Once Alone

Chapter Five

Ezras POV:

I woke up in a comfortable room but my body was sore. I turned my head and saw I was in someones bedroom. I sniffed the air and it smelt like Quin. Did Quin bring me here? I thought. I tried to get up but then my abdomen hurt more than it did before. I lay back down and turned my head to look around the room.

The walls were a nice light blue color and two windows were covered with light gray curtains. The bed frame was a bright birch that matched the light gray bedding. There was a nightstand on either side of the bed, made out of oak. There were two oak dressers underneath the windows and oak bookshelves on the sides. There were other oak singular shelves placed around the room as well. There was a chest at the end of the bed and vanity across the room.

Closet doors were obvious on the other side of the room and the door frame had a star and moon stickers on it. The flooring was covered with dark gray carpeting and no dust was seen around the entire room. Fairy lights hung in different places around the room while there was a mini golden chandelier in the center of the room. I looked back at the nightstand on my left and saw a piece of paper on it. I reached my arm out and managed to get it. My vision was slightly blurry but I could still read it.

”Hello, Ezra! You will most likely feel a bit of pain or be sore when you wake up. You had a panic attack and ended up squeezing your abdomen too hard. You drew blood and broke a rib. I used a few spells and potions to make most of the pain go away but I was low on a certain ingredient so the pain is still very much there. I went on a small trip to get this ingredient and visit a friend. I won be back until sundown if not later. Rest the most you can.

Also, I sent over a few creatures to take care of you while Im gone. They
e friendly, don worry. If you need something simply call one of these names below:




If you can move, don do it much. Your wounds haven fully scabbed over or healed in general.

Get Better Soon!

~Quin~ ”

Tears fell from my cheeks from both the pain and the thought of what I had just done to myself. I hurt myself….. Even after I swore I never would…..

I looked back at the paper and looked through the names. Ill try this ”Robin ” person.

I tried to say the name but no sound came out of my mouth. I didn know what to do. Quin knew I was mute! How could they think I would be able to talk to someone if I-

Before I could finish my thought process, a crow came into the room. How did they open the door?! The crow came over to me and sat on an area of the bed I wasn using.

”Hello! Im Robin! Is there anything I can get for you, Ezra? ” The crow that goes by Robin spoke. I didn know how to react other than scurrying away into hiding. I tried to move away but it hurt. My body went limp on the bed from the pain. ”Oh no! Please don move! You
e still injured! I won harm you! I was ordered by Master Quin to take care of you and follow your orders until they get back! ” Robin panicked.

I accepted defeat and looked towards the crow. ”How can you understand me when I can even talk? ” I mouthed to Robin. They seemed to understand what I said.

”Intensified hearing. I can also read your lips. ” Robin answered. ”Now. Do you need anything? Water? Food? Book? ”

”No. Wheres Quin? ” I asked.

”Thats a question I can answer. They
e going on a journey to get you medicine. They have been gone for around 5 hours but I can tell you any further. ” Robin responded.

”Oh! they will be tired after that! Could it be possible if I move to the guest bedroom so I don disturb their bed? ” I asked quickly. Robin looked at me confused but answered the confusion themself.

”This isn Quins room Ezra! This is your room! ” Robin said calmly. My eyes widened. Impossible. What would be the point in making ME a room in YOUR house right after I just caught you with Wolfsbane?! Robin noticed my shock and let out a small sigh.

”Why so shocked? From what Ive heard, Quin has been nothing but kind to you. Did something happen? ” Robin asked. I didn know how to respond. What if Robin tells Quin anything I tell them. I thought.

”Oh just shocked because before, I was just a rogue that lived in a shack. I never got given the chance to have a place to call home, so the thought of somebody willing to waste their time on me, makes me feel like something for once. ” I responded. That all was mostly true. I did feel a tad special that someone wanted to care for me but I shouldn give my hopes up.

”Okay then. You should feel special. Quin rarely offers someone to come live with them. This is the first time they have offered it to a werewolf too. ” Robin said, whispering the last part. I chose not to question it so instead I turned around in the bed so I didn have to look at that annoyingly smart bird. ”Oh! Are you tired, Miss Ezra? Would you like me to get you any extra blankets or pillows? ” Robin was bombarded, with questions.

”No. I just want to be left alone for right now. ” I responded. After I said that, I heard Robin fly away. I let out a sigh and looked out the window I was facing. I stared at the trees moving along the wind until my vision went dark.

Quins POV:

”Hey, Tit-us! Hows prison? ” I asked.

”Pretty well. Can you break me out now? ”

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