Paragon of Sin

Chapter 99: Four Spirits

Prince Zhen ’s maid attitude towards service was beyond reproach and revealed herself to be quite diligent in her tasks. She had situated Wei Wuyin in an open-air courtyard with a crystal-clear pond that held various fishes within. It gave a rather serene feeling to one ’s heart as calm, serene water energies effused the air. The moist green grass and brick walkway felt incredibly natural alongside the decor.

He found himself liking it very much.

It was also spacious enough for Bai Lin to stretch her wings and walk about with those long, slim and beautiful legs of hers. With a flap of her wings, she could also take to the air with incredible ease, escaping to the sky.

As for Su Mei, she rested in her room while calmly cultivating. A fire had ignited in her heart that made her wish to improve, and her desired goal of birthing Shadowlight Qi was tenacious and unyielding. After all, now that she was a Mortal God, the only thing she needed was resources to reach the Peak Mortal God level, Sublime Qi Phase, but she still needed to find her own Path of Cultivation.

The Tenebrous Light of the Night Method was her way.

With Wei Wuyin ’s support, that was a matter of when, not if, to her.

Wei Wuyin didn ’t bother her. He sat cross-legged with his eyes closed. He was considering various aspects of his life and his future.

At the moment, he had two Divine Spirits of Qi at the Infused Spirituality Phase and two Hearts of Qi/Blood at the Yang Growth Phase. He was originally planning to obtain a Yin-Yang God Sphere from the fabled training grounds in Heavenly Wu City. However, he now had a few thanks to the storage ring of Hu Jiwei, Godking of the Hidden Shadow Domain.

It ’s likely eighty to ninety percent of his Hidden Shadow Domain ’s spendable wealth was in his storage ring, and he had already withdrawn it all into his own, throwing the ring away.

In fact, the wealth in that one ring exceeded the Beast-Taming Sect ’s by several times. It was likely accumulated over a long, long period of time. He didn ’t feel any enjoyment for his sudden gain of wealth. In fact, he was now in a conundrum.

He had considered a distinct possibility regarding his cultivation: Cost. It took him far more essence stones to reach the Sublime Qi Phase for his two hearts. Now, he had to do it once more. Not to mention, this was a Draconic Heart of Blood & Alchemic Heart of Eden Qi. He wasn ’t even certain how much they would require.

In fact, he had the faint suspicion that his Draconic Heart of Blood would require as many as several dozens more essence stones. If he decided to cultivate Ninety-Nine Qi Essences for each Spirit, how much would that take?!

He sighed, realizing that his wealth could be fleeting.

What he had may not be enough, yet the solutions weren ’t too likeable. He didn ’t wish to be an outright bandit. While he wasn ’t shy to commit thievery, his cultivation base and status as a Lord Alchemist demanded some respect. Such petty actions were beneath him.

Of course, if someone offends him, hehe. Their possessions may no longer be theirs.

”Haaa… ” He thought about the cost again and signed endlessly in his heart. ”Ten years. That ’s what I ’ll give myself. After ten years, if I ’m not at the Qi Essence Realm, regardless of my current progression, I ’ll ascend! ” He swore.

He had to reach the Astral Core Realm within four decades. An ultimate desire of his was to travel the stars before his death, seeing the world within the starry sky. Considering he may have less than thirty-nine years, he had to cross off everything on his list.

Taking out a Yin-Yang God Sphere, he set up a spiritual formation to block off spying and began to cultivate. With the purity within this sphere, his Alchemic Heart and Draconic Heart will have the yin-yang purity advantage his Divine Spirits enjoy.


In the Royal Palace, Prince Zhen ’s Quarters.

Within the gloriously looking room, Yi ’er and Prince Zhen stood together. Prince Zhen ’s expression was contemplative. He had faint traces of disbelief in his eyes as he looked to Yi ’er who had an excited gleam in her eyes.

”She agreed? ” He asked once more, still in disbelief.

Yi ’er hurriedly nodded as her pink cheeks trembled cutely, ”She did! ”

Prince Zhen ’s eyes flashed a soft light that became increasingly brighter. Before long, he started to heartily laugh. He was unimaginably lucky!

His father had procured a bride for him, who he held immense love for the moment he saw her. She was a Godlord with immense potential and an intact primal yin. If he cultivated with her, his own chances of becoming a Godlord would increase several-fold!

Originally, she was unwilling. She stated that only if he could cultivate a very flawed Qi Method would she marry him and that was a requirement needed without exception. However, she had abruptly agreed to stay and marry him!

Of course, his father was also very persistent and didn ’t originally allow her to leave. She refused and was pretty much a prisoner initially, but with her own words, she was now his fiancee! While the beginning was a little shady, as long as she was willing, then the end justifies the means!

He was incomparably excited. While he didn ’t like how forceful his father was, he couldn ’t help but regard his methods of persuasion as effective. He had never threatened her, but showed her what they had to offer.

While the logistics and optics could be deceptive, he didn ’t want to marry a forced bride. He had his own pride even if he was hopelessly smitten! As a man, and a future Godking, he felt he needed some bottomline.

”I ’ll go see her, ” he was excited as he rushed away.

”Ah! ” Yi ’er started. ”Your highness, you ’re unclean! ” Immediately trying to call him, he paused.

With an embarrassed look, and a quick inspection, Prince Zhen quickly took a bath and placed on some new clothes. With a jovial smile, he left with haste. Yi ’er was also excited and followed behind with a smile. As long as Prince Zhen was happy, so was she.

After a brief walk, they arrived at one of the more luxurious rooms in the Royal Palace. Outside the door were two female Mortal Gods, ready to take any and every request of the individual inside.

When he arrived at the door, he calmed himself down and realigned his face to become cool and collected. Prince Zhen proceeded to knock.

Several seconds later, the door was opened. He knew the mechanism on the door allowed one to open it from afar, so he immediately went in. Yi ’er followed quietly.

There were two figures inside, they were playing Go and their expressions seemed to be intense and focused, as if in a grand battle of life and death. They were both beauties, one brunette and the other blonde. The former had a dense, spiritual aura while the latter had a holy aura.

If Wei Wuyin was here, he would be shocked! Then absolutely enraged! These were the two witches that essentially stole his essence and bailed on their oath!

Godlord Lin & The Seer!

Godlord Lin ’s full name was Lin Ziyan, and The Seer was called Ming Shufeng.

”Godlord Lin, God Ming, ” he respectfully addressed. Recalling that Lin Ziyan was going to become his wife in the future, his heart raced fiercely. A tinge of pink surfaced on his cheeks as his composure started to show tracks.

”What?! ” An abrupt and sudden exclamation emerged. It originated from Ming Shufeng, her eyes wide and filled with disbelief. She asked with dense shock, ”How are you here?! You should be… ”

Prince Zhen was immediately taken aback by such a response, confusion flashed in his eyes. He had never seen Ming Shufeng act in such a way. She always had a confidently calm smile and cool demeanor when he was around, as if all things were within her grasp. He was also deeply confused as to why she would react or say such words.

However, when his gaze turned towards Lin Ziyan, even she was shocked. Her usually cold, calm expression replaced with visible disbelief, as if his very presence went against worldly laws.

As if he should be dead…

”What ’s wrong? ” He hurriedly asked worriedly. Prince Zhen, as well as everyone in the palace, was unaware of Ming Shufeng ’s abilities as a Seer, capable of glimpsing at heavenly design.

”… ” Ming Shufeng didn ’t speak. Instead, her eyes glowed with faint traces of holy and golden light. She closed her eyes and started to calculate paths and commune with the heavens. Her actions were swift, and Lin Ziyan immediately exclaimed, ”Leave! ”

Prince Zhen was shocked. His heart still pounding with confusion and disbelief, but seeing Lin Ziyan ’s stern expression, he didn ’t want her to change her mind, so he swiftly bid his apologies and departed.

When he left, only Lin Ziyan and Ming Shufeng remained. Only after an hour did Ming Shufeng open her eyes. Those gorgeous orbs of her flashed with a dense surge of endless confusion and uncertainty. For a moment, it seemed as if she questioned reality itself.

”… ” Lin Ziyan quietly waited.

Ming Shufeng ’s vividly confused eyes cleared, but a hint of disbelief remained. ”I ’m unsure as to how he survived. The assault from the Hidden Shadow Domain ’s forces is a calamity the heavens deemed him incapable of avoiding or surviving. He should be dead or about to die. ” Her words were spoken calmly, but the contents were absolutely terrifying!

Lin Ziyan had also known Prince Zhen was going to die. Because of this prediction from Ming Shufeng ’s communion with the heavens, she agreed to the marriage. When he dies, she would reject his father. Of course, his father would be unwilling, but Godking Hu of the Hidden Shadow Domain should ’ve used this opportunity to force her to marry Prince Lei.

Prince Lei was a young prince and essential tool, but he was absolutely enraptured with her. He would be unwilling to allow her to leave, his methods would be very forceful. This would spur the event she waited for.

He would arrive.

This would be a grand fortune for him, and a chance for her. For her to be with the one she truly loved!

This was what Ming Shufeng calculated by peering into fate and seeking heaven ’s way. However, Prince Zhen was still alive! In fact, her staying was what spurred Godking Hu to kill Prince Zhen! Prince Lei wanted to remove a love rival, as he too fell deeply in love with her at first sight. As for eliminating Prince Zhen for other reasons, that was unnecessary. After all, with the backing of two Godkings, the throne was already his.

The only reason King Wu wanted her to marry Prince Zhen was to help him reach the Godlord level. If he did, he might be able to eek out a chance to claim the throne. What the world didn ’t know was that the Royal Commander also backed Prince Lei! Furthermore, this entire thing was designed by King Wu to get Prince Lei to kill his brother!

That two-fold layer of schemes befitted the Royal Palace.

Yet, only this gave Prince Zhen a modicum of hope in an otherwise unfortunate situation. After all, he was by far the best candidate for the next King Wu! It was too bad that everything had been set against him, manipulated and plotted against by Three Godkings, how unfortunate.

Luckily, even though Prince Zhen dies, Prince Lei should die too so he won ’t be traveling the yellow springs alone. But Prince Lei ’s death was Ming Shufeng ’s machinations, then Prince Chen, a more calm, peaceful, and respected candidate with less of a bloody history among the common populace, will become the future King Wu! For a thousand years, the Wu Country will prosper!

He should also be that man ’s friend through an encounter!


All of it derailed in a matter of moments.

”Could his death be delayed? Will they act in the Royal Palace? ” Lin Ziyan asked. Hu Jiwei was a Godking, but he wasn ’t that brazen, was he? If he did, she doubted King Wu or the Royal Commander would intervene. Therefore, it ’ll be acceptable.

Ming Shufeng deeply furrower her neat brows, ”I can ’t sense the fate of Hu Jiwei. He ’s either dead or outside of my calculations, having ascended to the Astral Core Realm! ”

Her calculations had limitations, and her cultivation base heavily factored into those limitations. As long as they were in the Astral Core Realm, she could not seek their fate ’s path until she similarly entered that realm.

Lin Ziyan frowned. If Hu Jiwei ascended, there should ’ve been an astronomical phenomenon—Astral Tribulation. The Astral Wu Tower should ’ve lit the skies for tens of thousands of kilometers. There was no astronomical reaction or tower of light.

Ming Shufeng shook her head, ”I ’m unsure. I do know that he will not die while in the Royal Palace! However, I need to think of another plan. If he arrives and notices you agreed to marry another willingly, even if you insist otherwise, these people aren ’t monsters. They ’ll let you leave, especially that Prince Zhen, he has principles unlike Prince Lei.

”Without blood, he can ’t gain fortune, and without his fortune, your lives won ’t be bonded until death! ” Ming Shufeng was solemn, her eyes revealing a dark light.

Lin Ziyan started to noticeably panic. ”What will we do? ”

”Let me think! ” Ming Shufeng bit her lower lip.

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