Paragon of Sin

Chapter 104: Life World Emporium

In the morning, the day after, Wei Wuyin was meditating next to his pond filled with various fishes. His eyes were somewhat dull and his aura was chaotic. There were a lot of things on his mind, and even his mental realm was deteriorating.

”Do I regret it? ” As he recalled Na Xinyi, he shook his head. He had asked himself this 2,341 times since that day. Each time, he pondered, then decisively said no.

How could he?

She had saved his life. If it wasn ’t for that yin energy, he would ’ve been dead. If he hadn ’t discovered her yin physique, she wouldn ’t have obtained her freedom. Instead, she ’d have been relegated to a slave or worse. With her cultivation likely crippled or a spiritual spell meant for permanent enslavement embedded into her.

After all, she was a captive.

Her life would ’ve been worse. This wasn ’t even a question, but a statement of fact. In fact, she could ’ve been dead by now.

The most ridiculous thing was:

The Heavenly Daos literally gave her to him. How ludicrous was that?! How fucking ridiculous was that?!?!

How many times have the Heavenly Daos forced two people to pair, with one side essentially doing it without the other ’s consent? What miraculous occurrence must happen for that to work?

He felt disgusted, but also a little relieved. The cultivation world was cruel, humanity was cruel, living beings were cruel, how could the Heavenly Daos not have factored this into its nearly ambiguous and inane rules? It surelyaccounted for these factors, which is why things were likely structured the way they currently are.

”In the grand scheme of things, we ’re all just pieces on its board. ” He felt a supremely burning rage blaze within his heart and soul. A rage for the heavens treating living beings like game pieces, treating the entire world it governed like a game!!

No wonder the First Sinner rebelled!

Even he wanted to!!

”I…already am, I guess… ” He felt like he had hit a profound connection with the First Sinner. He didn ’t feel bad about what he did or all the things he did. His character wasn ’t inherently malicious and evil. He had his own code of morality and set of principles he lived by, but did it matter?

Yet he still felt divided in mind, but also a sensation of enlightenment approach. He felt like he had to ask himself whether taking advantage of one girl in exchange for her freedom and life was bad, but never once did he regret or question the numerous lives he ’d taken.

The woman who abused Su Mei.

The pair of lovers.

Chu Yan.

Ash Dragon City ’s guards, commander, city lord, his son.

Gu Futu.

Shu Ancestor.

Those assassins, Hu Yao, and Hu Jiwei.

This didn ’t factor in those he ordered to be killed or enslaved in his time as a core disciple, those Bai Lin killed under his orders, or those he was directly responsible for in regards to death or a life worse than – such as Gu Futu ’s family or that one Jade Lotus Sect clan. He didn ’t even remember the name.

In fact, he didn ’t even know the clan name or the one he killed.

He had no regrets over the numerous lives he ended or ruined that numbered tens of thousands or far, far more via the effect of causality, yet…this single incident caused him to question for over two thousand times.

He shook his head and calmed his breathing.

That ’s right. He was being an idiot. Cultivation was a struggle for life, not a path of regrets. You can only move forward, and thinking about the past was worthless and only served to delude your state of mind.

If Long Chen killed him, would he ponder how Su Mei or Bai Lin would be affected? If he had kids or a family, would he care?

Cultivation was inherently selfish to begin with. It ’s about snatching from the world to empower yourself and reach greater heights, to dominate that same world. As long as you live by your heart, however that may be, then who cares about the rest?

Thus far, he had always followed his heart. Therefore, he will move forward.

As for the Heavenly Daos, fuck it.

”I ’ll do what I want, when I want, and the heavens can piss right off. Now I see why pain is accompanied by karmic luck decreasing, to ensure a clear head on whether to accept your influence or not. It ’s to give free will, to become a rogue piece on your gaming board.

”Who knows, one day, I may just flip the board and start a new one, with new rules, ones that conform to my principles and beliefs or none at all. Give the entire world back its right to choose without external influences. ” His words were tyrannical, filled with heretical virtues and beliefs.

For this moment, he had forgotten about the Calamities of Hell or his likely death, all that existed was a defiant will. Wei Wuyin felt a throbbing in his right arm as he said this, but it was brief.

Reclaiming his peaceful state of mind, he readjusted his position and decided to once more concoct pills. He erected a spiritual ward and retrieved his cauldron. Perhaps concocting a few pills would be beneficial.

Just as he was about to indulge in the Dao of Alchemy, Su Mei arrived. He immediately noticed her, ”What is it? ”

”I was gathering information on the capital to compile a dossier for you, Lord Wei, but… ” She seemed hesitant to elaborate. Wei Wuyin could feel a hint of guilt in her voice as well as desire.

He stood upright, properly keeping the cauldron, and said: ”What did you find out? Speak your mind. ”

Su Mei took a deep breath, exhaled all her worries and soon regained her calmness. ”There ’s an emporium called the Life World Emporium. It ’s run by the Life World Pavilion. ”

Wei Wuyin ’s brows perked. The Life World Emporium! How could he not know about it? It was the number one merchant force within the Wu Country. It had endless prestige, an unfathomably deep and reliable reputation, far-reaching influence, and the wealth that was envy inducing.

This was because of the Life World Pavilion. It was an organization that existed in all seven countries, and at the head of which was an expert at the Astral Core Realm. A true elite powerhouse that can rule a country with their impressive powers.

They were renowned for not just selling materials, armaments, and essential information(Even about cultivation), but they also created the various ranking lists that were a talking point all over the Myriad Yore Continent. This included the top Beauty Ranking for the seven countries individually and the entire Myriad Yore Continent.

Su Mei didn ’t need to explain this, so she readily explained her purpose. ”The Life World Emporium has recently acquired a Saber called the Darklight God Saber. It ’s a peak-grade qi weapon. ”

”Ah, ” Wei Wuyin now understood her guilt and reluctance. She didn ’t want to seem selfish in wanting this saber for her own. In truth, he controlled the majority of the wealth and resources they possessed.

Wei Wuyin let loose a hearty laugh, ”Perfect! You ’re cultivating Darkness and Light Qi, perhaps the Life World Emporium will have some high-level essences. Furthermore, I ’ve been seeking to update my knowledge of the beauty rankings. ” He rubbed his chin in thought, there were also a few products and resources he could exchange for.

After all, this was society. Killing and robbing for a living was a very low-grade manner to live life, not worthy to exemplify his life or dignity. While a thief may become wealthy in his own backyard, it was limited by the wealth of that backyard. As an Alchemist, he can concoct products that could allow him to reach all corners of the world.

With that thought, he said with an impassioned voice, ”Let ’s check it out! ”

Su Mei felt her heart shudder with relief and warmth. Wei Wuyin hadn ’t even hesitated to think about buying the saber she desired or find other resources for her. Just so it was known, a peak qi weapon was suitable for Mortal Godkings. The price would be out of this world.

Fortunately for her, Wei Wuyin was a local moneybags with the wealth of an entire domain and sect in his pocket, and his own products to boot. He was essentially wealthy to the point that he could be considered the single most wealthiest man alive.


In the Royal Capital, flying was prohibited without explicit permission or being royalty. Therefore, Bai Lin was forced to stay in the courtyard. However, she didn ’t mind as she simply slept in peace after eating a gourmet meal worthy of a crane that weighed a thousand or so pounds.

After a rather annoying walk, Su Mei and Wei Wuyin arrived at the Life World Emporium. When Wei Wuyin saw the building, even from afar, his eyes were shining and his mouth was spewing all sorts of wondrous praise. The Golden Milk City and its Surabhi Emporium lacked in comparison.

Firstly, it was massive. A literal freaking skyscraper that reached a total of forty stories and was as wide as two Surabhi Emporiums combined. He gulped as he traced his eyes up and down, analyzing the intricate yet symmetric design of this building. It was like a steel rectangular block, but stood on its ends.

It had a white purest type of color to it, seemingly without a slightest taint on its surface. The metal that constructed it emanated an aura that caused Wei Wuyin ’s metal energies to stir. It was likely fully reinforced by a high-level essence material even greater than Steel Metal Essence.

The windows gleamed with faint glows that seemed to reflect sunlight, causing the insides to be unable to peer inside. It added an alluring mystery to what and who was inside this grand, majestic, domineering building.

At the forefront of it was a large, wide, and impressive four-sided sign that situated itself at its highest point, but enough to be seen from even forty miles away. It said: Life World Emporium. The calligraphic aesthetic was pleasing to view and the color was noticeable yet not overbearing. When you looked at it, it made one want to know more.

This was a form of spiritual aura that he felt. It seemed the sign itself was created with spiritual energies and inscribed with a unique spiritual spell or formation capable of enticing cultivators. It was subtle, but his keen senses immediately noticed.

At the top of this sign, seemingly within the gap of the four-sided sign was a planetary structure that resembled the moon in the sky. It flashed intermittently with light. In the morning, this was a negligible display, but at night, this low light would act as a guide.

”This is the most impressive building I ’ve ever seen. ” He truly felt awed. One day, he wished to create a building even more impressive.

Su Mei nodded in agreement. When she first arrived, she too was caught off-guard. Despite seeing it from afar, it was only up-close that one could understand the utter grand existence that was this skyscraper.

They followed the normal traffic and approached the two-door entrance. When they were merely two meters away, the door opened automatically and caused Wei Wuyin to start. He had never witnessed self-swinging, self-opening doors. He hurriedly used his spiritual sense and saw evidence of an array and formation working in conjunction.

The former opened the door, the latter was triggered by the presence of spiritual strength and activated the former. It was embedded just beneath their feet all the way to the two doors.

”So intricate! ” He praised again before walking inside. He was immediately greeted by a world similar to the Surabhi Emporium, but with an air that smelled like mint. At the entrance were expertly chiseled and crafted statues of the sun and moon. But when he lifted his head, the expected opening with interconnecting bridges, kiosks, and foot traffic was absent. Only a patterned ceiling was there. It was the ceiling for the first floor.

”So, how did you find out the existence of this saber? ” Wei Wuyin finally asked as a hint of interest merged in his eyes.

”I— ” Su Mei was just about to answer, but a voice interrupted her.

”I was the humble servant who informed her. ”

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