Paragon of Sin

Chapter 99: Four Spirits

for Godkings and below, but seventh-grade products were suitable for the realm beyond—Astral Core Realm.

If he used an Astral Core Realm suited pill for his cultivation, how far would he reach?! He now felt that his memory loss was an absolute blessing in more ways than one. The talent revealed and skills gained from the Eden Earth Sect had allowed him to embrace the Dao of Alchemy. If he can become a King Alchemist, he had the hope to swiftly pulverize the early-stages of the Astral Core Realm!

As a wielder of the Alchemic Heart, no, now Alchemic Spirit of Eden Qi, he was a prodigy among prodigies!

Actually, that ’s an exaggeration.

He could be considered a math prodigy with a decked-out calculator thanks to his Alchemic Qi, while others were just math prodigies forced to think. In some ways, he was a cheater.

Thankfully, he already had a high-level of alchemic talent to begin with. The pill he was going to make was one of the few seventh-grade recipes of the Eden Earth Sect: Astral Dipper Fountain Pill!

The materials weren ’t rare, but when seven of these ingredients are perfectly mixed and merged, the resulting reaction could help those at the Ninth Phase of Qi Condensation to ascend with an increased chance of seventy percent!

Fortunately, it was highly effective in condensing qi essence as well!! According to what the Eden Earth Sect Master informed him, it could create seven motes of qi essence per pill!

Perhaps this would only give him one or two, but he didn ’t care. He could easily attempt to make hundreds because the ingredients weren ’t that rare, and he had enough for tens of thousands thanks to the Beast-Taming Sect and Hu Jiwei.

”The heavens don ’t like disproportionate gains! With seven slightly uncommon herbs, one could receive far too high of an increase! No wonder the Heavenly Daos don ’t like it, but because of its effectiveness in using what it births, I wonder if the Heavenly Daos secretly praises the creativity, therefore doesn ’t outlaw it. ” As he pondered this absolutely profound yet seemingly absurd question, he didn ’t realize he had touched upon the truth very few knew.

While it was more complex than that, it was also a very simplistic explanation of the truth.

He waited for his Alchemic Spirit and Draconic Spirit to settle. He could feel his physical energies and bloodline become richer, purer, and more powerful. His flesh and bones, all things influenced by his blood, were jumping in quality as a result.

He also felt that his mind was clearer. Eden Qi was miraculously profound and a part of the Mind Dao. It governed self-awareness and various other profound intricacies he still had yet to understand, but his sea of consciousness was expanded and strengthened.

He could tell that his Alchemic Spirit benefitted absorbing a dead man ’s sea of consciousness. It had grown sturdier and purer, but he still didn ’t know how that was the case.

He was wildly ignorant of the intricacies and qualities of a Mind Qi. They weren ’t like Material Qi, like Scarlet, Jade, or Wind. They also weren ’t like Ethereal Qi that relied on intent and belief, such as Saber, Holy, or Battle. It interacted with the world differently as well.

He sighed. Regardless, it still was a form of Metaphysical Qi, and can become energy that can interact with the world. It can hold elemental qualities, so he still felt somewhat lost whenever he tried to figure out its profoundities.

Shaking his head of those thoughts, he started to use essence stones to replace his non-spiritually sublime qi & blood. Unlike before, he wasn ’t going for a full overhaul, that ’ll take time, but just enough to concoct pills.

An hour later, he smiled. ”Let ’s begin! ”


In the central area, at a well-known restaurant frequented by many, two individuals were quietly eating. Next to them, three gentlemen were speaking with a spiritual spell warding their words. Unbeknownst to them that the two could hear their every word, they spoke without restraint.

”Did you hear? Prince Lei will be crowned Crown Prince! How wild. I always thought it would be Prince Zhen. ”

”Yeah! Me too! While he was a little vicious and gave off a fierce aura, he always felt stable and his cultivation base was strong! ” One of them said.

”Yeah, but now I feel bad for him. ” One of them lamented.

”Why? ”

”Well, King Wu is going to have Prince Zhen ’s woman, Godlord Lin, the one he ’s been after since day one, marry Prince Lei. It is a straight slap in the face. ”

”What?! ”

”Yes! Not only that, I heard the Royal Commander is backing Prince Lei ’s ascension and even forcing Godlord Lin to marry him. While it is disgusting, that ’s the perks of being royalty! Hehe, the crown and a beauty! Truly enviable! ”

The men continued their conversation on a variety of topics, unbeknownst that a man nearby had his killing intent provoked, barely containing his ferocious rage.

He abruptly stood up, paid the bill, and left. The woman beside him, who wore a veil concealing her features, followed calmly. When they arrived outside, the young man ’s eyes were fixated on the Royal Palace, his fists clenched enough to induce popping sounds.

The young woman reached out with her jade-like hand but halted. In the end, she just let him feel the emotions he should feel.


While this event happened, Prince Zhen was calmly reading in his study, unbeknownst that a calamity had been drawn to the Imperial Clan by forces beyond his comprehension.

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