Paragon of Sin

Chapter 98: Prince Zhens Love & Changed Fate

”… ”

The world went silent. The previous scene of turbulent winds, quaking earth, and forceful world-crushing pressure vanished along with a single exchange. The resulting silence was palpable.

Wei Wuyin casually stood while slightly waving the lone head of Hu Jiwei, a fabled Godking! The body of Hu Jiwei was still standing not too far away, sparkling blood reinforced by qi essence silently leaked from its severed neck. It was a quiet, eerily peaceful, yet silently terrifying scene.

The body still had its hand pressing forward, as if it still wished to cause the world the shift with it.

Wei Wuyin saw the head and frowned slightly. With a wave, a flame of elemental fire erupted within his palms. It shrouded the head with the intent to incinerate. After a second, Wei Wuyin looked panicked as he dispersed the flames.

His expression was as if he had nearly burned a priceless treasure, his eyes cautious and cold-sweat leaking from his forehead. It was but a short moment, but it caused the Prince trio to feel like the world had become altered.

Wei Wuyin inspected the head, after realizing minimal damage was sustained from his hasty attempt, he carefully stored it within his storage ring. With a sigh suffused with a hint of excitement, he waltzed over to the standing corpse and removed the storage ring without any qualms.

He then carefully placed the corpse into his storage ring as well.

While he was burning the head, he felt a will from the Divine Spirits call out to him. They wanted to refine the body of Hu Jiwei, likely converting the motes of qi essence into their own power. Shockingly, when he inspected the corpse, he realized the qi essence remained while the Spirit of Qi had dissipated swiftly upon his death.

He felt like he had discovered a new fact about cultivation. Realizing this head and body was a treasure trove, he hurriedly halted his attempts to destroy it and safely kept it.

As for killing this Godking with a single blow, he wasn ’t too shocked. He had struck with his full power, bolstered by Element, his saber intent, and powerful fleshy body reinforced by the Dragon bloodline energy. He could survive an Astral Array attack with utter ease, something that went beyond the Qi Condensation Realm, so this was a predictable outcome to him.

Furthermore, while Hu Jiwei was powerful, he underestimated Wei Wuyin and stayed in close-range, a dozen or so meters away, against a saber wielder.

Sabers were profoundly powerful and swift in close combat. If swords can be called exquisite and tricky, then sabers can be called brutish and direct. The ferocity and swiftness of its attacks should not be underestimated. If Hu Jiwei had fought from a long-distance, perhaps he could ’ve survived for a few seconds longer.

However, his rage and confidence in his cultivation base inevitably led to this mishap. Before that storm of power, the saber was concentrated into a single ray and decapitated him. The residual energy had sliced apart his lifeforce entirely. He was killed instantly.

Wei Wuyin was pondering if he would need to use any Qi Arts or Spiritual Spells, but considering Hu Jiwei ’s power and position, it was wholly unnecessary. A single saber strike was enough, and it was.

He now had a good understanding of his current strength. Beneath the Astral Core Realm, unless he met an expert of the apex in the Mortal Godking level, he was invincible.

The reason he concluded this was Hu Jiwei. While he was slightly idiotic with his actions, the power he displayed was true. Wei Wuyin ’s aura and spiritual qi was purer, thicker, and stronger than Hu Jiwei.

A strand of his spiritual qi exceeded a strand of Hu Jiwei ’s spiritual qi essence by about nine times. As for his spiritual sense, with two Hearts of Qi, two Divine Spirits of Qi, Draconic Bloodline, and saber intent, in pretty much every faucet of attribute, he was far, far greater.

To put it simply: Hu Jiwei ’s foundation was absolutely trash.

In comparison, Wei Wuyin ’s was leagues above, and he had a Nascent Saber Soul and overly powerful fleshy body included.

”When my Alchemic Heart of Eden Qi becomes an Alchemic Spirit, my spiritual sense will rise to another level. The traits of alchemical energies would definitely elevate a spiritual sense to another level. As for my Draconic Heart of Blood, I don ’t know if it ’ll transform, but when it does, my fleshy body should soar in strength as well. ” As he thought this, he couldn ’t help but smile.

Only now did he realize that the Wu Country was incomparably small and insignificant before the current him. Outside of the Wu Ancestral King, he was invincible.

He even had a suspicion that he ’d be able to face even him when he reached the Ninth Stage of the Qi Condensation Realm with any of his Spirits of Qi.

”Godking Wei! ” Prince Zhen ’s shocked voice echoed behind Wei Wuyin, snapping him out of his thoughts. He turned to see Prince Zhen walk over. The prince clasped his hand and respectfully bowed.

”Once more, I thank you! ” His voice was still shaking with shock and disbelief. He was faintly unable to accept that a Godking was killed so easily. Not only him, even his sister was killed just before. This meant the collapse of the Hidden Shadow Domain was imminent.

Wei Wuyin shook his head, ”I ’m only a Godlord. Please don ’t cause misunderstandings. ”

Prince Zhen was taken aback, recalling that he had addressed Wei Wuyin as ’Godking ’ earlier. However, those words caused his heart to go into further turmoil. He hastily replied, ”I apologize, Godlord Wei. ”

Nodding his head, Wei Wuyin called Bai Lin over. Bai Lin ’s eyes were filled with pride and excitement as she waltzed over carrying the stunned twins and Su Mei, who had a calm smile on her face.

She now knew the level of strength her lord possessed. No wonder he was arrogant and acted as such. In the Wu Country, he was near invincible! Who did he have to fear? Who did she?

The only qualm she had was that she couldn ’t fight alongside her lord in battle. She swore to do everything she could to enhance her cultivation base and further serve Wei Wuyin diligently. Hidden behind her calm eyes was red-hot blazing fervor.

Wei Wuyin didn ’t know that he had just spurred on a frightening genius.

”The Royal Palace isn ’t too far from here. Let ’s go. ” Wei Wuyin leapt on Bai Lin and sat. He was pondering how to refine this corpse and draw upon its power for himself.

Prince Zhen broke out of his shock and quickly realigned his mentality. With a leap, he followed. He realized that he had been incredibly blessed to meet Wei Wuyin on this journey. If it wasn ’t for him, his death was certain!

If Hu Jiwei stayed alive, even if he survived Hu Yao, who knew when he ’d act personally to claim his life.

Not only was the wolf in his house slayed by Wei Wuyin, but he actually had a relationship, no matter how small, with a genius of an unfathomable level.


Bai Lin took off.


Nearly an hour later, a glamorous palace suffused with royal nobility and prestigious aura entered their view. There were towers that reached the clouds surrounding the capital, indicating their location was at the centermost area of Heavenly Wu City – the Royal Palace!

It was adorned in jade, brilliant and pure. The bricks inlaid in its structure gave faint traces of essence. Just being in close proximity of those bricks could accelerate an individual ’s cultivation.

Wei Wuyin inspected it and couldn ’t help but marvel. It truly felt different than the stories he had heard as a child. The gloriously awe-inspiring design as if it was holding up the very heavens left one feeling a reverence stirring in their heart.

The air tasted purer, richer, and sweeter. He didn ’t know if it was his own imagination, but the Royal Palace felt like a sleeping deity, a goddess of unimaginable beauty. He couldn ’t claw his eyes away.

Su Mei was similarly bedazzled by the splendor and grandness of the Royal Palace. It ensnared her heart and mind, unwilling to let go, and she was unwilling to leave.

Prince Zhen and the twin guardians were off to the side and couldn ’t help but feel some pride in their hearts. To gain such praising expressions from those two made them feel elevated. What they didn ’t know was that Wei Wuyin and Su Mei were young and hadn ’t seen many things in their lives.

They were like country bumpkins, no, remote citizens arriving at a national monument. It wasn ’t a wonder why they were shocked into reverence and praise.

In fact, Wei Wuyin was similarly awed by Golden Milk City. While it wasn ’t due to its appearance, but due to its functionality and style, it was nevertheless the truth.

Wei Wuyin ’s eyes were drawn away. He saw a black tower floating in the sky above the clouds. It had no foundation, yet it lingered calmly in the air without a hint of trembling. Atop its peak was a depiction of the starry sky, glimmering with faint light.

Its height wasn ’t impressive, being about ten meters tall, but it stood above even the peak of the tallest tower and stayed amongst the clouds.

”Wu Astral Tower! ” He exclaimed with child-like excitement, losing all his previous awe-inspiring and calm demeanor. He gawked and even pointed with glee, ”Su Mei! Look! The Wu Astral Tower!! ” His excitement was palpable. A heart-stirring joy effused from his eyes. This was a childhood dream come true.

Su Mei also gawked, her eyes were drawn to the lingering tower that hung in the clouds.

”… ” Prince Zhen ’s trio fell silent.

You ’re an illustrious Godlord, capable of killing Godkings, you look far too excited!

Their thoughts were clear on their faces. However, Wei Wuyin didn ’t care.

This was a dream of his – just to see it. When he was young, his older brother would tell him stories about the tower that overlooked the world. When it became dark, it shined like the north star, allowing all to know: The Ruler of the Country was here and they were safe!

He felt that it truly lived up to the hype. He had never seen a tower fly in the air. In fact, anything that didn ’t have wings couldn ’t fly. Even he couldn ’t. While using elemental wind could get him to move through the air, he couldn ’t truly fly. That was more like controlled gliding, it wasn ’t very accurate like a bird or easy to sustain.

In the distance, a group of individuals riding armored aerial mounts that were eagle-like approached. They were wielding cold weapons with fierce intent radiating from them. They were ready to fight.

Bai Lin was not a recognized mount, so they considered her flying into the Royal Palace air space as a possible threat. After all, no mounts were allowed to fly within ten kilometers of the Royal Palace without permission. All those who try would be put down and executed with prejudice.

Prince Zhen ’s face changed from his calm, congenial expression, to one of haughty ferocity and sharpness. He pulled out a medallion. It had the Mark of Wu on it, and he instantly used a unique spiritual spell to invoke changes within it. It emitted a projection of the Mark of Wu, and the soldiers approaching swiftly placed away their fierce intent upon seeing it. In their mounts, they bowed with the utmost respect.

Wei Wuyin ’s gaze was drawn away from the Astral Wu Tower and looked at the soldiers. They had cultivation bases at the Fourth Stage of Qi Condensation, the Yang Growth, at the very least. They were supremely talented and many of them had youthful auras nearing fifty or sixty.

It ’s true that the higher the cultivation standard, the greater the strength of the guards.

As he was calmly appraising the guardians of the Royal Palace, a large, white dove-like creature rode over with a swiftness. Its speed rivaling even Mortal Gods on the ground.

When it arrived, a young looking woman that had a faint pink blush that seemed natural appeared. She looked about sixteen years of age, and had a cultivation at the Fourth Phase, Yin Form.

”Your Highness! ” The little girl seemed familiar with the Prince as she arrived swiftly nearby. The guards also didn ’t try to hinder her.

Prince Zhen ’s haughty expression subconsciously softened as he regarded the young woman. Before he could look towards Wei Wuyin to ask for his opinion, Wei Wuyin calmly said: ”Handle your matters. I ’ve fulfilled my word. ”

Prince Zhen took a deep breath and clasped his hands. He bowed deeply, disregarding his status as a prince amongst his people, and stayed there for three whole seconds.

Wei Wuyin and Su Mei had nothing but praise for the Prince ’s ways. He was likeable beyond doubt. He didn ’t bother saying words of thanks, but expressed his feelings through actions. While he had already said thanks countless times before, each time had its own situation.

He had saved his life twice, and now he had brought him to the Royal Palace.

Rising, Prince Zhen said, ”Godlord Wei, I hope you can stay as my guest. If you have no housing yet, I ’ll arrange it for you. ” While he was expressing his emotions, he still didn ’t let Wei Wuyin slip away without an attempt.

Wei Wuyin smiled and nodded.

The young woman and aerial guardians started.


”Perfect! Yi ’er, handle Godlord Wei ’s lodging first and then we can talk. ” Prince Zhen ordered.

The young girl called Yi ’er swiftly nodded absentmindedly.

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