In black, each of the seven-man special unit, fitted with a curved headset extending from their neck to their ears, had a P90. Among the troops, the officer, shaved, bone, and face with the eagle emblem on his chest, frowned, and called out to the soldiers, ”Road clearing unit D-101! ”

The soldiers were ready with their weapons in their hands and lined up like ropes.

”We are now on the first day of cleaning up to take the middleman to the upper floors!Today we will take an important step to bring our people closer to daylight. In the UK! What I want you to do is not die, but to be a stepping stone for the freedom of our people. Are you with me? ”

”Yes, sir! ”

”Soldier, relaxed. Lets review the plan one last time. ” the soldiers immediately put a sketch of the floors on a wooden safe. His teeth were like a human tooth.

The commander began to explain the plan for the last time by marking certain points in a circle and certain points with a cross with a red pen taken out of his chest pocket. Then, as he was talking about where to go with the arrows, the brown-eyed, blonde teenager had wrinkles on his forehead and his eyebrows raised. and his mouth behind his commander plunged into the darkness of the door wide open.

”Hey!.. sol… ” the sounds sounded like meaningless howls to his ear. However, when he was grasped tightly from both shoulders, he came to him with a sudden startle. And the first thing he saw was his commander standing in front of him, shouting at him, spewing frothy saliva from his mouth.

”White! Come to yourself, idiot. This is not the time to sleep standing up. ”

He young soldier stood up, nodding with his head, and kept the barrel of his gun in the blind spot, closing the safety lock. Then, as the fourth person in the queue, they headed for the stairs.The interior of the apartment building was not illuminated by any lighting except for daylight coming from the top to somewhere.

And the rearmost of the unit, which began to climb the stairs with two electrical engineers, backwards, those in front looked forward at the steps, while those in the middle looked at the stairwell. After the engineers installed the first light bulb, they touched the soldiers shoulders twice in succession with their fingertips, and they touched the soldier in front. And the queue began to advance again.

As the soldiers saw in front of them with lights wrapped around their foreheads with elastic band, someone had to turn towards them for the engineers to see ahead. And the guy next to White started doing it.

After being attached to the second bulb, the tail began to move again with the touches to the shoulder and movements began in the dark. Immediately, as the soldiers clung to their guns with pure attention and waited for a movement, the stirrings stopped and the sound echoed into the void and cooled. And his engineers picked up where they left off, installing another light bulb. After seamlessly taking their position to attach the tail to the fourth bulb, the engineers quickly fixed the bulb and connected the bulb with the power cord and the rusty piece of iron holding the light bulb came out of place and fell out of its place.

While the engineers wanted to catch the bulb in a sudden move, the bulb glided through the fingertips and headed into the gap and one of the soldiers jumped forward, grabbed the bars with one hand and grabbed the light bulb with the other. As a smile formed on Whites face with the enthusiasm of success, the railing began to creak and sway. As the young soldier immediately pulled himself back, before his feet even touched the ground, the railing broke off and his body suddenly descended downwards. But he was still in the light bulb in his hand, and with the fingertips of his left foot on the ground, almost all of his body was in the air in the middle of the void. In the meantime, the railings hit one corner by another, causing them to lose their tracks in the bottomless darkness. White met the wall with a mighty pull from his back, and his teammate took the light bulb in his hand and handed it to the engineers.


The threatening voices began to increase intensely and the red eyes could not stop themselves from looking at their new guests with curious eyes. The creatures began to gradually emerge from the darkness, freely wandering through the wall with their gigantic-clawed, bump-shaped hands and feet. The soldiers immediately pointed their guns at the creatures, waiting for the order to fire, and the growls turned into sounds like ”ğhaa ” and the commander lowered his fist as the creatures jumped on them, and the guns were fired. And as the stairs of the dark apartment building lit up, the corpses of the creatures began to fall down.

”Come on! ”

The soldiers surrounded the engineers, securing them, and quickly proceeded to the nearest room, and with a stackle descending on the shoulder of the rearmost one, White looked behind him out of the corner of his eye. And as his teammate extended his idle hand to him, dozens of claw blows landed on his body that pulled him back and bit the left part of his head.

The young soldier immediately straightened his weapon and began to approach the narrow corridor they had crossed as he turned the creatures into colanders. The creatures dispersed like freckles, unable to resist the bullets of the guns, and when White looked at his teammate, he saw that the part of his left eye to his left brain had been completely bitten off.

A strong hand, grabbing his shoulder, pulled his body back and saw the angry eyes of his commander right under his nose.

The commander gritted his teeth and said, ”We
e going to the back of the room. ”

And when the six-man contingent, along with two engineers, quickly moved to the back of the huge room, they saw that there was another corridor running to the right. The commander of the unit signaled to his soldiers that they were going through this gate, and they went through the door with the commander at the front, and saw another apartment building with narrower steps, again extending up and down in the form of a circle. Taking engineers among them, they cautiously began to descend the steps of the stairs and after arriving on their own floor, they passed through the door. Every side was covered with blood and fragments of the corpses of sea-like creatures with whom they had just clashed. The room was adorned with an intense smell of rotten eggs, and the engineers began to vomit in the corners of the colon while the soldiers could hardly help but vomit.

The unit commander loosened his collar and began scratching his shoulder, and White was laced with a skull lump in his eye.However, with the steps he took forward, he continued to examine with curiosity what was happening around him.

One of the soldiers, who was wounded in the left eye, asked, ”Why are we here?Shouldn we be in peoples rooms right now? What is such a place doing here?.. ”

”I don know, ” the unit commander admitted. ”Ive never seen a hallway like this at the back of a room before.But we have bigger problems. Who made these creatures what they are? ”

”I did it ”

In the direction of the womans voice, who spoke in a heavy style full of pleasure, the soldiers turned with the barrels of their guns. And they were looking at the creature with their enlarged pupils trying to make sense of the being in front of them.

The creature had a red skin color. He was smiling with his thick purple lips as he ran the long, red nails of his big hands over the colon. The front of her evenly cut straight hair, which extended to her shoulder, was just above the white bandage covering the eye part. He was small-breasted, broad-shouldered and slim-waist. He had nothing on his feet except red heels. He was not wearing clothes, but the burn wounds on his body were not interesting at all.

The commander aligned the barrel of the gun towards the temple of the creature, and together with his soldiers they began to slowly retreat towards the door.

”Who are you? a c..-creature… how can he talk? ”

”Huu… ” Putting her hands around her waist, she started walking like a mannequin walking the catwalk. ”Captain… Am I not pretty? Its really rough. Why?.. ”

She pulled out his forked tongue, which stretched all the way under his chin, and licked the area around his lips.

”… you
e not playing with me? ”

”Crazy bitch. ”

When the engineers saw the creature approaching the soldiers when they stopped vomiting, their faces wrinkled in fear, and their mouth and eyes widened. While they were holding their bodies to the column and waiting without even breathing, the creature paused for a moment.

”Don worry, my dears. Im not going to kill you… ”

He continued his steps and the guns fired and bullets began to rain down on the creature. The creature immediately jumped behind a column, avoiding the bullets.When the commander signaled, they began to surround the column, distancing themselves from the unit.

”Be careful and don die. We have to report this creature. ”

The commander reached an angle that saw the back of the column, but there was no creature.A being descended behind him straightened up and leaned towards his left ear.

”You look a lot tastier up close. ”


The soldiers immediately turned towards the creature, and the commander lost consciousness when he saw the hand of the creature coming out of his belly. The soldiers saw the death of their commander and put the creature under heavy fire.The creature threw the captain in his arm at the blonde soldier and passed by someone else, and the soldiers headless body collapsed to the ground. The other soldiers immediately kept their distance from the creature and continued shooting.

”Damn it! Its very fast. ”

”Behind you! Behind!.. ”

”Damn he died on Mars. ”

”Give it back to back right away. Where are the engineers? ”

”They ran away. He went down the stairs, dishonorable. ”

White exchanged glances with the captain for a few seconds as he made eye contact with the captains empty and dull gaze. Then he tilted to his side and closed his eyes. And he threw his gun aside and pulled out the grenade. With the other hand, he pressed the button on the microphone in the pocket on his chest and said, ”Motherland. Here we have a red-skinned, overly fast, talking, intelligent creature.She has a female body. We found out that there was another corridor behind the rooms… ”

”After that, it will be entrusted to you. ”

He creature sucked the blood of its victims, which remained on its fingernails, with its lips and swallowed, changing from shape to shape, and began to curl its buttocks.

”Young male blood… And those who fought to the death. ”

When he saw the young man staring at him with hatred and ambition under his old eyes, he stopped sucking the blood from his fingernails.

”What is that wild look?Hm… your face is very…beautiful. Why aren you mine too? Do not worry.Ill be nice to you. I play a little bit and then dig into your guts…

…Don worry. ”

White began to walk towards the creature.

” What? Are you coming to me yourself? Or…do you want to be with me? ” the creature opened its arms and began to walk east to the teenager, and when he saw a grenade with a pin pulled out in front of his face, his face fell full of excitement. Under the influence of a huge explosion, Whites feet were cut off and he came out of the door and fell down the stairwell, into the bottomless darkness. The creature cursed in pain and recovered the rapidly disintegrating parts of themselves by coming back to their former places.During this time, however, he did not miss his anguished screams and curses for a moment.

”Dishonorable insect… he used grenades knowing he was going to die.Huh, the one who died was his own. ”





”You seem to be having fun, madame. ” When he heard the confident and characteristic voice, a great astonishment prevailed on his face as he turned towards the owner of the sound.The man opened his arms to each side and said, ”What happened?You
e not happy to see me, ” he asked. He had a cane in his left hand and his usual gun in his right hand.

”Or didn you miss me? ”

He gritted his teeth, leaning slightly forward. ”You… I remember you. ”

”Aaand… thank you? ”

The female ear-hater jumped on the man, shouting, ”NOO…X, ” mixed with a rattle, and lowered his left paw in his face.

He countered the attack with his cane, pouncing the attackers body into the air by putting the nose of her classic Cap Toe shoe on the womans stomach. When the gasprising woman involuntarily opened her mouth to breathe, her cane exploded on the lions head temple, knocking her body to the ground on her back.However, as he fell to the ground, he stood up and the barrel of the gun entered his mouth, which he forgot to close.

The man shook his head left and right as he looked at the woman after his red sunglasses.

”Tch, tch, tch. Miss Fatma. My name is not Nox. ”

When he hit his cane the ground, he fired his gun.

”My name is Ambroise Vollard.Rest in peace for the sake of the good times we spent in Damascus. ”

He grabbed it by the middle of the cane and headed for the dark stairs with his smoke-gushing gun. As every step he took echoed in the stairwell, he was one step closer to pitch blacknes. But after continuing to descend the stairs steadily with no signs of emotion, he put his cooling gun behind his waistband, and when he finally reached the end of the floor, he saw a young man lying on the floor, involuntarily throwing the blood from his body through his mouth and nose through contractions. After looking at the teenager for a while, he stabbed a green liquid containing a green liquid from the inner pocket of his jacket into the teenagers chest. After pressing it completely, he left the syringe next to the boy and walked past the door.

As each breath he took caused him to make a big growl out of his chest, his consciousness slowly began to come to him. First the sounds of screaming, then the images of his comrades struggling last before they died, opened his eyes as he rushed to his mind and saw a tall stranger in red sunglasses. When he immediately opened his eyes and looked around, there was no one.With a deep breath, he relaxed and lay on his back on the ground.

”Daylight can be seen from here too… ”

After lying on the ground for a while, the coldness of the ground began to penetrate into it, and as he immediately straightened up and stood up, he hit an empty syringe. And the memory of the syringe that stuck in his chest came to his mind. Suddenly, he was startled and felt a great uneasiness. As he involuntarily moved his left hand to his chest, he picked up the syringe on the floor and read the inscription on it.

~Last Bullet~

”What?.. ”

Frowning, he just threw the syringe somewhere, and the syringe got stuck in the darkness and hung in the air. As he looked at the syringe with puzzled looks, he squinted his eyes and approached the dark spot with cautious steps, and saw the corpse of one of the classic white-bellied, green-backed creatures in the apartment.

”An insignificant corp- ”

His eye was caught by a stake lodged in the corpses neck.He raised his hand to reach for the stake, but because of the restlessness within him, he was cautious and approached the creatures corpse with heavy movements. Then, in a hard move, he pulled the stake as he was holding, and when the head of the creature came towards him with the stake, he kicked the creature in the head in a great panic and fell to the ground on his back.But he had a stake in his hand. The flat part of the pile on the back seemed to have another layer at the end.

”Is this a cover? ” wrapping his thumb and index fingers around the layer, he pulled the back of the pile upwards.When his hand suddenly fell in vain, he took a step to the side and saw that the inside of the pile was empty. There was a note. He took the note and threw the stake into a corner and began to read what was written.

I 4 1 2 0


”What do these letters and numbers mean?Is it an encrypted message? ” When clicks began to be heard from above, he was suddenly startled and immediately entered the door. ”Id better stay out of there. ” he turned around and was left with his mouth open at the sight he saw.

Public transports on rails mounted on tens of meters high ceilings, shops large and small, there were a wide variety of people together, from people whose skin color was blue, to people whose limb was like an animal or a reptile. As White looked around with his bewildered eyes seeing this world at the bottom for the first time, he noticed the sneaky looks looking at him and the smiles with teeth as sharp as the line. He immediately packed up, put the note in his pocket, and began walking through the narrow and crowded streets.

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