My name is Mikhail Henry. I am twenty-five-years-old, and just recently, I lost both my job and my girlfriend. Did I mention that it happened on the same day?… In that order.

As you may have deduced from my name and age, I am not Japanese, nor am I a high school student.

You may be wondering why Im stating the obvious, or rather, why Im making such a ridiculous declaration.

I had to clear up any misunderstandings because, well, you see, the thing is…

Ive been transported to another world, a fantasy anime world to be exact.

Shock is a normal reaction to have, I sympathise with you, truly. I had a similar response when it happened to me.

Let me preface by saying that I am an anime and manga enthusiast, I particularly enjoy the Isekai genre. I know that the genre is oversaturated and there are many generic copies flooding the market, but exceptional stories still exist…

I digress.

The story goes as follows.

The evening of the worst day of my life, I went to a bar to leave my sorrows at the bottom of numerous bottles. At some point during my therapy session, I misplaced my mobile phone, as a result, I couldn access my E-hauling service to take me home.

Naturally, I decided that walking would be the best option, as opposed to asking the staff to call a taxicab…

There is a famous saying somewhere in the world…

”There is no such thing as a shortcut through the woods, especially during a full moon ”

I should have remembered that, in fact I did. But my intoxicated and now brilliant self, remembered it very differently.

While stumbling through the woods, I consoled my best friend of twelve years.

I told him not to pay attention to that bitch, she only said hurtful words for the sake of it.

How dare she say that she is moving on to BIGGER and better things. Yes, she placed emphasis on the word bigger. I prayed that he wouldn be scarred by her unforgivable lies…

While gently petting him I noticed the strangest thing in my peripheral view.

As I turned to look, my mind froze for the briefest of moments.

In the middle of the woods… Well, thats debatable. But in the woods of all places, stood a wooden door fused to a large rock about half its size.

The door shone with a faint yellow glow that seemed to be drawing me towards it.

I walked towards the door and noticed a narrow path lined with large stones leading to the entrance.

My inebriated brain struggled to comprehend what I saw, but after thinking about it for a long time, I deduced that the door was linked to another world like in Isekai anime and manga.

What else could it be right?

A normal door that flew to the woods after the house that it belonged to had been destroyed during a severe storm.

Perhaps. That makes sense.

However, my intoxicated self desperately yearned for an escape from the harshness of my current reality. My inhibitions were long gone at this point.

Sober Mikhail would not have done what drunk Mikhail did…probably.

I envisioned a magical fantasy world filled with adventure and beautiful women of varying races. A world where I could use incredible magic to slay beasts, complete epic quests, and spend my nights in the bosom of an Elf or Demi-human, or both.

I continued my delusions as I held onto the doorknob, my thoughts and fantasies becoming increasingly outlandish. I didn hold back, why should I be reserved in such a situation? It felt like one of those stress relieving exercises, thus I thoroughly enjoyed myself and let my imagination run wild.

I closed my eyes and turned the doorknob in an anticlockwise direction, opening the door without resistance. I filled my lungs with the cool night air and crossed the threshold with conviction. Absolute certainty, both in mind and spirit, I believed without a sliver of doubt that I would be transported to a fantasy world.

Oh, right. I should mention that while envisioning the world and fantasising about my adventures in dungeons and the bedroom, I used my main source of fantasy material…anime, quite literally.

It makes sense that drunk Mikhail would wholeheartedly believe that he is about to enter an anime world.


Harmonious chirping, the sounds of rustling leaves and other ambient noises entered my ears.

I opened my eyes slowly to allow for accommodation to the bright light.

After a period of adjustment, the sight of an unnaturally vibrant forest came into view.

The urge to pinch my cheek surfaced, but I ignored it.

I turned around to inspect the door, but obviously, it disappeared as soon as I arrived in the forest.

While assessing my condition, I discovered that I no longer suffered from intoxication. A welcomed surprise to say the least.

[No welcome committee? Isekai Godess or something?]

[Ah, right, no summoning circle appeared… So, I guess I am on my own for now.]

Left with no other options, I decided to explore the area.

While walking through the forest, I noticed something strange, or rather, something felt out of place.

On a closer inspection of the grass and trees, I discovered that they seemed to be…animated. Yes, two-dimensional hand drawn animation in the unmistakable anime art style.

I couldn believe my eyes.

It wasn the fact that the forest was animated, that shock I would process later, no what shocked me the most was the pure majesty of the animation.


Yes, Im fully aware that Im gushing over animated trees, however you must understand, this was the most beautiful and realistic animation that Id ever seen. It appeared to have been hand drawn by an anime God or something similar.

At that moment, my heart raced with excitement and anticipation. I needed to see more! If the forest looked this beautiful, what about the rest of the world? Villages, towns, castles, people? I couldn wait.

Yes, I easily accepted that I no longer resided in the real world, so what?

No, I didn know if this world was a nice fantasy or dark fantasy. I can say that it doesn bother me, because that would be a lie. However, I will say that I trust the wish that drunk Mikhail made.

A miracle occurred, so I will believe in it for the time being.

What do I have to lose?

I have an opportunity to begin a new life, a fresh start. I would be a fool not to embrace it

Oh, in case you were wondering…

No, I have not been animated, and yes it affects me.

When touching the grass and trees, I experienced a lack of tactile feedback. It felt as though my hands were numb and the circulation of blood had been severed.

Naturally, I checked my hands by clapping and pinching them. Fortunately, they responded normally.

When touching my body, it too felt normal. I experienced the appropriate tactile feedback one would expect.

If logic still existed, I would attribute the abnormal effects to the difference in dimensions. However, Im not a scientist, and nothing makes sense anymore, so I won dwell on it.

Its not the most ideal situation, I will admit. But as I have said before, I believe in the miracle that occurred. It will…should not let me down.

Now that I have gotten that off my chest, Ill settle another of your curiosities.

Why am I breaking the fourth wall so much?

Well, technically my presence in this world is fourth wall breaking by default, so I figured I should just keep at it.

I walked along a path as I continued my journey through the forest, marvelling at its wonder and beauty, until I heard rushing water in the distance.

[A river or waterfall perhaps?]

I decided not to linger and followed the path that led beyond the trees.

Arriving at the edge of the path, a loud gasp left my mouth.

I stood on the edge of a cliff overlooking a wonderous view that could easily be mistaken for a painting or high-resolution fantasy wallpaper.

Adjacent to my position, a river flowed into a large lake surrounded by pink and purple trees. Strange flowers and plants of varying sizes decorated the ground near the waters edge.

”Charlene would love this… ”

I shook my head, banishing stray thoughts before they festered.

The water looked inviting enough to entice me to leap over the edge, which I intended to do, naturally.

”Who is Charlene? A scorned lover perhaps? ” an inexplicably enchanting voice asked.

My entire body tingled. The hair on the back of my neck and arms stood on end.

An unnatural excitement rushed over me to the point that even my best friend stirred.

[Breathe Mikhail, relax. This is only your first encounter with a fantasy anime woman…no big deal.]

[First impressions are important, So, no matter what, do not stare at her-]

I turned around with a practiced smile ready to go, however, my thoughts could not keep up with my body. I froze.

I stared at the silver-haired woman with pointy ears, my mouth agape.

She wore a tight-fitting crochet dress with bell sleeves draped over her hands. Her long wavy hair flowed freely, all the way to her tailbone. The low V-neck dress fully accentuated her voluptuous figure, while also revealing a fare amount of skin due to its material.

She fixed her alluring emerald-green eyes on my slack-jawed expression. I gulped reflexively as our eyes met, causing a bewitching grin to emerge on her face.

[Shes gorgeous…]

Overwhelmingly radiant.

Its unclear when it occurred to me exactly, but the thought came as natural as breathing. I concluded that this woman, without question, was an Elven Goddess.

[This is much harder than I thought it would be! How am I supposed to react to this? I can take my eyes off them… Her animation is flawless.]

”My, my, are you having indecent thoughts? ” she asked in a playful tone, her smile deepening.

[I see, so shes that type…]

”Well, that can be helped. When looking at someone as captivating as you, its only natural ”

She stared at me with the same expression for a moment, then her smile disappeared.

Her eyes shone with a purple glow as she appraised me.

”Tell me interloper, who are you and how did you get here? ” she asked. Her tone was light; however, I felt a threatening pressure hidden behind her words.

I gulped.

[Why did her eyes glow? Should I be honest?]

Although a clear and appropriate response eluded me, I knew that I shouldn delay any further.

Strangely, I got the feeling that honesty would be the best option. That said, I only provided essential information.

”My name is Mikhail. As unbelievable as it may seem… I have come from another world, rather, another reality ”

She raised her brow curiously then said ”Continue ”

I explained the situation regarding the door and excluded the fact that this was an anime world.

”I see, so you came from another world. That is interesting ” she said.

She continued staring at me while tapping her chin.

”That is rather standard for this world, however, you would not enter the Upper Garden unless… ” she said then approached me.

”You said that you came from another reality, correct? ” she asked, her body pressed against mine.

Sad to say, I couldn feel anything.

I died on the inside though.

Apparently, she too found the sensation strange.

She paused then proceed to touch me, everywhere.

”No dinner, just straight to business huh? ”

She grinned.

Unfortunately, even my best friend couldn feel her hands.

”This is embarrassing, hes not normally like this. He usually greets when a beautiful woman gives him attention ”

She giggled, covering her mouth with her fingertips.

”That confirms it then ” she muttered.

”Confirms what exactly? ”

She grinned mischievously.

”Are you going to tell me? ”

”First, say pretty please ” she said.

[Really? Well, it feels rude not to.]

”Fine… Pretty please ”

She stared at me intently as though scanning my entire being.

[Was that not enough?]

She nodded once.

[Did she just re-?]

”You are an Observer…like me ” she said.

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