sound! It was like a thunderbolt had smashed into the earth near them. His body shot forward, escaping Mei Yang ’s hold with ease.

He was so destructively fast! So fast that the world went into chaos as natural disasters seemed to have been born, the quaking of the earth, the creation of galewinds, and the sound of heavenly thunder!

Despite being further away than Long Chen to Mei Mei, Wei Wuyin arrived beside her with unsettling swiftness. His movements, when he arrived, seemed to break the laws of momentum as not a single raging wind touched Mei Mei ’s robes.

When he arrived, Mei Mei at his back, his gaze was like the King of Hell had descended, murderous to the extreme! ”Take another step, and your life ends here! ”

His shout was fearsome and ferocious, containing the echo of a primordial beast!

Long Chen ’s momentum was hindered, his eyes met Wei Wuyin ’s. It was as if he had met an ancient beast of myth, staring at him with the intent to devour him whole. His heart quivered, but who was he?

Who he wanted to kill, how could Wei Wuyin ever decide this?! If he wanted to protect that scum, then he ’ll kill him too!

His sword and slaughter intent was summoned from the depths of his spirits, erupting with unyielding force. His momentum was regained, and sword in hand, he was ready to strike.

Wei Wuyin ’s eyes became calm, frighteningly calm. A chilling intent to kill emerged. For Qing Qiumu, he held back from ending Long Chen ’s life. He had reservations about acting, but if he wished to touch his reverse scale, then even if heaven, hell, gods, or devils wished to eliminate him today, he would fight until his last.

He clenched his fist and punched downwards. His Divine Spirit of Elemental Qi roared, bringing forth all of its might as it seemed to surge downwards through the soles of Wei Wuyin ’s feet, fist, and head to encapsulate the entire world.

「Elemental Spiritual Art: Nine Elemental World」

Unlike the fight between Su Mei and Na Xinyi, Wei Wuyin and Long Chen were of a higher cultivation base with even better means and practice. They had Spiritual Qi Arts!

This was one of such arts, and it integrated his high-level Elemental Qi with his vast spiritual energies and strength to create a world of his making. This was creation!

Pillars of blazing flames erupted from all over the immediate area, with glacial frost looming like a sinister shadow, chilling all things, and moisture condensed until the droplets of water were brilliant and condensed, floating within the air. The earth quaked and fractured endlessly, boulders and miniature mountains lifted forward. The world had raging tornadoes and twisters that rippled ferociously everywhere, lightning crackled, appearing randomly here and there, and magma flowed out of the erupted ground from the pillars of flames.

It was miraculous as all nine elements seemed to be birthed and interact, even plants were born, resilient to these disastrous elements!

The world changed, while Mei Mei remained unaffected, everywhere else did not! Even Bai Lin quickly swept Su Mei and flew directly upwards in fear of being involved. Her golden eyes revealed shock as she felt the intense emotions of Wei Wuyin.

The nine elements were incredible and profound, forming a connection with all the natural elements of this world!

Long Chen was immediately shocked as he felt the nearly spontaneous shift of the immediate world. His qi surged as he resisted the exploding droplets of water, dispersed the incoming tornadoes, dodged the pillars of fire that erupted beneath his feet, and lightning that appeared and disappeared randomly, striking him from above.

All of these elements had taken him as their greatest enemy!

His heart ceaselessly shivered.

The crowd couldn ’t act casually as they did before. Even the experts at the Astral Core Realm were shocked as they carried their juniors away. Those Godkings felt horror, as the sheer qi in the surroundings was immense. But those with ample experience felt even more horror! Because this…this wasn ’t just a random art!

Wei Wuyin ’s eyes were chillingly calm.

Na Xinyi had once tried to drown the world in her aura, affecting her opponent, but she couldn ’t capitalize on it all. That was because she lacked the true essence of Spiritual Wi Arts, her cultivation unable to reach that level.

Long Chen felt the aroused energies in the air and his eyes shrunk. ”A Spiritual Qi Array?! ” This art seemed to be all fancy and no power, but it was rapidly gathering insane amounts of essence and ambient elemental energies, drawing them in with qi and spiritual strength. A feeling of intense deadly crisis emerged in his heart.

He didn ’t hold back any longer as he locked onto Wei Wuyin.

「Spiritual Art Qi: Sword of True Slaughter」

The very same move that took down King Wu was once more evoked, but this time the sanguine and white sword was several times larger, nearly ten meters in height. He used his sword to control this manifested weapon of death and sent it forward with a brandish.

Its miraculous speed was even faster than before.

Wei Wuyin coldly snorted. With a single, thunderous stomp, the entire world of elements exploded into a flurry of varying lights. Everyone was momentarily blinded!

When their sights regained, what they saw sent their hearts into cold freezers!


Woosh! Woosh!!


「Elemental Spiritual Art: Nine Dragon Kings」

These creatures were constructed from the purest elemental qi, each were dazzling white, yet their elements were clear. A dragon of white flames, of white magma, of white crystal-like ice, of white liquid, of white wood, of white lightning, of white earth, or condensed white wind, and white white metal!

They were vivid, each a hundred meters long and dozens of meters in height with four claws and exceptional bodies. Their entire bodies exuded a pure draconic aura and their facial movements and eyes were exceptionally lifelike. They were boundlessly beautiful yet imposingly powerful!

At this moment, the dragon of earth, metal, and wood bore down on the Sword of True Slaughter. Their fangs and claws clenched and held it in place. They roared endlessly as they struggled against this sword. It was firmly suppressed!

Wei Wuyin and Mei Mei rode on the dragon of water as they took to the skies, floating and soaring. The other five dragons all turned their mighty gazes towards Long Chen and roared with majesty to the limit!

”You asked for this. ”

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