After 10 or so days of travel Vince he finally saw the island from the head of the sea king he was sitting and riding on.

(don believe on oda the one piece world is so huge in the anime it takes 2-3 days to reach an island and its also depends on how fast the ship is or how strong the person is if he decides to swim like rayleigh)

He jump at the head of the sea king he didn forget to say thanks to the sea king escort him in the island.

Through out his journey he rob i mean confiscate a lot of treasures and berries along the way.

Where do the treasure gone to?? He of course stored it at his storage space ring if he will open it up a inventory game like panel thingy appeared.

When he arrive, he decided to land in south of the island and near some forest area away from windmill village or any town in order to avoid suspicious among the locals. He entered the forest and decided to walk towards his destination but he forgot that he doesn know the way towards the windmill village.

So he decide to jump high into the air up to 120m or so and suddenly he spotted in his left a familiar village near the port so he knew this is the windmill village he looking for so he took his compass from his pocket and look the direction where the village located so the village is located towards southwest.

After several hours of walking he reach the village and locate a bar famously known makino bar the owner of course known as makino the lover of red hair.

You may question why the hell he took an hour of walking he can even reach the village in less than a minute.

Along the way he hunt several beast and to find a secret and best location for his training he found a cave behind the waterfall.

He stored his hunt beast like wild pigs and different kind of meat animal he can found.

Anyways all the animals in one piece are all tasty as hell so it is one of one piece mysteries or oda mysteries which the fan like him doesn find any answers so anyways back to the village.

He entered the bar and greeted by a beautiful green hair woman wearing apron behind the counter none other than makino

Ohh greeting young man makino smile.

What can i do for you??

Before vince answered he find a table and sit there first to rest as an act of course vince is not tired.

Ohh thank you onee-san, may i have a juice and all your foods here?? Don worry i will pay i have money vince smile towards makino.

Hmmm.. coming right up it may takes 30minutes or an hour ” if you can wait of course makino smiles at vince.

I heard all the foods here are delicious so i will wait vince also smile back to her.

After an hour the food came and served to vince in a long table vince arranged but before that he asked permission first and makino agreed cause in the end he order a lot.

Theres no other costumer other than him so he make use the other table cause he order a bunch of food.

Almost 5minutes pass by vince ate all the food he order and he stomach bulge like a balloon.

Vince sudden breath in all the air he hold for a seconds he breath it out(like luffy did in the anime) seconds later he return to his normal physique all food he ate turn to vitality and strengthen him a little bit.

Vince was wearing a gray long selves shirt with a blue pants cuz its kinda weird a kid has a strong physique so under his shirt vince has muscular physique and scars hidden throughout his entire body so makino didn notice it ”

Makino was shocked when she saw vince ate all the food just a matter of minutes she also saw vince stomach bulge like ballon a while ago and then seconds later he return to normal by doing some breathing.

Vince: Haaaa!!! That was sooooo damn delicious!!!

Ohh onee san your a good cook you know vince notice makino and he thanks and compliment her.

Ohh thank you.. makino sat in front opposite from vince.

By the way kid what your name?? where you came from?? How did you manage to get here? And how old are you?? Makino ask vince a series of questions and of course vince answers with a some lie of course but most of the part has truth in it.

Im vince i came from the island from south of east blue maybe near the calm belt?? Hmm anyways I didn know the name of the island and what kingdom belong to..

I came here through a series of ships and after a pirates attack the ship i rode upon i hide in the barrel and the barrel manage to wash away at the sea shore i manage to crawl my way towards unknown forest to shelter lucky i save some food so I survive and after that i wander around the forest and found this village.

By the way i just turn 10 year old a month ago cause many people is confused in my age due to my early development i supposed?? hehehe..

Ohh onee san whats your name?? Vince ask.

Makino was covered her mouth cause of shocked when she hear vince tells stories and what kind of series of dangerous adventures vince got experience she was also shocked to know vince only a 10 year old child 3 years older than luffy.

She was shocked how mature vince look base of his looks vince is quite mature like 15-16 year old teen a handsome kid with silver hair and blue eyes.

Like vince said is early development.

Makino snap back from her shocked and return to normal slightly red in embarrass when she reacts like that and she also answered vince.

Sorry about my reaction … anyways my name is makino and Im the owner of this bar she said with smile.

Ohh … nice to meet you makino nee vince offer his right hand for handshake and makino accept it offers.

By the way vince right?? Where are you resting for this day??? Makino…

Ahhh..?!! I forgot about that .. vince scratched his back of his hair he slightly embarrass.

So you know where a nearest inn here makino nee?? And may i know how much the food cost??

Its about 4thousands berries all in all… and about an inn i also have room to offer here if you want to stay makino smile towards vince.

10 minutes later after slightly arguing makino about his payment makino insist to make it free cuz makino was a generous and kind woman after all but vince also insists of paying in the end he manage to convince makino.

Before makino leads vince to his room he ask her a question.

Ahmm makino nee do you see any pirates here the captain leading them having a red hair?? Vince asked with curiosity.

I did meet a pirate captain with a red hair maybe 2 years ago?? He said he will come back a month or so to stay here for a while I don know whats the reason though. Makino answered with some confusion to it.

By the way vince why did you ask?? Makino said

Ohh nothing i just was curious and i kinda want to met them hehe

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