Paragon of Sin

Chapter 102: Long Chen

”What? ” His rage was dispelled as he heard this voice. He deeply frowned. That wasn ’t Jiao Ning ’s voice. It wasn ’t the voice that he wished to shriek in pain and horror at nights.

He wasn ’t shocked she noticed him; he wanted her to. The issue was that only ten years had passed, how was it possible for her voice to change so drastically? In fact, he used his spiritual sense and knew it wasn ’t altered by any arts.

”Do you want to harm me? ” The woman ’s voice was lovely and seemed to be birthed from nature itself, warm and serene. Her question made Wei Wuyin ’s heart deeply surge like a cannonball smashing into the ocean.

He sighed. His anger and rage, his past trauma had formed a heart-devil and he was conforming theories to facts, rather than facts to theories. There were others who could have a similar aura. After all, if two people cultivated the same method, their auras would also be very similar.

He just wanted to kill Jiao Ning himself, make her suffer. An unresolved desire, that was all it was. The moment he inspected the woman before him a little more, he realized this was the truth. How woeful that he couldn ’t rip out Jiao Ning ’s bones and sinews himself.

”Apologies, I mistook you for someone else. ” His words were calm, but a tinge of defeat was within. He realized he needed to further refine his mental realm. A cultivator ’s mentality was important and could impact cultivation, even leading to qi deviation. He had reached an unfathomable level before he became an Inheritor of Sin, capable of concealing his hatred and murderous desire even though Jiao Ning had been directly before him numerous times.

He had always acted with intelligence when needed and with decisive force where required.

”Mistook? ” The voice was surprised. The figure turned around, she kept her concealed weapon and faced Wei Wuyin.

She wore a veil that covered her entire face, but he could see her emerald-colored hair and eyes. His physical senses were so powerful thanks to the Draconic Bloodline that with a little focus, the veil was nearly pierced without a hint of spiritual sense.

”You?! ” He was startled.

Beneath the veil, the figure frowned. Her aura was ready for battle at a moment ’s notice.

”You ’re… ”

This was the woman from his future or past? Past and future! Jiao Ning had kidnapped this woman and stole her heart blood essence, refining it into herself. No wonder their auras were similar.

In his old future, she was responsible for the destruction of the Scarlet Solaris Sect. He had always assumed she had died during that alternative future and thus the elves encircled and killed their way into the sect for revenge.

Luckily, he had told the sect about Jiao Ning and the girl ’s status as a high-ranking elf; thus, the calamity was avoided by his actions.

He had done it for two reasons: To punish Jiao Ning, hopefully, and to starve off his own foreseen death.

He recalled the cultivator in the black martial robe that beheaded him mercilessly while Jiao Ning begged for his protection. At the time, he had, by some unfathomable reason, decided to protect Jiao Ning despite their immense differences and his boundless hatred. The issue was…he didn ’t know why he had done it or cultivated Scarlet Qi or decided to do so.

The him of that future was an enigma. An existence that had experienced things he hadn ’t.

His attitude bettered, ”Sorry. My name ’s Wei Wuyin. I remember you from the incident in the Scarlet Solaris Sect. ” He was honest and upfront, startling the young woman.

Her eyes beneath the veil widened, narrowed, grew confused, and then enlightened.

”Wei Wuyin? You ’re the one who saved me?! ” Her words were filled with shock, as if seeing a person who rose from the dead.

”Haha! Yes, you can say that. ” He rubbed his head softly and chuckled.

Taking a deep breath, revealing the contours of her ample breasts, she bowed slightly, ”Thank you. ”

Wei Wuyin didn ’t reject her thanks, ”It was my pleasure. ”

Her attitude towards Wei Wuyin lightened. There were only a few people who knew about the incident before, and only Wei Wuyin could recognize her so clearly, at least in her opinion. Despite not meeting the man before, she knew of his outstanding talent and reputation.

A twenty-six year old at the Fifth Stage of the Qi Condensation Realm, birthing two high-level elemental essences, Steel Metal Qi and Violet Lightning Qi, while being without any real background. He had a blessed talent that many attributed to a cultivation treasure. However, she knew that cultivation wasn ’t so easy.

”My name ’s Qing Qiumu, ” she formally introduced herself.

Wei Wuyin liked her name. It felt fitting towards her aura and origins.

However, now that all was said and done, he didn ’t know how to proceed.

Witnessing Wei Wuyin ’s awkwardness, she smiled and said, ”I ’m happy to see that you ’re alive. Do you want to find someplace to talk? ” She invited him kindly. Now he was in a good position to press forward or retreat with reason if he wanted.

Wei Wuyin was gracious of her offer. After all, it felt odd to follow her and invite her to another place, even if he had mistaken her for someone else. He accepted her offer, wanting to know quite a few things about her.

They left the alley, walking within the crowd until they found a restaurant. Wei Wuyin could eat, so could she, so they thoughtlessly entered.

It wasn ’t long before they started to have small talk, discuss events. According to her, Jiao Ning died a horrible, gut-wrenching death eight years ago. This appeased his mind as he became invested in the how. It truly felt comfortable hearing it.

As for him, he wasn ’t direct with what happened during the last eleven years, but he did say that he had left the sect, was traveling with a companion to see the Wu Country ’s landmarks. It was only a coincidence that they arrived at the Royal Palace so quickly.

When Qing Qiumu heard the story about his departure, and how it dealt with a jealous lover and an ex, she felt there was more to it, but she didn ’t prod. Instead, she asked about his visits thus far.

Its been awhile since he had sat down and had a casual conversation with a woman in such a fashion or anyone for that matter, so he went into detail, making snide comments and throwing shade at the Warring States Pagoda, eliciting chuckles and laughter. His momentum in the conversation was quite impressive. While not everything was directly truthful, they were interesting.

He twisted certain details or omitted a few, but he knew she was engaged. While others couldn ’t see her expressions or beautiful face through that veil, he saw every bit of it. She was relaxed and enjoying herself.

He also felt relaxed. It was a comforting feeling.

”Did you run? ” Qing Qiumu asked in concern. It seemed she forgot he was talking about the past.

”Of course not! I ’m the Saber Ascendant, how could I! I stood my ground, faced him with my saber in hand, and slashed! ” He vividly started retelling his brief encounter with Hu Jiwei. While he edited some details, he kept the truth in it.

”What happened?! ” She leaned forward, her fragrant smell and ample bosom bounced, but Wei Wuyin wasn ’t noticing these mind-drolling moves, he just saw her starlight eyes and genuine interest and became even more vivid and lively.

”What else? With one slash and one strike, we exchanged blows! As for the end, I ’m here, no? Hehe. ”

Qing Qiumu sat down and smiled. Right. The telling of meeting a young master, being hunted down by odd, creepy assassins, then meeting their supreme leader who shimmered into being like a shadow threatening to end even his family, how could she not be invested?

She thought for certain the young master and his two guardians were going to die after being outnumbered, but they persisted enough for him to arrive on the scene as a savior! Truly, an invigorating story.

If she knew the full truth, who knew how she ’d think.

Wei Wuyin rubbed his nose, he looked outside and realized it was dark. They had been talking for hours, the time had zoomed away without him noticing.

Qing Qiumu was also shocked when she noticed the time. They had met mid-day, to think so much time had passed. It ’s been quite a while since she last enjoyed talking to someone this much. Perhaps it ’s because he saved her life, but she felt close to him. Her demeanor was completely relaxed, and his refreshing act of being unbothered by her bodily features or beautiful allure was truly enjoyable.

Wei Wuyin smiled, noticing Qing Qiumu staring at him, ”It ’s late. I ’ll take you to your lodging. ”

She was startled, but realizing the time, she nodded in agreement. They left, paying the bill, and Wei Wuyin left a generous tip as well.

As they walked the moonlit path, Wei Wuyin asked her about a few things about the Mystic Elven Forest, expressing his desire to one day travel there on his journey.

She smiled and told him a bit about all the mysterious and beautiful places there. Including the forbidden areas he should avoid, but seeing how his eyes brightened with the child-like spirit of adventure at any mention of danger, she couldn ’t help but chuckle.

Normally, she didn ’t like talking about her birthplace, but she wasn ’t shy about discussing it now.

Before they knew it, they had arrived at her inn. It wasn ’t a good one or a bad one, despite being in the central area of Heavenly Wu City, it was very inconspicuous. He didn ’t comment on it except she could do better.

To which she replied: I know.

They laughed together.

When their laughter subsided, he looked at her emerald eyes and felt a feeling of comfort within. He had never thought he would meet her of all people, and enjoy his time too.

She maintained a happy smile beneath her veil. Her thoughts were a mystery, even to herself.

”Qiu ’er, ” a voice called out.

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