Paragon of Sin

Chapter 119: Flaws & Influence


Release her?

Most in the audience, and even the Imperial Guards, felt that Lin Ziyan ’s cultivation base and vocal cords being sealed was a product of forced marriage. This was somewhat shameless but not unprecedented amongst royalty weddings. Kings have long since snatched women from their homes, making them concubines and getting them to bear their children.

While it was quite odd for the Crown Prince, future King of Wu, to officially marry a woman forcefully, a woman who would naturally become the legitimate Queen of Wu, it still felt in line with Prince Lei ’s unscrupulous reputation. However, to Prince Zhen, King Wu, Prince Lei, and Wei Wuyin, they were vividly confused by his determined declaration. While the first two were not showing much outwardly, with Prince Zhen clenching his teeth as he engaged Fang Shen in fierce battle with the Imperial Guards, and King Wu seemingly calm and pondering, the other two ’s eyes burned with unmistakable confusion.

To them, Lin Ziyan had tactfully agreed to this marriage beforehand. In fact, it was originally supposed to be with Prince Zhen, but it was later changed forcefully by Ba Chen after Prince Zhen ’s assassination attempt. King Wu seemingly accepted this, and Lin Ziyan had no objections to the switch, so it happened.

Wei Wuyin could clearly see the formation used to seal her cultivation base and voice, and it was completely self-inflicted. With a thought, she could shatter these bindings and return to her full strength in mere moments. So Long Chen demanding Lin Ziyan, a willing partner of this wedding, to be released…one can see why confusion was apparent.

”Ptooey! Utterly ridiculous! ” Crown Prince Lei spat disdainfully and spoke with total derision of Long Chen ’s words. ”Fool! Do you not see the truth with your eyes? And even then, you dare order my Royal Father and me, the Crown Prince, around? Who do you think you are, peasant?! ” This was the first time Crown Prince Lei had spoken since arriving on scene, and these words were mixed with coarse language.

This event caused the gaze of many to shift, but the continuously deadly explosions above from continuous clashes of Godkings were too harsh to ignore.

Boom! Bam! Bang!

The little girl and Ba Chen were striking with immense force, pulverizing the air molecules and inducing an environmental change within the sealed globe. The sky above their heads was a bright blue and violet hue with fierce and incredible undulations. From their killing intent, each art or spell was made with deadly force.

This terrified those below. Quite a few bled from their eyes and ears, leaking blood from their mouths and suffering internal damage simply from the residual shockwaves. If it wasn ’t for experts shielding the lower level cultivators, a few may very well explode into a bloody splash of flesh and bone.

Wei Wuyin lifted his eyes to observe this fight. These two were truly terrifying. Hu Jiwei likely had such strength, but was utterly unable to bring it out after exchanging deadly close-range blows. Before a saber, it was merely a fool to be so close.

It was an unjust death unbefitting of his cultivation base, but his death had nevertheless happened. If given sufficient time to execute Spiritual Qi Arts and Spiritual Spells, perhaps the Wei Wuyin at that time would ’ve had a difficult time.

While everyone ’s attention was one way or the other, Lin Ziyan ’s eyes were fixated on Long Chen ’s figure. Her lips were quivering as his fearless gaze and strong showing revealed his truest emotions.

Their past started long ago, when he was younger nearly a decade ago. She had saved his life, showed him the Haven Heart Qi Method, and was in turn, later saved by him due to a twist of fortune and fate. She was taken care of by him for three months, where she was forced to rely on a man. This was something she had never experienced before, especially with her exceptional talent and status.

In those short three months where he fed, clothed, and showed her tenderness, her heart was moved and taken away. Yet, when she was born, a prophecy was initiated by Ming Shufeng ’s predecessor, and that was: ”You will be eternally bonded with the man. They will have two minds, two spirits, and two hearts. He will slaughter for you with a blade in hand. ”

This was the prophecy that terrified her. Perhaps the one she developed feelings for was not Long Chen, this extraordinary youth, but someone else. As a holistic believer of fate and fortune, a characteristic borne from the beliefs of her family, she knew this was her path.


Who knew fate would be so kind.

This unassuming and weak cultivator from before was now exceptional, willing to fight against an entire country for her. For her, he was willing to overturn the world! Her heart went aflutter with warm emotions.

Those eyes that emanated hope and love sent a jolt through Long Chen as he felt even more emboldened to fight against all else for this woman before him; this woman that he undoubtedly loved!

Even if he has to upend the entire Royal City today, he will take her away safely! His will was tangible and vigorous. Without verbally responding to Crown Prince Lei ’s insults and words, Long Chen glanced in his eyes.

Prince Lei suddenly felt his cultivation base go awry the moment Long Chen locked onto him. A stinging pain stabbed at his eyes and his dantian. He shrilly cried out in fear, stepping back and nearly tumbling as he did. If it wasn ’t for a large, powerful hand supporting him, his state would ’ve been even more embarrassing.

Holding his son upright, King Wu ’s expression was solemn and glacial. How did things end up like this?

As he recalled the sequence of events that had happened faster than he could react, he felt a wave of disbelief.

Prince Chen, his normally calm and intelligent son, had proclaimed that Prince Lei was a traitor to the Imperial Clan. He arrived with evidence of collusion and criminal activities that Prince Lei had engaged in with the Hidden Shadow Domain. Their plot to manipulate the throne and force them into becoming a puppet nation was revealed.

Unable to react, Ba Chen immediately lashed out. She denounced these people and stated the evidence was false and they were attempting a coup. With her authority, the Imperial Guard acted.

Even he couldn ’t believe this.

No, he could believe this, but he couldn ’t believe the force that had arrived today. Not only were three of peak powerhouses of the Five Great Sects, but a few other Godlords were here as well, such as the Golden Milk City ’s City Lord.

At the moment, beneath the blue and violet skies, Godlords from both sides found their opponents. The Imperial Clan was not at a disadvantage as they clashed with the others. In fact, they had greater numbers. Mo Yuan, the Earthly Titan Sect ’s Sect Master, coldly snorted as he shot towards Lian Yaling enthusiastically. His large, muscular body reflected an exceptional fleshy body cultivator.

With his large fist, he threw the first punch, engaging and bringing Lian Yaling to their own area. Unfortunately, their numbers were lopsided and another Godlord from an Imperial Clan joined in, making it a two versus one.

King Wu frowned. When he turned towards Lin Ziyan, his eyes flashed as he saw an anxious expression in her eyes and aura. To him, he didn ’t sense the faint love, but just anxiety over the situation.

Was this all to steal the beauty in her state of distress? Did this young man arrive to kidnap his future daughter-in-law? How could he allow this to happen?

Misunderstandings abound, King Wu stepped forth and declared, ”This King has never seen someone so brazen. You- ” just as he was about to speak, a ray of sword qi shot towards him like a lance.

He raised his right palm and slapped forward reactively, dispersing the sword qi. His eyes widened, enraged. His aura started to rise as a kingly disposition was revealed. To be challenged by a brat who wished to disrupt royal proceedings?

Did he consider him inept? Too merciful? The only reason he hadn ’t taken action was because the situation had developed too fast. He was still deciding on matters.

Long Chen had a cultivation base at the Eighth Phase of Qi Condensation, Infused Spirituality Phase. Despite not even being thirty, his cultivation was tremendously powerful!

His Spirit of Sword Qi roared to life! But shockingly, another oppressively vicious aura revealed itself.

A Spirit of Slaughter Qi! He had birthed two Hearts of Qi and developed them into Spirits of Qi!

Lin Ziyan, King Wu, Prince Lei, all those watching briefly stopped as they regarded the mixed aura of the young man who seemed like a god of slaughter as he stood calmly with a sword in hand.

With waiting for their breath to release, he struck, and King Wu, still having his heart shaken by this revealing characteristic, fought as well. They immediately traveled away, bringing themselves away from Lin Ziyan and Prince Lei.

Their battle immediately took away the focus of others as the most eye-catching battle! A Godlord was fighting a Godking, and he had two Spirits of Qi! His every action was domineering and his spiritual spells and qi arts were profound, carrying hints of a high-end legacy that exceeded the Qi Condensation Realm.

Some of his qi arts even drew upon the world force forcefully, allowing him to fight on equal footing with a true-blue Godking, King Wu!

Lin Ziyan ’s eyes were filled with amazement and excitement! He ’s the one she was waiting for! Someone who could cultivate the Haven Heart Qi Method! Destiny was coming true!

As for Wei Wuyin, his heart shook as he quietly said to himself, ”He ’s divided his spirit into two? He actually cultivated the method recorded on the Monolith exactly! ”

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