Not just a game(BL)

I Kissed A Boy

”you **ing bitch!! ” I snapped at Amber. she was drunk AF and chuckling into her cup. ”why would you do this?! ” I was almost in tears. you
e probably wondering what the heck is happening. well, let me backtrack to earlier tonight.

༺༻༺༻༺༻༺༻༺༻༺༻༺༻༺༻earlier that night ༺༻༺༻༺༻༺༻༺༻༺༻༺༻༺༻

wed just arrived at Matthew Hernandezs(one of the co captains of the basketball team) house. it was me, Maddie, Amber and the rest of the drama club. I know, I know, by the social hierarchy, the drama club member shouldn have anything to do with a party thrown by the basketball team but the other co-captain Alexander Jacobs, was dating our director, and Jessica would chop his balls off if he didn invite us and we all know she will, bitch be crazy.

We were already late because Amber couldn decide what she wanted to wear to her first party – stupid bitch – and ended up making all of late. The second we got into the house I was nervous. Amber, the extrovert disappeared and went to get herself a drink while she left me to suffer. fortunately for me, Maddie loved me enough to stay with me.

”Vee, do you want a drink? ” she yelled over the music. I shook my head no. if I showed up home drunk my mother would never let me go to another party. plus, Im the designated driver. she shrugged and disappeared into the crowd. I roamed around until I found a door, I was tired and nauseated and nervous and I so badly wanted to sit down. I opened to door and enter a pink paradise. no jokes, everything was blinding pink.

”Jesus, what kind of human can stand this much pink? ” I muttered to myself.

”Matthews sister ” I jolted when I heard a voice coming from the other side of the room. ”sorry, I was in the bathroom, didn mean to scare you ” oh, holy God. there was Caleb Keller in all his glory, he had his varsity jacket on, black skinny jeans and black tennis shoes. he looked good. now, I admire Caleb because he can play basketball, theres no other reason, none at all. ”the kids five but she has this nasty obsession with anything pick, I may never understand girls ”

”some guys like pink and not all girls like it ” I corrected. he looked at me weird. ”not that I like pink or anything ” I said panicking. I did, I still had my stuffed hello Kitty toy my dad had given me before he died. I suddenly felt a wave of sadness.

Dad was my hero, he told me that the things I liked didn define me, it was the way I treated people that would, hed protected me, even until his death.

”you okay? ” Calebs voice startled me out of my daze.

”uhm….yeah ” I muttered and blushed, he was staring right at me with his dashing green eyes. ”wow ”

”did you just say wow? ” he asked with an arched brow.

”no, no, no. I didn I..I..I…sai- ” I was saved by the sudden cheers coming from outside. Matthew burst in screaming at the top of his lungs.

”Caleb, you
e the sun!!!, you
e gonna get some pussy ” he yelled. Caleb didn look so pleased.

”dude, I told you not to nominate me ” he said, giving him a smile I knew was fave.

”oh shut up ” Matthew gave Caleb a friendly punch. ”its not like you didn want to play anyway ” he put his hand around Calebs shoulder. ”lets go, there about to pick the girls ”

they were almost out the door when caleb stopped and turned around. ”you coming? ” I looked around the room for who he was talking to. ”Im talking to you, Xavier ” how does he know my name?!.

”yeah, Im coming ” they walked out and I followed after a minute of staring at the door in awe. by the time I got out to the living room, theyve already picked out all mine name and put them in a glass bowl. all that was left to do was call them.

Alex was the one calling the names because last month, he was the sun. thats how he and Jess started dating.

so the game works like this. every school month, they pick a sun and nine planets. the sun can be a guy or a girl. so, the planets are all going to date the sun, each of them are given three days in the month and ten hours on each day to date him, thats twenty six days, the sun spends the last days of the month deciding who hes gonna keep dating and on the last day, he dumps eight and picks just one lucky person. So, thats how the game works. everyone can play except freshmen

”our first girl is… ” Alex starts. ”Sophia Chang ” the crowd cheers. shes the cheer captain. ” two is Mila Spade, three is Casey Bailey, four is Georgia Christian, five is Calley Dennis, six is Stephie Rosen, our seventeen girl is Grace Angelo ” More cheers erupt, she also from the cheer squad. ”our eight girl is Makayla Applebottom and our nineth girl is…..oh **- ” he stops and everyone starts to murmur. ”it seems theres been a mistake ”

”just read the damn thing already!! ” someone shouts from the crowd. Im look around for Amber, so we could get going.

”okay, fine…jeez ” he clears his throat and looks around. he looks at me dead in the eye before he says ”Xavier Castor ”

everyone is in confusion looking around for me and suddenly Amber screams ”hes over there ” she points directly at me.

”oh **! ” I mutter angry girls who wanted the spot were staring me. the guys on the basketball ball team and football team were talking rule.

”to stop some crazy chicks from killing Xavier, we
e gonna pick another name ” Alex says and reaches into the bowl of names. he picks a name and suddenly gets pelted in the head with an apple

”homophobic asshole ” Sophia Cheng screams and throws another apple at him. Im still stunned and haven moved from my spot. ”love comes in all shapes and sizes you ugly souled **er ”

”yeah, you homophobe, if a boy wants to play, who the ** are you to say no, fairs fair ” Derek Hall says.

”let him play, let him play, let him play ” the crowd began cheering alone. and that my friends is how I found myself in this horrid situation.

༺༻༺༻༺༻༺༻༺༻༺༻༺༻༺༻back to present༺༻༺༻༺༻༺༻༺༻༺༻༺༻༺༻

I grabbed amber after screaming at her and tried pulling her out of the party. when we got outside she started calling my name.

”Vee? Vee?!! ” They all call me Vee, short for the V in Xavier. ”Vee?!!! ” I turned around about to scream ”what ” in her face but when I turned around she threw up on me. tears welled up in my eyes, a result of the burn from the stink.

when I thought my day couldn get any worse, I turned to look for my car and found the words.

”FAGGOT ” painted on my car in orange paint.

”oh, no. Vee, Im so sorry, I didn mean for this to happen ” she muttered.

I didn care, all I could think about was going home, curling into bed and crying. Im not gay, Im not. so, why me?.

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