Chapter 5: An inconvenient encounter (III)

”Woah! ”

The ladys strikes were quick and precise, there lady was clearly experienced with a sword.

The ominous presence could protect me for a time, but its sloppy attacks only left it open to attack.

”Seraph Alpha! ” The lady chanted. Vine-like flames encroached upon the ominous presence and crushed it to pieces, its corpse breaking off into flying crows. So this thing was…a part of my power?

But that wasn the most pressing issue. That attack… ”Seraph Alpha ” was a high-level attack in the game ”Wysteria Chronicles ”. It was from the game I was playing on my portable console only hours prior.

There was no way it was real. I had to test if what I was thinking was really true…

”Look, Im not a member of Manji, calm down! ” Judging from her appearance, this version of the protagonist was only on chapter 5 of 11.

”Isn it about time you think about what has hapened to Nyla and the other members of the Magistrate? ”

Her eyes lit up in shock.

”How…would you know about that? ”

I knew it, it really was her. Alexandra Andres, The Queen of Talios, The Worlds savior, but most importantly, a character from my favorite game.

”Haha…Hahaha! No way! So its real? In that case, has this world become that of ”Wysteria Chronicles ” as well? Nah…that aint quite right. This area is for sure the real world. ”

”Real world? Wysteria Chronicles? What are you talking about? Answer me! ” The swing came a bit too close to home, creating a moderately sized gash in my shoulder.

Without my power of [The King among Crows] there wasn much I could do. However, there was on thing I had up my sleeve. Knowledge.

The creatures that were dead on the floor were also from the game.

The early games monsters Accursed Solider, Destitute Duelist, Commoner Ant and Death Wisp.

The world really was transformed into Wysteria Chronicles.

If this world of reality and the world of a videogame were truly becoming one…then this would work as well!


[Current inventory:]

[5 Health Potions]

[5 Energy Potions]


[Growth Acceleration scroll]

[Each character is granted 5 potions of each type, please use wisely!]

”Use 1 energy potion ”

[You feel a strange energy rising within!]

My dowsy condition from the lack of energy was completely gone, I could feel the presence of the ominous thing returning to the battlefield. It was time for me to have some fun.

”Y-you have energy potions? I should have accounted for this… ” Alexandria regretted.

I could not help but laugh at the situation. ”Haha! For some reason, I can help but feel the urge to take you head on! ”

I was no longer the powerless person I was before the fall. Even if I was just a pawn in this game, I wanted to take the mantle of protagonist.


While her attacks were just as threatening, my speed also sharply increased along with it. My perception could keep up with the myriad of swings. I swung my arm as though it were a sword and my strikes were far deeper. A car besides us was ripped to sheds with one blow.

Alexandria jumped back and fired flame projectiles at me, likely a tactic to create distance. ”Sieg Ignis! ”

dozens of fireballs rained down like a tsunami, I knew I couldn dodge all of them.


The moment one of my body parts caught fire, I simply ripped or cut them off to prevent spreading. I maintained my speed.

[Remaining energy, 60/100]

Jeez, I only healed twice and Im already almost halfway done? I guess healing was a special move I could only use in dire situations. I need to think more stategically.


[Available skills]

[Active, Severance rank C: An attack that sends out an invisible cut from your limbs with moderate damage.]

[Passive, Dancing Crow rank B: Synchronization with your beast will cause a 60% increase in agility (can increase with experience)]

[Passive, Independent Action rank A: Your beast has its own will and can perform tasks without your command.]

[Active, Summon Crow rank B: A crow will be summoned to do your bidding (up to 6 consecutive casts can be used in a row.)]

[Active, The Advent of a Mourning Crow rank EX: A full fusion between you and your beast, the God of Death shall descend (Only available with 100% synchronization rate) Demerit: A large chance of losing your sanity]

[Active/Passive, An Endless Dream rank EX: Your body has now become one with crows, you can absorb your crows in order to endlessly regenerate]

[???, ??? rank ???: The description of this skill is unavailable.]

An unavailable skill? That was strange. But I didn have any time to worry about that. I needed to use my [Summon Crow] skill to match her ranged attacks.

4 crows bursts from my arms and neutralized the incoming projectiles. She no longer had anywhere to run. Despite her role as the protagonist, Alexandria was a fragile caster with a high magic and agility stat but low health and durability.

My empowered body was easily able to close the distance.

”Shit! ” She swung her sword as fast as she could, but it was useless.

Using up 20 more energy points, I let her cut straight though my chest, but the speed of my regeneration was far faster than her slash.

[Severance rank C]

I cut straight though her, the blood from her abdomen spraying across the ground. It was my win. Regardless, this challenge brought me a bit closer to my goal.

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